Alaska Earthquake

This prediction has happened. Please pray for everyone’s safety in Alaska.

Predictions 8-29-18  I had visual of Alaska.. Earthquake.. then they wrote 3 0.  Does that mean the 30th? 3rd

Predictions 9-6-18  Alaska.. earthquake.. 7

29 thoughts on “Alaska Earthquake

  1. Did you ask Spirit to limit the predictions to those that will come to be within 3 months? Because you nailed the Alaska quake!

  2. I believe in psychic phenomena, but it’s still really eerie when a prediction is so accurate. Never ceases to surprise me!

  3. Even with it being so accurate, it’s still kind of unfortunate that we forget about it until it happens. But to be fair, most people in this day and age still don’t consider psychic warnings legitimate when you try to warn them in advance.

    1. i know what u mean. id made a prediction at work that came true. person took me the wrong way i got misunderstood and dismissed from job. turned out i was right. they thought i was crazy and had lost it until it actually happened all in full detail to how id said. by then the damage had been done. lost ma job. management got rid of me because i was misunderstood. there are real people with gifts and abilities we all done know about.

      1. i learnt hard thou. dont use or do that kind of thing at work. u can loose ya job or career. i was getting it alot in ma job. id have a dream ma collegue next to me would get excited about getting 5 numbers in lotto. next two days she did and was excited at work. i got looked at as thou i was weird. learnt the hard way.

      2. i kept getting dreams all the time about the people i worked with. it was strange. i used to talk about it alot. until i got dismissed because the team was either jealous or thought i was strange. not everyone likes psychics or premonition stuff. esp if it comes true or does happen. some cant accept that time travel in the mind does exist and u can see future ahead. its like when the pebble has dropped its already in motion and some can pick up when the pebble has dropped in the other world before it makes its way to the 3rd dimension. events actually take place outside of time and space. a marble is already rolling well before its felt in the physical realm. once that marble is rolling the events gonna happen its just hard to figure out the timeframe from when the marble dropped to when it gets to us in the physical.

      3. Interesting, I had two premonitions about work.. One minor and another about people getting laid off. I was so nervous I thought I would be next, but it was other people I was just placed in another department. I did tell a coworker the night before and he said your dream came true when he saw me the next day. Sorry you lost your job.

      4. James, please be extra careful about sharing your dreams with others especially at work that can create confusion and lose job. You learned your gifts from experiences and take extra cautious not to share wirh especially career. It can lead to many skeptical people may withdraw from you thinking you are “odd” not understanding about the pyschic gifts. Many don’t understand mainly mostly christian people taught thinking it’s a witches thing. Sadly but that’s okay….we don’t all have to believe on same thing on same thing. For example, I struggled wanting to believe about aliens and I believe it even never seen it. I may have but it was too quick to catch it before my naked eyes. However, people minds think and keep their opinions may not believe in psychic gifts. Hope it helps. Just be careful and amen that you have a gift. ♡

        Praying you have a job soon.

  4. Living on the Oregon coast we always fear Alaska quakes. Thankfully no tsunami warning on this one. Sadly such destruction there. Some of the photos of the roads are just crazy to see. We think of the roads we drive on as such solid things, but they can just crumble with this kind of force. Good job Eric on being so accurate on this one. I think it might be the most spot on prediction I have seen yet.

  5. Hello Eric hope mom is doing well. I need to get a reading with you but I don’t know to connect with you on the internet . Please send me a phone number where I can make an appointment with you , make my payment and give you further information. Thank you so much, you are the best.

  6. Still waiting for the long delayed NZ quakes. Other predictions seem accurate but NZ appears deceptive. 3 mass whale strandings in last week in NZ-related to future event? also unusual, strange wave around the whole ,globe on the 11th november-barely felt but picked up on most quake drums around the world, scientists not sure of the cause or what it means.

  7. New Caledonia 7.5 quake. Tsunami warning.. Wondering if the New Zealand predicted quake will follow this one.

  8. Wow…just laid down to rest and feel the wave of energy from the earth. It’s huge energy. ….im.guessing it will

  9. Eric,SWC,

    Anxiety in Alaska
    Endless aftershocks..
    There have been more than 7,800 aftershocks since the main earthquake struck 7 miles (11 kilometers) north of Anchorage, the state’s most populous city. Most were too small to feel, but 20 have had magnitudes of 4.5 or greater. Rupert expects the temblors to continue for months, although the frequency has lessened, from about 200 daily to a couple dozen a day.

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