Predictions on 12-9-15


“May you take caution.”

“The Mosques will be destroyed one after another.. soon”

I again had a visual of a ship burning. But this time it has a fire or explosion by the lower bow.

It looked like a bomb went off.

Predictions on 11-16-15   I had a visual of a military ship on fire. Oddly the fire looked more like the red and yellow burn one sees as a fire is burning out.

Louisiana spelled out. Then I had a visual of a ‘target’ symbol. Then you saw a person loading a weapon.

Sounds like a Louisiana shooting spree.

I had a visual of a silver coin drop to the ground, as it fell I looked down to see a swastika on the coin. “Its coming  back”


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81 thoughts on “Predictions on 12-9-15

  1. Mosques destroyed, swastika returning. Sounds like the ingrediants for civil unrest (to put it mildly) escalating soon. And I for one am not at all surprised. Here in Europe tensions are building up, due to vast number of islamic people entering now. Others have predicted civil wars even. My heart hopes it does not come to pass, but the signs cannot be ignored.

    There is still an USS Louisiana in active service, but it is a sub.

  2. agree peter – things not looking well in the EU, particularly after merkel’s decision to admit all and sundry – reports of refugee shelters being burned out from north to south

    1. This world makes me sad..,very sad..
      On 2015 around 750.000 refugees crossed the borders from Italy and Greece the 550.000 to greece and they keep arriving 3-4000 per day.with wet clothes and many time their children drawned😔 We are poor but we all try to help by sending clothes and food. Everybody should help by sending packages so it would be easier for them to stay to Greece! They also need tents and blankets and the volunteers can’t have everything.
      Please all of you find a way to help so we help then. Greeks are not afraid of terrorism the only problem is that there are not jobs but they are Wellcome to stay.i can’t see the babies to sleep in the cold and in the mud..what humanity are we😢???
      And it is sure we will not put walls up as many countries do now!

      1. Yes, Popi. They are not forgotten by mother Mary as she loves all her children especially the suffering ones and they will be blessed more. It is our duties to help them in any way we can. I’d welcome them to America and find them shelters and safety from dangerous. Being fear is not the option for Jesus as we lose faith in sight. Helping and risking ourselves, we are blessed more. I’d welcome them to sleep in tents in my yards when there’s no room inside home. Give for hungers and clothes to keep them dry. Keep praying for them everyday and they are protected by Archangel Michael. Soon, very soon we all will be awake when Christ has come again to reign the earth. It will become new earth and new heaven He will reign forever. Good news is yet to come. It shall be done. In Jesus Name. Amen.

      2. Popi try and find a link to a charity in Greece that helps the refugees. Maybe I can publicize it more. So so true. We have fallen away from our principles of ‘treating others as we would want to be treated’ and replaced it with a fever of fear.

      3. Robert Kennedy said : “When you teach a man to hate and fear his brother, when you teach that he is a lesser man because of his color or his beliefs or the policies he pursues, when you teach that those who differ from you threaten your freedom or your job or your family, then you also learn to confront others not as fellow citizens but as enemies….We must admit the vanity of our false distinctions among men and learn to find our own advancement in the search for the advancement of all. We must admit in ourselves that our own children’s future cannot be built on the misfortunes of others. We must recognize that this short life can neither be ennobled nor enriched by hatred or revenge….”

      4. Go to the churches and give the priests a good kick in the ass. All they have to do is raise their hands and people will donate clothes,food,medicine,baby food by themselves worldwide. Need locations address’s. make a utube video. If i was a priest this would have been done first week. Its amazing when you ask for help how people respond.

      5. Try Internation Rescue Committee for one. They are international and doing a lot to help in Greece with the refugees. Peace.

      6. Eric, the IOCC is a very well respected international charity organization. I have worked with them on numerous occasions. Here is how they are currently assisting refugees in Greece.
        ” International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), and its partner, Apostoli, the humanitarian arm of the Church of Greece, are responding to the most urgent needs of vulnerable refugees with food assistance and helping ease some of the strain on Greece’s refugee relief efforts. IOCC is providing up to 1,000 hot meals and water daily to refugees landing on the small Greek island of Chios, and up to 1,000 meals and water daily for refugees on the island of Samos. All food sourced by IOCC for the refugees is being prepared by local restaurants to help support the local economy on these small islands.

        The influx of Syrian refugees arriving at Chios island’s outdated immigration reception center also have access to shower and sanitation facilities upgraded by IOCC so that they can take care of their personal hygiene in privacy. In addition, IOCC has distributed sleeping mats, sleeping bags, personal hygiene kits, infant supplies, and school kits to refugees and school-aged refugee children arriving at the center.”

      7. The sad thing is Greece are going to be fined by the EU for not fingerprinting all the people who flooded into the islands and mainland Greece. To punish the Greeks who have a financial crisis for something that was escalated by Merkel beggars belief. Yet Turkey who allowed the exodus of the Syrians on a massive scale, by turning a blind eye to the trafficking on their shores are given 3 billion euros. Greeks are doing what they can but have received no help whatsoever from the EU. Until people stop making money out of others misery this will go on and on.

      8. Thank you Eric, well said. Blessing to you all!

        “Be not afraid for I am with you” stated by Jesus Christ.

    2. So much love here, and, no doubt the war is on now – except that it is actually a war for your minds and hearts !!

      I found it no small synchronicity that I came across this video before coming here:

      Kindness is Rebellious and Revolutionary

      This man is inspiring in his speech, and even if you haven’t time for the full half hour, do give it ten minutes, and you will be further moved on behalf of our humanity.

      –A comment from below the video–
      “The system of neo-liberal capitalism however encourages exploitation above co-operation, and society’s laws and ideals are gradually changing to reflect this. When people are arrested for feeding the homeless you know something has gone drastically wrong.

      So many people unfortunately misinterpret Darwin to support their abjuration of kindness, thinking “survival of the fittest” somehow equates to “every man for himself”, when in fact Darwin was a big believer in compassion, empathy and even self-sacrifice as he recognized that these social and emotional traits are a big part of what makes us so “fit” for survival as a species.”

  3. I agree with others on this site. Civil unrest for Europe and directed toward Islam / refugees. it also looks like a lone wolf situation in Louisiana – hard to pinpoint these.

  4. Suicide bombers just blew up a mosque in the middle east killing 14 worshipers. We should expect to hear about Louisiana next.

  5. Please find out more about the Louisiana prediction. I am a student at LSU and this is kind of concerning :-/

  6. Hello

    I will share here the links from FB from solidarity movements in Greece created by simple people .
    Their email:
    ( they are asking everyday for clothes,food,blankets,tents and baby products)

    And here another one
    And on the page on the “about” area there is a button for email

    We need to create a movement and to let people know how they can help

    Thank you Eric thank you all
    Lets make the world better piece by piece

    God bless you all ❤️

    1. Pat45 a small comment to your comment above: the new thing is that EE asks now from Greece to pay our share to Turkey! 16 euros for every refugee 😗 Every day!! When we have greek children who faint from hunger in schools! Plus thousands of regugees with babies to feed.
      They are trafficking people for about 2000 dolars per person to cross the sea and come to Greece or die in the waters and now we have to pay them!

      Do you know that the last days they all closed their frontiers? We had to take all these people from our frontier by buses back to Athens!
      There is not any EE who wants to help only individuals.

      Anyway when you abuse people become potential terrorists😔
      I am sorry to say all this but this is News that you will never hear from the channels.

      Wellcome to EE (who will fall apart)after drinking everyones blood

      Here is another link for support to the doctors without frontieres–2#/

      1. Popi, I will share those links on my facebook page and ask people to donate, as I will. I have had many wonderful holidays in Greece and the many islands, there is none to rival Greek hospitality and kindness, don’t lose heart, we will get through this, it may take time but it will happen. There are more good people who want to help than bad people in this world. The good people do good things quietly, while the bad ones shout very loudly and create hate and discord. Prayers to Greece and its people, you are an inspiration. Bless you.

    1. Correction 150 phones purchased in 2 differant locals around 46 propane tanks stolen .. Also from differant locals.

      1. Caseyatthebat
        Are you saying Georgia? Not Louisiana?. Which is not that far…
        The strange thing. It was also mentioned of similar activity in Ohio.

  7. The iocc should be in the newspapers,tv,media to give shipping details etc.. donate money link specifically for this problem. Usa people can send clothes etc with support from government and church s working together. No communication.thats the problem.someone here should make contact. Then inform mediA and magic will happen

    1. Hey Star48!
      Yes, these men went missing from a training base in Georgia, which isn’t far from MO, were the multiple CP and propane tanks were bought, and both states are not too far from Louisana…. It’s really just too many things happening, that the Feds are reportedly watching/tracking combined with various predictions of an attack (psychic and otherwise). Also, it was mentioned that the BIL, was talking ( were he worked) about sleeper cells already here, just waiting for a signal. For me, I will avoid crowds and keeping praying, especially to St Michael the Archangel to watch over us and protect us.

      1. Caseyatthebat,
        I am right with you too many ” coincidences”

        Do you have st Michael prayer for protection? I do if you do not..let me know and I will put in on a comment.. Must have it to share amongst us warriors…

      2. This the prayer I have, Star48:
        St. Michael the Archangel,
        defend us in battle.
        Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
        May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
        and do thou,
        O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
        by the power of God,
        thrust into hell Satan,
        and all the evil spirits,
        who prowl about the world
        seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

          1. Correction… Should read.
            There are other prayers that are in differant sources for protection of house etc..

    1. PRAYING for all good Muslims to be protected. People simply don’t understand that NOT ALL Muslims are bad people. There are 2 different kinds of Muslims, the good and the bad. Do not harm good Muslims. They are not member of ISIS. It’s not the good Muslims fault for the evil ones doing. The good Muslims are fear for their lives because simply of who and what they are. It makes me so mad when people are in FEAR….it’s stupid. We are living in wars all the time around the world and yet people are afraid. We sacrificed our soldiers to protect our country out of fears. Poor soldiers and they too were in fears and had no choice. It’s ridiculous….just because all of this in FEAR.

      Anyone who want to make comment trying to make the point won’t do good. Fear is fear. Simple. It’s pathetic and very sad.

  8. Eric,
    Australia,,,5 th religious bldg set afire…Mosque…however authorities not sure if the arsonist mistook it fir a Christian church.,
    See.Police say mosque fire in Geelong, Australia, is suspicious – 9NEWS

  9. Maybe the silver coin is a sign that Crist (a Jew) is returning to earth. Judas betrayed him for 30 silver coins….

  10. swastika on the coin. “Its coming back”:

    “FBI Busts Members of Neo-Nazi Group ‘The Base’ Days Before Richmond Gun Rally”

    “The suspects had discussed traveling to Richmond, Virginia, for a Jan. 20 rally in front of the state Capitol to protest new gun control legislation, The New York Times reported. The rally has become a flashpoint for the fringe right, prompting Gov. Ralph Northam to declare a four-day state of emergency and ban guns from the Capitol complex.”

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