World Predictions: New York Attack

“New York Attack.. 1.. they use a vehicle as a weapon.” I had a visual of an individual dressed as a police officer or a security guard. I had a visual of 1:51 in red.

“Fire in the government building.. UK” People which I believe were firefighters were racing to save trapped people in the building.

“Mutiny… those under him begin to turn on him.. the President” I had a visual of the leader drawing a red line on a cement ground. Then I saw the leader continue to draw a red line creating a square around him. (boxed in?)

With the New York attack I believe the 1 is the 1st or around the 1st. Below is the previous message about New York, there is also a previous prediction marking the 1st in Chicago. With the vehicle now being added to the attack I question whether the ship message is a separate situation.

In the previous post about the UK they showed the parliament building. However it could be symbolic to a government building in the UK.

In the last message about a president, there was an implication that individuals were on strike or refused to work.

Previous Posts:

World Predictions 12-28-18 I had a visual that looked like the United Kingdom’s parliament building, there was a plume of smoke in one area of the building.

World Predictions 12-26-18 I had a visual of the word “New York”. An attack was coming soon, they would later add ‘Now’ 

I had a visual of a man and woman standing side by side, then they turned charcoal grey implying an evil act. 

I had a visual of a ship with one massive hole. In the visual it looked like a very large ship, part of the ship was red. The hole was protruding out implying an explosion.

Prediction: Chicago Explosion “Chicago.. Explosion.. 1


26 thoughts on “World Predictions: New York Attack

  1. eric. please have everyone, pray and share your post, so we can change the horror coming to new York. on another none, please, have everyone pray, that the horrible mess in Washington, doesn’t bring the entire country, to a stand still. no one is talking, yet, about all the money that was spent, by bad policies, these past two years, that will leave the entire government and country,
    in dire straits. on a happy note, wanting to wish you and your family, and the entire readers, a very happy and healthy year ahead! GOD, only knows, it has to be better for all of us, in 2019!

    • I only ask because I don’t want to mistakenly raise anyone’s alarms if it turns out to be Chicago and not New York.

  2. Oh my, this sounds like a new year’s eve (times square?) attack, considering the “1” and the guy dressed as police/security – there certainly will be plenty in NYC tomorrow night. Since the Chicago prediction also referenced “1” also, I’m starting to wonder if there will be more than one attack on NYE or in the wee hours after midnight in both places.

  3. I’ve said this before, but wanted to repeat it in light of the new predictions….people need to be alert, especially during busy celebrations. Let police know if someone acts weird, or does something threatening. Alert police if you see unattended bags or backpacks in crowded places, or airports, subway stations, etc.

    And in light of vehicle attacks, keep your eyes open for cars where they shouldn’t be, or someone driving recklessly.

    It’s good to practice awareness anyway, we already do it when crossing the street or locking our car doors. Awareness is a good safety tool to use for lots of things.

  4. I am guessing 1:51 AM is a time prediction. The streets will be still be pretty full and the crowds will be spreading out from Times Square about then, outside of the protected zone, on their way home. That is probably when the most people are vulnerable. Hope I am wrong. I don’t have any visions, just deductive reasoning. Trying to apply that to the clues you post. Hope it helps.


  5. Manhattan Bridge has 2 floors, the attackers arrive in the vehicle, 151 is not part of the address of the Manhattan Bridge?

  6. Eric,
    Re::Fire in the government building.. UK” People which I believe were firefighters were racing to save trapped people in the building.

    Croyden….( not sure government building)
    Large fire..🔥
    (Reuters) – Twenty fire engines and about 120 firefighters were tackling a fire at a warehouse in south London, the London Fire Brigade said on Monday.

    No injuries have been reported in the fire at a warehouse on Purley Way in Croydon, according to the statement, which said the cause of the fire was not yet known.

  7. Eric,
    People being mowed Dow,

    Japan 🇯🇵
    9 injured..suspect arrested.many injured..
    Mowed down by van

    Germany 🇩🇪
    Emergency responders rush to the scene of an emergency in a file photo. (Credit: MattGush/iStock)
    German police say at least four people have been injured after a man intentionally drove into a crowd of people in western Germany in what appears to have been an attack directed at foreigners.

    Muenster police said the 50-year-old driver of a Mercedes drove into a crowd in the center of Bottrop shortly after midnight Tuesday. Two other attempts by the driver to drive into other people failed.

    Police said those hit by the car included Syrian and Afghan citizens, and some were seriously injured. The driver fled toward the nearby city of Essen before being stopped and arrested by police.

  8. Looks like two attacks last night that fit the prediction except that they were not in New York. One in Japan and one in Germany. The part about the car and the crowd matches. Any chance one of these is the subject of the prediction?

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  10. Eric
    Ref::had a visual of a ship with one massive hole. In the visual it looked like a very large ship, part of the ship was red. The hole was protruding out implying an explosion.

    By HNN Staff | December 31, 2019 at 11:23 AM HST – Updated January 1 at 2:47 PM

    HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – Two mariners are missing after a large blaze onboard a car carrier en route to Hawaii, while three others have been located in the water but are described as “unresponsive.”
    The 650-foot Panamanian-flagged vessel Sincerity Ace got into trouble on New Year’s Eve about 2,000 miles off Oahu.
    The Coast Guard, Navy and two commercial vessels rushed to the area, and 16 crew members were rescued.
    But five mariners haven’t been retrieved.


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