Prediction: Airplane Attack

The 27th and 10 is marked.

I had a visual of 3 planes taking off.

I had a visual of a plane falling from the sky.

I had a visual of one large explosion

“The new leader has arrived.. the pure evil one.”

“State of Emergency”

The sky will become completely empty.

Hong Kong: China out of impatience invades with brute force, bringing stringent order and oppression.

Spirit also marked the 14th.

The smaller quake around the corner.

Most likely referring to the 6.1 California earthquake prediction. Perhaps in San Francisco or North California area.

It was a horrible sight to see. Spirit showed the number 27 big and bold, The question remains are they talking about now or something in September. Again they compared it to 9/11. I asked where the planes took off from and they pointed in the direction of Australia and New Zealand. Which is why I have attached the previous prediction.

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  1. Daniel Sale Avatar

    I’m not sure if it’s relevant, but al-Baghdadi puts ‘Professor’ Abdullah Qardash in charge of ISIS. He could be considered a “new leader.”

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks, when did this happen?

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        It could be him, however they also talk about the rise of an Asian evil leader, a truly evil man who uses either chemical weapons or nuclear ones. One of them is expected to be dressed in blue.

  2. allen Avatar

    British Airways, needs to keep their planes safe. I don’t know, Eric, if you mentioned them, in a prior prediction, but something to do with british airways. Russia is working right now, to somehow, take down Americas power grids. everyone, please pray, the we have massive amount of changes in Washington, the next couple of month, will see one thing after another. the damage done to this country with the tariffs, will be effecting everyone….

    1. Lia Avatar

      Hi Allen, a few predictions back, I mentioned a vivid dream I had whereby a cruise ship going down a river in London flipped over. I think it was a river that was a canal or a contained area. In the dream, the cruise ship was tall and had many modern glass windows. It happened out of nowhere in my dream. Maybe an attack or a sudden storm? Not sure. I knew I was in Great Britain in this dream.

      1. allen Avatar

        Lia, something happens with a british airways plane. it stands a chance of being taken. I don’t know when, and I don’t know if Eric listed it in his predictions, I also receive information, so I don’t know, where this is coming from. I PRAY, that common sense, takes over, and security is doublecheck, much more. I don’t know, even, if that plane was even in England.? thank you……..

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          What happened with British airways?

  3. Kiwibird Avatar

    If radicals target us in New Zealand then they’re obviously not very smart, as the outpouring of love for our Muslim community when this happened was amazing. And it was an Australian that targeted them, not a New Zealander. I work near the airport in Christchurch so obviously feeling a bit nervous about this. I hope it is foiled before it happens.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I am still trying to figure out the trajectory of the planes. Are they coming into New Zealand? Leaving New Zealand? Is NZ the only target?

      1. Russ Avatar

        Colonial Visual challenges?

        Hi Eric,
        if you’re getting visuals of nations’ flags of flag motifs on aircraft, remember both AU & NZ have very similar flags & also still contain the British Union Jack in the top left corner. If you’re visuals are fleeting or nebulous, than it can be hard to differentiate between the 3 different nations? UK, NZ, AU .

        [Time for new antipodean flags? of course, but that’s another story.]


  4. mk Avatar

    British Airways pilots will be walking out on Monday 9 September, Tuesday 10 September and Friday 27 September. … British Airways pilots have confirmed the dates of their strike, after 93 per cent of members of the British Airline Pilots’ Association (Balpa) voted in favour of industrial action.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Interesting.. I did not know that.

  5. thirza62 Avatar

    Thank you Eric for your post, I hope and pray that your health improves. Your sharing of your insights are so invaluable at this critical time here on earth. Bless you for all you do. Love and light Katrina

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar
  6. twiceblessed9 Avatar

    Hi Eric!
    I mentioned this in another thread but am not sure you saw it. I think you have a prediction hit. The prediction about the massive black smoke and a farmer grazing his cow is likely about the Amazon Rainforest burning . There has been a lot of controversy about cattle ranches being created in the Amazon. Burning the forest is often how they clear the land. In many videos and photos you can see the fires burning right to the farmers ranch land. It is believed many fires have been set on purpose. Such a huge tragedy for the entire world as the consequences are devastating for the world and the climate.

    1. Sara Avatar

      You’re right, this whole thing is a tragedy. And I just read an article that said Brazil’s president plans to refuse the money the G7 said they’d give to help fight the fires, all because he feels insulted by something the French president said.

      That really threw me; that he cared more about his own pride than stopping dangerous wildfires that endanger the environment and the indigenous people living there.

      1. Cody Avatar


        He’s not a good human being. Not only is he a far right religious bigot, but he’s also a greedy corporatist who cares more about profiteering off the environment than actually preserving it. He’s only doing something now because the global backlash has gotten so big. Before these fires, paramilitary/contractor goons associated with his administration were killing and wiping out indigenous tribes in the rainforest in order to make way for further deforestation for big business interests.

        1. Sara Avatar

          Between Bolsonaro, dictators like Kim Jong Un and Putin, and divided governments in the US, the UK and Europe, it seems like the whole world is having a ‘who’s the worst leader’ contest.

          We really need leaders who care about human beings and the planet, not people solely interested in their own businesses or their careers or their party.

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            This one is another bin laden

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Your right. I see what you mean. Thanks. I will add that to the next post.

  7. Sara Avatar

    “The new leader has arrived.. the pure evil one.” Does this refer to the evil leader who is from the US, or the one from the Middle East? I think there were two predictions within the past few years about an evil leader from each.

    1. Cody Avatar


      There was a prediction that said the evil US president would be 2 to 3 presidents from now; however, I believe Eric posted another prediction that said the future evil US leader is no more and has been avoided.

      1. Anonymous Avatar

        That might be that, and this is just me saying this, new laws and amendments will be created after the current president to prevent anymore evil presidents in the very near future. Like it’s a big wake up call now, and the US will transform for the better from those much needed changes.

        1. allen Avatar

          we can only Pray, that both parties work together. closing the so many loopholes, will solve a lot of problems, and having the senate and house, also have rules in place, of their own. IF, a lot of stuff, is made public, it will show the massive amount of crimes, not only with the president, but the justice dept, and senate and house as well. this will only happen and work, IF the average Americans, from both parties, come together for the greater good, I don’t know, if I will live to see those changes. THE biggest problems will be FOOD. weather changes are rapidely getting worst, and EVERYONE, on this planet, will be effected by it. hoping, OUR FATHER, will take a very direct invention, in human affairs, soon…………..

          1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

            The Spirits agree, the biggest threat we face with climate change is a global famine.

      2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        That was the impression

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe they are either talking about the Middle East leader or another one that does not get much attention is an Asian leader. The Asian one is expected to use the worst weapons out there. They also talk about one of them dressed in blue.

  8. tempestmm326 Avatar

    several of the airplane attacks some from 2016 2017, 3018 and july 2019 and this one from 2019 all have the number
    27. so it seems this is a fixed number
    The 27th, a date? The 27 a number on a plane? 27 the type of plane?
    27 passengers? 2+ 7 =9 (9th month which is september)?

  9. Luna tic Avatar

    Eric, I just re read your Notes on 6-10-15 about Jacksonville. TS Dorian is expected to strengthen to a CAT 3 and the models have it going through the upper east coast of Florida . Oh and the discussion here in FL is ” I wonder when the storms are going to ramp up”. We’ve been having a lot of rain but no significant named storms yet. 31st is Saturday and Dorian is expected to hit Monday. Could this be the beginning of the 3 coming? I feel that your predictions about the Florida storms are coming now in 2019 for some reason. Because of you and spirits warnings, I am leaving if one comes our way, which I never did before. Irma scared me and if she didn’t break up right before she hit the central west coast, we would still be dealing with the damage.
    “The rain raged down with a massive wind. I found myself walking into a café for shelter. I asked a young man eating a pastry
    Where am I? What city is this?
    “Jacksonville Florida.. looks like the storms are back, the break is over. ” the young man replied.
    The hurricane did not last long, as quickly as it moved in, it moved out.
    Spirit when?.. ’31’
    That sounds like one month. (July)

    1. Anonymous Avatar

      I just had it with hurricanes. I’ve grown weary from having to pray non-stop everytime I see a prediction about them. It taken a toll on my mental health to the point I rather just not bother evacuating. Just for once my state not get anymore major hurricanes just for one year.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Yes they seem more common now.

      2. Luna tic Avatar

        It is just our planet healing itself and it cleans the waters. The last few gulf hurricanes helped mitigate the “dead zone” caused by the runoff of the Mississippi River. I completely understand your feelings and I have them as well. Don’t stay if it is going to be a Cat 3 or above please! Houses can be rebuilt. The chaos that will ensue with standing flooding and desperate people are not worth your sanity and health. I don’t want to leave either but Spirit is trying to warn us to help us. Look at it as being grateful that a higher power cares enough about you to tell you. Many people will suffer because they don’t want to see reality and deal with it. Eric has given us a chance to have a “head up” so we can continue to help others.

      3. Sara Avatar

        I hear you. Between hurricanes and forest fires and shootings, it feels like there’s a lot to take tolls on mental health. Sometimes we need a break from the news.

        Evacuating is probably the safest thing to do, if Dorian looks like it could hit your area. Hopefully it won’t turn out to be as bad as they think, but getting out of the area is a good way to be safer, just in case.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Yes, I considered adding that to the post, but I wasn’t sure. But your right it does fit in many ways.

  10. star48 Avatar

    Ref:::I had a visual of one large explosion

    Baltimore ,Maryland..
    Inner harbor evacuated…
    (Pre- 9/-11 anniversary)
    No bomb’ found in van with 1,000 gallons of gas in downtown Baltimore parking garage

  11. star48 Avatar

    Ref, 10th..
    had a visual of one large explosion

    Afghanistan 🇦🇫

    US embassy…rocket blast….9/11 anniversary..

    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A rocket exploded at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan just minutes into Wednesday, the anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the United States, but officials at the compound declared all-clear about an hour later and reported no injuries.

    A plume of smoke rose over central Kabul shortly after midnight and sirens could be heard. Inside the embassy, employees heard this message over the loudspeaker: “An explosion caused by a rocket has occurred on compound.”

  12. James Avatar

    news there was a bomb device found in wellington, new zealand in a SUV after a vehicle crash. driver not found.

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