World Prediction: Large China Earthquake

Two major disasters back to back.. double the disaster.. such an epic earthquake in size and destruction.

In 5.

If it’s a countdown the timing would be around August 18th-19th. Or they could be saying the 5th.

The first disaster is happening now with a massive typhoon. I have been trying to clarify where this massive quake would unfold. Spirit has talked about it multiple times. My initial thoughts was New Zealand and South America but they have clarified that this epic quake will strike China. There was a previous prediction about a massive earthquake:

I had a visual of China. They pointed to an area by the coast line in the south east region. 

“Earthquake.. it’s a big one”


World Predictions 4-17-19 I had a visual I was looking down from the sky, there were beach huts and beach umbrellas swept away from a massive wave of water. “Tsunami.. Taiwan.. Islands.. in 5 day..

Spirit also showed a zero completing a countdown to one of their predictions, then they said “Around twelve in the afternoon.”

“In Massachusetts” I had a visual of automatic weapons in a bag. Then it shifted to show another set of automatic weapons in a bag but the handles were yellow.

Are they implying the second set is fake or are toys?

Also a reminder of the Paris attack, I believe the 8 could be August :



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12 thoughts on “World Prediction: Large China Earthquake”

  1. This is alittle off-topic but this whole deal with Epstein seems to be revealing something much larger. Are we expecting some major truth to be coming forth soon?

    Apparently there some irregularities that was reported.

  2. I know this is probably a reference to an actual earthquake in China, but the turmoil currently in Hong Kong (on the SE coast) and the threats from Beijing makes me wonder if there could also be a political earthquake coming in China.

  3. Eric, for “Massachusetts” prediction, the handles were yellow, but what color was the bag? I ask because I thought maybe the school colors of a college might have yellow handles with a second color for the bag, denoting the school’s identity.

  4. We need more details about the Massachusetts prediction if possible. I might have the power to stop it given my current positions.

  5. Hi Eric & SWC, regarding the Pennsylvania shooting tonight, the 9-Feb, 2018 “Pennsylvania Prediction Coming Soon” fits and also mentioned Massachusetts as in the one above. Could the yellow handles relate to a gas attack? I just thought I would mention it.

  6. The only thing that I can think of with the yellow handle is John Wayne and his yellow handled colt. Maybe there is a good guy with the yellow handle gun fighting the bad guys?

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