Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing

I had a visual of the black flag of ISIS, then it switched to a massive dinosaur sized spider next to the flag. The spider spun it web, the web shot out into multiple directions around the world.

I had a visual of an explosion within an airplane.
I had a visual of a flight attendant walking around ending her journey in the front of the plane by the cockpit.
Spirit wrote: 67 or 77 (which implies around the 6th or 7th.)
Spirit wrote: 23.. 359 (I know they wrote 35 but unclear of the last number, I believe  it was 0 or 9. I am unclear what these numbers represent)
“International.. terror.. trapped” — Spirits Voice

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  1. Popi Avatar

    Maybe this will help you better dealing with the numbers

  2. anthony Avatar

    Watch many leaders resign this coming month. They would rather resign then confront the mess with there in action because of isis.bigger mess with isis leaving it seems. G8 plus china at risk . People should be exported to all muslim countries

  3. jules104 Avatar

    Eric could this post be related to these other posts about the dinosaur under posts on 2-15-15. You had actually said, “the 7th is marked something involving a plane”, on 10-14-14. Here is that link.
    Also, it came to mind that maybe the oranges from past prediction could have to do with this post and the spiders being sent out. And the earthquake with the tag saying “12”, around Christmas? Did that earthquake ever happen?
    Here is some more. It seems like some of these could be related. Could some of these old predictions pertain to any of the plane prediction?
    Also, I remember reading a while ago something that was posted about a bomb being planted inside of a drink/food cart on an airplane, something new the terrorist were going to do/invent. I don’t remember who posted it though. It may have been on the “National Dream Center” website. Anyway, when you said the attendant finishes her rounds and ends up by the cockpit with her food cart…it brought that to mind. Could the explosives be hidden inside of the food cart somewhere?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They mention the number 6 and 7 several times.

  4. rhona Avatar

    hi Jules 104 and Eric. A380 airbus usually man 20-25 some long hauls eg Emiates Dubi to Nz they man 34..
    Passenger numbers vary…anyways it appears these numbers may relate to crew and passenger numbers…
    bpessings and love and light….

  5. rhona Avatar

    hi also A350-900 airbus could be implied…Dragonair and Finnair come to mind….all prayers and light offered to travellers….

  6. pat45 Avatar

    Eric following on from Rhona’s post, thought this link might be of use to you it lists the airlines who operate this plane and when delivery is planned and what flight routes these are being used on. United airlines will not get their delivery until 2017. Vietnam has a route starting 30th September 2015 from Hanoi to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


  7. rhona Avatar

    Pat45 thank you so much for adding the link my url is playing up..ine of my sons had a dream several months ago about a plane yellow and black or blue he said mainly yellow..he never dreams.but when he does its usually precognitive…it exploded all lives lost….i researched it at the time but will have to have another look…blessings to you…

    1. Peter223 Avatar

      Hi Rhona,

      Lufthansa’s colours are yellow and blue.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Hi Peter223, I found “Icelandair” is yellow and blue also.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Rhona I found one that is yellow and black, mostly yellow. Spirit Airlines repaints planes.

  8. rhona Avatar

    peter223 hi…thanks..tomorrow morning i will ask him to recount the dream …he has an amazing recall for detail ..and i will let you know…

    1. Harvey Avatar

      Rhona, is your son very young? Just curious how old is the young boy with amazing gift he has.

      Blessings to him!

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Wow, So Thankful others were paying attention and this potentially horrible situation was stopped in time. It sounds like other students reported them to the Admin. Kudos for them!

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, that’s good news.

  9. rhona Avatar

    hi Jules yes i saw Spirit airlines too..i would ask him now …though i know him and his family will be sleeping.. but i can post his recollection your time 10-5-15 in 9 hours or so… must have been distressing for him as he was sitting in the plane even though he said he knew he was just a participating observer and it switched to him seeing the plane come down from the viewpoint of being on the ground…with all my heart i wish this was not going to happen….thanks for adding the link….love and blessings right to you Jules…

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Rhona, I totally understand about not waking him and his family LOL. That would be horrible feeling as though he were actually on the airplane that was going down, and seeing it coming down. I wish we could figure out those numbers Spirit wrote down. There are so many things it could be. A flight number, a zip code, a price, a seat number, etc. Do you think because Spirit said International, that it could be an International Flight? Sort of frustrating, but maybe someone else knows better than we do what it means. I hope so. This is the last thing I want to see happen again. Praying that this can be foiled. Blessings Rhona

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I am trying to get a location so that we have a better understanding of it.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          Great! Thanks Eric and Spirits 🙂

  10. rhona Avatar

    Jules104..oh i know what your saying is so true..the numbers i cant get passed it. The 350-9 airbus Vietnamese is blue and yellow … does.imply an international flight it seems…or could it mean inter-national terror,just a thought, as north/south Korea ….
    lol yeah Jules ring ring …tell me about your dream son …i wish i could….

    1. jules104 Avatar

      Oh I see what you mean about the Vietnamese planes. I was thinking the same thing…either inter-national terror, or an international flight…or both. There are a couple of posts that point out the front of an airplane. For some reason I feel like the post on 7-3-15, about the man and woman holding hands with an evil look, is going to happen soon.

  11. rhona Avatar

    hi everyone …the plane my son dreamed of was mainly yellow with some white and a touch of red …it was flying over a hilly area with alot of bush …he related it to an area here with kings in the name flew its final moments in an unbelievable zig zag that no plane would fly…he said even though it was here it was not it was another part if the world..the yellow and black was another incident he does not recall…bless his heart it is still clear in his recall…

    1. Harvey Avatar

      Rhona, ask if he sees the woman and man holding hands with an evil look inside the plane? Ask if he sees people inside the plane? How did they dressed? Sounds like he has a remarkable gift!

      1. Harvey Avatar

        How long did he have that dream? Is it still repeating in his dreams? Write it down on the journal.


      2. Harvey Avatar

        Please forgive me for asking so many questions. I wonder where does he sees the yellow and red on the white plane? Is the yellow on the tail, top or bottom of the plane? Where is the red shows on the plane? It helps to identify which possibility of the airplane.

      1. Harvey Avatar

        Peter 223, that’s a good one also. Which plane corporate is from? Hope to hear from the young boy replies to see which plane in yellow. This one has red mark and looks like a symbol on the tail.

    2. jules104 Avatar

      Hi Rhona, thought this was odd…the Southwest Airlines Plane with/out of “New Mexico” is mostly yellow with red and I think white wings? Not their usual colors which I am aware of but… Southwest Airlines had “technology problems” yesterday. Could they be linked? Here are some links.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        I saw that thank you.

  12. Harvey Avatar

    Eric, I recalled your older posts that something happened in Paris, US, LONDON, etc. To name several locations around the same time attack occurred. Is this related to planes attack in several locations around the same time? Let me see if I can find that post. Can anyone help?

    1. Harvey Avatar

      Never mind…I didn’t find anything related to planes attack in several locations at about the same time. It’s all related with bombing and shooting possible by ISIS.

      Don’t give up….keep looking for a clue.

  13. rhona Avatar

    hi Harvey….its ok to ask all these questions….the plane was all yellow wth some white and a touch.of red in the fugilage maybe the tail too.. he was aware of others but his focus was on keeping his 8 year old sin safe who is often in dream with him…these dreams of humanity come to him occassionally though he doesnt clasify himself with any special gift i.beg to differ and allow him his choice and path …he is an old soul with a wealth of experience ..

  14. rhona Avatar

    Harvey …sorry the time frame…he had the dream 5-6 months ago …the most interesting point to him was the location…Kings Park with a hill and bush land on a hill…it also is know for its war memorial.and views over the city…now he was adament it was not the true location just his.minds way of intrrpreting the kings and war memorial part maybe…sorry if this has confused things more ….blessings and if i get any more clarity i will let you know…

    1. Harvey Avatar

      Thanks, Rhona. Hopefully, your son will discover his gifts to use. Sounds like he got something to help his world. As a young child, he will need a mentor for guidance. Also it will help him know more about himself with the special gifts.

      As for the “kings park” and the bushes on top of the hills. Sounds like France or England/Scotland. It could be anything as a symbol.

      There is only one plane that is entirely yellow with white large printed in “Spirit”. I’m not seeing any red on the yellow plane. Is that the international plane?

      Thanks for your help. Anyone can make the difference to save a life.


  15. rhona Avatar

    Harvey it is true he has a gift and believe me i come from a long line if seers….most just go about thete business and accept that we are intuituve…all our 4 children in varying degrees share un sight..but i have guided them to see any outcomes as pisitive and if it doesnt work that way it was for reasons unknown to us or a higher good…it is so much a part of our lives we just think it normal…
    your right though the son i mention chooses not to develop this gift but im sure his energy and compassionate heart and sole works on another level doing what it does..sometimes just walking this life and being here is doing gods work…..He is 40 years old and his mentor is his choices of being just being…i love your comments and enjoy your imput Harvey…walk and live in safety and joy always….

    1. Harvey Avatar

      Thanks rhona, as long as he feels good about himself with the special gifts. The rare gifts does not make anyone any less. I have few friends that posses the rare gifts and they don’t share it with others that freaked them out. And it happened like your son that sometimes it doesn’t happen in their times and other time it happened for a reason.

      All Blessings to you!

  16. rhona Avatar

    peter223 thank you for looking i will ask him to take a look at the photos ..or ask him to look for it himself ….it will have to be in the morning again…great research i did spot a couple too…mind you this dream if his maybe a totally different incident to.the one we are chasing ….maybe it is passed and foiled …or to come… blessings to you and yours keep safe….

    1. Peter223 Avatar

      Thank you Rhona.
      Many blessings to you and you’re loved-ones also.

  17. Peter223 Avatar


    About the spider: does this mean that ISIS is about to export their evil ways?
    And is this connected to the refugees coming into Europe right now?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I did not mention the refugees? how does the two connect? The reach/web is more about their plans to attack outside of the middle east, but as of now its just ‘plans’ or intent.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I did actually ask about the refugees, they simply mentioned that it would cause civil disorder, but one could see that coming. They did say at a later date the situation would make Europe more informed over the knowledge and understanding of the middle east.

      1. Peter223 Avatar

        Hi Eric,

        The civil disorder is already starting here in Holland. That is because the government is not capable of finding enough places were they can we looked after. So they are forcing towns to accept them. Last night that happened in a small community of 140 souls, were 1400 refugees were send. Roadblocks and massive protest by the entire town. The number of refugees is too much to handle at this point. In Germany it seems to be even worse. It is not that we don’t want to help, it is just not manageable anymore. People are getting worried and afraid.

        That’s why I asked about the relation between ISIS and the flow of refugees. It would be very easy for them now to take disadvantage of the situation and send some fighters along.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Not picking that up with the refugees, I am sure its possible. If I hear anything I will post it.

  18. rhona Avatar

    hi Peter223 and site family …my son looked at the pane peter and said it is Very close to the one in the dream…now he is a very pedantic no.nonsense man if 40 and if there was even a hint if no he would say so…fir him to agree on how close is something in itself…So guys i dont know where this leaves us….
    I now.must add.i did last two weeks have a drop in i went to.sleep of.a plane.with its nose missing was in the ground and the nose.was facing me front.on at.a distance i could not.c the body or wings so could not identify….thats why i didnt mention it…maybe all this is not related i dont know visualising light and love to anyway…blessings all.

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  20. star48 Avatar

    Eric, Collegues , Wave of terror. In Israel .., part of web shooting all over the world?
    Woman stabbing a person on street.. Is included..

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes it looks like the tinderbox has ignited. Very upsetting.

    2. Harvey Avatar

      It looks like the panic attacked with fears and anger associated with mixed messages via social networks as what’s going on in Israel. I hope it’s not true and our prayers goes out to them for peace.

  21. star48 Avatar

    Eric, , more stabbings in Israel….continuing…

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  25. […] Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing I had a visual of the black flag of ISIS, then it switched to a massive dinosaur sized spider next to the flag. The spider spun its web, the web shot out into multiple directions around the world. […]

  26. […] Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing  I had a visual of the black flag of ISIS, then it switched to a massive dinosaur sized spider next to the flag. The spider spun it web, the web shot out into multiple directions around the world. […]

  27. […] Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing   I had a visual of the black flag of ISIS, then it switched to a massive dinosaur sized spider next to the flag. The spider spun it web, the web shot out into multiple directions around the world. […]

  28. […] Notes on 10-3-15 Airplane Bombing I had a visual of the black flag of ISIS, then it switched to a massive dinosaur sized spider next to the flag. The spider spun its web, the web shot out into multiple directions around the world. […]

  29. star48 Avatar

    Eríc, SWC. After investigation Egypt Air mechanic planted bomb- October, 2015
    New Article showing Russian plane bombing done by Airplane mechanic, 2 policemen


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar


    1. jules104 Avatar

      I saw that also Star48. I was wondering how that would have happened though. It seemed like it would have been from the inside out but right where the person was sitting almost. So do you think it could have been the person who was sucked out possibly had the explosive on themselves? Thinking it would take down the entire plane? Either way I am glad they were able to land and there were no other deaths involved, (though I feel for the departed ones family/friends.) That’s a blessing.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Jules 104, the pilot comment…
        “In a telephone interview, the Serbian pilot of the plane said he and others had been told that the explosion that created a hole in the passenger cabin was caused by a bomb. “It was my first bomb; I hope it will be the last,” Vladimir Vodopivec, 64, said.”
        Says a lot about the pilot..great save all those people..
        I think the man that got sucked out could be the culprit..if not ..2 others were hurt.

        1. jules104 Avatar

          I agree great job on the pilots part. I hope the two injured will recover quickly. And I suppose time will tell on who was responsible.

  30. star48 Avatar

    Eric, is this unfolding?
    Hijacked—-Trapped on a plane.. 55plus 5 crew – @60 ?

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