North Ireland Attack

Please pray for the tragic loss of this reporter. It pains me to think that we are sliding backwards into a world of hate, racism and violence.

Are these home grown terrorist in Ireland the Northerners?

We have excluded presenting the prediction about the attack on the journalists out of respect for the journalists, it’s sarcasm comes off as inappropriate during this period of mourning, but the October prediction is attached and is unfortunately related: Predictions 10-30-18 

World Predictions 12-6-18

When you peddle fear.. when you peddle a divide.. the outcome.. the expectation.. will inevitably be violence and violence is coming.. its coming soon. 

“The Northerners are going to be a threat to the way of life.. to violence.. a legitimate threat.. so much cruelty.. so much violence.” I had a visual of the shadow of a young man with a hand gun pointing at people, I believe he had a beanie on his head. 

The “Northerners” seem to be a new group of terrorist or home grown hate group. It is unlikely the real name but some symbolic jester about ‘north’.  However unconfirmed, I believe the first two predictions are related, keep in mind there are multiple nations where leaders, that came to power in the last few years,  peddle fear instead of hope and unity. The Spirit have growing concerns in Europe and the US.

Notes on 7-19-15

“Ireland.. a warning to you.. the radicals are back” — Spirits Voice