Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake

I had a visual of a set of crackers in a bag, one part of the bag was exposed, almost as if someone cut a square out of the bag.

”New Zealand area.. earthquake”

Then Spirit wrote 2 then 0

As many of you know crackers represent earthquakes, I am unclear on what the rest of the message means, however if we are to follow the shape of the bag and the area exposed it could refer to the Wellington area of New Zealand.

The numbers could go two different directions, the 20th or the 2nd and 0 means we are out of time.

We are expecting an earthquake in early July. It was marked last month.

182 thoughts on “Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake

  1. it was airily still in wellington this morning when i headed to work, this usually is an ominous sign of an earthquake. Lets hope nothing happens but on the other hand, we wellingtonians are used to quakes and most buildings and other critical infrastructure are designed to withstand even the biggest shake.

    1. Agreed – our home withstood the Kaikoura shake with only minor plaster cracking around the joints and a slightly offset sliding door. And don’t worry about the still weather, we’re expecting a decent southerly in a few hours’ time.

    2. As a side note the Christchurch earthquake had a pga that remains the second strongest in recorded history and was double the size of earthquake building code. So even though buildings here meet specs earthquakes actually don’t always follow that building code

  2. ” crackers in a bag” could be like the mutiple cracks on the rolling hills. Let’s hope no one fall thru the large gap of cracks. Probably not very deep to fall through but it’s opened up in split for a car size to fall in.

    1. “A set of crackers in a bag” could be like dominoes that spread and far or comes next to next…

      Or it could be like a firework sounds in a bag.

      Keep brainstorming. ….

  3. Notes 8-1-15 “Sorry Eric, its 1130″ “NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” — Spirits Voice

    id say quake in tasman sea cook strait between wanganui mt taranaki.
    close to wellington.

    will effect new plymouth new zealand and wellington. felt far as australia south.
    also tsunami with it.

    im guessing 9th or 12th july.


    This prediction may mesh into the the one about a tsunami striking 39 different locations & in particular the one about a tsunami hitting what Eric describes as appearing like the Gold Coast (although Spirits said ‘Brisbane hit hard’).

    To all our friends over ‘the ditch’ pease stay safe. I hope this passes with no more than a bit of shake & a day off work!

    If its the Alpine Fault ‘un-zipping’ then we’re all going to be effected, both sides of the Tasman.


    1. Its a distinct possibility, an earthquake in New Zealand creating a tsunami in Australia. The first time in Australasia modern history a cataclysmic disaster effects both Australia and New Zealand simultaneously. Something like this would no doubt only strengthen the already strong NZ-Au relations.

  5. Unless dutchsinse mentions a large quake for nz, I wouldn’t worry, he’s the only one people should trust with earthquakes.

    1. Respectfully disagree. I’ve lost count how many times he’s forecast a quake of over M5 and nothing happens.

  6. Eric/SWC, here is the Farsight Timecross Project remote viewing for July 2018. They are changing up how they do things in August so this one is a bit short and different but has one viewer seeing a large EQ possibly Tokyo she said and another viewer a volcanic eruption with lava flow close by a city. The July prediction starts at minute 10:17 if you’d like to skip to it, for those interested.

  7. Eric/SWC, here is dutchsinse latest Sunday pm weekly update for those interested. The forecast starts around minute 38:00 if you want to skip forward.

  8. Had a bewildered dream today and almost too real to experience real emotions. It was long dream. Ride in strange train alike but it’s not in our period of time nor in past era. It was a train alike and seen the flooding arose in our path….had to back up and trap btw the water arising. No one die but sit and wait for water to go away. Seen the bizarre circle shapes like moon . One is above, one is bottom, several in clutter on the right and one on the left and the fifth on the northwest. Then vanished. It was dark….we were floating above the rising water. Tried to text on different mode og phone as never seen before but not able to send it. It’s pretty much I can remember for today bewildered dream.


    It’s hard to tell when and which place will be hit next. However, It’d be good to know the background history of NZ earthquake and volcano and be familiar with it. I find it interesting to know that north island has active volcanoes than south island which is extinct. Let see if I can find that on internet. I used to live north of Wellington in Lower Hutt and experienced the Mt Rupeahu eruption and slightly few earthquakes that flicked the electeicity in 1995. Now it’s frequent and lively active for these last 10 years. Crazy…

  10. Omg! I wish we were able to screenshot on this forum! I had posted in my private Facebook group on the 18th or 19th of June 2017 about my Dreamtime (my dreams are normally prophetic) .. it showed a massive road accident precursor to a destructive earthquake. I remember in my dreams standing at a rural road and seeing a road smash and multiple souls leaving their bodies…
    Just after this happened, I looked to the sky to see the typical “rainbow coloured clouds or lights” that usually show up before a quake and I remember freaking out about it and nobody seemed fussed. Then the earthquake hit! I remember hearing the words COUNTRY CORNER or KAIKOURA… I wasn’t sure if that’s in relation to the quake or accident but the road accident happened here in Waverley NZ (corner of the country) on a rural country corner of the road. Only a couple of weeks ago.. 7 people died, 6 of them at the scene. 1 in hospital. On the news it said it was the worst road accident in our country since 2005.

    Now I see whales are showing up in Wellington Harbour and one has been swimming around in the harbour for days. Whales are always thought to be signs of upcoming earthquakes and they are very special messengers in indigenous NZ/Maori culture.

    I feel strongly that the quake IS for New Zealand Eric.

    Also, on this thread I saw that someone sent a link to a YouTube video of people doing remote viewings and one remote viewer was witnessing a future earthquake and she was drawing what she saw, she mentioned that she believed the quake hit at 8am (which is perhaps why you saw 800)?
    She also saw it as in an urban area and also she said it was like a lightning strike through the ground and the road opened up.
    At first she said “New York” but then she said Japan and she started getting confused because it was a multi cultural place she was seeing (as is nz)..

    My thoughts for ya.

    1. maybe meant “corner of the country” in that case location is at the corner of the country.
      maybe a quake between wanganui and taranaki in the location of waverley.
      a number of whales did beach and die just weeks back in that location also at a beach just west of waverley.

    2. Eric, Oceansintuitivehealing,SWC,

      Colored sky
      In the last few days.

      Ref::Just after this happened, I looked to the sky to see the typical “rainbow coloured clouds or lights” that usually show up before a quake and I remember freaking out about it and nobody seemed fussed

      In the last few days..strange colored phenomena..around the world..

  11. A Waitangi dawn ceremony on 6 February 2011 ended with a Maori elder prophesying the destruction of Wellington in a huge earthquake that would leave the roof of the Beehive “lying in the debris of the streets.” It was reported on TV, radio, print and internet news sites. Here’s the transcript:

    “We know when we hear the news broadcast or televised on TV, they say here is the news and it is often good news and bad news, and so with the word of the Lord, it is good news and bad news. I wish I didn’t have to say this, what I have to say, but I have to say it. I’ve seen the destruction of Wellington, 38 years ago. A terrible earthquake is going to hit Wellington. The Lord has shown me the harbour water going out and coming back as a tsunami. I’ve seen the Lord ride the waters out and bring it back and the waves started to seethe from Kaiapoi to Kaikoura, the south east of the south island it started to move up. It got to Wellington and part of it went on to the North Island towards Whanganui and Taranaki. I’ve seen body bags lying in the streets of Wellington. I’ve seen the army called into Wellington. I’ve seen houses on the hills of Wellington, some of them disappeared. Last of all I want you to know this, and you can judge me for what it is worth. I have seen the roof of the Beehive lying in the debris of the streets of Wellington. No time was given in terms of years, and I’ve waited 38 years to say this. The only indication given was the month of June.”

    interpretation. key locations where mentioned.
    exactly between kaiapoi and kaikora we had a massive 7.8 quake. wanganui and taranaki was mentioned. so maybe car crash event between both locations wanganui and taranaki at waverley or big quake yet to occur at waverley between wanganui and mt taranaki like what happened between kaiapoi and kaikora. also 38 is metioned twice. a countdown wait period of 38. and a time also of 38. his prophetic message was cryptic. is coubtdown 38 from final event between wanganui and taranaki. or waiting from 1st june or end of june. and maybe a time of 3.08.

    wonder what spirit thinks.

      1. yeah i got from my interpretation of cryptic message.

        he says 38 two times. no one waits 38yrs to tell a vision. and he said no time given. he was meaning the opposite. 38 can be 38days from 1st june or end june. or 11 days if u were to add the two numbers.

        no time given he said. and mentioned 38 again. so 3 and 8 could be the time.

        just a hunch and guess.

        back in 2011 his maori message didnt mean much bit after the kaikora quake its making sense. his story is cryptic and he talks about very specific key towns.
        they are like marker events leading to the final one.

      2. also a worry a large rare whale is dancing in wellington harbour. some say its a good sign for maori new year. i dont think so. its a warning….

        i think time is up for maori prophecy.

      3. maori prophecy provides key marker events. the towns mentioned. he gives the wait countdown period. and the time. he doesnt need to provide the year he provides marker events ie hamer springs quake between kaiapoi and kaikora. and something to occur betwren wanganui and taranaki. mt tarananki.

        i think another quake between wanganui and mt taranaki yet to hapoen. or wellington quake and quake between these two towns. soon coming.
        ie two quakes simultanous.

        will hav to wait and see.

        id watch out for 9th july. 12th july.
        and also around 3 oclock am or pm.

      4. some predictions talk about quake in 3. could be a time. also 1130 has been mentioned on this site for nz quake.
        can be quake 12th july but in americ date would be 11. and 3 is the time.

        search this site for new zealand u will see. can peiece all together.

        1. These earthquakes have been bungled by us, normally we have one prediction that holds its own like this flood in Japan, but this prediction seems intertwined with ca earthquake. I will ask again for clarity.

    1. James, thanks for all of the info and linked video. Really interesting stuff. Praying for all of you over in Wellington. I’m on the West Coast US so no fun I know hearing about possible EQs and tsunamis to come. Better to be warned though I suppose.

  12. based off maori message could be two quakes. one wellington cook strait and one near waverley between wanganui and taranaki mount.
    the one between kaiapoi and kaikora st hamner springs has already occured.

    he was very specific about the towns in his message.

    id say something is coming…

  13. start quote

    Predictions on 11-8-15 New Zealand Earthquake
    Spirit what prediction is coming next?

    I had a visual of a bird with overgrown feet/legs and a large beak. This message was followed by the prediction about the earthquake:

    In 3 to 4.. the earthquake is coming.. soon.. its big.
    The 25 will be lost to this

    end quote.

    when u say 25 will be lost. there is 25 ministers of cabinet in wellington capital beehive.
    maori predict destruction wellington. beehive is disteoyed. the 25 are the 25 ministers of parliment. i just put this together.
    in 3 or 4 means years. 3 years from 2015. is 2018.
    7 is relate to july.

  14. sorry eric for my messages.
    i believe this july or next july
    wellington new zealand has a megaquake.
    i live in wellington btw close to cook strait in wellington city.

    if i am right wish me luck.

    rare whale is still in wellington harbour breaching. its def a warning not a blessing.

  15. quote.

    Report this ad
    Prediction: Tsunami
    This is a rough draft. Spirit wanted to wait a few more days because we still need to find out which locations are affected the most. I also need to verify accuracy but I promised to put it out today.

    For the first time ever Spirit started with the location by saying ‘this is for the world’. That goes to the size of this prediction.

    11:30 — In 11 months

    From there its a bit unclear, first they showed 24th, then the 23rd

    Thirty-nine different locations affected. The visual is just one of those 39.

    in this post u mention 1130. relates to wellington new zealand. u said 39 locations.
    well the street location for caputal beehive where the 25 are lost is 39 parliment street.
    spirit gave the street location.

    1. eric in this post spirit is talking about 39 location affected. its the street nunber of yhe capital beehive.

      wellington will get a tsunami with this quake.

  16. all these predictions relate to new zealand capital.

    39 location is stteet location for the beehive.

    25 lost is the 25 member groups of parliment at beehive.

    times running out for wellingyon.
    and that rare whale in the harbour is a warning.

    1. The 39 locations is an epic earthquake expected to do unspeakable destruction. We expect it I believe in the fall. The New Zealand quake will be damaging but not related to this other quake.

  17. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::I had a visual of a set of crackers in a bag, one part of the bag was exposed, almost as if someone cut a square out of the bag.


    126km E of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2019-03-18 15:07:16 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    123km ESE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2019-03-18 14:59:40 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    112km ESE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2019-03-18 14:30:22 (UTC)
    8.5 km

  18. Eric,
    Bag of crackers..

    93km ENE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2019-06-16 05:17:16 (UTC)
    35.0 km

    119km NE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2019-06-16 03:02:39 (UTC)
    35.0 km

    119km NE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2019-06-16 01:29:42 (UTC)
    35.0 km

    101km ENE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2019-06-16 00:12:50 (UTC)
    35.0 km

    119km NE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2019-06-16 00:00:06 (UTC)
    36.1 km

    121km NE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2019-06-15 23:07:24 (UTC)
    35.2 km

    103km NE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand
    2019-06-15 22:55:02 (UTC)
    34.4 km

  19. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:: bag of crackers

    See. Eq…happening far..

    East of the North Island of New Zealand
    2020-01-26 09:43:36 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    East of the North Island of New Zealand
    2020-01-26 02:46:33 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    East of the North Island of New Zealand
    2020-01-25 21:20:02 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    East of the North Island of New Zealand
    2020-01-25 19:24:50 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    162km SSE of Raoul Island, New Zealand
    2020-01-25 19:19:23 (UTC)
    10.0 km

    50km NW of Paraparaumu, New Zealand
    2020-01-25 10:45:11 (UTC)
    86.2 km

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