World Predictions 11-19-19

I had a visual of an airplane falling from the sky. Below was a city with buildings In the background.

Later Spirit implied that the focal point of this airplane was in the northeast US.

“The two walls.” I had a visual of these massive metal doors/gates shutting.

“So many casualties.”

Earthquake.. after thanksgiving.. 2.. 3.. in Northern California.

I had a visual of a dark figure on a train or trolley, I suddenly had an ominous feeling. “France”

The relic of previous predictions have come full circle.

Later they showed a map of New York City. Is that the location of the airplane? Are they starting a new unrelated prediction? During the visual of the airplane falling my impression of the buildings looked slightly governmental so my initial thought was DC, however they never said DC. The wall prediction implies a shutdown of the borders or perhaps flight transportation, but wouldn’t that imply an attack not an accident? The wall could be unrelated. My focus now is a date.
Is this the relic prediction:


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  1. If another hijacking occurs in the U.S. I wonder what kind of changes will occur ? When you had your previous prediction and you saw the face of the Guide crying, what did he look like ? Did he look like a regular person? Were there any special qualities to his appearance ?

  2. Maybe the airplane falling from the sky in the northeast is related to the “Lower Manhattan will burn” prediction?

    I’m guessing this prediction isn’t related to the northeast terrorist attack prediction because if I remember correctly that involved bombs and not a plane?

  3. Perhaps the plane falling over NYC and the bomb associated with it might be the economy or the stock market? Or, it could be the finance industry or the rich and powerful that live in the city…….more people like Epstein?

    1. Anything that affected the economy, the market, finance and the wealthy wouldn’t be limited (geographically or otherwise) to NYC.

      1. True, but NYC is home to major banks, the NYSE and the NY Mercantile Exchange. If, there was a terrorist attack in NYC or something caused the banks or NYSE to shut their doors, it would impact financial markets in a big way and the impact would be felt beyond NYC. Remember 9-11? The stock market shut down on Tuesday and did not reopen until Monday the 17th. When it reopened, the stock market dropped 7.1% in one day (Monday) and it was down 14% by Friday the 21st. An attack on a grain elevator or an auction house for cows would not be nice, but it would not be felt like an attack on NYC.

        1. I’m aware of that: I’m a New Yorker.
          But 9-11 was nearly 20 years ago, and, of necessity, finance has become increasingly decentralized.

  4. Considering all of the airplane crashes due to malfunctions/pilot error this year – for example with Boeing – the airplane falling from the sky prediction could be another one.

    As for the two walls, it may be separate from the plane falling and have to do with something terrorist-related in December, possibly involving a plane but maybe not the plane falling prediction. The two walls shutting could be both border and air travel closing?

  5. The metal doors and gates shutting put me in mind of a lockdown, but that’s just a theory.

    “The two walls” must mean something, but I’m not sure what. Perhaps it’s a landmark of some kind? The only famous walls I know of are the Great Wall of China, and the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

  6. If the message is figurative and not literal, could the New York Airplane going down with what looks like capital buildings in the background be about the President?

  7. Two of these predictions from 2019 reference the CA earthquake and the “2.. 3..”. I don’t know what “2.. 3..” means regarding the CA earthquake.

    1-29-19 — Large earthquake.. North California.. 2.. 3.. around Eureka.. hit hard.. dinner table.. the quake will reach down to San Francisco.

    11-7-19 — Spirit also talked about the North California Earthquake. They showed an image of Thanksgiving then I heard “Plus.. 2.. 3.. North California earthquake”

    1. By the way, I guess the “dinner table” reference in several of these past Northern CA earthquake predictions was meant to tell us that this event happens during or around Thanksgiving.

  8. Eric,
    “the two walls…massive metal gates” puts me in mind of a large dam that might have spillway gates or big metal gates somewhere near the room that houses turbines and machines related to generating hydroelectric power. I wonder if this prediction could relate to the earthquake that comes after thanksgiving? e.g., an earthquake cures damager or failure at a dam???

  9. Has spirit said anything about China recently? The mainland government as of late has been doing a lot of bad things this year, and has affected neighboring countries, islands, and to some extent Australia.

    It’s starting to get worrying.

    Though it’s been pointed out by a few that China might be experiencing the same economic fall as the Soviet Union and this is just desperation for more expansion?

      1. Bribing certain Pacific Islands and laying claim to their lands, supposedly causing underhanded tactics to make the hong kong protests look bad to destroy their autonomy from the inside, spreading propaganda through Australian Universities (mainly among other Asians as I know), taking away Uyghurs in China for “re-education”, bullying the population of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, poisoning the ecology of Laos and hurting the health of the population from very unsafe conditions, slowly brainwashing their own population through the years and telling lies and more aggressively as of late, making people disappear (this has happened during the Hong Kong Protests too).

        I can’t believe Xi Jinping and his party has been getting away with all this for so long, he is nothing but a psychotic man with no heart to be found.

        If you want a bit of a insider look there is a guy named Laowhy86 on youtube that has lived there for a long time. There is the good side of China, but there is also the dark side of it that has been unfortunately growing the past some years.

  10. I’m not sure how any of this is connected.
    The original prediction from two years ago cited “British Air,” a hijacking, and the “southern/central” U.S.

    This one refers to the Northeast, a city with government buildings (which could be non-Northeast DC, or anywhere), and a NYC map, and isn’t clear whether it’s an accident or attack.

  11. Hi Eric, this sounds like a stretch, but I just saw “ The Man who invented Christmas” about Dickens’ process of creating a Christmas
    carol. In the movie, Dickens has a dream whereby Scrooge is forced into a deep pit of two metal walls (where the blacking glue was) that are moving in on him. He repents to his former behaviors and is allowed a new chance at life. It happened in a building that was burnt out called the “warren blacking co.” In London, England. I brought this up because the two metal walls closing in on Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ dream in the movie was something I had never seen in this story before – so it stayed in my mind. Could be nothing, but maybe there are clues to the location and timing being Christmas Eve.

    “There is no doubt that Varakai’s questions have stirred a lot of discussion in our Spiritual Circles here in my hometown, and in particular a need for a more clear explanation from Spirit of what the Split Soul System is all about.”

  13. hello to everyone! Concerning the doors…I would like to mention that Cyprus / Nicosia is the last divided capital in Europe, half is Greek Cypriot and the other half Turkish Cypriot. It was split after the Turkish invasion back in 1974. There are checkpoints to go from one place to the other and there is the green line in between with UN troops. Maybe it has nothing to do but lately Turkey is threatening again for a new invasion.. They don’t like that Greek Cypriots they drilled and found gas… if they ever invaded again thousands of people would die because it is like if you divided Manhattan down town! can you imagine?Hopefully they won’t 🙏

    1. This is good info to know. Thank you for enlightening us, so we may be more aware of what’s going on and why.

        1. Thanks, Popi. I don’t post very often here, but through the years do find some occasions like this. Sometimes we need reminders about other parts of the world and their events. We forget other parts of the world have events that we need to sit up and take notice. This is definitely one of them. So, thanks again.

  14. I started having dreams in October that I am in an office building in a city with a lot of skyscrapers. There are Christmas decorations up. I see an airplane that is painted dark royal blue and yellow crash in to the building.

  15. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of a dark figure on a train or trolley, I suddenly had an ominous feeling. “France”

    France 🇫🇷
    Fire 🔥..train station

    PARIS — A fire has broken out near the Gare de Lyon train station in Paris, one the six major stations in the French capital.

    Police in the Bercy neighborhood tweeted that cars were set alight along the sidewalk by people attending a concert at the AccorHotels Arena.

  16. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of a dark figure on a train or trolley, I suddenly had an ominous feeling. “France”

    France 🇫🇷
    Twenty-two hurt after high-speed train derails in eastern France

    PARIS (Reuters) – A high-speed TGV train running between Strasbourg in eastern France and Paris derailed on Thursday after a land slip, injuring 22 people including one seriously, local officials said.

  17. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of an airplane falling from the sky. Below was a city with buildings In the background.

    Later Spirit implied that the focal point of this airplane was in the northeast US.

    Space junk from a new Chinese rocket narrowly missed dropping down on New York City Monday night, according to a report, largely burning up in the atmosphere before some of the debris survived long enough to slam into West Africa.

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