Mexico Earthquake on the 16th

The earthquake prediction is starting to unfold on the exact date predicted.  The location of the Mexico quake is on the coast. The number 7 2 could be a message that the California earthquake arrives two days later. We must warn everyone in California, especially in the San Francisco area. Everything is starting to line up for this west coast prediction. Please share this post with as many Californians as possible we must make every effort to help and warn them.

I heard Spirits voice say “Earthquake.. Earthquake.. Earthquake”

Then spirit said “Earthquake message..16”

I had a visual of several actors getting ready for a play, reading lines. Then someone came in to say “There’s been an earthquake, its really bad.”

I had a visual of a massive volcano eruption, then Spirit say “Now comes the epic eruption we predicted.”

Then we raced across the ocean.

Where is the quake I asked?

“Not one place but many.. everywhere?”

“The leaders will do poorly with this disaster”

I had a visual I was flying across an area of epic devastation, the houses turned to rubble, the places in the background brought down to rubble. Everything looked shredded.

We are moving closer to a time when the earth reacts very violently

I had a visual of two boxes of ‘Crackers’ on the table.  The fact that they were boxes and not the normal handful of crackers goes to the large size of the quake.

Where Spirit? Where?

They wrote the word Mexico. Then after a small pause they wrote, San Francisco.

I had a visual of a port, then the map extended outward to show what looked like Mexico. However the port looked like the San Francisco bay. “Earthquake very soon.. 15.. mid time (are they saying mid day or afternoon?).. 7.. 7 2.”

I asked them to clarify are you talking about Mexico or North California? They said;

“Stadium.. Giants.” That points to San Francisco, however it’s also possible they are pointing to both locations. An earthquake in North California and another in Mexico.


46 thoughts on “Mexico Earthquake on the 16th

  1. I’ve shared the news and the link on twitter and two websites. I hope this helps someone. Thank you Eric

    1. I am feeling very uneasy with all of these big events being predicted. My nerves are very shot. I am sorry you feel that way, I hope we did not create that uneasy feeling.

      1. Eric,
        Don’t forget, you just came off of a medical relapse. Try not to overdo it; you don’t need another relapse. It’s okay to heal yourself, too.

      2. Not the predictions, just in general.

        In 1992, I was in the Landers quake. About a month before it hit, I felt very uneasy. My kids were small and money was very, very tight. I felt an over powering urge to buy a used teardrop trailer. Bought it and supplied it with blankets & such. Was bizarre as we couldn’t afford it, but I felt we needed as a disaster resource.

        Called my father 4 hours away. Told him if we ever had a huge earthquake, don’t wait for a call from me, just come get the kids.

        Day before the quake hit, I put pillows in front of our living room TV. I made a bed in the living room to be close to my kids. My bedroom was across the house.

        The earthquake hit early morning while we all were sleeping. TV fell on pillows saving it. I jumped up and was able to get kids in doorway due to sleeping on living room floor.

        The roar was deafening. I thought the house would fall in on us. I heard someone screaming, it was me. Very odd as it was surreal.

        My father arrived around 6 hours later, picks up kids and takes them to Arizona.

        My husband worked for a utility company and immediately left to work many days/weeks to restore utilities.

        The teardrop trailer is where I lived in the driveway for a good month. Aftershocks were hourly and huge. I never could have slept if I was in the house alone with hundreds of aftershocks.

        I’m feeling the same now. Very anxious!

    2. Julie W. I’m feeling the same uneasiness though I’m not in N Ca but here on Southern Oregon Coast. I think you should listen to your gut feelings and intuition. Thank God You did last time.
      I too was in the 1992 Landers Earthquake while living out in the Mojave Desert. Not a great feeling and earth vibrated for months later.

  2. Eric so this reference “Earthquake…wed…1 left”, could be for the earthquake next in San Francisco? Just a thought but could that be one week left on Wed 23 May? Wasn’t there a number or date of 23 mentioned somewhere recently?

  3. The lava chamber drained out sometime last night or the night before. If the volcano blows as they say, the pressure will trigger events in CA I think. I may have misunderstood dutchsince though.

    Interestingly, my pain was lower the last two days only to be horrible Wednesday and with a headache going on 18 hours long.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop this pain from happening? I don’t understand it and it is taking a lot out of me. Is there any way to somehow become desensitized to the connections to the world around me?

  4. SWC, Eric…here’s dutchsinse latest update from 5-16-18, 10:00pm. This one is very informative. Talks a lot about the US West Coast, and what’s going on in CA. Praying for Everyone 🙏🏻 🌟

  5. SWC, Eric. Also I was reading today that another psychic, Betsey Lewis is warning that Kīlauea will have a massive eruption on what she kept picking up on as May 18th. I don’t follow her but I’ve heard her name mentioned a lot.
    May 18th, 1980 is when Mt St Helens erupted. Also when the biggest blast or eruption happened in 1924 on Kīlauea.

    1. Hi jules,
      That made me think of the “anniversary” prediction about the bridge. I found this from 4/28/2012. I know there have been more predictions Eric has posted about the west coast bridge and EQ. Thought his comment about May could be relevant. Volcano’s can definitely set off EQ’s don’t you think?

      Prediction 17: The Bridge Attack
      In regards to an airplane(s), a bridge, and the body of water below, fear sweeps the United States. The Bridge on the west coast of the United States is being destroyed. All around the anniversary. –25–

      The original prediction from the past reads 2-25 or 10-25, I believe the two could mean two airplanes, 25 is a key number but its unclear whether it’s a date, it was also common back then to put the numbers in reverse, 5 as in May perhaps, 2 or 20 the date?. A horrible prediction that was predicted long ago on the previous blog and YouTube, one I expected was just wrong, but now they are dredging it up again. The original post can be found on YouTube (below).

      1. Hi Luna tic. The video didn’t show up. But I thought the same thing about the anniversary mention. Dutch mentions the Mt Diablo area having swarms. Diablo is a Spanish word meaning devil. Eric has the demon jumping up out of the ground in the old stone dinosaur prediction. But yes there’s a lot of old predictions related to San Francisco the earthquake and the bridge. I almost feel the bridge is based on an attack and there is also an EQ. I was watching a documentary on how the new Bay Bridge was built a few days ago. I can understand why the “frame” would be the target. That’s in an older prediction too. The whole structure is dependent on the one main huge support beam in the middle which was built this way to withstand earthquakes… I’ve wondered if terrorists would target that area with airplanes. I hope and pray it can withstand terrorists too. 🙏🏻🌟😳

      1. Eric just to be clear. Is this intended epic eruption for Hawaii…and then the predicted EQ in N CA afterwards?
        I’m feeling so on edge like I could hear a pin drop.😬 Wondering if this could be the EQ we feel here in Southern Oregon which you mentioned in a reading once.

        1. I wouldn’t be that exact, it seems to happen around the same time. The visual shows a massive eruption and then crosses the ocean to show an earthquake coming.

  6. Eric, you predicted this Malaysian leader being caught on the 29th April. Thought you’d like this link:
    “Police have raided the home of former Malaysian prime minister, Najib Razak, reportedly in order to search for documents connected to the $3.2bn 1MDB scandal. More than a dozen police cars turned up at Najib’s Kuala Lumpur residence late on Wednesday, shortly after he had returned from evening prayers at a local mosque.”

  7. SWC, here’s another short update from Dutch as of 5-17-18 am from those interested. He puts Hawaii into perspective dispelling a lot of fears that are going around, and CA West Coast slow slip and pressure transfer updates.

    1. Thanks Jules for finding/sharing the fascinating past history of the “explosive ” volcano hawaii. It’s very neat that they have it document in places, dates and photos. The last explosive was 1924 in April to May. It’s good to know the patterns of the repeating history.

  8. My great Pryenee dog has not been himself lately. Took him out for a walk last night. Beautiful night in very quiet neigborhood. A couple of times he stopped (actually brake) walking across on the streets. It was around 10:30pm. I looked to see what he saw…there was nothing as if he seen a ghost. Also I wonder if he sensed, heard or felt the high frequency of earth sensitivity. This is so unlikely of him. Came back home and monitoring the earthquake live map about the same time when he stopped for no reason. There were few but very low magittude under 2 in few places as California, Hawaii and alsaka. I am not sure but keeping eyes on his behaviors related to earth.

    Another fact. …he has been unsettled or uncomfortable since way back before the Hawaii erupted in or around April 13th.

    1. The ants invaded in my house. I’m not the “bug” person that I am fanatic when the bugs inside my home. I sprayed inside and outside. We have more ants inside the house and garage probably avoided the grounds. It’s the sign of the coming up mega quake or tsunami. Sensed something huge coming up any day soon.

      1. Lossie2020…totally get the ants coming in or up. They’d do the same in Arkansas when I use to live there right before a deluge.
        I did notice the ants sandy mess coming up out of the sidewalks here on Southern Oregano Coast but not sure if that’s just due to getting into warmer summer weather. Haven’t been here long enough to observe patterns.
        I am hearing birds though so that’s good I think.

  9. Hi Eric,
    I’m in N. Calif. Do you strongly believe that after the eruption expected on May 18th or 19th, that two days later the mega earthquake will hit N. CA? Just trying to get clear clarification, and be prepared. I appreciate it. Thank you very much!

    1. At my core I believe a CA earthquake is coming and very soon. For me its all about the message that showed a mexico earthquake followed by SF quake. Then another message about the volcano erupting followed by the quake. Our timing however has a reputation for being a bit off. Even the shooting I just posted is off by two days. Other predictions have been off by a week or so.

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