Notes on 12-27-14 Terror Attack

I am posting this prediction at 1:30 at night, with one final hope of altering its outcome.

“A bomb.. a building is the target.. known for its second floor.. NJ.. NY.. at 3, 4.. bell view.. the nation addressed.” — Spirits Voice

I had a visual I was on the balcony of a skyscraper. A half spider, half man landed from the sky on top of the building. The man stared me down, and I stared him down. “The enemy has arrived”

I had a visual a rifle with a scope was being assembled. “Now”
I do not believe a rifle is involved, but instead this is a symbolic message that the terrorist are now assembling to hit their target.

“Muslims are able to walk up there just like everyone else, don’t allow this act to be an excuse for idiotic racism.” — Spirits Voice

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      1. Yes there is a restaurant there that just opened up this October Grill State and Bar is the name ( I think).

      2. I guess there’s also a bar lounge on or near the top floor – never been there, but I just read about it online.

      3. Also in that link I provided, on the left side are more info and images to other floors of the building.

      4. One of the businesses in the Empire State Building list is FedEx. Could be the the source of a planted bomb if they have a shipping facility there. Also, the previous clue about not going left or right, but only straight; their famous arrow hidden with the logo of FedEx goes straight. The arrow is hidden between the E and the x in FedEx.

    1. I noticed “ 3,4 ..” in your post- looked up Empire State building physical address. It is at interesection of 5th St. and 34th St.

      1. Dear Eric Bellevue Hospital is right there! It’s a very famous Hospital just blocks away from Empire.

      2. The new Bellvue Hospital Center at end of 27th St.(27 mentioned in previous post.) Someone else brought up helicopters. This is not far from Empire State Building, so maybe potential injured brought by helicopters to Bellvue? I pray not.

  1. I have no idea (I’m in Australia). Just did a search of famous 2nd floors in NJ NY and that’s what came up.

  2. Bell view could also relate to any building with a second story that overlooks the courthouse where the lindburgh trial took place?

  3. helicopter! helicopter! Might be man and women. Check who is operating helicopters in ny,new jersey and what they are carrying.
    I had a visual I was on the balcony of a skyscraper. A half spider, half man landed from the sky on top of the building. The man stared me down, and I stared him down. “The enemy has arrived”

  4. Tonight, the spire of the Empire State Building is going to be lit up in such a fashion in order to recognize the two NYC police officers gunned down while sitting in their police vehicle this past week. I don’t quite fathom how, but they are including a siren in the imagery of the lit spire? Maybe this is the weird whistle? I dunno… Too many moving parts, as you say Eric.

    1. Yes, we made a point to just focus on this specific attack on NY/NJ, but that does not change the other coming predictions in Canada and perhaps the UK. My hope is we can get the word out, create vigilance.

      1. Not to take focus off what seems to be Empire State Building target, but could you ask Spirit if there are more terrorist targets in NYC this week?

  5. The Empire State Building has a virtual tour on a huge screen on the second floor and its said that watching it is like taking a helicopter ride through the city of New York

  6. As I recall, the main entrance to the Empire State Building is filled with majestic marble floors, and I think walls, too. Also, you stand in line forever waiting to get to the elevators that bring you to the skyline views. Reminds me of one of your previous predictions, Eric.

    1. You guys make great detective team. I like that! 😉

      What time the funeral starts? Did it say anything about 12 in previous prediction? I remember Eric said something the clock at 11 but said something about 20 on 11. Need to go back and reread the previous predicted.

      Its possible looking down from the sky building. Could be anyone works in a building in their work uniforms.

      1. Hi Mary that could just represent a closeness to the event. So many times they predict events and we assume it will happen in days and we don’t see it till months later. Here they are making it clear they are actually talking about days away and we should not sit on it.

  7. This may sound weird but do you think it has anything to do with Madison Square Garden, today is the 27th. The NY Rangers are playing the NJ Devils. I know that sounds kind of weird but it just jumped out at me.

    1. Hi Jayme, many have pointed out the game as a possibility. Especially the old predictions that talk about bleachers. However I asked exactly what will be attacked, because I assumed they might be talking about a mall or train station but they made it clear it was a building, and the explosion would take place above the first floor.

      1. Well guys its funny you mention that because MSG is only 2 blocks away from the Empire State Building.

  8. Hi Eric, I’m curious how come you aren’t sending your predictions or tweet it so, news media outlets will pick up your news? It will increase the effectiveness of yours’ and the spirits goals if you provide it to people who have a platform to amplify your messages? Blogging and Facebook messages are just a few tools. Lastly, have you thought of sending certain of your predictions to polices so they can be warned and perhaps stop some events?

    1. The police know.
      As for the media I leave that to you to decide, if you have the means to send it to them please do so. But its a very cautious situation. Spirit is more interested in talking to fans and followers like you, we don’t want to get caught up in glamour or vanity, or even have the an image of that. Our humility is key to our success. But your right, this would get us closer to what we are trying to achieve. It is a balancing scale. Like I said though if you have the means or anyone else does, please share the posts with the media.

      1. Eric I’ve shared this with certain authorities today. I hope they listen and keep a watchful eye out for anything suspicious or that which could relate to anything in your prediction/post. Just trying to give them any advantage they can possibly have over the spiders.

  9. Since they mention “Racism”, could it have to do with the funeral for the Police Officers? They are basing that situation on racism, though it seems to be really a case of mental illness.

    1. Thanks Jules, no its talking about a very specific situation which ‘excludes’ Muslims in a situation or event. You could tell Spirits disdain in how racism adds to an already ugly situation.

    1. Tried my hardest spreading the word but scary thing eric like you said we may ran out of time

    2. My thought was they are showing how large of an event this will be by showing a need to address the nation. But it could just be Obama talking to the Cameras in a more official manner.

  10. I see where Vice President Biden is attending the NYC Police Officers funerals. Could he be attending anything else while there?

  11. This really sounds like you guys connected the dots on this one…does anyone have ties to this event that could maybe give security a heads up…anyone know a security guard working the event? I know we have some new yorkers that watch this site.

  12. I know someone brought up another psychics prediction of terror attack on St Patricks day…well reading up on empire state building it reads “the construction of the building started symbolically on March 17 on St patricks day.”… connected?

      1. I hate getting wrapped up in those yearly predictions a lot of psychics do..I really like how you do things eric because I think clues spirits tell us are symbolic a lot of times. I just can’t help but to think the St patties day thing he seen was symbolic when they build the building as a clue not the day. It’s important to put pieces together and not assume. You Do A Great Job At What You Do AND Collect All The Pieces. So if nothing happend last night I guess we are pointing to new years eve or beginning of the new year so it’s important to keep a good watch…it sounds like we just might have what building we need to watch. I wish I could add to this but the month of December has been a little hectic for me and I haven’t been able to dedicate time to meditation and talking with spirits. I will try to set some time up today or tonight. See what if anything sticks out.

      2. The Empire State building is actually closed 31st..and resumes activities on the first maybe that’s why it’s not new years if we have the right building.

    1. When I looked up Empire State on Google Maps earlier I couldn’t help but notice St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC is not far from there and has bells in a north towers of the church, curious is these were “bells” mentioned, also Herald Square not far from Empire has a bell.

  13. Erik, Bellevue Hospital is on 31st. Street & First Avenue. The Empire State Bldg. Is on 34th Street & Fifth Avenue. In the past, there have been shootings near the Empire State Bldg., and the wounded go to Bellevue, which is the closest hospital.

    1. Yes, the very same thing occurred to me with Spirit mentioning ‘bell view’. My first thought was that if anything were to happen at the Empire State Building, many of the injured would be sent to Bellevue. I sincerely hope and pray that nothing happens and that any attacks be thwarted.

  14. Just looked at the map and see that the VA Hospital is right near the Bellevue Hospital.. Its the one I was looking at previously for the (24)24th St and (2)2nd Ave Prediction/Post. Also there is a Bellevue South Park near the Bellevue Hospital. Just thoughts. Id have to say the Empire State Building though.

  15. This is almost too awful to think, but could it be magnitude of event will effect all these landmarks/areas/events discussed?

  16. Perhaps new years eve. one przviois prediction had a countdown in it. if you have ever been in n’y for new years its like sardines in a can.a stampede alone would be insain.

  17. Eric, if you google Thomas John Predictions numbers 2, 35 and 36 refer to a massacre involving St. Patricks Cathedral

      1. “The official said the aircraft is an Airbus 320-200 with 155 people on board and the plane had asked for an unusual route before it lost contact.”

        not looking good. thoughts and prayers are with the passengers and their families.

  18. Reading your previous posts about an upcoming attack.

    “An explosion
    Party is over
    2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 (A time frame or countdown. In two days? In ten days? A party of New Years Eve?)” — Spirits Voice

    If 27 is 01, then 9 more is 1/5/15 or ISIS.

    1. They are now implying 4 minutes, which puts it on the 1st or the 2nd. If you look at the glossary 27 could be interpreted as the 2nd with 7 representing that it is a date they are predicting.

      1. “at 3, 4” mentioned looks like 34th St- Empire State bldg., so could “27” mentioned be Bellevue Med. Center at end of 27th St? Did Spirit indicate associated with day, or place?

  19. Hi Eric,

    I don’t have connections with any media outlets because I don’t work in that industry. I’m glad one of your fans is working in that field. Just saw an article posted on New York Post stating that “Al Qaeda Magazine Gives Bomb Making Recipe for Airline Attacks.”


    Al Qaeda magazine gives bomb-making recipe for airline attacks

    Al Qaeda issued the latest edition of its online magazine on Christmas Eve with a step-by-step manual on how to breach airport security and bomb passenger planes.

    The militant magazine, Inspire, names American, United, Continental and Delta airlines, as well as British Airways, EasyJet and Air France, as desired targets. It also suggests killing high-profile “economic personalities” like former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and “wealthy entrepreneurs or company owners” like Bill Gates.

    Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, launched the English-language magazine in 2010 to recruit Western Muslims into its terror ranks. Early articles encouraged attacks such as opening fire at a Washington, DC, restaurant or using a pickup truck to “mow down” pedestrians.

    The latest issue is devoted to inspiring lone-wolf jihadists in the United States and the West to attack commercial passenger planes, according to, a blog on US homeland security.

    The magazine gives detailed, illustrated instructions on how to build bombs in the kitchen. It says the devices can be “hidden” not only on aircraft, but used to blow up other targets to “crush” Western economies.

    “We came up with these simple materials that are readily available around the globe, even inside America,” it states.

  20. according to the net, the East 34th street helipad is the closest to the Empire state. This pad also serves Bellevue Hospital. Possibly a focal point where this might be stopped?

  21. What does spirits voice sounds like?
    Does it sound like a regular human’s? Male or female? Is it soft like a whisper or loud ?
    Is it actually heard out loud or more like in your mind?
    sorry, I’ve always just wondered :).

    1. It sounds like someone talking to you from another moving car. It sounds low, then loud, then low again, as if they are crossing you from one location to another. They also can only say a few words each time.

    2. To add an interesting note. There are only 5 spirits that talk to me. Even if there is someone else that wants to talk, it goes through them. Each one has there own name and own personality to go with that. Only these 5 talk to prevent any false information from coming in.

      1. Wow…that must be tough trying to hear all spirits talking at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You may be right. It could be the Empire State Building. I got that feeling about a couple of weeks. The more info addedd, the more it confusing me. My first thought was the Empire State building as it sounds like a match.

      I’m very curious about the spirits voice sounds like. Good question, Jennifer. 🙂

  22. Just a thought but last prediction on the 24th said 7 if you add it to the 24th it is the 31st.

  23. Firs I apologie for my English, because I’m not from English talking country. I think you postet note about boat accident like Titanik. In the garage in traject from Greece to Italy, with over 400 people, started fire yesterday. There wasn’t enough rescue material (belts and boats,…). People were jumping into the sea. Rescue action isn’t over yet. I can’t give you link from our news, becuse of lenguage it wouldn’t be useful for you.

    1. I did not hear that in the news, I will look into it. There is another prediction that talks about a fire or explosion on a ship. Assuming it fits I will recap it later today.

    2. Thanks March. I myself understood that fine. It was sure better than anything I would have tried to write/say in another language! 😉 Praying for those involved in that ferry situation.

  24. The women arrested in NYC today, were planning an attack on NYC about the time of this prediction, Eric. They were making a bomb.
    The attack was foiled. Thanks for all that you do!

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