World Predictions 12-28-18

I had a visual I was standing on the street of a town, in the background was a large smoke stack rising into the air.

I had a visual of one massive eruption, fire, lava, and smoke raging all at once. “Etna.. Etna will erupt violently.. very soon”

I had a visual of people in vehicles trying to drive in complete darkness, causing a traffic jam. The view looked like Mexico, but it could also be another latin location. A blackout of the city was underway.

I had a visual that looked like the United Kingdom’s parliament building, there was a plume of smoke in one area of the building.

Mount Etna in Italy is already actively erupting, Spirit is talking about one massive eruption which is expected very soon. That might explain why they compared it to Pompeo in a previous post. I need to clarify whether or not the parliament building was bombed or perhaps it’s just an accidental fire.


32 thoughts on “World Predictions 12-28-18

    • Maura Liege or
      I’m beginning to wonder if Etna going off was more the Italy flag ..a bit off from Napoli ..
      Bit I’m still feeling Napoli will feel something
      I have a guide singer and he gives a flag for certain areas not always but it depends on openness too..
      I will post if he comes in with Napoli in specific
      Again ..

    • Benmadigan
      Seasons Greetings
      Yes your right ..Vesuvius Napoli good point volcano should be overlooked at this time on earth ..
      We will c Thank you for pointing it out.
      Stay safe

  1. The blackout prediction is interesting considering the weirdness this past week in NYC and Louisiana with transformers blowing up. Not to mention other power outages and surges reported elsewhere in the country, in addition to 911 being down in multiple states. I wonder if this prediction will be related to all that, I’m eager to find out.

    Best wishes for the new year Eric, thanks for your dedication here!

  2. LM: you’ve got a point. Also, for many months, some of the cable TV companies and phone companies have had a lot more than usual blackout events. Right now, Verizon has loss of transmission in spots throughout the country for 2 days. Don’t know if there’s anything to it. But, a lot more often and longer than what you’d think is normal.

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  4. Eric,
    Ref:::had a visual I was standing on the street of a town, in the background was a large smoke stack rising into the air.

    Kenya 🇰🇪

    NAIROBI (Reuters) – A fire and sustained gunfire sent workers fleeing for their lives at an upscale hotel and office complex in the Kenyan capital on Tuesday afternoon, Reuters witnesses said.

    One man came out covered in blood as students were evacuated from a nearby university building. Four ambulances and a fire truck arrived at the scene as fleeing office workers told Reuters colleagues were still huddled under their desks.

    Another excerpt✔️
    “I just started hearing gunshots, and then started seeing people running away raising their hands up and some were entering the bank to hide for their lives,” a woman working in a bank near the hotel said. She also heard two explosions.

    “We are under attack,” another person in an office inside the complex told Reuters, then hung up. A large plume of Smoke could be seen rising from the area.

  5. Eric,SWC,
    Etna update✔️

    Increased activity was reported at Italy’s Mount Etna starting around 09:00 UTC on January 26, 2019. The Aviation Color Code was raised from Orange to Red.

    Volcanic ash is not detectable on satellite imagery due to a meteorological cloud. However, significant volcanic ash is present above the volcano, The Toulouse VAAC reported 10:12 UTC, January 26.

    Volcanic ash was later estimated at a height of 5.5 km (18 000 feet) above sea level.

    Note ::✔️Aircraft held from taking off.

  6. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual I was standing on the street of a town, in the background was a large smoke stack rising into the air.

    France 🇫🇷
    Arson…by woman…
    Female neighbour is arrested after ‘arson attack’ kills eight and leaves dozens injured at eight-storey apartment block in trendy Paris district popular with tourists
    At least eight people have been killed and 31 others, including six firefighters, injured in a fire in Paris
    Blaze tore through eight-storey block in the French capital’s 16th arrondissement overnight on Tuesday
    A female resident has been arrested in connection with the fire, and police are investigating ‘death by arson’
    Witnesses said survivors had to climb across roofs to escape spreading inferno in the early hours of Tuesday
    Some 200 firefighters and worked through the night and finally extinguished the fire this morning

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