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Vox reported on 8-24: “The Bay Area just got hit with its largest earthquake in 25 years. At 3:20 a.m. Pacific time on Sunday, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 hit the San Francisco Bay Area.The USGS reports that it occurred 6.7 miles below the surface, with an epicenter just south of Napa and about 30 miles northeast of San Francisco. This is the strongest earthquake felt by the region in 25 years, since the 1989 Loma Prieta quake, which had a magnitude of 6.9.” Quoted by:

Is this the earthquake they have been talking about? Not in March but it did happen around 3 AM and it is the biggest in 25 years. Here is the prediction:

Notes on 3-2-14 California Earthquake
Spirits response to where the earthquake will be:
Earthquake.. California.. more central located.. very wide.. very distant in size.. 4 with a circle around it.. 3 to 4.. 3.8.. 3.9.. last night.. take caution California.. 6.8.
A reminder of several previous predictions:
Spirit has shown a large mass of land with a large crack in it, their point was to show a very wide incident. I have to assume we are talking about an earthquake. We will be asking for details tonight.
Notes on 2-23-14: They pointed to the book I write in, I opened it in the vision and on it was the number 3, they tapped it as if concerned.
Predictions for 2014:  The biggest earthquake of 2014.. in the west banks.. March.
Notes on 9-12-13 Earthquake in San Francisco update: “3 is your number, 3″  Also they presented a very clear indication that this was a North California earthquake. They want to squash the idea that this would in any way be the ‘big one’ ..its not. Its is a large and damaging earthquake, but its large in how far-reaching the earthquake will be. Again they implied this earthquake would be right after “A gathering of Americans” honestly that sounds like 9-11.
Eric’s Comments: Around the 4th? Or in 4 days? 3.9 could mean right before the 4th or around the 9th? Or at the end of March?  The location seems off from San Francisco, perhaps more southern than the original San Francisco area predicted, but wide reaching all the same. 6.8 could be their estimated size.
Now is the time to start sharing, use whatever social media outlet you can, even with the foggy date it is clear they are talking about an earthquake in California in the month of March. Now is the time to bring awareness, even if you’re not in the US, please remember there will be other natural disasters and tragedies in other parts of the world another day that we will need to predict, sharing this helps prepare for the next one. With the more awareness we bring comes a greater possibility of positive change.

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  1. My dream was specific to LA…6.0 is nothing compared to my dream. In my vivid dream I was looking for a specific room…107 If I remember correctly…I didn’t find the correct room, and I knew I was going to die…when I looked out the window the quake had started, but it was just one catastrophe after another due to the quake, and I remember watching the road rise up and break apart. People were running all over, and dying in debris. I knew we were going to die, and I just sat down with my daughter talking and laughing and waiting for the big part to hit. I remember thinking the water was also coming. hmmm… I think this quake in Napa is just the precursor.

    1. Mel, I’ve read through some of your blog and it appears everything you say and predicted never happened. From the asteroid to strike earth to ebola sleeper cells. You give specific dates and as with every date, it came and went with nothing happening. I will stick to Eric’s site. You even post about certain crop circles and find them to be from the heavens when I know for a fact were designed by University students from Oxford, Exeter and Bristol. The joy of being an ex-pat who gets news from his Alma Mater.

  2. between this and the glow underneath the sea off russia you would think things are really moving!
    so is the tsunami still pending for bc? nothing happened there :-s

        1. Hi Eric. I don’t think they have figured it out yet though there is a lot of different speculations. Some have said the area they saw this red glow under the ocean is in the exact area of the earths largest volcano, “Tamu Massif” 143 million years old and supposedly extinct. When I read the science article, it stated that when they found it on this Plataue, it had three large mounds on it. Which made me think of the three burners red hot. Anyway attached is a link for Tamu Massif Volcano. Prayers for California.

      1. Hi jules104! Thanks for the link. Just wondering, could that glow be radio-active material? Only thought this, because the location is near Japan, and so much radio-active material/water was released into the ocean after that earhquake/tsunami hit Japan.

        1. Hi Omarie. I don’t think they are quite sure what it is yet. Lots of speculation. Radio active waste from Fukishima…I sure hope not! Not sure what that would look like but it doesn’t sound pretty. I don’t actually think anyone’s thought of that one yet though so you never can tell. Some are saying its in the same spot as this 143 million year old extinct volcano, Tamu Massif. Earths largest. But who can say yet. Here’s a link to it. It’s pretty interesting either way. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it soon.

      2. hi everyone…thanks jules thats an amazing read…i also remembered reading in the responses they said it may have been missile they had to explode…eric and spirit mention on 8-20-14 missile going wrong way and the blogsuggested that as a possible…wow ….

        1. Hi Rhona. I read that also. Looked it up to see where the missile might have been blown up at. In this article the reporter was able to take a pic of the failed launch explosion, so I wouldn’t think it could be that since it was launched near Kodiak, Alaska. But it was hypersonic. I hope that someone can investigate it and say for sure what it was. Yeah really interesting. I can’t imagine being the pilot and seeing that in the middle of the ocean!

  3. thanks jules for posting article….how lively have things gotton? if not us humans then nature takes a bow…all to keep us on our toes , love and light to you and yours and all on our sights family….

  4. Thanks, jules104, for the link to Tamu Massif…WOW!, can you just imagine that thing erupting and rising. What a sight to behold that would be!

    1. Star48 that’s interesting. I remember reading something on this recently. The scientist were saying that because the oceans were warming it would cause this natural event that’s been happening for eons to destabilize. The methane gases would be released from the floor faster rather than over a slow period of time like they have always done. That will cause more acidification of the ocean waters and less oxygen. Also that the scientists who had calculated how long it would be before all of the climate changes lead to havoc on our planet, didn’t take this into account. Or whats happening in the permafrost in Siberia and Alaska with all the melting taking place, the gases will be released into our atmosphere at a faster rate. Probably part of the reason Erics Spirits are telling him that the climate change issues are going to happen sooner than people expect I’d guess.

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