Prediction: US Terror Attacks

“Eric we are so, so, sorry for this nightmare we present.” — Spirits Voice

“In about 11 days the US is under attack.. lockdown.. multi level attack.. such pure evil.. tell the readers now is the time to act.. ” (11 days would imply around the 26th, 27th of December)

“In San Francisco.. the bridge.. bombing.. the key is to let the people of the city know what is coming.. ” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of several people with cowboy hats. Then Spirit pointed to a southern / central area of the US, which implies Texas. “British air.. hijacking.. the passengers do not cooperate.. Heroes on the plane.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of a man folding his clothes in what looked like a hotel room then there was a massive explosion that ripped through the walls. “In the national capitol”

Previous predictions that might be related:

Predictions 12-6-16   “Bombing in SF.. Bridge.. 26.. bridge collapses.. in December.” — Spirits Voice

“Eric there is a gathering of people on or around the bridge.. a contest.. we might not be able to change this nightmare, but if the contest was dead, perhaps part of this horror would melt.”

Bridge Attack   “The Bridge will collapse
People very badly hurt.. Gay.. How can they be so cruel.. it’s beyond approach.
Around 30” – Spirits Voice

Notes on 4-16-13 – Bridge Attack  There is a bridge attack or the bridge is blown up on the west coast of the United States perhaps in San Francisco California, related or not there is something involving airplanes as ’90 plus’ tragedies. Two things to keep in mind is they were not specific on what bridge, and from the visual it  seemed more like an explosion of the bridge.

Prediction: Hijacked Plane    “7..7..7    The bombing is coming.    The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.    The port under attack”

Its unclear if they are saying British Air or are they implying a UK Hijacking. I don’t know what the number seven represents, however again they are implying three different attacks, perhaps on separate days. — Eric

Predictions 10-18-16   “The hero will fall with the plane.”

“Hotel.. 160.. each individual brutally murdered.. there (their?) falling apart.. yet another terror attack.” — Spirits voice

Prediction: A list of Terror Related Attacks    Here is the list of predictions we are still concerned about. Remember the message warned us that we would have two different groups of terror related attacks, the first predicted in late September and the other in December, so some of these events might not happen now. However the battleship attack, the base attack, and the airplane hijacking are expected soon.

Everyone I implore you to please get the word out about this horrible event. We absolutely must change the outcome of this event. Tell everyone by sharing this post. It’s through awareness that we can change the future. For those who might question our authenticity I would encourage you to share the predictions we have made in the past over previous terror attacks. I am truly sorry for sharing this horrible nightmare, without a doubt the worst prediction I have ever made.

They implied the golden gate bridge. We need to ask for the city in Texas. We also need to narrow down the hotel.

Paris Terror Attack

Terror Attack in Brussels

Turkey Bombing

New York / New Jersey Attack






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  1. Eric, it could be Trump’s new hotel in DC. It was the first thing that popped into my mind, and it’s roughly two city blocks from the White House/the capitol.

    1. That was the first thing I thought of too. Wondering who could possibly do this?

      1. I think the terrorists see a golden opportunity to take advantage of the deep political divisions in the U.S. where no one trusts the other side. Even without psychic predictions I would expect something like this happening.

    2. I was just in DC and stopped by this hotel. It was beautiful but I couldn’t stand to stay long – something felt dark and ominous there. I couldn’t figure out what– just bad energy I was picking up on even though it was bright and so nice. Didn’t feel like it was coming from people, just the place.

  2. I thought of the Trump hotel immediately too. In the old post office building.

      1. And there are Multiple Flights out of Dallas to London on Dec 26 and Dec 27th

      1. Has spirit talked about any Galactic Energy Wave coming. The last time we had one was back during that devastating Tsunami I have heard there is another one coming right after Xmas. Thank You for your consideration and all that you do.

  3. There are dorect flights from London to Dallas, Austin and Houston daily their website says

  4. Does anyone know someone in the media? I was just thinking, maybe if anyone does, this warning could be put out in the newspapers or media blogs of the likely affected areas–San Fran, Texas, D.C. Even if it’s filed under “odd” news, at least some people in those areas might see the warnings.

  5. It has been extremely difficult for me to comment here at Eric’s site on psychic matters without being political, or at least accused of such….I’ve already had at least two accusations levelled against me in another prediction section.
    For those interested in my take on this whole American Election matter, this article at Alternet gets very close to what I’m being told will be the reality.

    1. Your website is rife with political bias. I’ve found that psychics can seldom make accurate predictions about matters they have an emotional bias towards.

      1. Guys,
        Please, let’s not squabble over politics. We need to be united now more than ever…whether democrat or republican, all Americans want things to get better, they just disagree on how to do that.

        1. Thanks Sara, FB is even worse with the squabbles. If only all of us had equal passion for altering these terror attacks. That needs to be our focus.

      2. I don’t have a web site. But if you’re referring to the web site I linked to, I stated that the comment at that site is very similar to what I got from my Guidance, independent to that site, and long before I read that article.
        As to my emotional bias and psychic predictions, please offer proof to what I have said, bias or otherwise, that is not correct. I don’t post many of them here out of respect to Eric and this site, so you would have to know me personally. Do you?

      3. Well, I’ve seen a few psychics predict that attacks were going to be levelled no matter who got into office. They were predictions made well before the election, going well past 2017. Attacks like the large scale ones predicted take years to plan, so it really is ridiculous to pin it on one candidate or another. They were/are being planned regardless. I think the point of the link was just to show that attacks are also being predicted by that source as well. Though, I understand it is sometimes hard to have the patience to glean the gist of an article when it is wrapped up in a singular political perspective.

    2. Pete, please don’t let anyone discourage you from posting here. I for one am very interested in your insights and anything you have to contribute to the discussions here.

      1. Thank you Francine. I highly admire what Eric is trying to do in a world that has long lost compassion, love and peace.
        I also admire your comments, along with others who are genuine visitors to this site, not those who have as much ‘kindred’ to the Higher level Spirituality as the devil himself does.
        Thank you.

    3. Thank You petemedium. I feel the same way and I’m not really sure how to change this. I do truly struggle with thoughts of how we will ever be able to stop this future evil political leader because of it.

    1. That would be a good idea! If anyone posts a warning, try to include a list of past predictions by Eric that came true, so people will be less inclined to dismiss it.

  6. I just thought of something…if the attack is done by jihadists, they really hate Jewish people.
    This year Hannukkah goes from December 24/25th through January 1st.
    Between that and the Christmas holidays and traveling, that might explain why the attacks are expected in 11 days. It’s smack dab in the middle of different holidays, and probably during heavy travel periods, too.

    Again, if anyone sees or hears anything suspicious–someone acting furtive, or wearing a way-too-heavy/bulky coat in a warm area, or suspicious packages, be sure to tell the police about it.

    1. Most likely the international airport in Dallas/Fort Worth. When I flew from Dallas airport a couple of times. the employees (the men) gives me the uneasy feelings. I suspected they are buying time to prepare for future attack working for DFW international airport. Just never know but it’s possible.

  7. It makes sense as I read the predicts in order from older to present. What I’m seeing is the flight from Dallas on British airflight to SF. The passengers fought against the terrorists on flight heading to SF. The brave heroes foiled the attack. Then the bomb on SF Golden Bridge is few days later on gay festival.

    Keep eyes on British airflight in DFW after Christmas. Thanks Eric for sharing the predictions.

    1. It is a bit difficult to read, you kinda have to be an avid follower to remember some old predictions that talk about these terror attacks. Its almost as if Spirit brought it up about a year ago and is now continuing the conversation now. I will post all the predictions together so everyone can compare the information.

  8. Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Eric, I had a dream last night that there were large explosions and a fire plumb light up the night sky. Large sums of people are gathered in hallways like bomb out shelters. No time frame to this dream but time will tell.

  9. Eric hi is there any chance of adking spirit if any of the bombs for the bridge ate in the water…not specifically a boat ..though inrember you said explosion on boat thinking pylons ..
    thank you Eric to spirit …

  10. Eric, British air staff are striking over Christmas. This includes baggage handlers and other airport ground crew, check in workers, cabin crew and pilots. Companies affected include British Airways and Virgin. From the 23rd until at least after the 26th. Needless to say this will cause severe disruption to coverage and services. I have no idea how vulnerable this would leave services that do run, or how the system could cope with an unexpected crisis. But I thought it worth mentioning with regards to the British related flight hijack you are predicting. I’m not going to even speculate how that might all pan out, but I thought you might like to know.

    1. Thanks BeachHutt, it’d be nice to have somebody to report it to FBI to Keep eyes on British flights as possible next target attack. Praying it’s foiled.


      1. Perfectly makes Sense. First attack on 22nd at British airport during strikes. Bombing (hidden inside black plastic bag perhaps in trash) hid in a public bathroom without detector (at airport). Easily distract during strike.

        Next is US attack possible Dallas and SF. As for SF, bombing at gay bridge where event takes place. As for Dallas with British flight. Not sure and need more clues to narrow it down.


  11. Eric. “When you mentioned “multi level attacks”; does that mean more than 3 or 4 attacks within time frame of 1 to 2 days? Also wondering if that including NYC and Washington DC along with Texas and CA ?


    1. They said December would be the worst in the year in sinister acts. But they are implying a coordinated attack from different places. I am unclear on exactly how many. It’s difficult to understand if say the mall shooting is a horrible act or terrorism.

  12. Eric,

    I hope you don’t mind but I just spent the last half hour sendingg your latest predictions as well as links to ones in the past, to all the US and U.K. news wires listed below. Anyone may submit a news story and I hope someone pays attention. Perhaps if everyone reading this could also send a link to the latest prediction/s, someone will listen. Strength in numbers!

    CNN –
    AP News (no link as I submitted this through their news app)
    Fox News –
    BBC –
    NBC –
    ABC –
    CBS –
    Sky News –

    1. Thank You Spersin2015. I emailed all of them just now. Hopefully one of them will listen. 🙏🏻 Please everyone do the same. Put the predictions on your FB pages etc. Get the word out there. Blessings

  13. Eric,
    Just want to be clear. We are speaking about events (at least three) happening in the same day?
    Locations: Texas, SF, unknown?

    1. Actually no. From the information its more likely the same week. They have shown the numbers 26, 27, 30. There is a new prediction rolling out that is expected around the 30th or 1st. Its possible they just can’t narrow down the time but its more likely they are separate events on separate dates. There is also a UK bombing around the times of the US attack.

      1. Oh my goodness. I just realized the January 1st is New Year which means on New Year Eve may something happen in NYC with the huge white ball goes up or down then explode. The numbers were counted backward from 10, 9, 8, 7, all the way to 1. It was mentioned in your older post about 2 or 3 years ago and nothing happen. So Keep eyes on NYC.

  14. Hi Eric,

    I want to chime-in to see if this resonates with you (in the interest of refining locations). My daughter has the same psychic medium gifts as you do. I asked her to meditate and she feels VERY strongly the “in the national capital” is London. That the hotel bombing is in London and not the US. She feels both this and the SF Golden Gate bombings will be very soon – by the end of this month. She doesnt get anything for the plane hijacking but feels an “A” name (city) for Texas (though she isn’t sure what).

    I’m curious if London resonates as the “national capital”? On your “10-18-2016” prediction you sort of said this already at least the British and hotel piece —

    Your thoughts?

    “A loss in the ‘Great’ family. We welcome the person with open arms.. abdication follows.” (Great implies Great Britain)

    “6.. Polarity.. it’s actually wonderful as it will fix so many problems.. the planet.. upside down.. even though the planet tries to balance the mess you created it won’t stop the massive floods and consumption of lands well under way.”

    “The hero will fall with the plane.”

    “Hotel.. 160.. each individual brutally murdered.. there (their?) falling apart.. yet another terror attack.” — Spirits voice

    I had a visual of a British Flag.

    1. Yes it could be. There is a separate prediction about an attack that takes place in the UK, and the number 22. — Predictions 6-11-16 UK Terror Attack

      1. Hi Eric,

        My daughter finished an hour-long meditation just in the interest of helping to refine some of your predictions. These may or may not resonate with you but if so, please share and I’ll ask her to look further on what you think or see. She is highly accurate. I would love to have all people reading this who are intuitive in any way – to go within as well to see what you think/feel/see — then share along with Eric’s impressions. Perhaps we can all work together using the stronger visions – to refine locations — then take some action and stop the events from happening.

        From my daughter’s meditation –

        LONDON: The next “thing” happening as far as she sees is in London. A clock tower that was at 2:00 and looking over a map of the world. It gonged 2 times. The hands of the clock then spread forward as a flashlight towards Europe. The emphasis was terror attacks coming up in Europe – but then the flashlight focused on London. Afterwards, she was on a London street, parallel with the pavement as though she were laying on the ground. She saw the black London taxis that began overflowing with blood inside and underneath. She feels this is intentional (terror) and will be between 1-50 deaths.

        ANGOLA/ANDORRA: She isn’t sure which one (she couldn’t hear precisely enough to name one for sure) but one will have something toxic or bad in their water. Enough to cause potential deaths. (Eric – this could align with your toxic barrels prediction perhaps?)

        FRESNO, CA: Something will happen here but unsure what – she will take another look.

        NEW YORK: Spirit kept screaming, “Colgate! Colgate! Colgate! Colgate!” Then, “Bull Gates” and “Brooklyn” She feels these are all symbols for an attack that will happen there soon. Colgate = someone speaking or something having to do with a “mouthy” person. Could be “Colgate University” but she doesn’t think so. “Bill Gates” a symbol for a powerful person. And “Brooklyn” is either NYC or literal.

        BALD EAGLE/PRESIDENTIAL SEAL: She saw the eagle, then the seal…then metal beams raining down from the sky. The feeling was – something is coming into America that isn’t suppose to be here. It is destructive.

        VOLCANO: A volcano that hasn’t erupted in awhile will erupt soon. It will cause death and destruction though not on a medium scale (she said villages won’t be wiped out or anything but it does cause damage).

        Alrighty – I hope this helps in some way?

      1. Reply to Spersin2015. There is Colgate in Oklahoma but spelled Coilgate (I think ). Had earthquake at 4.4 just 4 hours ago.

    2. Regarding the above prediction: “6.. polarity…. “. The description that follows sounds like a Pole Shift to me. If it’s magnetic, lots of weather etc changes. In fact there is evidence that the magnetic North Pole is closer to Siberia now. But if it is physical, there will be massive floods and consumption of land, just as this prediction says. Also volcano eruptions and huge earthquakes. Odd that this prediction is sort of hidden amongst change in a royal family and terror attacks!

      1. Omg. I just looked up the Colgate reference and The Colgate Women’s games are taking place at Pratt Institute this January. They have a Brooklyn campus.

  15. Eric,

    Didn’t you say something about Hillary smiling on December 19th?
    Tomorrow is the Electoral vote.

      1. Hi Eric. Interesting that you got July. I got ‘from April. Building from April. This train has no brakes.’

  16. I must say i am deeply disappointed to Usa´s electoracal voters.. they make terrible mistake to take Trump! It seems very clear that Trump did know about Russia´s hacking and help, and there were lies about Clinton! Trump knew all.. many deals with Putin and Russia! Already now Rex Tillerson in his cabinet.. Ezzo Mobil is also registered into ” tax paradise” in Bahama!
    We will see many shocking things!

  17. “BALD EAGLE/PRESIDENTIAL SEAL: She saw the eagle, then the seal…then metal beams raining down from the sky. The feeling was – something is coming into America that isn’t suppose to be here. It is destructive.”

    That makes me think something will happen with Air Force One.

    1. ouch….that won’t be good and wondering why would USA attack their own country?

      1. Not a US attack on itself, it just reads to me like something goes wrong with AF1. Or that it is sabotaged..

    2. The same day Donald Trump was elected by the electoral collage (The eagle and the seal) then the attack. This is on the BBC website. The lorry, which was laden steel beams, ploughed into the Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz at 20:14 local time (19:14 GMT) on Monday.

  18. There is a race on 1/08/17 at Golden gate state park. It’s called “Hot Chocolate 15k/5k. They have a website. It looks huge.

  19. You said in your prediction that people are gathered on or around the bridge. The Hot Chocolate race begins and ends at the Golden Gate State Park.

  20. Eric, SWC,… December references..
    prediction: A list of Terror Related Attacks Here is the list of predictions we are still concerned about. Remember the message warned us that we would have two different groups of terror related attacks, the first predicted in late September and the other in December, so some of these events might not happen now. However the battleship attack, the base attack, and the airplane hijacking are expected soon.

    Homeland Security bulletin on Weaponized drones..threat to aviation.

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