Prediction: A list of Terror Related Attacks

Here is the list of predictions we are still concerned about. Remember the message warned us that we would have two different groups of terror related attacks, the first predicted in late September and the other in December, so some of these events might not happen now. However the battleship attack, the base attack, and the airplane hijacking are expected soon.

Prediction: Hijacked Plane  “7..7..7″    The bombing is coming.    The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.  The port under attack

Predictions 1-4-16 New York Shootings  I had a visual of a very large group of people gathering together for a run or walk. Then it switched to a scene of horror, people where laying on the ground injured and deceased, several people where upset holding each other. Then the visual switched again and I watched a TV being turned on to a commercial that showed two football helmets coming together, with the familiar football song playing in the background. Then the visual switched again and the word “New” was written. (I believe it was meant for a location like New York)

I had a visual of a news paper falling to the ground it read:

“NYC attack. Shooters attack the people.”

Notes on 8-30-14   “A major threat.. Boston marks.. the same area.. the same vicinity.. screaming, unspeakable horror.. video made.. soon.. by weeks end, on or around the sacred holiday.” — Spirits Voice

Around Saudi Arabia.. ships targeted.. even commercial ones.. keep an eye out.. guard the seas and the oceans.

By using the smaller ship with explosives their mission is to attack the nuclear ship.. you can see it. (The implication was a US ship)

In Miramar.. they plan to use an explosive device.. around the parade.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual of an airplane on a tarmac. ‘Hijacked.. 27’ — words written

18th is marked.

Saudi Attack   I had a visual of a map that showed the ocean around Saudi Arabia, Spirit marked two (maybe 3)  different areas.  One of them could have been on land? Then the visual switched, I was looking down on the ocean from the sky to see multiple plumes of smoke coming from the ocean.

I had a visual of a large hanger with destroyed metal parts being laid out.

“A suicide mission.. 40”

This might be related to previous predictions. However in previous messages they talked about the US?:

Predictions 4-21-16  “Protect America, ships and ports will be targeted, right here right now.”
Where exactly? Spirit pointed down to the ground saying ‘Here’
Then I had a visual of California.

And.. The ship (s) destroyed..  such horror.
Predictions on 12-9-15   I again had a visual of a ship burning. But this time it has a fire or explosion by the lower bow. It looked like a bomb went off.

Predictions on 11-16-15   I had a visual of a military ship on fire. Oddly the fire looked more like the red and yellow burn one sees as a fire is burning out.

Predictions 4-23-16 US Attack  I had a visual of the number 1 being written.
“In one, the rain will pour.. the US is under attack!”
I had a visual of military base. “Miramar will be attacked, Miramar.”
Spirit again pointed down. “Here!” (As if implying California or even more specific here in San Diego)

Predictions 5-28-16  I had a visual of  a black spider with a fat belly crawling towards me.
San Diego spelled out.
“The multi attack in the US.. their plans, its acts now coming together… Soon it will unfold.”
“Again airplanes, Again! Another threat, Another act.”
I had a visual of one massive lockdown, then I could see people in airports stuck unable to move at all, sleeping in chairs.

Predictions 6-8-16  I had a visual that I was looking down at a stadium, or music hall. Then there was a large explosion in the stadium.

Then the visual switched and they drew a large 8.

Predictions 5-19-16 I had a visual of the map of California then tourist sites of Washington DC, New York, and Boston.

Predictions 6-8-16  I had a visual that I was looking down at a stadium, or music hall. Then there was a large explosion in the stadium.   Then the visual switched and they drew a large 8.

Predictions 6-16-16  “At a stadium.. the attack does the opposite of ‘terror’ because it unites the people.

Bridge Attack   “The Bridge will collapse
People very badly hurt.. Gay.. How can they be so cruel.. its beyond approach.
Around 30” – Spirits Voice

Then we also have the Assassination predictions: Prediction: Assassination Coming  Notes on 12-22-13   Predictions on 9-23-15


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  1. We have to do everything in our power to stop these events from happening, awareness is key, share this and all the other posts of today with everyone.. EVERYONE! The door is open for us to make a difference but we need to grab it. Join us

    1. hi eric
      I remember one post mentioning children
      being targeted deliberately Any idea of location?
      I came across this very disturbing article
      –_”. ” __ Take Small Children And Cut Their Heads Off With Axes
      teferences mid east. So i hope we can alter
      some of these predictions in future because
      this is horrific

  2. Share with us who you shared these post with, put it on every FB page, share it on your FB link, every twitter message, ATS, news threads, buzz news, comments on other chat rooms, Reddit, psychic chats, four square, this is our time to alter the future, our moment to conquer the future and make it ours, but for this to work awareness must be first.

  3. Next is football. …which football in NY?? and what time? The stadium may be next target attack…is it tomorrow? ?? Read post 1-4-16.

    1. Giants and Saints play this Sunday at noon 12 in New Jersey. It’s the 18th. Check that out…..hopefully the authorities seen this site.

  4. Just want to add in addition to college football and nfl, the military schools (college level but they have an additional group of followers) and HUGE. (I only mention it because military, planes/aviation, circus, running, sports and so on are what i have grown up learning and knowing). On that note is it definitely football stadium we are talking about? Not a large airstrip that could resemble one? Football players arent the only ones who wear helmets. Also ISIS just recently has been encouraging attacks at things like concerts (by just recently i mean they used it asan example within the past few weeks). Many concerts DO take place inside football or soccer or other stadiums. Tje word New could it refer to a new design of helmets? Or a new concert tour, etc? Sorry if none of thisis helpful just typing what forst comes to my mind thst i cant remember being mentioned before.

    1. Your right, my comments are always assumed, but not apart of the message. It could very well be something else. For instance just recently there was ‘an act of violence’ and I had a visual of people wearing ski masks, and I described it as if the criminals were wearing the masks, but it ended up being the police in France not the terrorist.

      1. Sorry didnt mean to imply anything negative about your comments… I just keep trying to throw out whatever info i can find or any ideas i have just because im not sure how else to help and hope eventually ill say something useful that will maybe help stop some of this.

        1. LOL its far from negative. No you make a good point, there is the message and there is my opinion, and about half the time my opinion is off. So I would encourage you and everyone else reading Spirit message to try and establish what you believe they mean. Someone else on this site took all the information about the paris attack and gave a date with all the different messages from Spirit, that was literaly one day off. So yes I encourage everyone to share their opinion on ‘what does Sprits message mean to you.’

  5. I hope this isnt real… Its pretty disturbing especially the end. Who would the targwts be? And gosh id hope it wasnt just a test run but also wouldnt be surprised if it was… Multiple schools airports malls parks etc have had hoax scares and i am always afraid it could be someone wanting to see what the response is, practice if you will…. I copied the text below and also put the link (i think… New to this linking on this phone). Just to be clear the below isnt mine or written by me and i dont agree with it at all but idk, if it could give clues or give someone an idea that helped stop something… I just have a sinking feeling this is gonna get far worse and soon. Like… I cant describe it. Same feeling i had Sat morning. Same feeling i had before my car accidwnt before the boston bombing before other things ive bwen thru, that something bad is gonna happen, its hard to explain but its always a very specific “wait” or “move now” and “if you dont, xyz is going to happen”. A gut feeling i guess. Feelings i might start paying more attention to. Anyway idk maybe this will give someone an idea on where we should focus. Like i said its not mine and im REALLY hoping its fake.

    Full manifesto

    Taking a human life

    I don’t know exactly how I feel about taking human lives.

    However, what I do know is that If I don’t do what needs to be done nobody will pay attention. LGBTQ+ people are much more likely to commit suicide than straight cisgendered people.

    It seems that nobody cares, however what if people from the LGBTQ+ community started lashing out in response to the violence and oppression we face with violence and possibly oppression?

    I’m sure that would give people a reason to not stand by while so many people are being oppressed. I suppose I’m just going to have to move forward knowing that what I am doing had a purpose and will in fact make a difference. I’ll keep you all posted.

    Manufacturing Test Explosives

    Hi. You probably have all seen the news by now, the explosives detonated in New York City, that was me. Those were just some tests, I know where I have made errors and I will not make the same mistake next time.

    I did it because I cannot stand society. I cannot live in a world where homosexuals like myself as well as the rest of the LGBTQ+ community are looked down upon by society.

    It is 2016 and we are still being viewed as mentally ill, sinners, attention seekers, and just plain weirdos in general. I am not going to stand by while under classed and underprivileged people are oppressed.
    I am not going to stand by while there is inequality in my country such as the racism being seen in white police officers all over the country.

    I am not going to live in a country where it is OK to have a misogynist, xenophobic, racist Islamophobic, republican candidate running for President of The United States!

    That’s implying that republicans in general should even be taken seriously as they are all cisgendered privileged white people.
    This is not the end, this is just the beginning. I will be remembered. I will make a difference. I will eliminate my targets before it is too late.

    Read more:…#ixzz4KdQNEVpn
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    1. Megan williams,

      Yeah, I heard about that manifesto. I don’t know what to think–but my theory is that it’s a hoax. I read that the bomb blew up in one of the more liberal, gay-friendly areas of NY, so it doesn’t seem likely a gay person would do that, at least not there.

      Also, I saw in one news article that a piece of paper inside the un-exploded bomb had Arabic writings in it–unconfirmed, but I thought I’d mention it. So I suspect a jihadist-link. A jihadist would have more to gain from this kind of attack than a GLBTQ supporter would.

      That being said, if whoever made that manifesto is playing a joke or a hoax, they’re not helping the gay community at all. The writer should be arrested for making false claims.

    1. Update,,,,now open …national Mall.
      Update: Pennsylvania Avenue near National Mall in Washington, DC, now open; scene clear after police were investigating area for suspicious package – WJLA

  6. Eric, SWC,
    So many reports coming in….
    Looking for unauthorized car at West Point.
    Suspicious package in Atlanta,GA courthouse.
    5 men detained and arrested in car in Brooklyn, warrants initiated
    Trying to keep up..blessings..

  7. Eric,SWC,

    ALERT…suspect captured in Linden, NJ.. Will followup with more information..

  8. Eric, SWC, Alert…Suspect captured in Linden ,NJ
    Will followup with more information.

  9. Eric,
    Family of man wanted in connection with NYC, NJ explosions had filed discrimination lawsuit after restaurant was targeted for late hours, noise violations, Elizabeth, NJ, mayor says – NY Times

  10. SWC, update on capture..

    Photo: Ahmad Khan Rahami, wanted in connection with weekend explosions, seen on stretcher being taken into police custody after a shooting in Linden, NJ – @ABC11_WTVD

  11. SWC, update #3 on capture.
    Update: Multiple sources say it appears a 2nd officer was wounded in Linden, NJ, shooting incident; both officers expected to survive – @Tom_Winter

  12. Eric, There are two California events coming up that have elements of past predictions. Both are at the Pasadena Rose Bowl (stadium). Both are “runs”. (I recall the prediction of runners in the front and runners further in distance. Since this run is inside the stadium and circular, from the stands that is how the runners would look. Close up and in the distance). The Rose Bowl is where big football games are held. (Football helmets and the time of football)

    The first link is “Gladiator Rock ‘n Run” on Oct 17 It’s the 5th annual (5) It’s a warrior-like mud run; presented by someone who calls himself The NITRO of …

    Second link is sooner: Heart Walk on Oct 8 at Pasadena Rose Bowl (your prediction of 6-8) Explosion at a stadium, then “the visual switched to large 8”. Oct 8.

    1. Meg, Eric,
      False alarm..pushed hijack button by mistake..
      See updated report.
      Saudia Airlines flight placed in isolation at a Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines – ABS-CBN

  13. Eric, SWC,
    2nd location near barracks.
    Update: Police say suspicious package found in trash can near Washington, DC, Marine Barracks building; still investigating – WRC

  14. Dear Eric! I found your page when I was looking for someone who dreamed up falling to the airport or hijacked. Internet search showed me your page.

    About a month ago I started having dreams that flies toward me falling plane. And then he hits or building airports or landing plate. It looks like a disaster or if someone did it on purpose. I dreamed to have four, five times. First it was a small plane, then the large aircraft either Ryanair or pink-purple as Wizzair. I saw that you also wrote about the kidnapping of the aircraft and the British lines. I’m afraid that something might happen between September 24 and October 2 ( with an indication on September 24 or 1 or 2 October). Perhaps in Germany. These dreams worries me very much.

    I’ve had a lot of prophetic dreams. The worst is the helplessness. Most often you have no influence on anything. I dream about the only things directly or indirectly related to me. Eg. before my last trip to Dusseldorf dreamed a few dreams that somebody shooting at me. It turned out that on the same day when I was in that city was a planned terrorist attack, which fortunately foiled. I also had a dream showing the tsunami in Japan or bomb in Israel. Although usually I have dreams about people I know.

    Perhaps those who have the gift (although I think they have it all, but did not use) should set up a website where people from around the world would type their dreams or predictions about particular theme eg. Volcanoes, earthquakes, aircraft etc. Maybe then would consist of this in a whole image by which we can prevent various tragedies…

    Sorry for my English. Best regards and and I wish us peace for the whole world 🙂


  15. Eric, SWC. Update…Boston.
    Update: 6 people stabbed on Tremont Street in Boston’s Theater District; 1 of those wounded is critical and in surgery, police say – Boston Globe

  16. I think this stadium prediction is linked to all of the other predictions. I believe it is linked to the NFL season as well. It would be almost impossible for a terror attack on US soil during a football game in a stadium. So i think it is referring to week 8 (Hence the stress on the number 8) when the Washington Redskins play the Cincinnati Bengals at Wembley stadium in London! I think this also links due to the date being October 30th and being so close to the US Presidential Election. There will be something (multiple terror attacks) that very easily sways Obama’s hand towards Martial Law and cancels the Presidential Election which i think fits with your “Oh there is a criminal indictment now, the leader shouldn’t be doing that.. corrupt”. I am a very firm believer that we will not have a president after Obama. What do you think Eric. And then when you also say that it will unite the people and not cause terror i think it means unite the countries for the same goal of destroying a now common enemy like England and the US

  17. Eric, SWC, update.
    ..NOW being called terrorist attack!

    (See above comment..and update information in this comment..)

    US troops in Kuwait came under ‘terrorist’ attack, embassy says – AFP

  18. Eric, SWC,
    Arizona Attorney General’s Office: 18-year-old accused of planning attacks pleads guilty to terrorism charges; sentencing set for Nov. 4 – The Republic

  19. Eric,SWC,
    Camp Pendleton…
    guard shot while on guard duty on military base in CA..

    SAN DIEGO (AP) — The Navy is investigating after a Marine from Colorado was found shot to death while on guard duty at Southern California’s Camp Pendleton, according to a report Tuesday.
    Lance Cpl. Riley Schultz was discovered dead around 4 a.m. March 15 with a gunshot wound to the head, the Orange County Register reported.

  20. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::Around Saudi Arabia.. ships targeted.. even commercial ones.. keep an eye out.. guard the seas and the oceans.

    Saudi oil tankers attacked.
    Sabotage attack.

    TWO Saudi oil tankers were hit by a “sabotage attack” off the United Arab Emirates, it was announced this morning – as tensions flare between the US and Iran.

    The ships were struck off the coast of the port of Fujairah – with one of the tankers due to be loaded with Saudi crude oil bound for the United States.

  21. Eric,
    Ref:::Around Saudi Arabia.. ships targeted.. even commercial ones.. keep an eye out.. guard the seas and the oceans.

    Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
    AN Iranian oil tanker was today hit by “two rockets” in a suspected “terrorist act”, according to reports.

    The huge blast was on board a vessel belonging to the National Iranian Oil Company 60 miles from the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

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