Earthquake Prediction

I had multiple moments yesterday of an earthquake feeling under my feet. Its unclear if they are implying multiple moderate earthquakes or one big earthquake.

“Very soon.. Earthquake.. 01”


“The Turkish.. Russia”

The timing implies sometime around September 29th.  I believe they are implying either Russia directly or one of the stans; Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. They oddly mentioned the word “Bodego”

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  1. Looked up boredom an d I am coming up with bodega…a few translations about a small convenience store….I am stumped….praying for those this earthquake may affect..

  2. Eric, so Bodega Bay use to be called something else, ” Rumyantsev Bay”. This Russian Kuskov person sailed there with a hunting party in 1809(?) and actually buried possession plaques at “Point Rumyantsev”…Bodega Point and the North Shore of San Francisco. If you can scroll down to the History part of this link it explains it better than I can. Anyway I found that interesting that there is an actual Russian link to the area they mentioned. I’ll look for some more history on it.

      1. Rhona I was actually wondering about whether the spelling had changed over time. I agree about the San Andres going right underneath all of these places. Theres just so much going on right now with the planet. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen next. Blessings.

    1. Thanks for the links Star48. I can’t seem to find any Bodegos, with an o. It may be a Spanish word for things but I’m not real sure.

        1. Star48, that’s a lot to absorb. I scanned over but may need to read the whole piece later. But are you seeing “Borrrgo”? Segment four on the San Andreas which almost looks as though it’s right next to the Salton Sea?? Well that’s not Turkey Russis but… I can’t find Bodego anywhere for Turkey Russia. I found a lot to do with the Turkish people and Russia and Azerbajhani.

  3. From Google so I can’t verity authenticity…In the early 1800’s there was a Russian settlement at Bodego Bay, 30 miles north of San Francisco. Bodego Harbor is also listed in historical earthquakes along the San Andreas fault.

    1. So you think they got the word wrong then. As it’s spelled with an a at the end right? And Eric spelled with an o at the end.

        1. Alright Star48. I found another problem. I thought that Bodega Bay on the small map I saw was down near San Diego. Sheesh. I was going to add also Turkeys been somewhat active also and there just popped up a 5.2 EQ in Turkey.

  4. Hi Eric

    I do believe that a 9.2 magnitude earthquake is predicted for California in the month of September 2016….I think this is your message…Bodega is a Bay in California.

    I do hope and pray that this prediction does not come true but all evidence points to it… Watch California earthquakes and see how the frequency is increasing gradually and the magnitude..


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      1. This is from Eric’s 9/3 Predictions:
        One massive earthquake is coming, they implied the US and they marked September. The expected size is 7.5 and the timeframe marked is 9:29. We need to narrow down the location to a city or region.

        The 9.2 magnitude referenced may have been interpreted from the 9:29 mentioned in the prediction which actually may represent September 29?

        1. Thanks cmt for clarifying that, I believe the confusing part also comes in with an old predictions on 10-14-14 that also predicts a truly horrible prediction. It is a bit confusing. But CMT is right everything points to a 9/29 timeframe or around it, what I am trying to do is clarify the location. The size in both predictions talk about a damaging horrible earthquake but I don’t believe it will be a 9.2

  5. Hey everyone, i feel like i have lurked a lot, and not said very much, so here i am to offer my thoughts & hopefully help.

    When i read Eric’s prediction, i totally discounted the “bodega” part, and i’m currently looking up details of the Turkish / Russian border. There appears to have been a lot of news articles in last few weeks regarding Turkey closing it’s borders, which possibly takes things in a different line.

    I’ll keep looking & if i come up with anything of interest i will share!

  6. Isn’t there a Russian River right outside Napa, Sonoma area which is by SanFrancisco and Bodego Bay

  7. This is probably some very useless information, but given that i’m Scottish & also had my wedding celebration in the National Piping College, it would be rude not to mention a bodego is a form of bagpies… How that relates to Turkey & Russia – i don’t know, but all information gives perspective?

    The bodego

    France: Bodego/Craba

    The Cornemuse of the Haut Languedoc region at the southern edge of the Massif Central around the Gorges du Tarn and the northern part of the Aude Department and north west Herault, particularly in Sidobre, Vallee du Thore and the Montagne Noire.
    It is also known as the Craba in the north of the area and the Bodego in the south.
    The Bodego has a single chanter with a very wide conical bore giving a good volume of sound with a compass of an octave and about a fouth plus the leading note, the fingering system being open. The Bass Drone sounds two octaves below the six finger keynote of the chanter and has an extremely wide bore in the top joint which terminates in a large cavernous resonator, which give a good depth of tone that is rich in harmonics. The bag is typically a whole goat skin and all these features in combination give an instrument that is spectacular both visually and in volume of sound.
    The usual key is f1 but it can be supplied in g1 or d1. It is sometimes played alongside the Graile in a similar manner to the Biniou Koz / Bombarde combination of Brittainy.
    Box or fruitwood with mounts of horn and whole goatskin for bag.

  8. I think Bodego Bay Homoto is near Marin..
    long windy road ..
    And is near a Moscow Road
    Can any californians verify if Bodego
    Bay Homoto is near to the highway 25?

  9. Hi Eric. You may in fact have felt many small earthquakes yesterday as The Salton Sea quite a few yesterday, many above 4.0. The area is close enough to San Diego that you could have felt small tremors.

    1. Thanks for responding twice blessed but none of us felt the tremors in San Diego over the last two days. They were only felt in the far burbs so far. Hopefully stays that way.

      It was said that the one major earthquake (either northridge or SFO) started with small ones at this end of the San Andreas and it made the upper portion blow worse. With all the swarms we are having down here, it is probably gonna make a serious one up near SFO.

  10. What if the post back in june was not a
    reference to Salt lake city but a reference to
    Salton sea which is actually a lake and
    near to san andreas fault line

  11. I’m a native northern Californian and lived 10 miles inland from Bodega Bay for many many years. The San Andreas fault cuts right through Bodega Head and you can see where the two plates are slipping past one another.

    The area has a history of Russian Settlements all along the northern coast up as far as Fort Ross. There were many Russian settlements and long history of fur traders but during the 1700-early 1800s, preGold Rush. Due east of the coast about 16 miles is the town of Sebastopol.
    The mouth of the Russian River lies north of Bodega Bay about 5-7 miles. This area would probably feel brunt of tsunami since its low lying river area that often floods during very wet winters. It goes inland to past Guerneville and up to Healdsburg valley.

    Bodega Bay is about 1.5 hr drive to Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. It’s about 7-8 hours to Los Angeles, and Salton Sea is even further east and south I believe. This week seeing reports of earthquake swarms in the Salton Sea area where the San Andreas fault cuts through. But it’s not unusual to have swarms like this.

  12. reports there have been 25 quakes in the last 24 hours in the San Francisco Bay Area, largest near San Jose

    1. Check out the live earthquake map
      Quakes are reported as they happen. many in CA, NV, Alaska including a 4.9. In Russia.

  13. I am hoping and praying that this is not a precursor to a massive quake…I have the news stations on in the event it does happen.

  14. Remember the prediction “where the bird sits”? Think it’s a funny coincident the movie “The Birds” was filmed in Bodega Bay, California.

  15. Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Last week, Light of Mary called for quakes in Venezuela, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, Columbia, Italy and Nicaragua . Time will tell.

    1. I’ve seen something about that. Isn’t there a volcano under the sea that’s causing all the quake activity? The think it will erupt soon.

  16. There has been about 27 earthquakes in California today between 1 and 3 magnitude according to the USGS.

  17. Eric. As of yesterday, California Governor’s Office just issued an Earthquake Advisory for all of Southern California over the next seven days because of the Salton Sea swarm quakes. Everyone in the area should stock up with enough food, water and emergency kit for two weeks to be on the safe side. Water may get shut down if it is strong enough to avoid Cholera and other diseases.

    1. Also Eric, you said ‘turkish-Russian’. Sultan is what people in the middle east call a king or prince. Which is close to the name of Salton…in the name Salton sea. So there is our warning. Now we wait for the big earthquake.

      1. Hey Jon – I’ve also been wondering about the wording given, is quite peculiar. I’ve been wondering if “Bodego” is a reference to something or somewhere, and San Diego seems to keep crossing into my daily routine, i keep randomly seeing & hearing the words.

        I am having an extremely nervous day – and i’m unsure why. Very stressed, tense & agitated, as though i “feel” that something big is gonna happen. I’m not tuned in to anything, i just have strange feelings, and when something happens i calm myself & say “so that’s what it was”

        I need to calm down & go back to work. But is anyone else picking up San Diego vibes?

        Speak after, have a great day!


      2. Thanks for that info Jon Blue. I’d have never thought of that. Makes sense. Also do you ever watch dutchsinse on his EQ forecasts live stream? I find it interesting how it matches with what Erics already predicted. He is a geophysicist I believe. He is calling for an EQ off the coast somewhat below the Naval Air Station area by LA. I’m not sure which one that is. It’s right above Santa Monica though. He’s saying a 4. or mid 4. Right now. Also he keeps mentioning the northwest section of California up by the Gorda Escarpment, Blanco Fracture Zone. Seems to be in that Russian River area maybe. Though he keeps saying that EQ will be dependant upon the other international EQs and he goes back over to the West Pacific Indonesia area and talks about a mega quake by PNG. Oh and he mentions the far South America section behaving strangely quiet. He’s not sure what’s going on with that. It makes me think about a previous prediction from Eric about the rubber band breaking. Maybe it was Argentina? It’s rather hard to keep up. But he is consistently right on with where the EQs hit. This is him using a scientific method. So I don’t want anyone to think I’m comparing Eric with another Psychic. Anyway he was going to do another update today I believe. I just really find it interesting that Eric has predicted these a while ago and now here it is. And could it be that there will be more than one EQ at the same time? Maybe there’s one in the south and in the north? I don’t know. Sending light and love to all of California. I hope people will take heed and be prepared as much as possible.

      3. Hey MrsP and Jules! As you both know, I live in San Diego up by the famous Balboa Park. My little home is built into a rock canyon with three foot reinforced walls and metal shutters that can be released to protect the home. I was partnered (we considered ourselves married despite the laws back then) to a well respected geophysicist for six years. We are still close. He is the one that texted me to warn me to just quietly prepare. He now works for USGS. I’ve taken my big glass prints off the walls and zip-tied the kitchen cabinets in case I am not home and to keep my two little dogs safe. I’m not necessarily scared of the actual earthquake as I would be how crazy people get just after if it is a bad one. Looting and stuff. The worst comes out in mob mentality. The other VERY interesting thing is I was at the grocery store and shelves are all stocked with food and water. It’s like no one is taking the Governor or the USGS seriously here. I grew up on the coast of NC and when there were hurricane warnings, we would stock up on provisions. No one is doing that here. I find it odd. Again, we shouldn’t act scared but prepared. The salton sea is a volcano underneath the water, after all. So, not only could the swarms make it erupt, but more important, it could trigger larger quakes up the line as the stress builds.
        As for the word Bodego, it’s used here a lot as slang for a sketchy person, as my hispanic friends say. Bodega is a shop which is within the name of so many shops here in SoCal.
        Personally, based on a dream I had so long ago, I think the earthquake will happen in LA as the stress is released in our swarms down here and erupts closer to Orange County.

        1. Hi Jon Blue. Wow your home sounds phenomenol! Glad to hear that it should keep you safe there…and your two little dogs. That is wonderful that you and your ex can still communicate and that he gave you a heads up. I agree on the mob mentality, that’s probably the bigger issue. I was always amazed and humbled by the way the Japanese people behaved after their big EQ. I’d hope that Americans could behave so orderly but…I have my doubts. Though I don’t want to overlook just how well some people here in the US can come together with compassion to help one another after natural disasters either. You know I wonder if the reason the store shelves are still all stocked, is because Californians are way ahead of the game and have already stocked up months/years ago. Lets hope so right? Yes not scared but prepared. I find it incredible that the Governor has issued a warning. Kudos for them. Well on dutchsinse he did say he thought a possible 4 or upper 4, not to big but enough to get your attention, so lets hope he’s right on the not so big part. He really keeps referring to the Northwest of California, but has not given a magnitude, say’s it will be based on what happens Internationally. Maybe today when he updates. It really does match up with what Eric’s/Spirits saying though. Maybe there is more than one EQ? I hope not. What’s going on in the Salton Sea area is incredible though. Really what’s going on all across the Pacific Ring of Fire with all of the Volcanos and deep EQ’s is also incredible. Well I hope and pray that people are paying attention down there and all over California right now. It seems that something is about to happen soon. Stay Safe, Hugs Jon Blue

  18. Why not Evacuate for a week or two….you all have such courage…I am impressed with the knowledge everyone has about the quakes….stay safe….prayers for our west coast friends

  19. Last night I had a dream of a volcano, it began to shrink as the sun came up behind it until the landscape eventually became flat. The higher the sun rose in the sky the smaller the volcano became.Then I saw the word Monday. No idea what it means.

    1. hope it does not mean the california volcano erupts big time on monday the 3rd as usgs has given a time frame till the 4th with the solar storm calming down bigger quakes are expected to trigger off now due to the pressure could be indonesia too it has 3 volcanoes erupting plus the storms in asia pacific something to watch out for.california has gone calm again interesting.there is also a volcano erupted in mexico.

        1. Kim, hi,
          have you checked the thread( post on Volcano prediction?
          That is thread 8-14-16 …just type in search bar..
          Thanks for reposting info..

          1. No star I hadn’t seen that post yet. Sometimes they’re so many that I can’t keep up with them all and I’m sure I miss many of them! I’ll see if I can find it. Thanks.

            1. Kim,
              A short cut, on any the search bar type in Key word or words.
              It will give you the posts – look for the newest date…Blessings..

      1. Katla is a very large volcano in Iceland capable of interrupting world travel. It erupts every few hundred years and its alert level was raised this week.

        1. TOt,
          It is up to date on 8-14-16 thread…all alerts were posted..
          Volcano prediction post

    2. I’m not sure whether or not this relates, but October 3rd keeps on coming into my mind with regards to a possible large quake.

  20. Eric and SWC, could “01” be today the 10/01 ? I have been watching the recent earthquakes and the swarms in CA have me really concerned. I am feeling excessive pressure here. I hope all goes well today for everyone and nothing happens.

  21. Eric, I’ve been getting Monday, October 3rd for a large earthquake and with regards to your thinking that Russia has something to do with it, the thought occurs to me that Rosh Hashanah (which is the Jewish New Year) is this Monday. And I can’t help but note that there’s a certain similarity in the way the word, “Russia” and the words, “Rosh Hashanah” sound. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

    1. Claudia, hi..
      The New Year (year 5777)starts at sundown on Sunday – October 2 and ends Oct 4 in the evening..

  22. Eric, this may not be related to this prediction, but I thought of this prediction when I saw the big earthquake in Italy this morning. it is exactly one month from this prediction. When you cross reference “Bodego” and Italy it comes up with a few references to restaurants and such in the region where the earthquake hit. I might be totally off…. and maybe there will be earthquakes in the russian/ turkey region still, but I just thought the “Very soon…. earthquake… 01″… could be related to this.

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