Osama Bin Laden’s Son

Though unverified, several of these old predictions might be pointing to Hazma Bin Laden. I do question whether or not the last two posts are related.

Predictions 8-21-18 The new terrorist will be the son seeking his revenge.

This message might or might not be related, here they seem to imply that the ‘son’ of a terrorist is the new leader.  I also had a visual of Saudi Arabia.

“Its an attack.. in 2.. the explosion so massive.. a sudden flash of light.. so much destruction.” One of the events have a nuclear or radioactive component.  

Are these predictions related, click on the blue to read the entire prediction:

Notes on 8-10-14 This prediction points to an Arab child who would become the next monster of the world. However young looking he is, he was not a child in 2014?

Predictions 2-5-18 This prediction points to an evil zealot who controlled an extreme religious group, wearing a blue or white turban or blue robe, bringing horror to the world. Some of the predictions about his attacks mirror above.

20 thoughts on “Osama Bin Laden’s Son

  1. Eric/SWC… With in this are other predictions and on if you scroll down to 12/26/18 … it mentions a man and a woman holding hands … turning charcoal grey… implying something evil.
    This made me think of Hazma bin Laden who is married to the 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta’s daughter.
    Also just FYI…the old prediction where you Eric are in the cooler calling 911 on the terrorist reminds me of the possible attacks coming up.

  2. They might relate to hamza bin laden.
    Saudi head scarf.blue and white and he
    was just stripped of his saudi

  3. Did you think whoever was referred to in the predictions of 8-10-14 and 2-5-18 was the same person or did you get the impression they were different timelines?

  4. Do these series of terrorists attacks lead the US to war? And does this massive explosion, either nuclear or radioactive, that happens in 2.. happen in the US?

  5. my mind tell me if osama carry out big attack never see before on earth 2001 ,maybe his son will carry out big attack never see before on earth like nuclear plant

  6. Do you think the “in 2..” means in 2 months from, in 2 years from now, or the 2nd of a month?

  7. I do not believe this has come to light. If anything, this is just the beginning.

    I have been extremely unsettled as of late. Something is coming. We have seen a massive Verizon outage that only hit texting, which is unheard of. (Married to a Verizon exec) and now a massive Facebook outage. Facebook is a massive force to take out for over 14 hours. That is unheard of. People in tech are talking non stop about this. Something big is coming. It keeps me awake at night. To have a massive texting outage with the world’s largest company and then am outage less than 24 hrs later with Facebook, something is coming and our communication systems will be involved.

    The biggest targets in the country, hacking wise are cell systems, social media and our power network. The first two have been hit, both in under 24hrs from each other. Someone/some country is pen testing the systems. This is the longest ever Facebook outage, only texting was taken on on Verizon’s end. If you know about cell comm you know how odd that is. The previous record for Facebook being down is 4 hours. We have nearly quadrupled that with this outage. 15 hours is just crazy. They employ some of the great IT people in the world and they could not get things in order fast. If they cannot fix it, something big happened and we are just feeling the beginning of something bigger.

    Think of what would happen if an attack happened and we had no social media or cell service.

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