World Predictions 2018 Review

On January 1st we posted the Word or Phrase of 2018 which was: Enough!

The word ‘Enough’ summed up 2018. From the Parkland Students and their Protest, to the waves of protest like the yellow vests of France. There were massive shifts in politics from the US, Brazil, France, and Belgium.  On January 1st 2019 we will post the new word or phrase of the year, and major events of 2019.  (The blue below highlights events that unfolded in 2018)

World Predictions of 2018

The Word of 2017: Topsy Turvy

Spirit marked this prediction as the major event of 2017

The first bombshell is coming soon.. Trump..  what starts off as a small issue grows and grows.. fraud.. fraud.. fraud.. back channel deals.. Zero then five”  — Spirits Voice
Previous prediction:
“Wait.. Wait”
There is an epic bombshell coming, other bombshells follow, the US politics continue.. disarray.. topsy turvy
Russia.. back door deals.. tape-taps.. the strain between the US and Russia mounts so bad that a new cold war is inevitable.” – Spirits Voice

The Word of 2018: Enough!

The World Predictions of 2018 with a renewed focus to circle the world.

“Enough! Enough!.. So many fed up with their governments.

From protest to all out violence, sudden shifts as new leaders rise.. and the old ones fall.”

South America and Central America seem to be the core of this prediction.  They are also predicting one massive shift in who is running the nations of the world, some of which might carry over to 2019

Enough: Is the overwhelming message of the Parkland Students Survivors and all those that protested  gun control in the United States. 

“One massive shift in who is running the nations”

 The Democrats take control of the US Congress. 

Brazil took a new direction with a new President.

“From Protest to all out violence” 

Yellow Vest protests raged across France. 

Belgium PM Minister resigns over protest. 

March for Lives Protest unfolded across the US

I had a visual of a large sheet of iron being made into a wall. “The Iron Curtain is back.”

Though tensions are rising I question if the Iron Curtain is back just yet? 

I had a visual I was jumping in the ocean from high up. Within the depths of the ocean was so many bodies, so much death. Then the visual shifted to show a Tsunami (we have predictions about that) then massive storms, then battleships. “So much death will have ties to the ocean”

A Tsunami hit Indonesia on September 28th killing an estimated 2100 people. 

Hurricane Florence Struck North Carolina

Hurricane Michael Struck Florida

Typhoon Mangkhut Struck Philippines and China

Typhoon Kong-rey Stuck South Korea and Japan

Typhoon Yutu Struck Philippines

Typhoon Usagi Struck Philippines and Vietnam

I had a visual of a ship in the ocean and then one massive explosion. I had visuals of civil war scenes. The civil war ranged from different centuries. Then the Spirits pointed to the middle east.

These two events did not unfold.

In the US, so much of 2018 will mirror Nixon’s fall.

A quote from NBC News in December:  “Parallels between Robert Mueller’s investigation of Donald Trump’s campaign and the Watergate investigation of Richard Nixon grow starker with each new disclosure — from his demonization of the media, to firing key Justice Department investigators, to dangling pardons to witnesses, to engaging in nefarious efforts to ascertain what investigators know. Now, we can add campaign finance violations to that list.”  —

25 thoughts on “World Predictions 2018 Review

  1. Seeing those students on the news at Granada Hills Charter High School in LA County walk out of class on March 14th of this year and lay down on the football field to spell out “Enough” with their bodies was a pretty amazing vindication of the Word or Phrase of 2018 that was posted on January 1st.

    1. 3dakota my question as well. With all the chaos that’s happening, so much happened today, none of it good for America or us Americans. It just can’t be possible that trump will continue to get away with destroying our country and the rule of law and bankrupt us!

      1. I believe Trump’s withdraw from Syria is due to Turkey’s President Erodgan telling him that US troops are in harm’s way if they stay because the Turkish military are planning to invade Syria to kill the Kurdish forces that have been doing the majority of the fighting against ISIS for the US. Very unfortunate if we allow this and don’t try to negotiate this happening. Also, this event – of the Turks re-entering Syria again – reminds me of the prediction about Assad reign being ended by, I believe, Turkey. So who knows.

      2. Definitely a lot going on. I’m worried this sudden pullout from Syria will embolden ISIS and people like Putin and Assad. National security experts have been warning about that too, that it’s too soon to pull out, and it’s mind-boggling that Trump will literally ignore their advice.

        There’s just no excuse for Trump’s dangerous actions, and no excuse if Congress does nothing about it. I advise people to call or write to their representatives and senators and push for them to act.

        I don’t mean to turn this into a political discussion, and I mean no disrespect to people who hold different opinions. It’s just that for me, personally, I feel that Trump’s Syria pullout will end up allowing ISIS to re-surge, abandon our allies, and send messages of weakness to Putin and Assad.

        No president–not Trump, Obama, or anyone else–should have so much power that they’ll ignore the advice of 90% of their advisers and make extremely risky policy choices. Any president who does things like this, and shows such disregard for democracy and debate, should be impeached, no matter what party they’re in.

  2. no major New Zealand quake so far either, even though it’s felt like it’s around the corner. Each message has amounted to nothing.

  3. SWC/Eric…Wishing everyone here an early Very Merry Christmas and/or a Happy Holiday Season! No matter how you celebrate, may it be wonderful and filled with Family and Friends surrounding You All! 🎄🎁💫❤️😇⭐️🎁💫❤️
    Thanks so much to You Eric and your Mom, Bea! So very grateful for all of the hard work and dedication and love that both of you contribute to make our world a better place. Praying for a better year ahead in 2019!🙏🏻💫❤️

  4. Eric,SWC,
    Yellow vests.protests…12,000 police

    Paris (AFP) – Nearly 150,000 police are set to be on duty around France on New Year’s Eve when “yellow vest” protesters have called for another round of anti-government demonstrations.

    The French capital will be on high alert after repeated clashes over the last month between security forces and the protesters.

    President Emmanuel Macron is set to make a televised address to the country at 8:00 pm (1900 GMT) — at the same time as protesters have been called to gather on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris.

    The “yellow vest” movement has waned dramatically in the last fortnight, but the prospect of demonstrators mixing with revellers and tourists in Paris will present a new headache for the stretched Paris police force.

  5. Eric,SWC,
    Yellow vests
    Enough! Enough!.. So many fed up with their governments.

    French Yellow Vest protesters hit the streets on Saturday for the 18th straight weekend to demonstrate against President Emmanuel Macron and clashed with riot police, prompting the use of tear gas and a water cannon to disperse the agitators.

  6. Eric,SWC,

    Ref:::“Enough! Enough!.. So many fed up with their governments.

    From protest to all out violence, sudden shifts as new leaders rise.. and the old ones fall.”

    Serbia 🇷🇸 and Montenegro 🇲🇪

    Thousands of people have rallied in Serbia and Montenegro to demand the resignations of their autocratic leaders over allegations of corruption and the lack of democratic freedoms.

  7. Eric,
    Ref:::South America and Central America seem to be the core of this prediction. They are also predicting one massive shift in who is running the nations of the world, some of which might carry over to 2019

    Native protests..affect Colombia 🇨🇴 and Peru 🇵🇪
    March 29 (UPI) — Native protests over land rights in Colombia spread Friday while natives in Peru clashed with officials over pollution at a copper mine.

  8. Eric,
    Ref:::South America and Central America seem to be the core of this prediction. They are also predicting one massive shift in who is running the nations of the world, some of which might carry over to 2019

    Nicaragua 🇳🇮

    An opposition group says Nicaraguan police have arrested anti-government demonstrators and says three were wounded by gunfire just a day after official negotiators promised to release people detained in earlier protests.

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