Predictions 2-17-17

I had a visual of an airplane, I slowly floated closer to the airplane to peek in window, then the visual switched to show a massive storm heading towards a large airport.

“The airplane will be hijacked.. those on the plane fight back.”

“The other plane will have an explosive device.”

“The sky once full will become empty.”

“In about 10..  but there will be other attacks prior to that one.”

Do they mean in 10 days? That would imply a time frame around the 27th.

Spirit has marked the 22nd/23rd as well.

Here we are again with these nightmare predictions. I have to assume the vehicle attack is going to happen first followed with the airplane hijacking, this old prediction is below along with others that might be related:

Predictions 2-4-17   “NOW.. the 1st of multiple attacks coming.. the vehicle will run down the people.. multiple people on the ground.. many injured laying on the street.. in your own back yard.”

“In the following week.. airplane (s) attack.. 7.. hijacked..  worse and worse.”

“Boston”  — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a white van or truck, and individuals shooting at the tires of the vehicle.

I had a visual of multiple people being hit by the vehicle.

I had a visual of 2 then 22

Prediction: Hijacked Plane    “7..7..7    The bombing is coming.    The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.    The port under attack”

Its unclear if they are saying British Air or are they implying a UK Hijacking. I don’t know what the number seven represents, however again they are implying three different attacks, perhaps on separate days. — Eric

Prediction: US Terror Attacks  I had a visual of several people with cowboy hats. Then Spirit pointed to a southern / central area of the US, which implies Texas. “British air.. hijacking.. the passengers do not cooperate.. Heroes on the plane.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a man folding his clothes in what looked like a hotel room then there was a massive explosion that ripped through the walls. “In the national capitol”

Predictions 10-18-16   “The hero will fall with the plane.”

US Terror Attack 2 In Miramar.. they plan to use an explosive device.. around the parade.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of an airplane on a tarmac. ‘Hijacked.. 27’ — words written



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  1. Hope we can alter this some how!! I have been seeing 777 for 3 weeks now. I always get numbers as messages. 777 is an unusual one for me. I do see it when i know i am one the right path. So thankful for your gift you share with us eric 😚.

    1. You also mentioned “when it rains” in one prediction. It is raining more than ever in California. Northern and southern.

  2. Do these plane hijackings still relate to a British based planes as in previous predictions I’m sure texas was linked to the same prediction at some point maybe Boston aswell ?

      1. Eric,
        “British” could mean that the terrorist(s) are from Great Britain. I doubt it, since the prediction said “British air”, unless it implies a British terrorist involved in an airline hijacking.

  3. Chills. I have been getting almost exactly the same message the last few months that this distilled to. Multiple planes (I keep feeling there but specifically at least one having an explosive and at least one being hijacked with “heroes going down with the plane.”). All flights being grounded. Some form of a British connection (though not 100% sure the British is related to the planes). Other attacks right before/around.

    In December (12/24) I got something about “27th” and it felt like a date. I thought it had to do with either the planes, London, or Trump. Definitely didn’t feel personal to me. The next day it seemed like 26, and the day after 25 so I thought I was getting a countdown but then it stopped. When nothing happened on the 27th of Dec I forgot about it. Wondering if it could be a range of 25-27 it may happen?

    I also have had 22 for something (what? Not sure?).

  4. Who do we need to contact in order to make them aware of these predictions? If we aren’t sure which airline it is or where it’s coming from? Is there a parade in Marimar? We could contact law enforcement there to keep an eye out. Any ideas?

  5. Eric, your visions appear to be aligning more and more with those I made several weeks ago. The timeframe was much longer than either of us could’ve anticipated, and the signs I’m receiving just keep getting stronger day after day. In normal circumstances, if I were getting bombarded with the massive amount of negative visions like I am today, I’d assume the terrorist attack would happen any second. Strangely, as some may remember, those dates were inaccurate … but the visions are STILL getting clearer.

    Compared to previous events where I received visuals of the event before it happened, this upcoming attacks are the worst I’ve ever forecast in my life. Seeing how more experienced psychics are perceiving the same threats, I don’t want to imagine what kind of effect these attacks will have for years to come. Remember how drastically 9/11 changed how the world worked to this very day? The next attacks, I fear, will even dwarf 9/11 in terms of altering the fate of civilization.

    I don’t like using such fearful, emotional words, but I also don’t want to be the guy who says “It’s not as bad as you think” and indirectly lead to a reader getting hurt/killed in the chaos which follows.

    I know I just broke my self-imposed ‘promise’ of silence on this site, but I felt obligated to inform everyone to prepare for some extremely shocking world events to come. I’m certain civilization and the vast majority of people alive today will survive and may become even more prosperous/safe not long after the two months proceeding the dreaded “Attacks”. Let me make myself clear: This is NOT the end of the world or the beginning of some Mad Max post-apocalypse. The world, however, will look nothing like it does today and will never be the same again. Everything will make sense in the end.

    I’ll cut-off here, to prevent going too into detail and unintentionally blowing things completely out of proportion. The visions I’ve received are just different versions of the events I’ve already predicted, so I don’t have anything new to report. However, watch-out during President’s Day. If anything very bad goes down on then (three days from now), I’m afraid the next three attacks cannot be stopped.

    1. Observer 227,
      Do you have another site where your thoughts/predictions are?
      Thanks, Mari

      1. No, sorry.

        I’m not expecting this to become a career. While I have psychic abilities, there are other things I’m good at that I’d prefer to define myself by. Therefore, I don’t want to spend time making and managing a website which I may leave sitting there due to lack of interest.

        I’d rather keep a log of my predictions here, and hopefully people can read them and spread the word around like that. I realize there’s better ways to do this, but it’s a long story as to why I’m reluctant to do so.

        I’ll likely never go back on this site whenever my predictions of these attacks occur. I believe there’s a reason so few have prevented future tragedies from occurring via ESP abilities, and it’s probably not due to a non-existent sixth-sense in most people but something more nefarious/oppressive. I don’t want to alarm any who wish to alter the future, but I’d suggest keeping a low-profile after making an accurate prediction. Some of these tragic events are orchestrated by powerful individuals who don’t want the world to hold them accountable for their heinous crimes.

  6. Maybe the 777 refers to the plane that will be hijacked. The Boeing 777 is one of the most popular planes ever produced.

  7. “The sky once full will become empty” reminds me of 9/11, how, after the flights were hijacked, all other civilian planes were ordered to land. Maybe something similar could happen if these airplane predictions pan out.

    I’ve said this before, but everyone keep an eye out. If you see suspicious behavior–someone wearing a coat too bulky for the weather, someone acting nervous and glancing around, someone who seems deadly calm as if on a mission….an unattended bag, an overheard threat, whatever. I don’t mean be paranoid, just let authorities know if you notice something.

    There was a book published after September 11th–it was for teens, but has very good facts and advice. It’s called “The 4-11 after 9/11.” (4-11 teen slang for information.) I’d recommend looking at it. It gives advice while being reassuring.

  8. “Cowboy hats and national capital ” could well mean Austin. But the international airport is DFW represent Cowboy hats.

  9. Eric – Brian Ladd photo blogs his dreams online – recently predicted from a dream that there will be a plane hijacked Fri 2-24-17 ( I think). He admits he’s got a mental illness, but shows some interesting predictions that came true in the past. Not sure of his credibility.

    1. i’ve been having a read through his predictions , doesn’t seem very accurate t Ome to be fair

  10. eric SWC meant to add its a daily flight so 22nd and 23rd are listed as well ..
    hoping 7..7…7.. is not 3 seperate fight 7 incidents

    1. hi rhona
      this is weird because that used to be flight
      number BA22. u think theres any

  11. Eric here is a prediction in the past about the U.K. I had a question about the blue sign (like on a bathroom door) but was on an airplane part…
    This could be a very far stretch but look at this bathroom sign (the + and 0) and look at this airline’s logo… (I believe it’s the third sign down-which is used in San Diego) This has their flights listed as well. Here’s another site that has the flights listed…

    I have no idea if it means anything or if the flight you are talking about is headed toward the US or the U.K. I’m not sure how to narrow it down. Just wanted to leave you with what I’ve found.

  12. Eric – I think we should consider a commercial airplane being hijacked with the objective of its crashing into a US port for sinking ships. The most obvious I think is LA,Calif. since 40% of all imports come through this port. Also, Manhattan, Boston, etc. I hate to be so doom & gloom, but this would cause our economy to crash. Plus, the terror would have full impact. Pray for peace and the thwarting of evil intent. 27 could be a pier #.

  13. My fear with a terror attack is loss of life but also a return to war which always keeps the current president in office. It also doesn’t seem beyond Trump administration to be involved in a terror attack to keep them in office. I know that’s very fear mongering of me, it feels that way in my heart, but to some degree I still think the Bush administration may have done something similar

    1. Momo7678,
      I personally don’t think Bush, Obama, or Trump would actually cause a terror attack.
      Is it possible? Yes, anything’s possible. But doing that sort of thing would be like pouring kerosene on a fire–there’d be no guarantee they, or their loved ones, wouldn’t get caught in an attack or a war.

      I understand your worries–in today’s world with accusations and counter-accusations about fake news, fear-mongering, and hidden motives, it’s really difficult to know what to believe. We’re all looking for answers, it’s hard to even come up with theories! I empathize.

  14. So there was some type of Texas U.K. Connection, so possibly terrorist coming out of Texas going to UK or vise verse and possibly being hijacked shortly after takeoff or towards the end of the flight. So Eric does spirit give you any type of inclination of how long the passengers are on the plane before the incident?

  15. Eric SWC
    There is a Storm heading from Atlantic Ocean to hit England Midland and east and nryh east come Thursday 23rd of Feruary .
    Heathrow Airport is 100 miles from Midlands so i presume the storm will affecr the midlans airport and Heathrow ..
    Just thought i would add as a massive storm was mentiined for airport in prediction ..Its been named Doris ..
    here is link

  16. Eric,
    Ref:“In the following week.. airplane (s) attack.. 7.. hijacked.. worse and worse.”

    Is this the beginning..??
    One plane taken from Seattle/Tacoma airport..
    2 military jets pursed..plane did loop to loop Han..
    there was a puff of smoke…

    An unauthorized person reportedly took control of a jet Friday evening and took off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Waqshington state, though authorities have not yet confirmed the reports.

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