World Prediction: Ships Under Attack

World Predictions: Protect the Ships

Posted 11-17-23: I know I have used this coin before, but hate has risen to be the nightmare it use to be, in all of its vile antisemitic forms and again Spirit points to a direction towards ships on fire. Afterwards we expect hijacking of airplanes, and terrorism in the sky. Oh how I wish I found the ultimate solution for crushing the nightmares I see.
PREDICTIONS ON 12-9-15 I had a visual of a silver coin drop to the ground, as it fell I looked down to see a swastika on the coin. “Its coming back” “The Mosques will be destroyed one after another.. soon” I again had a visual of a ship burning. But this time it has a fire or explosion by the lower bow. It looked like a bomb went off.
Predictions on 11-16-15 I had a visual of a military ship on fire. Oddly the fire looked more like the red and yellow burn one sees as a fire is burning out.
Prediction 51: Israel, Peace is Dead Posted 2012. The destructive impact of multiple bombs unfold. Bellows of smoke and destruction. Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu no longer holds on to peace. Peace is dead. Notes from the other side: “Netanyahu” “Peace is dead” A visual of two different explosions and a massive bellow of smoke.
Predictions 12-22-17 In; 6,5,4,3,2,1, now. Hundreds of people. Violence on a epic scale.The two different factions violently treating each other, their going to war. Bombing.. so many bombs. The implication was Israel.
Notes on 8-3-14 “Hamas.. violates homeland security.. Israel.. war now switching to the spiders of terrorism and their wicked acts.. a family violation.. and kidnaps.. cutting spraying.. death.. both sides now pouring blood all over their hands.. so sinister, while Palestine people did not know.” — Spirits Voice

Eric— Prayers please for all the hostages in this nightmare. The Houthi rebels hijacked a ship they believed was Israeli, starting this prediction. What is coming next? Hezbollah will now enter the fray covertly. Expect ships to be a continued target.

Now if you don’t mind, I would like you to go back to the home page. You will see two boxes, One is the prediction saying “Protect the Ships” the next is “Ships under Attack.” Two boxes side by side. This goes to the heart of the design of what you helped pay for with your wonderful donations. To show you a prediction that is coming next followed by that event happening. The next major event is in the UK and we are racing the timeline. We aim to continue to predict what is next over and over again, always riding the next wave of time.


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  1. Paul Avatar

    There was a UK based ship with Japanese crew hijacked by Iranian militants today in the Red Sea. They claimed it was for Gaza and there was Israeli crew on board. There was not. . They still have the ship and the crew hostage. Could this be part of the prediction?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      The prediction has started with this event. But when I saw it, it looked like smoke was bellowing, fire, and an explosion. That part has yet to come, but almost everything else has.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes Paul. Several ships will be targets of terrorism, then they switch to airplanes.

  2.  Avatar

    Somewhat puzzled why there should be protection for mosques financed by Saudis and others which long has been the way to conquer Europe by the wayside. Mass migration is the plague of our generation and is the cause of the current tensions in Europe between Arabs and Israelis. There is a reason why people are born and live in certain lands peacefully. If they feel threatened by the- attack on their way of life, they will rebel. Hence, mosques must be destroyed, for terrorism comes predominantly from non-European origin and it is in mosques that they preach what is fundamentalist beliefs leading up to the horrible events predicted. Swastika on the other hand is a powerful native symbol that was misused. Yet, what is the way to purify the Earth from all of this robotic mindset that is being promoted as the new normal? All kinds of natural disasters on the other hand teach people things they do not want to learn – respect the Earth and love it. And by love it is meant also – not to pollute it.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      You want to destroy a house of God? The God of Abraham?

    2. Sara Avatar

      There needs to be protection for mosques because the Hamas-Israel war has stirred up an increase in threats against the Muslim community (remember that 6-year-old boy who was stabbed by his neighbor, and his mom was injured?). Actually, threats have escalated against both the Muslim community and the Jewish community, so it makes sense for both to have better protection.

      Violent jihadist is a threat, I agree, but not all Muslims preach violence, and it’s wrong to destroy the good mosques alongside the bad ones. One freedom here in America is freedom of worship. I condemn extremist violence coming from jihadists, but I also condemn extremist rhetoric from other religions. But not all mosques should be destroyed because of radicals, that’d be like trying to destroy all churches because of the minority Christian extremists.

      1. Sara Avatar

        Er, that should read “Violent jihadists *are* a threat.”

    3. Sara Avatar

      I don’t think hate crimes against places of worship are the correct solutions to extremist ideology. I will concur though that one can’t understand the global system underpinning Islamic extremism without surveying the pivotal role played by the Saudi govt as well as private orgs and individuals within the kingdom in sponsoring the global export of Wahhabism to almost 100 countries.

      In recent decades, the Saudis have spent up to an estimated $100 billion spreading Wahhabism and perpetuating the notion that they are Islam’s caretaker. Their methods to persuade and influence run the gamut and include the funding of mosques, schools, textbooks, imams, imam learning centers and exchanges, cultural institutions around the world.

      Saudis don’t simply want their extreme form of religious practice and belief to prevail. Religious forces in the kingdom, backed by the ruling family, want to destroy other, local traditions within Islam. To that end, they are rewriting history, erasing evidence of the past to favor their own narrative—a move that ideologically aligned extremists in many parts of the world have since copied.

  3.  Avatar

    “Expect ships to be a continued target”. Yip. The houthi spokesman has said they will continue unless Israel stops what its doing and Israel has made it clear they won’t stop. So escalation is the trajectory. The question now is, how long before America gets directly involved? And what will that look like?

    Our government has finally called for a ceasefire. I’m waiting (wishing?) for sanctions. And hoping that those who applied them against Russia will do the same. Innocent people are being deliberately targeted, it’s not OK.

  4. Pete Medium Avatar

    To give a much broader view to the events, not just occurring now but are also coming to us over the next two thousand years or so, and in particular to the comment above from Anonymous, we are in the Cusp of two clashing Ages, the dying Age of Pisces and the birthing Age of Aquarius.

    The Pisces age we are leaving was the Abrahamic Age where the Judeo/ Christian Arabic duality dominated the world, one way or another. The Pisces Age was very much like the ocean where protection was found in ‘them and us’ schools, like fish in the sea forming to defend against predators.

    This new Age, which will start to intensify over the next fifty or so years, will see all areas relating to the clashes now, will intensify.
    Fighting of communities against communities, intense discussion to the point of violence and the gradual separation of ‘loyalties’ of nations are part of this process as ‘individuality’ overpowers the ‘collective’.

    As my Spirit Friends have been saying now for many years, don’t get caught up in the ‘Them – us’ clashes because no one will win. Instead, as both Eric and myself have been saying, turn inwards to the Power of Peace, as you understand that Peace, and in the words of Jesus declare in meditation “not our will, but the Creator’s Will be done.”

    And as an addendum, maybe add ‘Forgive them Father for they don’t know what the hell they are doing’ *chuckle*

  5. Itk Avatar

    Pete, I’m looking forward to your next blog; your blogs have given me insights, among other things, into the root causes of the Middle East conflict; I had never thought about it from that perspective.

    1. Pete Medium Avatar

      Thank you Itk. I hope to have another Blog out this coming weekend and hopefully back to a more regular series of Blogs for next Year. Not sure yet if they will be weekly or fortnightly as yet.
      With the new planetary changes coming from early next year, there will be exposures of that which has been hidden up till now, not only on the Middle East and the continuing Russian Ukraine wars, but also with many countries who have been deliberately manipulating their status to incite wars.
      To repeat the famous saying of Bill Clinton: “It’s the economy stupid,” the world is in a critical state financially, but no one is telling us. Pete

  6.  Avatar

    Major violence has erupted in Dublin today , an Algerian national has stabbed multiple school children. This has caused riots in the streets against police and the imergration centre has been set on fire.

    You said uk would be next major incident is this it ? Although Republic of Ireland isn’t strictly UK

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, it happened. The post will come out today. The “Dublin Monster” Prediction.

      1.  Avatar

        Thanks Eric.

        What is next ? You seem to have these nailed on now with timing .

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Unfortunately we are waiting for Hezbollah to enter the war. But we are about to ask again “what is next”

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