World Prediction: Venezuela The End of Maduro

I had a visual of a shopping cart, part of it was green, then the entire cart turned black.

“Maduro is dead.. his reign is over.. 7.. now comes the battle.. the fight between leaders over who will lead Venezuela.”

Previous Prediction:World Predictions 2-18-19

I had a visual of someone shooting a man in his chest twice.

“They shot him.. Venezuela.”

This has ties to a previous prediction: I had a visual of a green plate attached to a grocery store basket, it read “27 Ideology over” Then I heard “Maduro.. murder.. shot”

On a separate note I had a visual of a baseball glove sitting on a chair then Spirit tapped the table as if implying their prediction is about to happen. Here is the post of that prediction: World Predictions: US Attack Coming

I need to track how long the time lapse between them reminding me that a prediction is about to happen and when it actually unfolds.


Tuve un visual de un carrito de compras, parte de él era verde, luego todo el carrito se volvió negro.

“Maduro está muerto … su reinado ha terminado … 7 … ahora viene la batalla … la lucha entre los líderes sobre quién liderará a Venezuela”.

Predicción anterior: Predicciones mundiales 2-18-19 Tuve una imagen de alguien disparando a un hombre en su pecho dos veces. “Le dispararon … a Venezuela”. Esto tiene vínculos con una predicción anterior: tuve una imagen visual de un plato verde pegado a una canasta de la tienda de comestibles, decía “27 Ideología más” y luego escuché “Maduro … asesinato … tiro”

24 thoughts on “World Prediction: Venezuela The End of Maduro”

  1. Eric if you look Venezuela right now, a lot comes up for Russia and The US fighting over Venezuela. Could those be the two leaders?
    Also could this be related to the military man and the 3rd candidate that shows up?

    1. ““Russia.. Moscow.. under attack.. transportation hubs.. bloody explosions.. terror.. terror.. 3 (they might have said 30).. 7”

    2. Now they’re saying 41 people died, and 30-something survived. No one knows what caused the fire, but hopefully they’ll figure it out soon.

      May the victims rest in peace.

  2. “now comes the battle.. the fight between leaders over who will lead Venezuela.” — Hopefully the non-US-puppet-leader ends up leading Venezuela. Venezuelans need a leader who isn’t beholden to foreign interest more than the interests of the people.

    1. I don’t know enough about Venezuela’s leaders to know whether Maduro or Guidao is best for them, but I hope you’re right–that whoever leads them has their best interests at heart.
      They’ve been through a lot of turmoil and economic trouble lately; whatever happens, hopefully life will get better for the Venezuelans.

    1. Jules104, do you think the US would really fight for Venezuela’s resources? Russia has been an OPEC member since Chavez talked Putin into it. Russia is one of the largest oil/gas resources in the world. Especially since Putin keeps trying to get Crimea and the Ukraine’s resources around the Black Sea. So, Russia would still want Venezuela’s oil anyway? Or are there other reasons which seem to be omitted or glossed over in the media? Just curious.

  3. Hopefully Juan Guaido isn’t the new leader because I’m always suspicious of individuals who collude with foreign governments/leaders before and after declaring themselves the undeclared president while also inciting multiple coups.

  4. “US State Department publishes, then deletes sadistic Venezuela hit list boasting of economic ruin”

    “The Grayzone has obtained a list of “key outcomes” on Venezuela deleted out of apparent embarrassment by the State Department. It boasts of wrecking the nation’s economy, destabilizing its military, and puppeteering its political opposition.”

  5. SWC, I just noticed that Eric’s following prediction which mentions a stockmarket fall or nosedive, (the Dow Jones has lost more that 600 points today) also talks of an assassination, a massive shooting and an earthquake in S. California among other things. Dutchsinse has posed an alert on his Twitter page about a 7.2 eq in the west pacific and states more activity is to follow. Coincidentally, the date of this one is 1 year exactly to the one he has posted in this World Prediction. As I was typing this a song came on that linked me to personal memories of a past trip I took to see family in California. Not sure it that meant anything but I thought I would add that as I get messages from my loved ones through music. The assassination is what caught my attention but the 5/3/19 World Prediction does say that a U.S. attack or shooting is expected very soon.

  6. “On a separate note I had a visual of a baseball glove sitting on a chair then Spirit tapped the table as if implying their prediction is about to happen.”

    In Baseball, you say a pitch ‘is falling off the table’ when it comes in appearing to be ‘in the strike zone’ but then drops out of the strike zone, sometimes hitting the dirt, before it can be swung at. Extracting from this ‘baseball analogy’, to ‘tap a table’ would imply that it is ‘ON the table’, so it would therefore BE a strike…and NEVER assume with this kind of wording that it will be the U.S. hit with a strike. Quite the contrary, with what is happening in Iran, it is just-as-feasible that the U.S. WILL STRIKE someone (offensive, not defensive).

    Here is the post of that prediction: World Predictions: US Attack Coming

    Sounds a lot like the Iranian scaling up of a tactical strike from the U.S.

  7. “The Trump administration plans to divert more than $40 million in humanitarian aid from Central America to the U.S.-backed opposition in Venezuela, according to an internal memo and interviews.”

    “What they are doing is essentially taking the money that would help poor Central American children and giving it to pay the salaries of US-backed coup leader Guaido and his officials and employees.”

  8. U.S. only obsessed with Venezuela because of their oil; if the US cared about Venezuelans they wouldn’t be sanctioning them and considering further suffering meant to cripple and topple the gov’t. If you don’t bend your knee and bow your head to US imperial interests, they will make your country suffer:

    “President Trump has suggested to national security officials that the U.S. should station Navy ships along the Venezuelan coastline to prevent goods from coming in and out of the country…”

  9. “Venezuela Probes Guaido over Photos with Colombian Drug Traffickers”

    “Los Rastrojos have been accused of drug smuggling, extortion, and targeted killings.”

    “Venezuela’s attorney general has opened an investigation into opposition leader Juan Guaido concerning purported links to armed far-right groups in Colombia.”

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