Earthquake Coming

A few days ago I posted the New Zealand earthquake prediction. I assumed 2 0 was either the 2nd or 20th. Today I posted a prediction about the UK poisoning that was from 6-18-17, and was reminded of this prediction below talking about an earthquake. It looks like Spirit was reminding us about this previous prediction  and its countdown about a quake by re-introducing ‘2 0’.  However the issue now is location, as both messages talk about different locations. I will try and bring clarity to the location.

If the prediction on 6-15 is counting down from 20 this earthquake is coming very soon.

Predictions 6-18-18

On 6-15:  “20.. earthquake.. so massive”

“Around 800”

At first I thought 8 was the magnitude but could also be the hour, 8 o clock.

I asked several times for a location, they kept talking about the ‘rolling’ event.  Is 20 a date or countdown? They aren’t letting go of this large earthquake.., it’s still coming. The visual showed one large quake.

on 6-16 they showed a map of North California, its possible they are presenting the location of the earthquake. However they never entirely linked the two.

Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake

I had a visual of a set of crackers in a bag, one part of the bag was exposed, almost as if someone cut a square out of the bag.

“New Zealand area.. earthquake”

Then Spirit wrote 2 then 0

As many of you know crackers represent earthquakes, I am unclear on what the rest of the message means, however if we are to follow the shape of the bag and the area exposed it could refer to the Wellington area of New Zealand.

The numbers could go two different directions, the 20th or the 2nd and 0 means we are out of time.

We are expecting an earthquake in early July. It was marked last month.

86 thoughts on “Earthquake Coming

  1. Perhaps it is the 20th Parallel South. It runs across Australia.
    Maybe that is where the quake will be centered, but the damage will extend to New Zealand.
    Just an idea.

    1. A prediction was made regarding an earthquake….plymouth…australia…new zealand a couple of years back. Also a brisbane tsunami predicted in 2017 and again this year. Id think possibly the nz city of new plymouth which sits on the shores of the tasman sea would be hit or offshore and the shockwaves trigger a tsunami which would hit the australian east coast on the other side of the tasman sea.

  2. Eric recently on July 3rd a psychic named David Johnson who is American but lives in Sydney Australia, was asking about what’s happening this summer with Trump, he was channeling on that and got a message of a building falling down, first believing it was in Manhattan and then shown possibly in CA and more specifically San Francisco, caused by what seemed like an earthquake. He saw two eqs, one north and one south, and a wave going from the West Coast towards Asia. He said San Diego may get the other EQ. And LA was not affected as much as SF. I found this interesting seeing as you’ve sort of predicted similar. The actual point was that CA would get no help from the Administration (Trump). So the earthquakes part were a bit of a surprise for him. Could this EQ be for N CA instead of NZ?
    He has also had some channels on hurricanes which seemed eerily similar to your old prediction about the hurricane in Florida that was massive. Saying to evacuate and leave right away. Saw cars stuck on the highway and the hurricane wasn’t expected for some reason. It reminded me of your old prediction where it turns at last minute.

    1. recuerden la prediccion de 3 hutracanes espalda con espalda sobre la florida y que el ultimo iba a ser muy destructor. llegue a la conclusion de espalda con espalda se referia a año tras año y el del terceraño iaba serel super destructor, esto es este año.

  3. could 20 be countdown in days from 15th june when prediction made. so that would make a quake around 6th july maybe

  4. Look at Dutchsinse on u tube who reports and predicts on earthquakes. A lot of things are happening in NZ and all over the world

  5. Dear Eric,

    I live in Sonoma County in Northern California and the other day we had a very small quake. It was so small ( just under 4) that I shouldn’t have felt it. But when it hit it felt like the house dropped down a couple of feet with a huge thump. The quake was over in just a second or two, but it occurred to me that what i experienced could be a precursor to a much larger quake.

  6. England had a 3.0 earthquake. Third one in three weeks. I didn’t know England had earthquakes.

      1. The British Isles has had 27 earthquakes in the last 50 days. They are usually only tiny tremors but 2 of them have been a 3 magnitude. There have been 5 with a 5 to 6 magnitude in the last 100 years.

      2. There are minor trembles regularly. Only very occasionally it’s a noticeable one that causes damage. We had a 5.2 in our region about ten years ago. Luckily the epicentre was a county with nothing but fields of crops, so little harm, but even miles away it was very exciting!

    1. Eric, the UK’s highest mag earthquake was 5.4 on land (6.1 in the North Sea) ~ going all the way back in the records to 1382.

  7. Eric/SWC, here is the dutchsinse update from July 4th 10:00 pm. It’s long but really good and of course…get ready for a geology lesson from Dutch .🤓 Also around minute 1:02:26 he talks about expecting an EQ for N CA but at this time he’s guessing maybe in the 5 range? That can always be wrong though or change.
    He does his weekly forecast update each Sunday at 10:00 pm and I know on that one he was warning for something in NZ based on all the deep EQs north of there. Just an FYI. That would have been from July 1st 10:00 pm I believe and should be able to find it on YouTube. This one I’ve added is just a daily update. So for those interested I’ll add the link.
    Really though since a lot of EQs are being down graded or not reported at all, these EQs forecasted by him could be higher. Hope it helps.

  8. una vidente griega creo:
    Mientras estaba orando mis oraciones de la mañana, el ángel se me apareció y me saludó diciendo: “Yo soy el Ángel del Señor”. Me envió a revelarte los eventos que sucederán en el mundo muy pronto “.
    Continuó, “Tengo que decirte que habrá un gran terremoto. Será el terremoto más grande de la historia y sucederá en China. Esto sucederá muy, muy pronto y, de ahora en adelante, hasta septiembre de este año habrá muchas calamidades en el mundo “.
    “Dios se ofende demasiado por la humanidad en el mundo. Ora para que Dios sea misericordioso con las muchas almas que morirán en estas calamidades y desastres “.

    Mensaje dado el 17 de junio de este año

  9. The rare southern right whale has been in Wellington harbour for 4 days now, hopefully not a sign as usually they beach themselves

    1. im in wellington and worry myself. its unusual. one whale playing around in harbour almost a warning sign

      1. Holaca and James, thanks for updating on this amazing whale at wellington harbour. Found this on network as its a positive sign for Maori. So it’s a good news and praying that it stays good news! 🙂 pleasw keep us posted.

    2. 4 days??!! Wow…why it hanging out at Wellington that long…..any idea? Is it just one whale or more?

      1. Lossie thanks for the video and update on the whale in Wellington’s harbor. Wonderful! I hope it’s doing well and is in good health. Seems to be.
        (There was no reply box on that comment so I commented here😉)

        1. James, hi
          Maybe he is looking to get out..he/she thinks it is the Strait?

          The spy hopping is a means of looking for help? Or he/She is an exhibtionist…
          Or is having fun..
          It’s navigation is off …?
          The worry is 4 days or more? It needs to feed..

          It will be interesting to see how long it takes to leave the bay…

  10. I have my earthquake tracker set to alert me to anything over a 5. It was pinging consistently this week and then nothing today. I double checked it to make sure it was running and only 2 earthquakes over a 5 today. That is exceptionally rare. Pressure is building.

      1. Star-

        I saw that one. That one was the one that made me check to make sure my app was running. I had missed one earlier in the day.

        Having it strike Russia is odd to me. I have been using this tracker for over a year and have only seen a couple of quakes from that region. Something is brewing.

        1. DopeandDiamonds !
          I agree..
          Off the wall eq’s
          Israel..UK., Nebraska and it is too quiet.on the west coast..of US,

          Yet us monitor next 48 hrs..keep watch..👀👁

      2. Dopeanddiamond, same here..I’m physically fine…no pains…usually occur within days or weeks before the mega quakes or volcanoes. I had extremely pains related to Hawaii and other several volcanoes eruption all at the same time. Crazy…but I’m fine now.

        I’ve noticed UK, Russia and other places that rarely have quakes even small magnitudes. One from SWC reported from Sonoma County in Calif felt like a quick 2 feet below. Oh crap….it’s slowly slipping preparING for a bigger one very soon. Praying people leave Calif just a matter of when.

  11. Thanks for those links. Very interesting! BTW, do you find your symptoms release a few hours before an event happens? Or a few days?

    1. To me, it released shortly after thr quakes but with hawaii volcano eruptions lasted 2 to 3 months in April to current. Thr unbearable pains last almost a month in April and May. I think it had to do the ongoing pressures in volcano activities. There are multiple volcanoes such as unusual songoing steamboat gyser in Yellowstone. I believe it’s connected to Hawaii activities. There are other volcano activities around the Same time with Mexico, NZ (boiling heat crater lakes), Japan, and others. Hawaii is in the center of the ring of fire. Very heavy activitie that caused severely back pain for long period of time. I’m not feeling pain now and the Hawaii activity is slowing down.

      1. Swampy, usually thr pains occurred like from a day to a week before quakes and volcano eruption.

  12. AEST this morning, Sun 7 July, NZ had a 6.5 mag Earthquake off the Coast of their North Island. So far BOM is reporting No Tsunami. Thank goodness. I live on the Coast above Sydney and we flood very easily.

    1. Correction : 8am AEST – Sun 8th July (in Australia). NZ Earthquake above NZ’s North Island (Kermandec Islands) now downgraded to 6.1 mag and some saying 5.9 mag.

  13. Japan” “7 00. hapoened on the 7th for flooding which haopened 8th in new zealand due to time date diff.

    quake u said 800. so could be 8th july.
    that mean 9th july new zealand as we are ahead.
    i was going with nz quake 9th or 12th.
    so 8th american date could be.

  14. i interpret ya msg 20 days approx countdown from prediction provided and quake around the 8th july. u had said 700 japan and their flood happened on 7th july. so using same method maybe 8th in america there is quake. be 9th for NZ.
    if take into account time date difd for nz could be 9th july for quake.

  15. Eric did u notice for japan flood they gave u 700. it happened 7th july flooding.
    could 800 be date. ie 8th. not magnitude.

    just 700 for japan and 800 for quake numbers are simular.

  16. start quote

    Predictions on 11-8-15 New Zealand Earthquake
    Spirit what prediction is coming next?

    I had a visual of a bird with overgrown feet/legs and a large beak. This message was followed by the prediction about the earthquake:

    In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
    The 25 will be lost to this

    end quote.

    when u say 25 will be lost. there is 25 ministers of cabinet in wellington capital beehive.
    maori predict destruction wellington. beehive is disteoyed. the 25 are the 25 ministers of parliment. i just put this together.
    in 3 or 4 means years. 3 years from 2015. is 2018.
    7 is relate to july.

  17. Predictions on 11-8-15 New Zealand Earthquake
    Spirit what prediction is coming next?

    I had a visual of a bird with overgrown feet/legs and a large beak. This message was followed by the prediction about the earthquake:

    In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
    The 25 will be lost to this

    in this old post above u mention a 7 which i see as july. it has an 0 and 2. ya latest ones talk about 20 or a 2 and 0 could these relate.
    this def is talking about new zealand.
    and 25 lost is def the 25 members of parlimant in wellington.
    and a post year ago talked about between two land masses. above one says in 3 or 4 which i see as years from 2015.

    im in wellington and waiting for this big one so can get it out of the way until another 150years.

    1. James on, ” the overgrown feet/legs and long beak” is the type of Kiwi bird in New Zeland.

  18. also can crackers mean bombs. ie man made quakes caused by bombs placed deep beneath. so alpt of quakes are not natural but man made. hence crackers. bombs causing the quakes to happen

  19. James on, is the “Wellington ” whale still hanging out at the harbor? Just curious how long it’s been there. It was a beautiful thing when it came by to visit before the 4th of July. ♡

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