Alabama Storm Damage

This tragic prediction has happened. Everyone in the south please stay safe. The storm damaged Alabama on the 18th. There was a tornado in Mississippi that was tragically damaging. The last part of the prediction has not happened unfortunately they are adding new information that I will post soon that makes that flood worse than I initially expected.

World Predictions 4-17-19 I heard sirens going off, warning people that tornados were coming. Then it shifted to show 4 sirens, and 4 TV screens showing the storms.

In Alabama.. In Tennessee.. tornados and storms rip through.. heavy destruction.. very soon. 

The previous prediction  World Predictions 2-5-19 They implied a timeframe between the 17th-19th.

The Mississippi river will flood.. the homes around the area extensively damaged

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  1. star48 Avatar

    Carolinas and New York …plus next..East Coast

    “Friday has the potential to bring an elevated risk of severe weather, including a few storms with tornadoes and large hail to areas in the Carolinas,” AccuWeather meteorologist Eddie Walker said.

    The storms Friday could stretch from Washington, D.C.,to the Florida peninsula and could produce severe rain in parts of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey and New York.

    “Severe thunderstorms with considerable potential for producing damaging wind gusts and a few tornadoes are expected across much of the southern through mid-Atlantic Coast region, particularly across the Carolinas into southern Virginia late this afternoon and evening,” the National Weather Service said Friday.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Lets pray nothing more happens

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