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Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake

I had a visual of a set of crackers in a bag, one part of the bag was exposed, almost as if someone cut a square out of the bag.

”New Zealand area.. earthquake”

Then Spirit wrote 2 then 0

As many of you know crackers represent earthquakes, I am unclear on what the rest of the message means, however if we are to follow the shape of the bag and the area exposed it could refer to the Wellington area of New Zealand.

The numbers could go two different directions, the 20th or the 2nd and 0 means we are out of time.

We are expecting an earthquake in early July. It was marked last month.

Mexico Earthquake on the 16th

The earthquake prediction is starting to unfold on the exact date predicted.  The location of the Mexico quake is on the coast. The number 7 2 could be a message that the California earthquake arrives two days later. We must warn everyone in California, especially in the San Francisco area. Everything is starting to line up for this west coast prediction. Please share this post with as many Californians as possible we must make every effort to help and warn them.


I heard Spirits voice say “Earthquake.. Earthquake.. Earthquake”

Then spirit said “Earthquake message..16”

I had a visual of several actors getting ready for a play, reading lines. Then someone came in to say “There’s been an earthquake, its really bad.”

I had a visual of a massive volcano eruption, then Spirit say “Now comes the epic eruption we predicted.”

Then we raced across the ocean.

Where is the quake I asked?

“Not one place but many.. everywhere?”

“The leaders will do poorly with this disaster”

I had a visual I was flying across an area of epic devastation, the houses turned to rubble, the places in the background brought down to rubble. Everything looked shredded.


We are moving closer to a time when the earth reacts very violently

I had a visual of two boxes of ‘Crackers’ on the table.  The fact that they were boxes and not the normal handful of crackers goes to the large size of the quake.

Where Spirit? Where?

They wrote the word Mexico. Then after a small pause they wrote, San Francisco.

I had a visual of a port, then the map extended outward to show what looked like Mexico. However the port looked like the San Francisco bay. “Earthquake very soon.. 15.. mid time (are they saying mid day or afternoon?).. 7.. 7 2.”

I asked them to clarify are you talking about Mexico or North California? They said;

“Stadium.. Giants.” That points to San Francisco, however it’s also possible they are pointing to both locations. An earthquake in North California and another in Mexico.


Iran-Iraq Earthquake

My heart pours out on this tragic event. Please pray for those in Iraq and Iran. The plan was to get the details tonight, so I apologize for this vague prediction. We knew it was coming very soon.


I had a visual I was in the desert. Then a large earthquake happened.


The Spirits are back, we have been discussing plans, for instance they have dire concerns over natural disasters, storms will be devastating, floods run rampant. So in many ways I am expecting them to shift towards Mother Nature. They are already setting up an earthquake and massive storm, both damaging, and both coming very soon.

Notes on 6-28-13

Here are the notes from Spirit on June 28th.

“Great earthquake.. Mexico.. dos.. water.. Baja.. 1,2.. this earthquake will be destructive.. take precautions! ” — My thoughts, Baja could be Baja California but more likely a reference to the earthquakes ground zero being close to the shore.  ‘Two’ a date or a countdown? Perhaps they are saying there is one earthquake followed by a second perhaps larger one.

“Politics.. Oh my yet another scandal.. you may have scandaled before.. It’s phony.. there going to break..”

“Eric.. what you saw and what you thought you saw are not the same” — It’s very possible that some of the predictions I assume are connected to the Tsunami might not be connected and are separate events. Or visa versa that predictions are more connected to each other than noticeable. Bottom line I need to be cautious with making assumptions as I write these posts.
We are expecting a prediction to unfold today, tomorrow at the latest so please keep an eye out. Keep in mind it could be an old prediction.