World Predictions 4-25-19

I had a visual of an area that was completely decimated by a tornado, the area was completely shredded from one side to the other.

I had a visual of a clock about to turn 12.

“In the deep state.”

A tornado leaves unspeakable damage. Since an hour represents a month, I believe the clock almost turning 12 represents a timeframe at the very end of April. I am not sure what they mean by deep state? They later implied Texas but that could be a separate tornado? I will try and narrow the location down.

I had a visual of a map of Central America. Then the southern shoreline of Mexico was circled.

Earthquake 66 (6.6?) in about 3

The visual happened so quickly, I estimate a location between  Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco

I had a visual of the number 11 in big bold print. “Terror Attacks against the US are around the corner. ISIS and Al Queda have not been defeated.” Then the bold 11 became 9/11

My hope is to get details on the first approaching attack they are warning us about. They implied we already have it predicted. Perhaps with enough detail we can at least warn the authorities.

It has been brought to my attention that some of you who ‘follow’ us by receiving the predictions via email are no longer getting the emails. If this is true please shoot me an message at so I can better understand the scope of the problem. Please do not use your email in a comment section because thousands of people visit this site daily. I am in the process of contacting WP to find out why this is happening and I apologize to all those fans affected by it.


Alabama Storm Damage

This tragic prediction has happened. Everyone in the south please stay safe. The storm damaged Alabama on the 18th. There was a tornado in Mississippi that was tragically damaging. The last part of the prediction has not happened unfortunately they are adding new information that I will post soon that makes that flood worse than I initially expected.

World Predictions 4-17-19 I heard sirens going off, warning people that tornados were coming. Then it shifted to show 4 sirens, and 4 TV screens showing the storms.

In Alabama.. In Tennessee.. tornados and storms rip through.. heavy destruction.. very soon. 

The previous prediction  World Predictions 2-5-19 They implied a timeframe between the 17th-19th.

The Mississippi river will flood.. the homes around the area extensively damaged

World Predictions 2-5-19

Destructive tornado.. Tennessee area.. corner.. between 12 and 15

I had a visual of a question mark, then on a computer was the numbers 77. That implies a prediction is expected on the 7th.

Later they shifted to show 12, then 13 for the tornado as if trying to narrow it down but it felt in question. Though the north California earthquake did not happen on the 3rd as I expected the Spirits feel a quake on the west coast is coming. I asked them when and they said “now”. We have the 5,6 marked with a prediction but the most likely senerio is the 7th, I might be reading 702, 703 the wrong way.

Rare August Tornado

Has this prediction happened? Please pray for those is Tulsa. Spirit predicted this tornado in Missouri not Tulsa Oklahoma which is about 110 miles away. It was however very surprising for them to make this prediction, normally there aren’t tornado’s in August.

Predictions 8-2-17   “Missouri.. Tornado.. 87 (that implies a timeframe around the 8th)”

Notes 5-5-14

“Our father is very busy.”

“A miracle during a great storm.. cyclone.. such miracles.. hands.. as the stranger saves the child, hold the child, hold the child.. south-east US.”

“Largest amount of human abductions found.. secrets released.. our father cracks the door (opportunity) open.” — I had a visual of a cracked door open and behind the darkness was a young girl, with others in the background.

“Earth.. all of it.. AIDS.. see you around no longer.. tootles (good-bye) to suffering, death, and mourning.. the end and beginning of a year.”

“Oh yes! our father is very busy.. and it is grand.” — Spirits Voice

World Predictions Glossary, Reference: Father

Eric’s Comments: I can’t emphasize enough how much glee came from the spirits with this message, like bouncing little children excited that their father was arriving from a long trip. The second message could be about Boko Haram. Once the first of these predictions happen, which should be the ‘abductions’ I would encourage you to share this awesome message with others. I am honored to be its carrier.

Florida Tornado

Has this prediction happened.

I had a visual of a looming storm that completely destroyed the area around it, houses where left to complete rubble.
The spirits showed a map of Florida and pointed to the area between Daytona Beach and Merritt Island, then they showed the very bottom of Florida.

Notes on 12-10-13
A tornado touched down in several Palm Coast neighborhoods Saturday night, snapping off trees, knocking out power to thousands of customers and causing serious damage to at least a half dozen homes. Quoted News:

Daytona Beach is just south of Palm Coast Florida

Tornado in Italy

This prediction has happened, it reads under Notes on 4-20-13 :

They showed a tornado or quick storm roll in and do great damage. Then they showed a man recording the event in awe.

The Facts:  “A powerful tornado has hit towns and villages close to the Italian city of Bologna. At least 11 people have been injured and several houses were damaged. Amateur video footage shows debris flying above homes across the area, as James Coomarasamy reports.” Quoted News:

They really focused on the video aspect in the vision, and the internet has the video on several sites, we missed the opportunity to gather more details. To see the video click on the BBC site above.