Predictions 4-21-16

I had a visual of ship with smoke coming out of the doors as if a bomb went off. Then it switched to show another bomb go off.

“Protect America, ships and ports will be targeted, right here right now.”

Where exactly? Spirit pointed down to the ground saying ‘Here’

Then I had a visual of California.

‘In 2’

I live in San Diego California and the implication was that this was happening in my own back yard. Any time Spirit says ‘now’ it implies in a matter of days not weeks. Are they saying in 2 days? Sometime around Sunday or Monday?

I had a visual of a black cow, sickly looking standing on a desolate land field.

I had a visual of poison seeping into the cow.

I had a visual of Flint Michigan, the leaders were switching the water source over to the cheaper water.

I had a visual of the center of the US circled.

My guess is the Spirits are talking about a food poison in regards to meat or a cow related product, or the cows themselves become sickly. The other implication is that this a product of taking a cheaper way out, poor decisions, just like Flint’s leaders.

I had a visual of one massive mud slide, with huge damage behind it.

Spirit implied Japan, but it was not verified, they also implied something that would happen in the month of April.

I had a visual of a large building, perhaps skyscraper, there was a large fire and smoke burning from the windows.

I had a visual  of one very large Hurricane.

“Florida will be hit with Hurricanes this year.”


102 thoughts on “Predictions 4-21-16

    1. Very interesting read jules it seems to me if it’s going to be anywhere it will be here. Let’s hope it’s foiled

    2. hi jules
      USS peleliu stationed in san diego
      I am not near my computer so can
      u maybe help me. I know that the
      V is supposed to represent time
      but would u help me out and check
      on this boat? and let me know what
      u think. Take a look at the ship coat
      of arms and the ships hull #
      I dont know why i remember this crest but i do
      Everything i try to go away from keeps
      bringing me back to the same place
      May be something. May be nothing
      Thanxxxx mari

        1. Eric, I was thinking…the Roman numerical 5… Can be a flag or sign of an older Big prediction?
          Or a dramatic one of a kind event….
          They seem to like references.. E.g. Dinosaur — clay plates, Brick.,
          This reference to the Roman 5.—they could have used V ….but they did not.,
          So —
          Roman ( old) because it is not the usual way of their expression.. Something, not usual,
          something to take notice of,….something monumental? The Romans liked things big, dramatic,
          Grandiose…spectacular …what do you think?

      1. Mari that symbol is interesting. The ship looks like it was decommissioned last March 2015, and then towed to sit in the inactive area until needed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I do see what you mean though with the whole Roman numeral insignia and the big 5, and home port was San Diego. It was also once in Subic Bay helping evacuate Americans during the volcanic eruption there. I’m hoping its foiled somehow whatever it is anyway. Here are some links.

  1. Eric, there was a 25th Anniversary in NY for the Blessing of the Fleets on 16 April. On 25 May 2016 there is the Fleet Week with parade of vessels plus free ship tours open to the public in NY. I see San Diego doesn’t have their Fleet Week until September/October time frame. Do you know of any other special events now? Do they always have their ship tours? This old prediction reminded me of the “All around the anniversary -25-” prediction. Sort of like related, but on West Coast. It also has the number 2 in it.

    1. Hi jules
      Thanxxx for checking. I thought it was odd
      because there are a lot of different
      references that come into the same place and
      i havent seen or thought about that ship since fleet week
      1990. So why now?
      And volcano evacuation reference makes it even
      weirder. Maybe it is tying into another
      eruption? Its like something is there to be
      pulled out of this but i cant find it.
      if anyone has
      any ideas please let me know


  2. Eric/SWC sent message/info to FBI on ships/ports in US, specifically possible San Diego area. Hope they get it and pay attention.

  3. eric, can you ask the spirits, if we already entered a new energy field, that is now effecting everyone on earth and mostly the weather and the animal nature as well. is the hurricanes coming earlier than October? please keep us posted on how the videos are coming! great way to reach so many others………..

      1. thank you eric, please also ask about flooding effecting the area, where you live. please also ask everyone, to send prayers out, it seems we are entering a period, where soo many things are happening, that some people, might think, that it is the end of the world, but, please tell them, that it is not, but, natural changes taking place, some good, other really bad. but, love and hope, always win out, thank you so much, for all you do for others!

    1. Hi Rhona. I was trying to look that up also. I believe the USS Pennsylvania is a submarine. Home port is Bangor, Washington. Not sure where it is now. The other vessels I was looking up were USS George Washington (ship) and USS Louisiana (also submarine). (The two subs are same Ohio class ballistic missiles.) Though no real reason except I remember Spirit mentioning those names/state at one point and my looking for ships then to see if there could be a link. Though it may have been LA and not Louisiana. See where this is going…it’s like I’m trying to follow the bread crumbs sometimes, and doesn’t really mean anything. But thought I’d add just incase. I’ll keep searching for clues.

    2. Rhona Spirit also said Georgia. There is the USS Georgia submarine. Another Ohio class ballistic sub. Home port now Georgia, use to be Bangor, WA. Though it sounded like Spirits showed a ship, so may just be nothing. I wonder if there will be three attempted attacks around the same time.

    3. Could explosion be a volcanic eruption in
      the area? Maybe thats why the
      color reference was yellow orange like
      a fire going out? This is so
      frustrating. Aaaaahhh!!

  4. also i found alot of Penn locations in San Diego im sure you know of these Eric ..but no harm mentioning i guess…
    penn Hotel
    Penn Mutual Life
    Penn State Alumni world campas
    Penn Elementary
    Penn Field…

    1. Actually the fire came off as accidental, I don’t think they are related, however I do question whether they might have mixed it up, the skyscraper could be here and a terror attack elsewhere.

  5. Abracadabra, I ask the arch angels in California in the name of god to bring these dark beings to higher authorities. And so it is. And so it shall be. Have a good weekend.Enoch

  6. Be aware of this Eric – 500 pounds of explosives have been stolen from a train that was traveling from Chicago to Detroit, according to CBS News.

    The explosives were discovered missing when the train arrived at its destination with half of the explosives missing.

    ATF agents are investigating.

  7. sJules 104 i do see where its going my thoughts too….happy you picked up on it ….wonder if they are any exercises planned around then …im wonder ing if terror explosion or accident …..i guess it goes back to sending light and prayer to these areas to help foil the damage ..the light knows what is required …though Eric and spirit did say attack ..yes an accident is easier to accept thats my mind not wanting to believe an attack is possible …
    blessings Jules

      1. Star, thanks for the links.

        It’s good to know that the fireworks were found. It may not have to do anything with terrorism.

        Great job and blessings to you!

  8. SWC i have not dreamed for a ling time of natural disaster…
    Last night i was dreaming of being in the depths of the ocean at what can be described as a rift that met with a ridge
    maybe a subduction zone
    the sense i got was off california coast …baja maybe and seeing it move it was amazing to see the water became churned and it was a thud …

    just thought i would share …it wad to create a big wave nit sure if tsunami but definately st Calufornia or Mexico….

        1. Jules104,
          off topic
          funny I have had that same issue show up periodically these past few weeks. I does not happen enough to aggravate me…just enough to concern me…
          On topic…
          I think this shows that Rhona has a true gift..specifically positioning on the Cocos plate…

          So I think we have to be ready for the Japanese slide..ugh..
          Did I miss a comment you directed to me? If so please tell me.. Still catching up…
          Blessings…glad to be back to assist..SWC../Eric, spirit.

  9. Eric SWC i know its hard to believe but Japan came through on my radio again sukiyaki played again…it hasnt been wrong yet so it verifies to me Japan in next day or so …i also dreamed of komonos covered in mud ..again confirming your prediction ……odd though it seemed like a lush area of north island with lively green gardens and vegetation….
    thanks for reading bledsings

      1. Eric, …apologies …banner on comment..At least 27 killed and 10 missing after torrential rains cause huge landslide in the Asaminami … Tuesday 26 April 2016….mistake..

  10. Star 48 sometimes being right has no joy
    i bid them.farewell in their language as a markof respect .
    Sayonara Chan Kanji ( Goodbye dear souls ) so vexing for me ..prayers for families and healing for their hearts
    thanks Star for link …it was off on lication ..southwest not north ..farmland

    1. Rhona,
      I think you are turned around…the location is north of Earthquake zone…quite a distance.,past Yamaguchi…half way distance to Okayama …

  11. Star 48 Jules Thanks for catching the cocos plate earthquake even though it may be a precurser though in the dream i was directing a lessening energy there but it was a dream and my guides took me there for some reason…….

  12. Star 48 your right i am tuned around ..north quite correct thanks for pointing out …i must have had a pole shift hey Jules haha…
    Star not sure if you caught the conversation on magnetic pole shifts and some of us picking up energies and migrains like Mary..We talked how our own magnetic fields might suffer pole shifts …so Jules said she might try that one on her kids …a bit of humor

  13. Star 48 what am i thinking if coarse you did catch the conversation in magnetics with interactive comments ….so sorry..blame it on the meds lol…i have 4 months if excuses up my sleeve until m off them lol…
    blessings spirit brother

    1. Rhona,
      I am the one not ready for primetime..
      I must be more tired mentally/physically than I thought..
      .made a novice mistake today in a post to Eric..
      –actually about Japanese landslide…( just a little out of date, @2014)
      Seriously, I told the universe..What? Oh well, will be more “Aware, and rested.”
      I guess I am too “mature” to do the 30 plus hour drive in a four day period..
      I am adjusting.,
      By the way, found this article about volcanos/ earthquake triggers…
      Don’t ask me where I found it right now..forgot to make a note.,

      My “maturity “is catching up..( LOL). Blessings to you and to Jules104 and all the SWC …


      1. Ha, both of you two are still doing better and making more sense than I do, and I’m not even on meds or driving long trips! Though I feel the need for meds sometimes. lol. 🙃🙂. So if this is your “bad” I’m starting to wonder about myself. Heehee. Oh I am just feeling the need for a laugh right now you two. Cracking myself up just thinking on it all. Thanks for the article Star48. Looks interesting. Blessings to You Both SWC

  14. Star 48 now its me that confused Hiroshima happened right and Asaminami is the 2014 one…i ought to cross ref but im asking instead .. hope your topping up your disipating energies Star and plugging in to recharge after eminating all that careing heart you pour out …sending vibrantcy to your energy field put that cloak in and tell your cells to recallibrate to youthing ( iam youthing) innate will listen and dna will change ..your the boss the macro and micro remember ??
    blessings and fortitude to you….

  15. Jules 104 how about this for a laugh ?
    i have taken to colouring in those adult mandala type colouring in pattern books
    my 40+ something son came over and thought long and hard about the colours he would have chosen ..was abiut ti start one when he abruptly stopped and said
    nah i cant .because if someone asks what i did today i would have to say ” i went over and did some colouring in with my mummy ” then his 9 year old said ” your would probably go outside the lines an yway dad and wreck nans book..” hope it makes you chuckle if nothing else

    1. Oh yes very much so! lol. Kids are blessings that come with much needed laughs at times aren’t they? I think I need one of those books. I find myself wanting to color the kids dino books with them lately. Oh my! Thank You Rhona. Blessings

  16. Star 48 love the article in volcan – quakes wonder if they could occur visa- versa …you know when we have trapped gas it can lodge in shoulers , neck chest anf cause great pain earths circulatory system must suffer the same plight
    oh my im cracking myself up now Jules..
    seriously though she must react to all that rumbling of magma through her viens …yes i know a volcano is the belch but the quake from the moveing magma is the shudder …antacid anyone

  17. Star 48 wow awesome creation ….who would have even imagined leaves me in disbelief even though i know its true what a system …
    here is a what the …moment i have the snake river as one of my screeneaver options since 2005 lol…why ? drawn to it .live the area though never been thete in this lifetime …

  18. Eric, update
    on tainted water in Colorado…
    Possible tampering…
    Water well that tested possible for THC in Hugo, Colo., shows signs of possible tampering, police say – Denver Post

    1. Thanks for the info Casey Latout. That’s interesting and every little bit helps. You just never know when something is going to click together right?

  19. Eric, SWC,
    TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — More than 200 million gallons of contaminated waste water from a fertilizer plant in central Florida leaked into one of the state’s main underground sources of drinking water after a massive sinkhole opened up beneath a storage pond, a phosphate company said Friday.

    Mosaic, the world’s largest supplier of phosphate, said the hole opened up beneath a pile of waste material called a “gypsum stack.” The 215-million gallon storage pond sat atop the waste mineral pile. The company said the sinkhole is about 45 feet in diameter.

    The sinkhole, discovered by a worker on Aug. 27, is believed to reach down to the Floridan aquifer, the company said in a news release. Aquifers are vast, underground systems of porous rocks that hold water and allow water to move through the holes within the rock.

  20. Eric, SWC

    Been looking and looking for right thread..,Cattle,Pigs sickened dogs,etc..
    Jules104, thank you for finding the thread I was looking for..,


    “The plant toxin sickens livestock and can also make humans and pets ill.

    The appearance of vomitoxin and other toxins produced by fungi is affecting ethanol markets and prompting grain processors to seek alternative sources of feed supplies.”

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