Predictions 8-12-18

Unfortunately Philip will pass.

I again had a visual of one massive explosion, one massive fire. This time they implied it had a nuclear aspect. “The first of our messages coming soon.”

I had a visual of a man throwing a bomb device into the water.



47 thoughts on “Predictions 8-12-18

  1. Eric do you have any thoughts on where the water could be? Is it related to the old bridge prediction or where Spirit says “the frame is the target”? There are the “ships targeted” predictions also. Is the nuclear aspect and the massive fire related to the man throwing something in the water? Perhaps a nuclear submarine or ship targeted? I remember researching some old predictions with possible relations. Just trying to narrow it down a bit.

  2. Are the nuclear prediction and the bomb-thrown-on-water prediction of the same event, or two separate events? I’m a bit confused on that.

    If they are separate events, do you think the nuclear explosion will be an accident of some kind?

    I also wanted to mention, the Fukushima nuclear leak was caused by a tsunami, which damaged some of the critical equipment and led to overheating. Maybe something similar to this happens, The bomb-in-water visual sounds really strange.

      1. What about the nuclear explosion? Is it some kind of accident?

        With all the recent quakes and floods it seems like a natural disaster could cause a meltdown, like the tsunami did in Fukushima. That was my first guess when I read the prediction, anyway,

  3. Is the bomb being thrown into the water by someone who is discarding it because they’re plan was foiled or are they using it to bomb something in the water? And is it biological or just a typical bomb?

  4. Philip will pass? Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh?Are they talking about two different things here. The bombing and the death.I wouldn’t be surprised if HRH passed the man is a good age. I feel the Royals have kept very mum about the true state of his health in recent months. I had wondered if recent Royal wedding was moved up a tiny bit due to his failing health. He is known as the Iron Duke but nobody goes on forever, he hasn’t looked at all well recently, bruised, fragile, fatigued. As for bombing, hmm, a hand grenade, Semtex, TNT or worse being tossed at a nuclear submarine in dock? Just a thought. I sincerely hope not

      1. I seem to think there is a prediction from some time ago, regarding the Duke’s passing. I need to investigate further but it seems to ring all sorts of alarm bells. I also seem to remember other gifted ‘seers, psychics, gifted-folk” predicting a similar end to Philip, ie soon and suddenly. Let me research further.

  5. I had a dream a couple weeks ago, Eric. A voice said basically “London. Hospital. Just taking precautions, he will be released” It wasn’t specific as to who it was about but definitely the words London and hospital were said.

    1. I believe there are two different messages, one seems to be a horrible accident at a plant or nuclear power plant, the other is some kind of intentional act, a test? a very large explosion perhaps the Mcveigh, message? or war? I am hoping to ask for details on the message that has malice.

      1. Things are pretty tense worldwide–it seems so, anyway–and whatever the intentional act is, the more info we have about it the better we can prepare.

  6. Looks like the Omarosa tapes could be a continuation of the Trump tapped tapes prediction we saw with Cohen.

  7. Twice blessed
    Sorry should have checked to see if news already posted about car crashing into london barriers.

  8. Eric, a highway bridge in Genoa, Italy, has collapsed. Dozens feared dead. No specific numbers yet. I remember you had a prediction once about a bridge collapsing. Also, a car deliberately crashed into a barrier by Parliament, in London, injuring a lot of people. Nobody killed though, which is good.

    1. How stop Italy attacks so you know who gets more money..gain…so much imp decades..physic powers back health..people real allies out of some banded together took my used to be allies behind poisons…destroyed some special ones their imp..I also don’t think some 911 victim to sue..nor as all of some made gains various ways off us..certain others was to fought for some before greedy some yrs yrs screwed over.took took.knew how PR .was imp survival…

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