Multiple Tornadoes Strike the US

This prediction has happened. There were 11 different tornados that hit Texas. The area of damage ranged in multiple locations across the south of the United States. We are off by one day. Please everyone stay safe. Unfortunately there is still one prediction that has not unfolded yet: World Predictions 4-17-19

The Predictions:

World Predictions 4-25-19   I had a visual of an area that was completely decimated by a tornado, the area was completely shredded from one side to the other.

I had a visual of a clock about to turn 12.

“In the deep state.”

A tornado leaves unspeakable damage. Since an hour represents a month, I believe the clock almost turning 12 represents a timeframe at the very end of April. I am not sure what they mean by deep state? They later implied Texas but that could be a separate tornado? I will try and narrow the location down.

224 thoughts on “Multiple Tornadoes Strike the US”

  1. Star48, Rhona…. I’m here! Happy New Year 2020!🎆🎇🎉🎊🥂🍾. Here’s to a great year moving forward. 🌟❤️🙏🏻
    Sorry I was silent for a while. We were moving to another place over the holidays. Eek! Same city different house. Just finished moving out and cleaning the old place last night. I need to catch up but have to unpack everything now.
    Can’t find anything. 😳

    1. Jules104,
      Wishing you…Bread and Salt…
      For your new home! Great for a new Year..l👏🏻
      Wishing you all good things…
      (Still in my prayers!)🙏🏻

  2. jules104
    had to sign in again ..🤔😶
    wishing you peacec and joy in your new home ..
    make time to test and sleep 😶😊
    wish we could wiggle our noses like Samantha in bewitched and open a box it finds its on spot on shelves and in cupboards ..
    All the best .
    blessings for2020 .

  3. star 48
    tried Egypt thread
    i did a couple of time before to no avail ..
    this time it worked as I signed up again instead of just logging in hope it is sorted now

  4. star 48 jules 104
    it seems i have to agree to new posts appeari f i reader ..lets see if its working now .

  5. star48 Jules 104
    volcano Discovery had 5.2m nth pacific ocean
    quake 2hrs ago as header link but when you click on link its not there no record of it .🤔

  6. star48 jules104
    Puerto Rico is swarming again..
    ahha this time i logged out and in and follow stayed green ..might be back in business.
    yay 😄😀

  7. Rhona2, having these problems…maybe Rhona3 us a good idea
    Or Rhona1 ?

    Side note.
    I am going to put that info about closure on Australia state Hwy..okay?

  8. Star48 jules 104
    thanks star the article on extict volcanos was
    excellent I really enjoyed the writers closing comments and questions at the end …..
    Eg..magnetic fields ….why do many volcanos erupt all at once ? etc..

  9. star48 jules 104
    login all sorted it was a browser prob ..
    yay im absolutely back . 🙄 I say with fingers x.

      1. Eric,
        Rhona2, can give you the particulars…
        She told me it was a browser problem..I have asked her to answer your question,,,✔️

          1. Eric,

            Had that you win…from Amazon at the same time Rhona had “problem”

            But it has stopped..has not happened…again…

  10. star48 thank you for alerting me ..
    i would have answered for sure ..
    ERIC …
    I didnt change any settings but when i logged out every time i went to site i had to log in with password etc ..some of my comments during this period ..about 5 days.. disappeared as well..
    in the end it appears my browser had blocked pop up cookies and tracking …as soon as I allowed this ..No sign in problems now ..
    thank you for asking …I had intended to let you know via e mail but felt it could be resolved at my end ..
    Hapoy now have posted several comments without trouble .😁

      1. Eric
        the only problem is that the site insist on
        allowing pop up adds and cookies … to allow us to post a comment and stay logged in automaticaly
        this is normal practice from what i have gleened for web sites .
        i had to ok itvon my browser as it had turned off somehow ..maybe granchildren accidently turned it off ..
        everything is working fine now so IT is not needed ..

  11. sorry not the map i wanted to post above .
    Alot of low mag movement from Off shore Oregon ..Geysers..Malibu…Ocotillo..Aguana .

    1. Rhona2,
      At least it is a beginning! Another wave of rain could be on the way!
      This is a ray of light….let’s pray for more!🙏🏻

    2. Star48, Rhona.. so glad to hear some rain is falling. Praying for more to occur. I feel so bad for all of the animals and people who have been affected there in AU. 🙏🏻❤️

  12. star48 jules 104
    I agree I believe this rain is a ray of of light and join you in prayers for more .
    Thanks you two

  13. star48
    exciting find for those who found them though
    brings it home possible larger ones could happen …Northern Italy had a meteorite show ..🙄 happy no one hurt any size can cause probs if hit in unfortunate spot..

  14. star48
    thank you for Fuego update prays love and light ..hopefulky she doesnt cause problems for
    them ..andcall stay safe…

  15. star 48
    Thank you for being thankful that is most supportive .😍 yes its good these men and women got off safely ..
    Popo .. wow what an explosion 1km distance some of it travelled …it looks incredible on video …prayers live and light she was just blowing a safety valve and doesnt escalate ..

  16. star48
    Germany Poland fire ball was very bright .
    they just keep coming..
    japan..Kuchinoerabujima .what a mouth full that is ti say..a watch 👀

    1. Wow! It sounds as if there’s a good chance of a major eruption/tsunami there with Taal. Moving 300,00 people in Batangus also. That’s a lot of people! Glad they are taking this seriously though. Thanks for the updates Star48.

  17. star48 kules 104
    Volcamic Tsunami is possible …8,000 people
    at least they are preparing for the worst ..
    prayers love and light to Taal and the peoples of suurounding areas ..
    Thanks for articles star

    1. Star48, Rhona…. Yes calling for snow in the valley here this week. We’ve had a lot of wind and rain here on the Coast. I got stuck in a hail and rain storm while out walking yesterday am! Sheesh I was like what the hey?? It was coming down hard sideways. 💨❄️🌊💦🥴😑 Then the sun came out. Go figure.
      Thanks for all the updates.

  18. Jules 104
    Now thats not the way to have a refreshing walk …🤕 Hail 😨… you brought out the sunshine Jules lol ..😄😄😄
    seriously risky when it comes in that way ..glad it wasnt giving you injury …

    1. Rhona2, jules104,
      What happy news…rain..
      (Did the aboriginal rain dances help?)
      Thanks for the positive direction….🔛

  19. star48
    Canals in Venice running dry ..
    This is crazy 😨 we prayed for the floods to receed but this is over the top ..
    unusual tide activity going on there ..something is affecting the tides .
    Long shot ..Magnetics of some sort ..
    climate change ?
    prayers love and light to Venice oh dear ..

  20. star48 jules 104
    Thank you for your joy at the rais comug to eastern Australia ..
    as far as im aware Star ..Aboringines have accepted this a a cycle that comes ..
    Im not aware of them doing a rain dance as native Americans do … Im sure they have asked the ancestors for guidance in this situation we have in our country with fire .
    They believe slow burns is the way and eucalytus trees should not be allowed to overtake the land as its the most flamable tree in the world .
    here is an article with some explaination how they view this

    1. Rhona thanks for the great link on the Aboriginals view of things. I agree, humans have disrespected the planet. Maybe they should take some of what the Aboriginals know and apply it. Makes sense to me. Hopefully we won’t need to destroy ourselves completely before we wake up. 😕🙏🏻

  21. Jules 104
    yes I agree and a clearing around property of 1km or so with burrows in ground within clearing for animals to hide in ..
    most animals during a fire will head for a clearing and they use wombat burrows to hide in .They would find these burrows through instinct ..
    our governmet probably would fund the exercise but farmers can get out their dozers etc and do it themselves ..
    just putting it out there …tip from Kryon
    have a listen
    [audio src="" /]

    1. Star48, Rhona… that’s amazing scientific research and technology they are using. Hopefully they can help save lives with it. Praying there is nothing bigger coming for Japan . 🙏🏻

  22. star48
    slow slip event detected along Nankai Trough
    This is excellent detection ..hopefully it will help them in future …
    watching though 👀 sending prayers love and light to mother earth ..
    Thanks for Volcano update 😊

    1. Rhona2,
      Sounds great! The only wide eyed moment of the reading of the article was going barefoot during the burning!!
      Is this like a walking on coals moment?

  23. jules 104 star48
    here is the reason they go barefoot its so wonderful exerpt…

    communication could be heard and felt underground from one set of calloused feet to another, perhaps an ancestor or relative standing still 40 miles away. Like the way cellular activity travels through the web, there actually is a an ethereal web of connective lines, dendritic and expansive, something like the web of a spider.

  24. star48
    I remember the video footage well if when it exploded last time ….im hoping it is seeping in a way that eases the threat of another explosion …
    Though the seepage itself is a problem for the peoples …love and light to the area ..

  25. Rhona2,Jules104,

    Ref;;; pre …mudslide or wave– predictions…


    Two deep cyclones were spotted forming over the North Pacific Ocean on January 20, 2020– simultaneously occurring between Asian and North American continents. The twins are expected to head towards the northwestern US and southwest Canada, bringing severe winds and rough waves into coastal areas.

  26. star 48 Jules 104
    i posted deep sorrow over this firefighter plane crash ..but it has disappeared once again putting forward my prayers love and light to familues and friends ..and gratitude for their Service in our Country ..

    Three firefighters dead after Large Air Tanker crashes while fighting bushfires in southern NSW

    1. Thank You Rhona! The C-130 is what my son worked on. They were know for stress fractures but great airplanes otherwise. I think maybe the age of the planes and what was expected out of them job wise. Very sad about the three who passed in AU. Everything about the fires there has been very sad. I feel so bad for all of the poor animals which were caught up in these fires also.
      I hope people listen to the aborigines and Kyron and prepare for the next fire season ahead of time. Thanks for the link. 🙏🏻

      1. Thank You Eric! I agree… fire fighters are constantly putting themselves in harms way to save others and keep us all safe. May their families and loved ones find peace.🙏🏻

    1. Thanks for all of the updates Star48! You are the best! Not sure what we’d do without you here on the site keeping us all updated on the News, Mother Nature, etc 🤗

    2. star 48
      hopefully not to create any problems for Raykjavik capitol ..its only 54km away ..
      love and light iceland .

  27. Rhona2,Jules 104

    Tsunami warning is issued for Jamaica and Cuba after a 7.7-magnitude earthquake strikes in the Caribbean
    The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami alert for Jamaica, Cuba and the Cayman Islands on Tuesday
    A 7.7-magnitude earthquake was reported in the Caribbean at 2.10pm EST
    The epicenter was 72 miles northwest of Lucea, Jamaica, at a depth of 6.2 miles

    1. Jules104,Rhona2,
      Thanks for the FYI..
      I feel there is going to be another @8 mag (plus?)soon
      Across the way..
      Did you ever notice how major eq’s mirror each other?

    1. Thanks for all of the updates Star48…lots going on with the volcanos lately. Wow on that new fault system with NZ! Amazing what science can tell us from the past and the eq/tsunami possibilities in the future. Praying for calm there!🙏🏻

  28. star48 Jules 104
    been out of loop a little baby sitting ..😁
    long hours of shifts for hospital workers .
    more time once schools back ..though i have loved every moment ..

    Thanks for all the updates ..
    New faults being mapped off NZ will give them some answers ..
    Cayman Isle Jules I agree wouldnt want to be there ..
    looking to Etna to quiet down I hope .👀
    blessings you two

    1. No worries Rhona. I always forget you all down under are on a different schedule than us Yanks up here!🙃😉
      Glad to hear from you. Always nice when we are all here for our chats but I definitely get the babysitting thing. Not much time left afterwards. Glad you are getting time with those grand-babies of yours though. Kids grow too fast these days.😇☺️

      1. Rhona 2,Jules 104,
        So envious of your children and grandchildren!
        Spend as much time as possible! You are both so fortunate!
        I have the time to contribute my little bit…of time and effort..

        Nothing compared to your contributions for posterity…🤗
        My thoughts are with all of You!

  29. jules 104 star 48
    a curious wave of 5 s to 4.8
    kuril 5.
    Tonga 4.8
    Greece 4.8
    Tawain 4.6
    portugal 4+
    China 4+
    all in last 4 to 5 hrs ..

  30. star48 jules 104
    thank you for iceland update star ..
    watching …
    just got a SF from singer so earthquake watch he is saying not huge but noteable .

  31. star48 jules 104
    wow part of Apollo group of asteroids and 1 lunar mile from earth ..its becoming the norm its happening so often .
    Mt Sannine dash cam footage of fire ball was brilliant ..
    Thanks for info star great to keep up with it all .

    1. Rhona praying for everyone’s safety there on the West Coast of AU, and for a downgrade from the expected 3 category coming in on Saturday. 🙏🏻
      Keep us updated on Damien.

  32. jules104 star48
    yes here we go again ..Hubby flew out this morning …they are preparing for major flooding ..i will let you know what he experiences from the mine site ..
    Singer has given me Kentukey Rain song implying much flooding up north ..he also added…rain for Perth from this with thunder storms …
    will let you know ..
    Thanks for keeping watch ..❤

    1. Rhona2, Jules104,
      Just a thought…
      Prepare yourself ☔️💦for too much rain…
      ( just a feeling)

  33. star48 Jules 104
    😯 oo i just remebered .
    hubby was situng in family room whilst i was out back..yesturday …
    When i came in he said ..
    Where did that wind come from ? Did you here that?..
    It was calm outside …🤔😨
    He then said
    No way it was a loud rush of wind ..I heard it..
    I reminded him we have had shared clairaudience before and sighted occasions to remind him ..
    He has never had on his own .
    I then put it to him it could relate to the cyclone he was heading into to be extra vigilant ..
    They may get more wind there than they are expecting …

    1. Rhona 2,Jules104,
      You could also be getting more wind..there than you expect..
      Batten down the hatches…

      1. star48
        your so right …it just maybe it will track down coast as well and cross nearer to us causing more wind ..yes …good point star .
        wiil batten down the hatches ..

    2. Wow that’s great! How awesome Rhona. I can only imagine Hubbys face.😳
      I’m with Star48…batten down the hatches in both locations.🙏🏻

    1. Praying for everyone’s safety there Rhona. Hopefully it will lose some of its strength. Keep us posted. Will be sending love and light to surround all of you.

  34. jules 04 star48
    hubby just phoned ..they are in lock down ..
    yellow alert pending red ..
    not allowed out of rooms till after tomorrow morning …they have been given stocks of water and food as precaution…all non essential workers have been flown out ..
    Thanks for prayers love and light .

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,

      My thoughts and prayers are ALWAYS with you…and your family…

      If you had anything to worry about Eric, and Singer would have said something…

      Hugs to you.🤗🤗🤗🤗 do not fash…❤️

      Sent from my iPad


    2. Rhona, Thanks for keeping us posted. I second what Star48 said, Dinna fash yourself… Singer would have sent you a message.
      Praying for a downgrade in the storm and safety for everyone there in WA!🙏🏻🌟❤️🤗😇🙏🏻

  35. star48
    Your the best ..there isnt anything else i would like to have read and said to me than
    Dinny Fash ..😍😘😙🤗
    Your right they would have ..
    blessings .
    oh yeah they have just gone to red alert
    so prayers for Port Hedland and Karratha .

    1. Jules104,
      Thanks…caught that Oregon Eq..( had to post to Cascade Range and Yellowstone volcano site)

      With the random eq’s and the heat in Anarctica (65 degrees) don’t know what to think anymore…

      1. Ditto Star48!🤔
        Noticed a few 4.8’s for South Sandwhich just after the 6.1 there. Then a similar in size 4.7 off our coast here. Probably just a coincidence though.

      2. Correction Star48, actually the 4.7 off our coast happened before the 4.8’s occurred.
        Noticed Kilauea magma on the move and a 3.0 Oklahoma. It’s been pretty active over there.

  36. star48 Jules 104
    all clear ..Karratha recieve fair damage ..
    mine is operational tomorrow ..
    a bit of flooding but all is well..

    1. star48
      thanks for Piton de la fournase update..
      yes we escaped here in Perth from rain and such ..
      Hubby had gale force winds reach 140km hr
      at some points son and i had the live read out chart on our phones for duratiin of cyclone
      over his mine sight ..a little flooding in rooms but some of pits 3 in total are full of water and inoperable till they pump them ..
      hope all stays stable after that ..ground is sodden ..

  37. Rhona, happy to hear that cyclone Damien has passed and hubby is doing well. I’m sure that gave you a bit of a scare during the worst of it. They must have gotten a lot of rain there to fill up those mines! Praying they get them drained soon and everything is safe and stable for everyone there when returning to work. 🙏🏻😇🌟

    1. Thanks Star48…that’s just crazy how big the area was that it covered and how deep everything was covered in ash from that Super Volcano. 5000 times worse than Mt St Helens! I can’t imagine that

  38. star48 jules 104
    Im Glad they are planning safety precautions .
    this has been brewing as we have noted ..
    aside This quake Nth Indian Ocean is right on Sri Lankas door step
    there is more activity of concern around There
    sth Sumatra 3.5m @192km deep
    sth Sumatra @ 10km shallow
    Nth Sumatra 4.6m @ 169km deep
    Burma 4.6m @ 38km
    watching Indian Ocean 👀

    1. star48
      wow is right unbelieveable no building damage
      20ft crater 😰
      it was just a matter of time before one did this .
      here is hoping no more hit like that and create life hazard …
      thanks Star

    1. jules 104 star 48
      jules those views astronauts saw are pure magic …and i liked pic number 11 out of all the others I just love how the tree looks lol 🤗😊
      Thanks for posting the article .

  39. star48 jules 104
    wow they are strong eruptions …very …
    will be keeping eye out 👁
    hope you had a great Valentines you two

  40. Rhona, Star48…
    I hope you both had a wonderful and happy Valentines Day!💗💜❤️
    Sorry for the delay…I have been dealing with a sinus infection that went into my eye. Eek! It’s pretty much under control now though since I went to the doctor. No fun I tell ya. 🤧🥴
    Blessings You Two🙏🏻😇🌟

    1. Jules104,
      Glad you got it under sorry for your misery..🤕
      It sounds as if your Valentine’s Day was tolerable…
      Well, here are some hugs 🤗 🤗🤗🤗and I will send some kisses 😘😘😘 here is hoping this year of the rat gets better….( by the way that is my Chinese sign..)

      1. star48 jules 104
        Star what happened are things ok now ..
        I just read Jules post to you ..
        i cant find a post explaining you ordeal..
        is it ok to ask?

  41. hey guys my bad ..
    JULES so sorry to hear of your sinus infection ..
    I miss read the post name ..those sinus infections especially in the eye are really nasty ..sending hugs and love to you
    I was thiking it was Star having an ordeal..
    I feel quite inept right now forgive me..
    i just saw Jules as your opener Star and mistook it for Jules posting
    blessings you two

    1. Rhona2,Jules104,
      No problem on my side..
      Jules104, hope your feeling better ? Today?
      Hate to think you are in pain…😰

  42. star48
    oo 😮certainly can see the deformation in those images …it looks quite pronounced .
    prayers for all in Tangurahua vicinity .
    thank you

  43. star48
    Popopcateptl and fire ball ..
    there was a good numbr of people saw this one and the overview vid over vilcano was clear as a bell …
    this fireball was a little closer to meteor predictions location .🤔

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