World Prediction: Paris Attack

I had a visual I was standing on a road with the Eiffel Tower in the background then a large vehicle slammed into pedestrians on the street. People ran in all different directions.

“Paris.. the heart of Paris.. vengeful man with a large vehicle.. running down innocent people..15”

I had a visual of a clock striking 1

The clock could mean in or around one day, around the 1st, or something more literal like 1pm.

“California burns both in the north and middle.. fires.. soon”


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8 thoughts on “World Prediction: Paris Attack

  1. Charles V moved the seat of power from the Île de la Cité (which is known as the heart of Paris) to the Louvre back in 1365. They all in close proximity. The Eiffel Tower is celebrating 130 years since it’s inauguration on 15th May 1889,

  2. Islamists are sick, brainwashed.. It is normal to create humour and jokes about Christ and all religions, at least in Europe and Scandinavia!

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