Predictions 2-28-18

The first two predictions are expected to happen very soon. Several of the other messages need some more details. Assassination? Which Volcano? Even though this entire post is dark, there is some positive news I am working on now. I am having trouble understanding the details (there meaning) of this awesome prediction, so I want to clarify it prior to posting the message. It’s an ‘epic’ event, one that changes the world.

I had a visual of ‘7.2’  “Southern California, LA area”

Spirit made it clear this prediction is coming very soon. They implied the countdown is winding down to an end for this prediction. If you look at the old predictions there seems to be a contradiction of the magnitude of this earthquake. They also implied the earthquake might happen in the ‘evening’. We are expecting it in the coming days. They wrote 28 but did not clarify its meaning. Perhaps tonight? Please those of you in Southern California please take the necessary precautions.

Previous prediction:   I had a visual of a typed memo that read 6.2 rolling earthquake.  This prediction might be a sequel to the Southern California earthquake prediction. That’s a larger earthquake then they originally implied. –

Prediction: Southern California Earthquake  I had a visual I was watching a famous actor argue with his daughter over her organization skills as they pointed to a shelf, when all of a sudden everything in the room began to shake, then the visual shifted to show the outside of an old liquor store with Hispanic males somewhat intoxicated outside drinking and smoking, when suddenly they felt the ground lift them up. “Was that a quake” one said to the other half concerned and half amused. Then the ground lifted them again.

I had a visual of two stove burners turning red. A symbolic message that is reminding me of a fire (burn). Spirit is now warning us that this prediction is about to happen: I had a visual of a large fire symbol, and then a second one soon afterwards. Where Spirit? “In the bush country” (That sounds like Australia)

The bush country is most likely Australia, but could also be seen as Texas (President Bush). 

I had a visual of one massive Volcano eruption. The ground shook violently. The sky began to turn black. I have never seen an eruption so massive. It looked more like the historical Pompeii eruption. I need to find the location.

“The assassination looms.” They implied a March timeframe.

I had a visual of a medicine bottle lid, carved on the lid was the words “Natural born Killer” This message might be related to another prediction: Predictions 7-12-17

Spirit what happened to Pennsylvania prediction? I heard shots being fired, and people screaming then Spirit said ‘It’s still coming.’

I had a visual of a very small drone flying all the way up to space, then the drone flew back down, flying across a large desert. “The spy of the future”

“Your fired.” I heard Trump say. An implication that someone in the Trump administration is about to lose their job.

“The market is about to take a nose dive.”

“The producer passes.. Roman”

I had a visual of children Marching with fists to the sky, followed by a wave of white light exploding like a shock wave. A wave of something positive coming. But then Spirit countered it.

“It’s not good news.. New Port Beach.. a bloody scene.. so much death.. so many lives lost.” Before the shooting there was a ‘grand opening’. Everyone was waiting with excitement.

“Some will die in the audience.. some will die on the stage (or balcony).. the loss of life exceeds the Vegas shooting.. making it historically the worst shooting spree in the US.”

I need to clarify these two messages, are they talking about two different events or one.

March 11th is marked.





144 thoughts on “Predictions 2-28-18

  1. Ok I’m freaked out now; my son is traveling by plane to LA on March 2nd through the 8th. Are things going to be Ok? Thanks

      1. Thank you Eric; please pray for my son and his group to stay safe! I sent him texts on what to do in an earthquake just in case. I was there a week before the huge earthquake hit LA and the freeway collapse ; so a bit nervous

    1. Donna, how old is your son? Can they reschedule their flight to another timE after thE quake hit? It’s expecting up to 500 loss and badly damaged in buildings. See if he and his group go another time? Stay away from freeways and large buildings. Go to the country side if they can. Pray he will change his mind not to go. ♡

      1. I feel it can be that week btw March 2 and 8th. But I can be wrong. I’m not feeling any pains related to earthquakes. So I think it’s a green light so it’s hard to tell. It just a matter of when. Praying for your son and group.

      2. Eric, I’m still sensing the faint undergrounds rumbles. It’s very active preparing for mega quake and volcano. Will keep you posted when I get migraine and pains related to coming up earthquake and volcano. Right now I’m in spiritual good but sensed strongly from underground vibes.

        Praying for Donna’s son and group to be safe.

      3. Hi there ; he’s 24; stubborn probably cannot get him to change his mind. He wants to move there; I’d rather have him stay in this area but he has stars in his eyes. Please pray for him and his group; he’s basically a great kid; took me back to cancer treatment but thinks I’m full of it or half believes me. Thanks for your concern!😊

      4. Oh my….I’m praying for you and your son. I think he will be fine and has strong-willed personality. He will be fine against all odds. He is not a afraid but can deal with any obstacle problem. He will help others in disaster situations as he has a good heart and strong personality. But don’t stop giving him your words of wisdom. He will remember everything you say and will look back to make sense of it. He’s young and stubborn but he won’t forget the words from his caring mother. ♡

        You have my prayers with all my ♡. He will be protected by archangel Michael. His friends will be protected too.

  2. Does this ‘epic’ event, one that changes the world, have anything to do with ET disclosure by our world governments? (The sources behind the NYTimes/Politico UFO-Pentagon story said that what came out last December was meant to “test the waters” and “raise public awareness” so that we will be ready for the next tidbit to be disclosed — i.e., small bread crumbs of disclosure to keep us interested until we have everything they want us to know.)

    The CA earthquake prediction from last year and today validates a video I watched with a mother asking the psychic/her deceased son (can hear his EVP in videos) when the next major U.S. earthquake would be – her son told the psychic “somewhere around March/April of 2018.”

    As for the assassination, that same deceased son I mentioned was asked — before Trump won — whether or not Trump would be re-elected. The psychic/her son told the mother, who asked the question, that she preferred not to discuss what she was being shown on camera — which would lead one to conclude that the psychic saw Trump being assassinated, and thus she refused to discuss it on camera.

    “I had a visual of children Marching with fists to the sky,” — There’s the ‘March For Our Lives’ on March 24 in D.C., started by the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

      1. I’m rather good at understanding the sciences if you need help interpreting what your being told.

  3. Eric, It’s funny that you mentioned Mt. Vesuvius as an example of the volcano—I think I remember reading somewhere that experts have been warning that Mt. Vesuvius could erupt again and that if it does, it could kill thousands. I don’t think they were expecting an eruption–it sounded like they were reminding people to be cautious. Still, thought I’d mention it.

    Also, there’s a Newport Beach in California. The “grand opening” part made it sound separate from the children’s marches, more lie a store or major business, but that’s just a theory. I think Newport Beach is a wealthier area, but I’m not sure.

    Also…any idea how long we have until the Pennsylvania prediction? Days? Weeks? Months?

  4. I live in SoCal. The fire references hit hard because I was forced to evacuate from the Thomas Fire, biggest fire in California history, much of which took place in brush covered hills. I pray it’s not originating in my neck of the woods. This would bring additional destruction from barren hillsides sliding loose. There’s also lots of oil production here. The fire spanned a massive area which included Santa Barbara (which has produced large quakes), Ventura, Ojai and Santa Paula.

  5. I live in SoCal. The fire references immediately brought to mind the Thomas Fire which I survived in Dec. Covered a huge swath from Santa Barbara to Ojai, Ventura and Santa Paula. All these locations have faults that could produce a large quake. If we had a large quake here, the charred and barren hillsides would be very susceptible to failure and it would be tragic. We don’t need another tragedy.

  6. I think I remember a prediction related to a possible assassination threat to Vice President Pence a while ago…

  7. “The Cumbre Vieja volcano’s west flank has separated from the main cone and slipped down several feet. This raises a real possibility that an eruption will blow off the entire side of the mountain, as happened with Mt. Saint Helens. But unlike Mt. Saint Helens, Cumbre Vieja overlooks the ocean, which means a major tsunami would be created… heading west across the Atlantic.” Canary Island Of La Palma ROCKED By Over 70 Earthquakes

  8. we are planning on going to the March in DC on March 24. Should we not go? I wasn’t clear on what you meant by “spirit counters it”. Do you think it won’t be a safe event?

    1. Oh no the March is totally separate issue. The vision started on a very good happy vibe of positive change these children bring only to be ‘countered’ with yet another horrible shooting in our nation.

  9. The producer might be an Italian or Roman Polanski.

    Hope Hicks quit today…….but she was not fired.

    Why does the assassination have to be Trump? Many psychics have predicted that he will be reelected. How come the assassination can’t be someone in Europe or the Middle East?

    1. It may not be Trump, it could be anyone. Eric did mention a prediction months ago about a possible attempt against VP Pence, but you’re right–it could be a leader or iconic figure from anywhere in the world.

      1. No, I think I may have read into it…..there so many people have suggested the idea though. I don’t like a lot of our politicians, but I would never wish any ill will against them.

        There was a prophecy (Baba Vanga?) that WW3 will begin when 3 major world leaders will be assassinated in immediate succession. I was always under the impression that they would be European. But with events unfolding in Europe, The Middle East and Africa it could be anywhere.

        Thanks for your blog Eric.

      2. Eric, As much as I dislike Trump and all the damage he and his cronies are doing to our country, I could never wish an assassination on him or anyone. But I do wish he would be removed, leave, resign. Pence too. There is something not right about him. I feel sick to my stomach when I watch him. And dread. I feel dread! I don’t know why. I know some psychics say he will be re-elected in 2020. PLEASE tell me that will NOT happen!! He has done do much damage I only one year. What will be left of our country if he’s here that long?!?!

      3. Eric I didn’t immediately think of trump and the assassination, but I’m thinking many who follow you also follow other psychics on YouTube and many of them are making mention of this.
        I hope we get a good countdown to all the things coming. It sounds like you have been and will continue to be extremely busy. I hope you are taking care of yourself and resting.

  10. Eric,

    The Oscars are this weekend.Sounds like your prediction related to stage and audience.

  11. There’s an underground volcano in the Gulf of Mexico. The water temperature map in the Gulf showed an average of 70-75 degrees except one spot just off the coast of Louisiana recorded 108 degrees. Apparently there is a volcano in that exact spot. Volcano acting up?

  12. Regarding Pennsylvania violence prediction. Gander Outdoor formerly Gander Mountain is having a grand opening in Chambersburg, PA this spring. Its a sporting goods store. Are you ready for this?!!!! Guess what it’s next to? Mcdonalds! And…..adjacent to Chambersburg Mall! There is more…the CEO, his last name? Lemonis! Ok…so may be I’m confusing Erics predictions. Set me straight folks. I’m trying to find where I thought I read the Boy Scouts were going to be there but I am not sure. I need to find where i saw that posted in an article. It made me think of the prediction…”Brown emblem”. This sounds like an outdoor event.

      1. Yes!!! Yes!! Rhona2 that is the one. Thank you. Also, adding to my post I recall Eric mentioning something about a warehouse but instead it was LA not Pennsylvania prediction. With the recent Florida event and the sporting goods store Dicks Sporting Goods recent change in selling guns policy….it really adds up.

      2. R2D2 that is quite an interesting connection. Not that it could be relevant to the prediction, but Gander Outdoors website is one that is still selling an assault style weapon, the AR-556, the model of gun used in a mass shooting at the Texas church last year. The link to the Ruger’s sale page is still active, so they are indeed still selling this weapon capable of horrible destruction. No comment from Gander when they were asked by CNNmoney.
        I just pray that the Pennsylvania predictions will be prevented.

  13. We dont need another massive bush fire in Australia,over the last 10 years we have had too many,but they do say of Australia it is a country of fire and soaking rain,well we are getting the soaking rain in the north and north west,I just hope we dont get the Fire

    1. Hi Rob!
      Sending prayers that there will be NO More Floods, Fires or Mudslides in Australia or anywhere ! The immense devastation and death are too horrific. May God bless and protect this earth!

  14. I think I remember a prediction you had awhile ago about one of the cruel dictators of the world getting assassinated. It could be possibly be that.

  15. Hello Eric, Spirit and SWC!
    RE: the NewPort Beach prediction you posted above, I just wanted to show you these Newport events that are coming up in March-
    I dont know if these events are applicable at all to what you posted, ….

    Again, I may be way off base with these events, … they may not be related to the prediction…
    Sending prayers that these nightmares will be foiled-
    A Million +” Thank yous” Eric and Spirit for everything you do!

    1. Yeah, a crazy move. ” “China has benefited from the World Trade Organisation while US steel and aluminium businesses have been destroyed by the dumping of cheap products in the US. What has been allowed to go on for decades is disgraceful,” Mr Trump said.”

      So Trump has hit Australia, Canada and a number of other exporters to the US, instead of implementing quality control on goods from China. We will keep trading with other nations, including Russia, China, India, Africa etc, which will isolate the US.

  16. Marriott is going to hold a grand opening of a new hotel called the Lido on the Balboa peninsula in Newport Beach in March

  17. Could it be that perhaps that the assassination attempt is against Vladimir Putin? He is running for re election this month.

  18. The pill bottle prediction could also be linked to the argument that serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs (anti depressants) is linked to nearly every mass shooting in US history.

    1. It crossed my mind that who ever they are talking about might have a drug issue. There is a flip side that would dictate that someone is killing people in a medical way.

  19. Eric- do you feel New Port being in California? Not seeing any high profile grand opening type events during that time, but it is an outdoor community. Very concerned about that prediction.

  20. I Heart Music awards in L. A. March 11. Busch Gardens located in Florida & Virginia. Water Country USA is affiliated with Virginia Busch Gardens.

  21. Eric, SWC and Donna (you may want to share the link with your son to be aware).

    These last few hours are very atrong active around the globe. Also we are under the full moon tonight which can happen anytime or next day. Just be prepared for emergency.

    Praying for white light and love to you all, and protected from movements on grounds.

    1. Thank you!! I did send him safety tips in a earthquake. He’s set on going; so all I can do is pray! Thank you for surrounding him with white light and prayers.

      1. Donna I would say as a mom you are very connected with your son. See if you can tap into that connection, sit still and try to quiet your mind, and see how you really feel inside.
        I completely understand the nervousness and worry, we never stop worrying about our kids, no matter their age.
        I am happy to hear that he has stars in his eyes. Life makes us jaded and experiences tend to make us think the worst, since some have gone through horrible situations. I love to see the young kids (kids to me) who believe in magic, follow their dreams, go out to change the world! Your son is a special one who is untouched by all the bad things in the world in that he still believes and I think you must be one amazing mother to have raised him to be such an exceptional young man.
        My prayers and thoughts are with you, your family, your son and his friends. Please keep us updated on his marvelous journey!
        Peace be with you

      2. Thank you Karen; despite some rough times; I’ve tried to be a great mom. I love both of my sons and they are both basically good people but tend to be on the spoiled side; lol. I’ve got thier back; but it’s hard to “release them into the wild” lol I don’t agree with some of thier choices, but they probably don’t agree with some of mine! Need to worry less and pray more!!😊

  22. The Academy Awards are scheduled for March 4th, and when you mentioned actors and awards on a shelf, I instantly thought of this as a ‘date setter’. That, combined with I have now had a dream 4-times over a month, that March 9th ‘the missiles will hit Texas’ (the state where I live), tells me that the ‘two fire events’ you also see mark the ‘two’ missiles I have seen hit the desert.
    It is ‘the start’ of a ‘world-change’ from what I have seen, but I don’t have anything else to base that on other than a ‘gut feeling’

  23. Eric there is a 8 Day film festival in New Port Beach at the end of the month. Its the biggest film festival in all of the US

  24. Eric – does this resonate?

    There’s a grand opening of a new LGBT nightcub on March 11th in Santa Ana, CA. It popped up under events for “Newport Beach” which is a few minutes away.–naggini–the-all-new-lgbt-spot-in-oc

    Do you feel strongly the worst shooting event is THIS event? I only ask bc my daughter (also psychic) has been saying this for months – the worst shooting in US history will happen soon – but she feels this summer. Just throwing it out there.

    Your prediction of a grand opening…stage…March 11th (if related) and Newport Beach could connect with this grand opening. I don’t think it’s outside but something to think about. See if it resonates?

    1. Not sure. Are they talking about this shooting as just one that’s coming next or is the huge mass shooting they predicted at the beginning of the year. I will be asking for clarity.

  25. “The market is about to take a nose dive.”

    Did this prediction come true yet or is there a significant correction looming in March? Thanks!

    1. This prediction is based on the actions of our leaders. If I were to guess it’s probably these tariffs. It’s a prediction of cause and effect which unfortunately does not give us a clear timing.

      1. Here another supervolcano in Italy is awaking. That’s 3 supervolcano within 48 hours that are increasing activity. Scary… :/ Never thought all ( the supervolcano) at thr same time in different places on this planet. This is mind blowing. I’m closing my eyes.

      2. I’m not sure but it doesn’t say the supervolcano in Indonesia. Maybe it’s not supervolcano but there r 2 supervolcano in Yellowstone and in Italy that are awakening. The Indonesian volcano released the toxic gas sulphur killed 30 people.

  26. Eric,
    Ref::had a visual of two stove burners turning red. A symbolic message that is reminding me of a fire (burn). Spirit is now warning us that this prediction is about to happen: I had a visual of a large fire symbol, and then a second one soon afterwards. Where Spirit? “In the bush country” (That sounds like Australia)
    (One was Australia ( bush) 2 no? CA?


    Northern Calif..raging monster fire…Pawnee..

  27. Eric,
    Ref;;I had a visual of two stove burners turning red. A symbolic message that is reminding me of a fire (burn). Spirit is now warning us that this prediction is about to happen: I had a visual of a large fire symbol, and then a second one soon afterwards

    Question…is this one of the burner

    Klamath falls, city limits close off Hwy 97

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