Predictions 7-7-17

Earthquake.. New Zealand.. between the two land masses… destructive.

Later they would add that it was around Wellington but emphasized the ‘around’ part. We desperately need a date. Once we have it I have every plan to push this prediction as far as I can, make it as public as possible. So that we can help as many people as possible.  Does anyone have a fax or email of local media outlets there? Ideas on how to  best connect to those in the region? The spirits had pointed to twitter as an option.  I really hope we can get all the pieces this time.

I had a visual of a large brand new mansion, then the house transformed into an old mansion, one that looked like a southern plantation, then it began to burn down.

In many ways it looked like time was going backwardsIt was an odd prediction, vague, but within the visual so very real, I could smell the smoke a feel the bursting crackle of the fire.

107 thoughts on “Predictions 7-7-17

  1. I have been mentioning nz on your earthquake related posts for a while.
    My sister and I have pretty intense ear pressure and ringing currently and I always get vertigo when one is coming

    1. We have a full moon on the 9th July,that might just upset some faults!We have the Alpine fault at the top of the South Island and the Hikurangi Trench is very active!Facebook would be another way of warning people.

    2. Agreed with you, Ocean. I sensed the high frequency sound during the extreme activities late last night. It was strong active across the global if you looked at the live earthquake map within 24 hours. So it’s not over. The worst part is coming …and won’t be pretty. Keep praying for all to be away from tsunami especially stay away from the coast lines.

  2. There are a number of media options but many are skeptical. We can all share on Facebook etc. try it’s the main news option. The sooner we can get closer to a date we can share quickly. This has been expected for a while now, my guides tell me August.

  3. Hello Eric, SWC and Everyone!
    Eric, I may be out of the loop here, but Spirit said -Twitter- …so do YOU have a Twitter account?
    Perhaps that could be a next step to get the word out on ALL of your predictions?
    I don’t know if that will work to get the word out faster and to many more people all over the world…

  4. P S- Apologies to you Eric if you already have a twitter account…I just don’t know..I just come here to this website.. which I LOVE !

  5. In the early 1900s we had a large devastating earthquake in Napier & the fires that resulted in the central city were deadly, as was the quake. Maybe the implication is that if this prediction occurs it will be on a similar scale to this previous event? 😦

    1. I’m hoping that if it is centred between the North & South Islands it will not be the dreaded alpine quake that we are overdue for.

      1. I thought the epicentre would be further south for the alpine fault, but I also don’t want it to happen so I’m trying to be optimistic …

      1. I would say the South Island is a hotspot as the big ones over the last few years seem to have been moving up the island. If the alpine fault went the whole South Island would be seriously affected, as well as the lower North Island – such as Wellington. I believe the recent Wellington quake someone mentioned was actually the one based in Seddon in the upper South Island? I could be mistaken though, the whole country gets a lot of minor to moderate quakes, it’s the big ones in the South that are scaring me.

      2. Christchurch & Kaikoura are both towards the eastern side of the South Island & have both had big quakes over 7 in the past few years. Christchurch is about half way down the South Island & the major quakes were around 2010 & 2011. Kaikoura is further up the South Island & was late last year. The Seddon quake was about 2013 I think, & I believe the epicentre was in the Cook Strait (between the North & South Islands).
        I know Wellington did get some damage recently, but if I remember right it was an effect of either the Seddon or Kaikoura quake though?
        I am not an expert by any stretch! but I have read that some of these quakes are occurring on new/unknown faults? – I don’t think Christchurch was previously considered to be a particular danger zone.
        The alpine fault runs up the western coast of the South Island & created the Southern Alps.

      3. I have also read that the Kaikoura quake last year was the most complex earthquake ever studied & that it is changing the way that geologists look at quakes. It probably didn’t get much coverage overseas as thankfully there were no more than two fatalities.

      4. it took them quite a while to work out the kaikoura quake and i dont think they even understand it yet. Interestingly though the last I read of Ken Ring he said the quakes would start moving north out of the south island now, but he seems to of gone quiet lately. Even with the drilling and research going on into the alpine fault i don’t think they understand that either.

      5. Normally I only get strong intuitive warnings that I can’t dismiss when I am personally in immediate danger, but I did two weeks before both the Japan tsunami & two weeks before the Kaikoura quake.
        Before Kaikoura I was actually woken up by shaking so severe that I got out of bed & stood under the door frame. The next morning I checked online & there had been no significant quakes, then Kaikoura happened two weeks later. It shook me up quite a bit to be honest, it was very intense.
        With Japan I was on the beach (as I frequently am) & started to feel panic because I could feel that it was going to rush in & swallow me up. I was actually afraid, & the beach is normally where I am most at peace.

      6. Chaos can I ask where abouts you are in NZ? I am in the lower South & I had thought in a fairly safe region, but with the new fault systems that seem to be appearing with these quakes who would even know anymore?

      7. im south canterbury. I typically end up at the Dr before a bad quake with bad acid. I’ve been expecting a major quake for a while but not sure yet where.

      8. Do you feel that area is safe now? I still don’t feel good about Canterbury, but I have been reading up on the Alpine fault since Kaikoura & I guess the whole Island is a bad place to be if it goes 😦

      9. it depends on where the fault goes. Let it go up by cook straight and I will be happy 😉 If it goes where they expect, then it will mostly be the west coast, any further south and we might be in for a ride. But i don’t really think it will matter where it goes, we’ll feel it. Our brick walls were swaying when christchurch went and we’re a good 2 hours south.

        There was an article in the local paper a few years ago about it and basically told us to expect an up to magnitude 10. I see since then the articles are downgrading it. But I have been told a few times to be ready

      10. Anywhere. We are sandwiched between two main plates. But plates are known to be stuck and locked in middle of the two land masses where u mention. Its known its locked at this area.
        So a megathrust is due here.

  6. Eric, hope these help. At least it’s a start.

    Newspapers (Print & Online)
    New Zeland Herald:
    Stuff Nation (Online News Site for The Dominion Post & The Press):
    Otago Daily Times:

    News stations:
    TVNZ (Auckland based, but Online/National):
    News Hub (Online/National):
    9News (Auckland based, but national coverage):
    Scoop (Independent – Online/National):

    1. i tend to think you will be very unlikely to get any news agency to run a story like this. I’m reminded of the rumours in december in gisborne and the panic it caused.

  7. This is between south and North islands not far from seddon. Will be around 7.5 to 8.5 a megathrust is here now. I’ve been telling people at work for a year now. And no one believed me. I’d say times up. Hence govt is preparing their staff and buildings. And lots of push info on stuff about quakes. If u are in wellington like myself our time I now up. Seriously. Time to prepare or ship out.
    Erics predictions now are very close to the event.

    Good luck and god speed.

    1. The tip of the Hikurangi Trench is between the North and South Islands I am picking all the movement on faults north if Kaikoura are having an flow on effect to the trench that could cause and earthquake and tsunami scientists have said it has hapoened in the past.

  8. Middle of two islands will go first. Then next is near Napier area. Then to finish off it will be the alpine fault. Then not long after taupo does its thing but not as big as expected. Like a small eruption. But will affect taupo city.
    New Zealands turn now.

  9. I hope u realise these are man made planned events. It’s how we control nature. Why wait for nature to randomlly make a megathrust quake when u can control it and do it when and where u want at the exact moment u want it to happen. These are man made events. Like controlling weather patterns. They know pressure is building up so make it happen and release when u want. We do have this technology.

  10. Sorry for the repeat messages.

    Personally I’d say this is going to occur this month.

    It never was month of June like Maori elder in his message said. It’s a wait period of 38 days from 1st of June. The Maori elder message from waitangi day was cryptic. He never meant what he was saying. Same with kaiapoi and kaikora. We already had this quake exactly in the middle of these towns like he mentions these towns. The first quake was the warning to be prepared and ready.
    I’d say this quake is gonna be between wanganui and taranaki like in his message in cook strait. It will be destructive for wellington and will make a tsunami go onto kapati parapaumu and over to Australia.
    This quakes either near seddon again but bigger or out off the coast of wanganui and parapaumu in that area.

    Hence the 600 whales died beaching off the top of the south island.

    This is either man made for release of pressure or due to oil related. Make quake to break the area to make drilling easier. Either of the two. Or both.

  11. Also Eric is this related to a recent messy where you were still seeking a location on a massive quake coming. Is this the location that you were still waiting on.

    Predictions 6-17-17
    One massive earthquake 20, 21 We need to focus on location

    Is this related. Could new zealand get quake 20 21st july maybe.

  12. What about contacting other intuitive a and channellers that live in New Zealand? Like ?

  13. Also referring to your perilously prediction in 20 21. Well from that date in june you posted it 20 21 days from then is almost very soon mate.

    Sorry for all my messages. very anxious about this big one on its way.

      1. Predictions 6-17-17

        In here you mention quote
        One massive earthquake 20, 21 We need to focus on location

  14. Hi Eric. I live in Tauranga, NZ and I was thinking about notifying the ‘Civil Defence’ in the main areas. Just a thought.

  15. ERIC- Thank you for the Forewarning….As a Wellington Resident its of shear irony that over the last 7 days ive had dreams two nights in a row about earthquakes…Try calling the Dominion Post (the daily newspaper) Ignore what these skeptics think of you. Get the word out, We wellingtonians cant avoid earthquakes and the mass casulaty scenario it creates, we had a biggie back in November (7.8) but with the word and prayer we can warn people and at least help them prepare…and as a builder by trade im at least partaking in the work of seismic restrengthening of wellingtons many skyscrapers and demolition of old victorian/edwardian era buildings that are “not up to scratch”, The company I work for is currently contracted to six buildings across wellingtons CBD in earthquake-proofing. The main motorways out of the city (SHY1 and SHY2) will be closed, and the citys rail network down for days…and as a resident of the Adjacent Hutt Valley suburban area my access to and from wellington city will be severely limited if not impossible.

    1. If we do get more details I hope I can call on you to help me bring awareness. My hope is to contact local media or local papers. I would love to hear your ideas no one would no better how to get the word out than someone who lives there

    2. Hi there, I’m also in Wellington. After the Kaikoura quake, and the subsequent ongoing slow slip events on the plate boundary, stress has been loaded onto many faults across the region. This includes the Wairau fault in the Marlborough Fault System (which is way overdue and capable of 7-7.5M), Awatere Fault, also close to the end of its latency cycle, and the Subduction Zone, which is likely overdue. Interestingly enough, the Kaikoura quake very likely ruptured a small portion of said subduction zone (accounted for 10-20% total release of energy), which triggered the slow slip events. Any of these could be damaging to Wellington, though as always, the Wellington Fault rupturing would be catastrophic, and has a 1-in-6 chance prior to the 7.8M event (likely increased from stress transfer). In any case, lots of potential earthquake sources, and any one of them could cause significant damage. Stay safe and be prepared.

      1. Could the earthquake in New Zealand cause the tsunami prediction in Australia? Or the bad flooding prediction for Brisbane? (I know you said ‘maybe’ storm). Just a thought.

    1. The seddon quakes were just the beginning. I’d say a much bigger one. A real megathrust in the same area. Just off shore.

  16. Wonder if the mansion prediction is positive or negative? Like, could it be out with the old and in with the new kind of thing? It’s probably not but just thought of it in that way as it concerned a possible positive angle.

  17. Ok, bit of a history nut, really not trying to be political….however I do see a connection…….so here goes
    “Old plantation”, reads the South to me ( think civil war period). What political affiliation were they? Think about it.
    Fast forward to today….. Who, for the most part represents that old affiliation? Elites, Colleges, and the Press. Who in the Press has been going down in
    flames? (CNN anyone)…..this is only the beginning….
    This is simply my interpretation, nothing more.

    1. I would agree if it weren’t for the fact that CNN/MSNBC’s ratings have been doing far better under Trump, and CNN — from a new national poll — is more trusted than Trump.

  18. Here’s an idea….maybe you can share your predictions with earthquake research centers in New Zealand and ask them to check if they’re picking up any physical readings which would back up your prediction.

    Maybe if they’re made aware of your prediction, they can look into specific data/readings they have and will be better able to notice if something’s not quite right. Maybe then they’d feel better about warning people.

    1. they wont, they made sure when ken ring would make predictions that they would run to the papers and shut it down and harass him as much as they could

    2. They don’t want people to panic, but they are trying to get people to prepare – I don’t watch a lot of television but for a while I was noticing advertisements for being disaster ready & how to behave in an earthquake that I had never noticed before.

      1. What you have been seeing with TV ads is part of project AF8. The combined efforts of civil defence, govt, emergency services and geo scientists from Canterbury uni in preparation of the alpine fault rupturing and expected to be over 8 magnitude. Google it. It’s been in the media and they are planning to release a national action plan next year. Hence the repetitive civil defence quake ads. And the media would only rubbish any psychic information, just like they did with ken ring. Social media would be better.

  19. Between us the best we can do is try and get awareness up to be prepared more than the usual earthquake prep. Most kiwis are prepared for mag 5s but as we all have loved ones in risk areas we do need as much warning as possible.

    1. Have read this and this site also talks about 7.5 quakes for new zealand end of the year. Backs up.erics message.
      You actually have to scroll down to the new zealand section. Talks of tsunami also.

      1. So I gathered different info and very similar as where the next huge quake may hit and tsunami. It most likely the south island of NZ and wellington will be affected by south island quakes and tsunami. The big affect of tsunami will be milford sounds and around the coasts. Just stay away from any coast from tsunami. Praying all be safe and the government even from around the world will send help. Bottled the water in jars as many as you can. Have the dry food packed like granola bars and raisins for a couple of days till the food emergency arrived in cut off area. If the spirits say August then it could be any day in July and August. I’ve monitored the quakes in NZ even USA. it does not look good so just be ready. I believe Calif will be hit but NZ will be worst. If the spirits say the ashes spew in Yellowstone then it probably will but hopefully just small damage for this year. The ice in North is melting fast pace and can create volcanoes in northern America such northwest of usa. It’s not surprising as it kept cold in North to keep cool underneath the northern continent.

        Get the words out of warning and they have time to be prepared. We are praying and help will be on the way. Blessings to you all on motherly earth.

  20. After the 7.8 in Kaikoura there isn’t enough energy to generate a destructive earthquake in the area you mentioned. Certainly not for the coming year at least.

    1. Sorry, not how it works. When an earthquake occurs, stress is transferred to neighbouring areas. In the case of NZ, the Kaikoura quake transferred large amounts of stress to many nearby faults, including those in the Marlborough Fault System and the North Island Fault System, along with the megathrust. Many of those faults are past their latency period, and primed to go. You can see a detailed mapping of all active onshore faults across NZ here:

  21. Notes 8-1-15 “Sorry Eric, its 1130″ “NOW.. New Zealand.. Australia.. Plymouth.. A large earthquake.. in 3.” —

    Id say this old message of yours actually relates to this coming quake.
    In 3 either means 3 quakes. Or this quake in middl2 of two land masses is near to new Plymouth is a city in me zealand and will affect Australia. E.g. quake 7.5 between wanganui and taranaki in cook strait. Cause tsunami to also go across to Australia. Like u also talked about. This quake will affect wellington likely city of new Plymouth. Or after this quake volcano at taranaki new Plymouth starts to let off steam due to the quake.

  22. Eric, re the burning house, I found this on your old posts — this one in August 16 2016:

    Clearly a message that history was about to repeat itself. They did not mention the who. Below, the burning of the house could be seen as symbolic to rage. — Eric
    Previous predictions that might be related:
    Predictions for 2014
    There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a visual of the presidents house burning.. 2:45
    Notes on 12-22-13
    “There is going to be a Lee Harvey Oswald moment.. terror.. decoy.. a major event” a visual of the presidents house burning.
    I had a visual of a brown emblem with the number 4 on it.

  23. I’m not very familiar with this site, I’ve just been popping in every now & then to see if Eric picks up anything on what is happening with New Zealand’s earthquakes – if Eric receives more information on this particular prediction will it be posted as an update here or as an entirely new page? Thanks.

      1. Thank you both.
        I hope I am wrong but I don’t believe that this latest quake matches this prediction – as someone who lives in New Zealand the location is completely non related to the area stated by spirit & it just doesn’t match the description given.
        We do get a lot of quakes – to me this one just reaffirms how shaky we have been lately 😦


    1. Hi Holoca. I follow the guy Michael Janisch who does the earthquake predictions on YouTube,, he’s saying that a slow slip event is ongoing in the PNW still, where as the scientists said it stopped a few months ago. I’ve been watching and it has not stopped. According to Dutch based on past patterns throughout history when it stops there will be a large EQ. He is now calling for greater than a 7.7 and less than a 9 based on how long it’s been going on for, which is months. It would be the Juan de Fuca area off Oregon he thinks snapping causing an EQ then tsunami. According to him there was a slow slip event that went on for a year before the big one in Japan. So I guess it could keep going for a while before it stops. I’ve been watching his stuff for over a year and he absolutely can predict scientifically where they will occur next all over the world based on plates and faults. The professionals don’t agree with or care for him and so have got a smear campaign going. Don’t believe everything you read about him if you look him up. I don’t agree with all of his philosophies on life and politics but I give him credit for his work and being able to predict where the next one will hit. He’s really good at using his science. I truely believe if you put scientist and people like Eric working together we could get a lot more done and save a lot more lives. You can find his updates on YouTube and he updates at 4:00pm and sometimes 10:00pm. His are based on science but have matched up with Eric’s a lot. Though Eric can usually predict them way further in advance.

      1. Hi Jules I also follow Dutchsinse (but ignore his raving), I agree completely if you combine science with spirit we we get more accurate information and have massive potential to save lives. Unfortunately not everyone subscribes to our thinking 😦

        1. Oh good Holaca. I do worry that people will think I’m pushing my agenda or something so try to be respectful on Eric’s site. I agree on his rants also, though he does get a lot of flack from the powers that be here in the US so I applaud his perseverance in trying to get the old dogmas changed and wouldn’t want that stress he takes on.
          I’m watching the slow slip over here since I’m on the Southern Oregon Coast. Yikes hope he’s wrong. Maybe Wellington, N. CA, then Juan de Fuca could be separate later on I suppose. Did you catch he said to possibly expect a similar size EQ up off the North Island area next? So I’m watching to see is he correct. It would be great if NZ didn’t get anything else though.

  25. Very unusual weather in wellington today. Whole city blanked by fog. Low thick fog the whole city. Hope change in weather is not some sign. Is not normally like this.

    1. James I think there’s a lot of strange weather going on all over the place lately, but I believe in listening to your gut instincts also, so just be prepared as much as possible and have a plan beforehand. I’m guessing if you live there you already do. 😉 Praying for NZ. 🙏🏻

      1. Yep, felt from Dunedin to Invercargill, but as iamtot said, very far south and no tsunami threat, and no damage.

    1. No worries Star48. Yes glad we are all onto it. 😉 Hope that’s it but I’m sort of feeling like, no. Everyone stay safe be prepared.

  26. Eric does spirit have a date yet on this one. Im assuming the destructive quake is yet to come. Recent one was No where near wellington.
    Feel this one is coming. Any updates.

    1. I am going to try and ask tonight, but it wouldn’t be the first time they got the overall location right and the city wrong, they did that with Hurricane Matthew. It was an almost flawless prediction other than pointing to the city of Jacksonville. Narrowing it down from a nation, to a region, to a city, is a huge objective to make.

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