World Predictions 12-26-18

I had a visual of the word “New York”. An attack was coming soon, they would later add ‘Now’

I had a visual of a man and woman standing side by side, then they turned charcoal grey implying an evil act.

I had a visual of a ship with one massive hole. In the visual it looked like a very large ship, part of the ship was red. The hole was protruding out implying an explosion.

“Putin now plans to take action against Ukraine.”

I had a visual of either a large missile or rocket flying in space, behind it was a black cloud implying ‘trouble’

Tonight we plan to ask for more details. A date, and details on what exactly happens in New York, but with the word ‘now’ we are expecting it with in a month time. An attack is coming and they added 9/11 as if comparing it. The number 8 and 9 were shown. But it’s not clear. I have been sitting on this since the 24th, no need to damper holidays.

The new word or phrase of 2019 and the highlights will be posted on the 1st. We will also post a sequel on the 1st to our last ‘Truth’ to better explain things and answer questions some of you made. We already started working on the highlights of 2019, and for the first time I am excited to report that some of the message are good news.

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    1. That’s pretty scary stuff. Basically, anyone celebrating New Year’s ought to keep alert, no matter where they are. Attackers might want to attack major cities and events like the ball-drop inn Times Square, but could settle for other, easier-to-attack targets as well.

      I definitely encourage everyone to keep their eyes open, report suspicious and/or threatening behavior, report unattended bags or backpacks in public places, etc. Hopefully whatever attack this prediction refer to will be thwarted, but people should be careful anyway.

  1. Eric, I am glad there is some good news, the world needs good news! Thank you and I hope your Holiday was great! And Happy New Year to you and Bea and may it be the healthiest EVER! No more hospital stays or even visits..Blessings

  2. Maybe the ship with the hole in it is related to Ukraine. Both Ukraine and Russia are still squaring off over the Kerch Strait, and the fate of the captured sailors. Some kind of navy confrontation isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

  3. I had a “vision” yesterday a.m. when first awakening, yet in a groggy state. Never had this happen before – it wasn’t a dream as I usually have happen. I “saw” a clock, and the hands were moving on the clock. I then saw “7” flash in front of me, then I saw the moving hands on the clock face again. I then saw “6”, and then, the clock face w/ the moving hands. I kept seeing the numbers counting down “5”, “4”, “3”, “2”, and then a huge flash of light, like an explosion of light. When I opened my eyes, I started thinking about this vision and I thought of New Year’s Eve in Times Square – I don’t know for sure if it was there, but the countdown was like the ball that falls in Times Square. The numbers were large and clear and the same was true for the clock face. It was so vivid that I would change plans if we were going there, which we are not. Hope I am wrong. Peace to all of us.

    1. You might be right since Eric said he has been sitting on this since the 24th and the numbers 8 and 9 were shown, which would put it on January 1st for 8 days after the 24th – however the 9 throws all that off.

    2. Lia this reminds me of a vision I had on Sept 4. Here’s what’s in my journal (not sure that all of the elements are related to each other. Sometimes I get a couple of events at the same time, mixed together- or that will happen in close time proximity. Also at other times – Noth when this happened- I have had references to a major attack in NY, and to another event like 9/11 – though have no idea if it’s related to this at all either):

      Laying on couch watching TV. Sudden countdown clock (like starting a movie). Starts at 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, then when it should have been “1” I hear a boom, then see some kind of explosion

      Image of a truck (like a moving or delivery truck. The one I see is white).

      “Like Oklahoma City.”

      Keep seeing the explosion

      “Federal building.” (Vague image of a gov’t building).

      “11…2”. Hear 11 again, and see a giant 2. The 2 is stronger than the 11 was I think.

      Colorado? Then an image of the Colorado state flag.

      “It’s happening now.”

      “Cannonball.” (or something like that?). See an image of a black cannon.

      1. Tom in Denver
        ..6 months ago my nest buddy’s daughter..said dad…i had a dream that you and tom were planning to blow up the federal building here in town…she said your not really going to do that are you dad?? Well she must have had a very vivid dream to ask her hard working father that

      2. Wow Tom- that’s so in line with what my visions have been. (Well minus the dad thing). Do you know if this little girl has ever had premonition dreams before? (Sidenote – when I have my own premonitions in dreams they are definitely vivid and feel different than other dreams)

  4. Sorry to go OT but was thinking that your assassination prediction for Europe and far right might actually mean literally far right (or locationally at least) and in relation to Putin, if he is assassinated it would probably cause chaos and the inevitable collapse of Europe as countries struggle to attempt to replace their “bogeyman”

    Just a thought…

    1. And probably 11 or 12 is referencing the time or date 1st January/February or 2nd January/February depending how your calendar works, again, just a thought

      1. Thanks mate. And may you both have a humongously better year in 2019 that you had these past two years. I see bright lights shining after mid year; Clear Sailing for you both after that.

  5. I went to an art fair here in Denver 10 years ago…an artist displayed a painting of a large freighter ship in new York harbor with the statue of liberty in the background….he said the ship would detonate a nuke…his studio was named….premonition galleries

    1. Oh……fforgot to mention…the statute of liberty was blackened and the torch was knocked off

      1. NYC antiterrorism has been altered….i told them to check your webpage…thankfully I added my experience of seeing the painting at the art fare and telling them about the painting… hoping to god it alerts them

  6. I was watching the British Baking show yesterday. It was a re-run, I think. One of the contestants made a 3 D view of NYC with the Statue of Liberty as part of the scene made out of baked cookie dough ( or something like that). The Statue of Liberty fell on the display, crumbled and caused the baker to lose the contest. It gave me pause….

  7. If true, the story about Michael Cohen’s cell phone signal being picked up near Prague could relate to the prediction of more damning information coming out in December regarding the president.

  8. On 12-26-18, you predicted “I had a visual of either a large missile or rocket flying in space, behind it was a black cloud implying ‘trouble’”. But yet Reuters has an article about Russia launching a missile on the same date of your prediction which was DEC 26, 2018 / 01:22. How do I know you didn’t see an article about this before you made your prediction since it and the missile launch is on the same date? Unlike the video with Reuters I notice the You Tube video don’t even have a date. You have never told me what you mean by visual since you bring up spirits and there is a crystal ball in your profile picture. What other methods do you use? I have night visions and dreams only.

    Since you predicted this event which could even be our missile, Iran’s missile or even N. Korea’s missile, on the same day that the Russian Missile went up I find your prediction highly suspect. You gave no time of day with your prediction.

    When I dream I don’t go after the first event that happens. There has to be more to a dream than something as general as your visual plus a time as well as a date. I had 3 war dreams just in November alone, which is very detailed and 2 of these dreams have times as well as dates in case one of them come to pass on the same day. But that has never been the case with me because the more serious an event is in my dreams the longer it takes to fulfill if they are fulfilled. Otherwise I see my dreams that is fulfilled the same day as business as usual and don’t even mess with them because they aren’t important.

    1. I would encourage you to please look at the full body of my work before passing judgment on just one of so many predictions. It’s true I am not always right, but my only goal is to bring awareness in the hopes of bringing positive change. I have linked another prediction that would be difficult to debate as a charlatan. The 7.0 Alaskan earthquake took place on the 30th.

    2. Alice Carey…I’ve done numerous personal readings with Eric over the years and have been following his blog for a while now and can tell you… he is the real deal. Blessings

  9. Well, I know you are the real deal, so does anyone who continues to read, nothing is 100 percent..blessings in the New Year to you and yours, Eric

  10. Eric,SWC,
    Baltimore woman walked onto a Cherry Hill playground late Thursday afternoon, struck up a conversation with a boy she didn’t know, then opened fire on the boy and his mother, police say.

    Nichole George, 31, of the 900 block of Seagull Ave., is charged with several counts of attempted first-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault and handgun violations, according to police.
    “George started talking with the 11-year-old boy and a short time later she allegedly pulled out a gun and shot both victims,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said. “Detectives are still working on the ‘why.’”

    The gunshots rang out while dozens of other children played nearby.


  11. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of the word “New York”. An attack was coming soon, they would later add ‘Now’

    I had a visual of a man and woman standing side by side, then they turned charcoal grey implying an evil act.

    New Jersey

    One cop is killed and two injured after ‘male and female shooter duo’ armed with long guns launch two-hour gun battle against SWAT team, starting in a cemetery and ending inside a bodega where multiple people have died
    🔹The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that one police officer was fatally shot and two others were wounded along with a civilian in the hail of gunfire outside a Jersey City supermarket on Tuesday
    🔹An unnamed federal law enforcement source told Fox News that two juvenile suspects – one male and one female – were also shot in the standoff
    🔹A third suspect, described by the source as a black male wearing all black, is still at large
    🔹Gunfire erupted outside the JC Kosher Supermarket at 223 Martin Luther King Drive just after 12pm Tuesday
    🔹Police officers reported over radio that two suspects armed with long guns had barricaded themselves inside and were shooting at anyone who approached
    🔹Witnesses said the gunshots continued for the next two hours as law enforcement flocked to the scene

      1. Eric,
        Some reports say yes,

        However, I found this article..(so will look at more than 4 articles I found)
        The two suspects, who police say were both male despite previous reports to the contrary, then hijacked a U-Haul, fled the scene, and holed up in the JC Kosher Supermarket, killing three civilians there before dying in a police shootout.

      2. After reading many articles…in double digits..find only references to original reports were incorrect…Not..Male female

        1. Correction…
          Times of Israel corroborated female and male..

          The two suspects, who were both killed in a shootout with police, were identified as David Anderson and Francine Graham,✔️ NBC New York quoted law enforcement sources saying.

          According to the network, Anderson was once a follower of the Black Hebrew Israelites, who believe they are descendants of the ancient Israelites and may practice elements of both Judaism and Christianity.

      1. Eric,
        Here is a article today..naming female and male in attack in New Jersey


        Jersey City shooter posted anti-Semitic bile online before going on ‘targeted’ rampage with FEMALE partner in stolen U-Haul that ended in deadly siege at Jewish supermarket

        ♦️Francine Graham and David Anderson opened fire on Detective Joseph Seals at 12.30pm in a cemetery in Jersey City
        🔹The New York Times reports that one had published anti-Semitic and anti-police posts on social media
        🔹Seals was investigating the murder of a livery cab driver who was found dead on Saturday
        🔹After killing the cop, the gunmen drove a stolen U-Haul to JC Kosher Supermarket nearby
        🔹They then barricaded themselves inside and engaged in a two-hour shootout with police and SWAT teams
        🔹It ended with SWAT teams ramming the storefront; once they got inside, they found the two gunmen dead and three innocent people also killed
        🔹One of them was the store owners’ wife, Leah Mindel Ferencz, 33, and another was Moshe Hirsch Deutsch, 24
        🔹Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop says the attack was a hate crime and the Jewish store was targeted

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