Predictions 1-4-16 New York Shootings

I had a visual of a news paper falling to the ground it read:

“NYC attack. Shooters attack the people.”

I had a visual of people running in several different directions for safety.

It seemed but not verified that there was more than one shooter.


Could this be related to the other prediction from Predictions for 1-3-16 ? Was it always just one complete prediction with no ties to the Meteor? :

January 5th is marked in big bold words.

I had a visual of a very large group of people gathering together for a run or walk. Then it switched to a scene of horror, people where laying on the ground injured and deceased, several people where upset holding each other. Then the visual switched again and I watched a TV being turned on to a commercial that showed two football helmets coming together, with the familiar football song playing in the background. Then the visual switched again and the word “New” was written. (I believe it was meant for a location like New York)

Eric’s Comments: Please, Please be diligent New Yorkers. Spirit actually stopped me from continuing our conversation and asked me to post this right away by pointing to the computer, which implies a situation that is coming very soon. Be aware. Be safe. I will try and gather more information. Lets hope I am wrong.



34 thoughts on “Predictions 1-4-16 New York Shootings

    1. I can only see the winter warrior half marathon and relay on 9th. In Rochester tech park (sorry I don’t know where that is – I’m in aus)

      1. Is the winter warrior run a marathon done by mainly military personnel? I can’t remember the names but they have a lot of these “warrior” runs for the military.

    1. Jules104, this run/walk begins at the bridge in Staten Island today. Wonder if this has any relationship to the other NYC predictions.

  1. Here is a calendar for NY Eric. The one that I keep seeing which stands out is on Feb 3rd though. “The Empire State Building Run Up”. Praying for this to be foiled.

  2. Other than the run/walk at Staten Island scheduled for 1-5-15 that Jules104 mentioned, a couple of the other main events scheduled for NYC today are “Circus Now & Big Apple Circus” at 8PM at the Lincoln Center….and the opening of the “National Cartoonists Society Exhibit” on Long Island in the 2nd floor of the MoCCA Gallery. There are several other exhibits opening today. So many things in NYC on any given day…..
    But…Eric…if a walk or run…..just wondering if all the NYC predictions are related….?

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    1. The marathons seems to happen between 5th and 6th Ave do you think 5th could be the location instead of the date? Just a tought

  4. The football helmets with the word “New” popping up.. Besides New York, could is mean New England.. New York Jets, New England Patriots. Just a thought.

    1. I am starting to believe that the football reference might just be a message of action, ‘to tackle’ or ‘to charge’. Perhaps someone attacks the mad man.

  5. Marathons are not usually held on Tuesdays. The New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks play tonight at 8 pm in Atlanta, GA. If the newspaper states shooters in New York City then this may be a gathering around the 8 pm time frame in New York City. Maybe it’s at a big sports bar type event where there is overflow outside to watch the game via TV.

      1. While meditating I saw the word Madison. The only thing I can think of is Madison Avenue in New York City. Also, you stated the headlines on the newspaper were “shooters” as in plural. Are you certain of more than one?

      2. Disregard about more than one shooter. I went back and read the prediction. You did see people running in all different directions so this indicates to me the people did not know where the shooting was coming from so it’s possible it could be rooftop shooters.

  6. Eric, is this related to the sound of gun shooting at the subway in NY today? People running in different directions thought as they heard someone shout “gun” or shot gun.

  7. I think this one might have happened but in Dallas. There was the Black Lives Matter march, and then the sniper shooting of the officers and panic in the streets. Just a thought. Not a charity run but a protest march.

  8. I believe this one just happened. A shootout in Linden, New Jersey. On news now.

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