Predictions 9-1-17

The Spirits have pushed back the plane crash. I asked if it was going to happen today and they responded ‘tomorrow’. Perhaps they mean the 2nd. Another thought is 901 could be a countdown from 9, putting it around the 7th. The Spirits have not changed their message that this is coming very soon. Older predictions actually marked the 2nd by saying 27. Seven in previous predictions represent a ‘date’. The number 2 would be that date. Older prediction:

Predictions 2-26-17   I had a visual of an airplane on a tarmac. ‘Hijacked.. 27’ — words written
Prediction: Hijacked Plane    “7..7..7    The bombing is coming.    The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.    The port under attack”


I had a visual of the barrel of an automatic weapon. I had a visual of a school bus in a ditch. “Children shot.. 20 injured or killed.. by a mad man looking to make a name for himself.. next week.”

Previous prediction: I had a visual it was pouring rain, there were children in the rain standing next to a school bus. There was mud all over the ground.

Spirit started by saying this prediction was in the US but then shifted to say Madrid. I will ask for clarity on the location in the coming days. 

“Sweden.. horrible damaging avalanche..”

We are trying to narrow down the location. From Stockholm it was in a north western location. But we need to try and verify that with perhaps a city or town. 

“Get your hands off of me!.. president.. repugnant.”

The Spirits are now shifting their attention to natural disasters, weather and earthquakes. I will do my best to fill in the missing pieces of these predictions before they shift subjects. We need to verify the location of this horrible prediction about children. We also need to narrow down the location of the plane.

Some good news, the next ‘Truth’ should come out later tonight or tomorrow morning. 


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  1. Kacky Avatar

    Thank you so much for all you and Spirit communicate to us in hopes these tragedies can be prevented! Can we get more specifics on hurricane Irma!

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Storms in general are next on the list, If Irma is a threat, I will definitely look into it.

      1. Crystal Avatar

        Yes and im in Baton Rouge. So we are going to leave. Will the surge and tides affect us.

  2. jules104 Avatar

    Could Spirit be talking about a town called Madrid in the US. Here is a list.

    1. LM Avatar

      I was thinking the same. First that came to mind was New Madrid, Missouri.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I did not know that

      2. Anita Avatar

        I wonder if the shooter is the school bus driver, student, parent waiting with their child to be picked up, random person, etc.? If in America, the rain within the prediction makes me think of the possible remnants from Hurricane Harvey or even Irma, the new powerful hurricane forming in the Atlantic — though not determined if it will hit us; hopefully not.

      3. mariakaos Avatar

        There is also the New Madrid fault line so it could be an area located along that.

  3. professorkemp Avatar

    Oh, this is terrible. I’m really thinking that since TX is vulnerable right now, as is its port, that’s a perfect place for a bombing. If someone intended to serious cripple the US, blowing up 25% of its oil production would do it. Way to kick a dog when he’s down!

    On another note, I’m watching Irma carefully–this could be that prediction of destruction to FL. At the last viewing (3ish pm) Irma’s strike cone had shifted to go along the east coast of FL, including Mar-a-lago, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, etc. The bad part about this storm is that it will likely be squeezed between the jet stream and the coast. There’s nowhere for it go . At the 5 pm update, the low that would have squeezed it along the coast is now going to move off, so Irma is going to push further west. It’s now over FL and the east coast. I think this is gonna be bad, folks.

    From your friendly neighborhood weatherbug

    1. Karen Avatar

      I noticed only certain vessels are being allowed in to ports in Texas, do you know if they are searching them or if the guidelines are more than just the size of them? I couldn’t find any other information other than the size.

      1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

        I know they have allowed cruise lines to come back into Galveston yesterday. I do not think cruise ships pose a threat though. The passengers and crew go through customs when they arrive back into port.

        On the same note, the ships will not have the same turn around as normal since the airports are not running normally so no passengers to get on board abd leave that same night that they arrive back. I do not know what kind of security they have watching the ships because the are never in port for long periods of time without people on them like they will be now. Someone could get on to leave things behind for some horrible attack but I think it would be difficult to plan ahead in the hopes that a ship would be empty and without passengers for so long and the you would need some crew person in on the plan as well to carry it out. Then there is the issue of not knowing when the schedule will pick up again and the cruise will be leaving. Not a terrorist so it is difficult to think and plan something like one but it seems there are too many variables to make it work. Maybe terrorists are smarter than me or more evil and can think this out better than I can but it does not seem like it is a good plan.

  4. Brittany Avatar

    As for the president, surely this prediction doesn’t concern an act of sexual assault. I know it’s the least important prediction but my ideas for the shooting have already been taken by someone else.

  5. Sara Avatar

    I’ve posted this, but I guess it didn’t get through…

    In your vision about the plane, did the crash happen at night or during the day? Was the debris in a rural area or a populated one? What kind of terrain was it? Maybe these visuals will give clues about location.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They did not show terrain only up close images of a plane that was destroyed

  6. Karen Avatar

    There are so many places where there are floods, mudslides, rain throughout the world right now. I’m guessing it could be the season these types of things in some countries?
    Eric did you get a sense of the clothing of the kids, hear any languages or see any signs and if they were in a language that you know or could read?

  7. tempestmm326 Avatar

    There is a regular british air flight
    91 london to chicago

  8. professorkemp Avatar

    Remember when the Spirits said “The water is poisonous?” Well, here it is: CNN just reported that they tested the water. It has 8K CPU of e. coli and 56,000 CPU of coliform. They are also worried about these readings indicating flesh-eating bacteria. The Crosby Arkema plant in TX is also experiencing its second explosion and fire. This is a perfect storm of death. It’s tragic.

    1. dopeanddiamond Avatar

      Oh th is truly scary! Even the smallest cut could lead to a massive ssystemic infection.

      I was concerned for all of the rescue workers wading in that water, having no idea what sharp item is in the water and could cut them. Most of of the people were in shorts or waders. Waders are surprisingly easy to cut if there is a piece of metal from a mailbox or something you cannot see and bump into. I hope they are all being extra safe but I have a feeling the rescue workers are not thinking of their safety but the safety of those they are helping.

  9. Karen Avatar

    Here is the 14 day weather prediction for Madrid, Spain. Perhaps if the prediction is for them it will occur after this weather forecast?

  10. Karen Avatar

    Eric here are all the places with Madrid in the countries. I don’t think it’s farfetched to think that if Irma continues to grow, no matter where she turns she could hit any number of these places.

  11. Karen Avatar

    Please do bring on the “Truths” we have patiently waited for these!

  12. Nicole Avatar

    Eric- is there anything in these numbers/what you’ve picked up that would lead you to think the crash could be a little later (between the 15th and 22nd?). All along since I started picking up plane stuff myself (since October or November) I have had this sense that two different couple friends of mine would be away on trips when it happened and would both get delayed on coming home because of air space being closed/flights canceled. It fit for the holidays when we all thought it would be there – but of course tons of people were traveling then, not just them. Well very strangely one of those couples will be on a trip Sept 12-21, and the other is ALSO going to be on a trip Sept 15-23 or 24 (can’t remember which day they fly home). So there is an overlap the 15-21… maybe a long shot but that is not that far off and I find it really strange both happen to be taking random vacations at the same time so soon when I had this feeling both would be away when it happens. Any sense this time frame could fit your info?

    1. Nicole Avatar

      Also – any chance if could be been 911 not 901? (A reference to an event like 9/11)?

      1. MTN Girl Avatar
        MTN Girl

        Yeah Nicole I was wondering the same thing, it’s a strange coincidence getting a prediction about plane crashes in September, 9/11 is a vulnerable day for the USA.

    2. Karen Avatar
    3. Karen Avatar

      Another prediction mentions the 22nd and 23rd

      1. Nicole Avatar

        Thanks Karen!

    4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am not sure.

  13. lossie2020 Avatar

    I remember in older post of Eric’s prediction mentioning of Florida that half of this state will be covered in water.

    By looking at Irma hurricane, it looks like heading to Florida.

    It will be a huge mess if it hit USA second time of hurricane in 2 weeks.

  14. LLG26 Avatar

    Eric you had a recent prediction on 7-12-17 stating a US recession would begin soon. Hurricane Harvey is probably the start of this prediction unfolding. If we have anymore damaging weather or another horrible hurricane this will multiply the effect. I found an article that states the effect of hurricanes on the economy:

    The article states that the cost of such storms is much higher and lasts much longer than most people realize. Another article I found mentions that the cost of Harvey is estimated to be 160 billion, much more than any other natural disaster in US history.

    I think it only a matter of time before this prediction unfolds unfortunately, and it may be a worse recession than we could imagine if the statement you made that “Multiple politicians tried to pop the balloon but it did not work, if anything it made the balloon larger.” comes true also.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info.

  15. Sara Avatar

    This doesn’t fit your prediction, but it’s got some weird similarities….a flight from Brussels to Madrid was delayed and searched because several drunk passengers were jokingly claiming to have a bomb.

    It was a false alarm, so it’s likely not your prediction at all, but Madrid was one of the words in your prediction. I don’t know if this fits in somehow or, but here’s a link to the article on BBC news:

    But since it was a false alarm, we should probably still be very alert for a real event.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the information

  16. Sara Avatar

    The visual of a bus being in a ditch suggests it’s ambushed while driving, and maybe the driver crashes or drives off the road to avoid the gunman?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That is a good point why is it in a ditch?

  17. star48 Avatar

    Eric SWC,
    Children shot… near Spokane..,WA
    Freeman high school…

  18. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    landslides and flooding.,extensive,…rivers overflowing.etc.

  19. professorkemp Avatar


    The part of this prediction “Get your hands off of me!.. president.. repugnant.” Is IMO likely to be Harvey Weinstein, who has now been exposed as a sexual predator in his company. Could still be Trump, but my vote is for Weinstein.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Very good point

  20. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    Sweden 🇸🇪
    💥Series of explosions today –doors of nightclub 💥
    Swedish YouTube vlogger and journalist Peter Imanuelsen, or PeterSweden, who keeps track of bombings in the country, reported that the nightclub explosion was the 12th to rock Sweden in just 24 days. On October 13, a huge explosion inflicted serious damage to an apartment building after an explosive device, reportedly dynamite, was thrown into a living room

  21. […] Predictions 9-1-17 “Get your hands off of me!.. president.. repugnant.” […]

  22. star48 Avatar

    Eric, SWC,
    .mountains in Iran..
    Avalanche in Iran on December 08 2017 02:33 PM (UTC).

    Two Iranian hikers were killed in an avalanche in western Iran and seven others are still missing and hope of finding them alive are fading, media reported on Friday. The hikers were among a group of 14 men and women from the city of Mashhad and a local guide who were trapped by the avalanche on Thursday on Oshtorankooh mountain, Tasnim news agency said. They were heading back from Oshtorankooh, one of the highest ranges in Zagros mountains and known as the Iranian Alps because of its high peaks which are snow-capped all year round. “Efforts are still underway to locate the seven missing hikers — three women and four men,” Reza Ariayi, head of a crisis management committee in western Lorestan province, told Tasnim. Ariayi said the missing “most probably” have died because of the freezing temperatures. Six hikers were found alive by the rescue teams, he said. The hikers were trying to reach a shelter when the avalanche struck, state news agency IRNA quoted Sarem Rezayi, director of the Red Crescent in Lorestan province, as saying. Oshtorankooh has numerous peaks with the highest, San Baran, at more than 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) above sea level.

  23. star48 Avatar

    Ref::“Sweden.. horrible damaging avalanche..”

    We are trying to narrow down the location. From Stockholm it was in a north western location. But we need to try and verify that with perhaps a city or town.

    Iceland 🇮🇸
    Major Landslide blocks river in Western Iceland..

  24. star48 Avatar

    Ref::::“Sweden.. horrible damaging avalanche..”
    We are trying to narrow down the location. From Stockholm it was in a north western location. But we need to try and verify that with perhaps a city or town.

    In Norway 🇳🇴
    Tourists from Sweden 🇸🇪, Finland 🇫🇮
    Presumed dead.

  25. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::“Sweden.. horrible damaging avalanche..”

    We are trying to narrow down the location. From Stockholm it was in a north western location. But we need to try and verify that with perhaps a city or town.

    Norway 🇳🇴
    A severe winter storm hit Norway this week, dumping heavy snow and causing travel and power disruptions across parts of the country. Dozens of people were left stranded on closed roads and at least 2 people lost their lives after an avalanche hit off the country’s north mainland on Thursday, February 20, 2020.

    At least 70 people were trapped at European route E134 near Haukelifjell– a mountain area and a mountain pass in southern Norway after about 2 to 3 m (7 to 10 feet) of snow fell on the area. E134 is the most significant transport link between Haugesund and Oslo.

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