Prediction: Earthquake Coming

I was sleeping in bed when I felt Macabe (the conductor) behind me. His Spirit just appeared. I turned to him, he raised his hand and then there was a beautiful white light that engulfed us. The light seemed to be the only thing we could see, the rest of the room disappeared.

Then it shifted to show a large tree that was growing these beautiful white flowers. The flowers fell with the wind, and danced against the ground.

Then the light was gone, Macabe pointed to me, and then disappeared, like smoke fading in the air.

I fell asleep again and had multiple visuals.

I had a visual of several actors getting ready for a play, reading lines. Then someone came in to say “There’s been an earthquake, its really bad.”

I heard Spirits voice say “Earthquake.. Earthquake.. Earthquake.”

I had a visual of a massive volcano eruption, then Spirit say “Now comes the epic eruption we predicted.”

Then we raced across the ocean.

Where is the quake I asked?

“Not one place but many.. everywhere?”

“The leaders will do poorly with this disaster”

I had a visual I was flying across an area of epic devastation, the houses turned to rubble, the places in the background brought down to rubble. Everything looked shredded.

Then it shifted again and I saw what looked like a white vehicle, then it exploded.

Then spirit said “Earthquake message..16”

There are two different earthquake events the Spirits keep bringing up. The first is a Tsunami in Asia the second is an earthquake on the west coast. They pointed to both Mexico and North California, but also separately pointed to south California.

In this message they implied it would be very bad. Compared to previous messages that said it would be moderately bad. I leave below the messages, all focus shifts towards location:

Prediction: West Coast Earthquakes

Predictions 4-11-18   Prediction: Tsunami Coming Soon  Prediction: Australia Flood

Also very old predictions:

Notes on 6-11-13 Tsunami

Predictions 3-29-16




137 thoughts on “Prediction: Earthquake Coming

  1. Well So. Cal already had a earthquake last week 4.5 so it’s not Southern California. That just leaves Mexico & Northern California. 🤔

    1. A 4.5 isn’t all that big on the world scale of things. Sixes and upwards are more the ones to watch for. South Australia had a 4.1 on Friday morning our time and it didn’t even get a mention at the USGS.

  2. You mentioned we would know it’s coming when flags are at half mast, is that still an indicator to an upcoming earthquake, & could one of these earthquakes take out a bridge, that’s been discussed before?

  3. For some reason I am logged into the wrong account that I normally don’t use to post on here. My other user name is dopeanddiamonds for those of you that might remember me.

    1. Cat I remember dopeanddoamonds. I’m sure most here do. You didn’t do the Apple iPhones latest update right? That update has given me nothing but trouble. Hope you can get it figured out.

      1. No ma’am. I am on a Samsung. I think I may be locked out of my other account. Will have to check on my work computer tomorrow if my password was saved. I have no idea what happened. I think the WordPress app made me start a new account and over wrote my last account

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with Sue! It might be that the healing occurred to help you prior to the earthquake messages so that you would not be weakened. Light to you, Eric!

      1. In the past when they showed one tree it represents my connection to Spirit, my growth with them over the years. My thought was that even though my health is waning the strength of the tree, my connection, continues. Not only is my connection strong but something new is coming, a bloom, white usually means the Divine or holy. But what the flowers mean, I just don’t know

      2. Eric I think the flowers represent the fullest expression of the divine through you and each flower could be a moment in time where you are one with your higher self.

    2. So, if the tree represents your connection with Spirit, then those blossoms may be that your communications are about to bear fruit. In other words, the objective will be fruitful – the objective of lessening damage of some events or preventing other bad events..

    1. I had posted about my back getting that rolling heat pain again and wanted to post it here. When I came on, I saw the earthquake post. I am sure one is coming. The pain/rolling heat started about 15 hrs ago. I have had this several times before earthquakes.

    2. Are you talking about Comments: If so they are not vanishing, because we were hacked my security controls has been raised, many of the comments must be approved by me. Normally I am always checking the site, so approval goes through quickly, today I had several readings that kept me occupied.

        1. It was a link that someone posted in the comment section, to make sure no ones computer was affected we shut down the site for almost two days until WP fixed the problem, it happened several months ago, we kept the security on high with the hopes it wouldn’t happen again. We were very close to starting the entire site from scratch, but they figured it out.

  4. Maybe the white flowers on the tree are clues to the time of the event….whenever that type of flower falls off a tree, maybe that’s the time frame we’re looking at? I don’t know much about trees or flowers, but it seems like it would mean spring or summer.

    1. Sara I feel like the tree and white flowers could be related to Eric spreading the truths messages, his blog and/or the white cars and warriors lining up ready to do battle. What do you think?
      It could also be literal though with everything going on right now. The leaves on the trees in Hawaii are falling off to the ground so if we had a major eruption, I’d guess more plants and flowers would be affected everywhere.
      When going through the old predictions one of them says the meteor and earthquake will happen around the same time. And is the Roman Numeral 5 the volcano?

      1. Jules104, I like that idea of yours that the white flowers are Eric’s messages being sent and the warning sounded. I think it is also good that the visual shows the tree is standing strong.

    2. The white flowered tree is most likely the white dogwood – many beautiful spiritual meanings are attributed to this beautiful, flowered tree that often relate to Christian resurrection. The flowers of this tree bloom in June. I have to find when they fall, but it’s not that long.

  5. SWC, Eric…here is an old prediction that spoke about the white cars lining up with the warriors ready to do battle. I can’t help but relate these new messages about the white car to this old one. It’s at the end of these linked predictions where Spirit brings forth the message.
    Eric do you think they could be related to this with the tree and the white flowers falling and spreading out also?
    What are your thoughts of what the white car explosion is?

  6. When you said ” I had a visual of a massive volcano eruption, then Spirit say “Now comes the epic eruption we predicted.””

    Could the Volcanic eruption in Hawaii be the precursor to the Earthquake?

      1. I email a different psychic in early 2018. I ask her (I can’t remember her name)When will the big one hit for Southern California? She replied “Not this year”. She continued on saying “In order of events to happen: 1. Hawaii hit by a Volcano & a earthquake [happened]. 2. 7.0 Earthquake hits San Francisco in the summer 2018. 3. Mt. Vesuvius to erupt in late 2018. 4. Mount St. Helens erupts in early 2019. 5. 6.5+ Earthquake hits Los Angeles area in the Spring 2019.

        1. I am not predicting “the big one” just a very damaging earthquake similar to 1989. The Tsunami on the other hand is expected to be very bad. The big question now is which one are they predicting first. I hope they clarify that tonight.

  7. Could the large tree with beautiful white flowers shaken in the wind, followed by the Conductor pointing to you, mean that the coming earthquake will impact the San Diego area? Will Spirit make the suggestion for you to move before such an event would impact you?

  8. Your message with a large tree with beautiful white flowers where “The flowers fell with the wind, and danced against the ground.” reminds me of our trees booming here in IL, where Chinese White Dogwoods are saturated in full bloom along with other fruit flowering trees. The flowers feed migrating orioles and hummingbirds and last only about 2-3 weeks before blooms fall all at once when strong storms arrive. If the earthquakes come when white flowers fall in 2-3 weeks (~5/26-6/2), that would happen around Memorial Day 5/28 when flags are flown at half mast. The volcano prediction aligns with geologists’ predictions that a mega eruption is likely to hit Hawaii soon. The previous emphasis that “3” is the key fits with 3 events of Hawaii volcano and possible resulting tsunami in Asia + earthquake Mexico + earthquake Northern CA. I pray that any seismic events will be minimized, and that all people and nuclear reactors are safe.

  9. On waking this morning, and doing my usual morning meditation, got a very strong message from my Guidance Team. “It’s happened, it’s here, down deep and on it’s way to the surface. Many, many outlets and much earth movement.”
    So far there’s nothing at either USGS or the European Seismic Centres. Wondering if we’ll get these quakes/volcanic eruptions this week, especially around 15th. Pete

    1. Thanks Pete…(hugs to you) it’s confirmed that I am not crazy as I sensed and feel the vibes from the grounds. I felt the strong movement from time to time from silent , little quiet, gentle, medium aND very deep movement. Right now, the movement is active. I can feel medium to deep as comes and goes. It was very strong yesterday and the day before. Right now it’s very lively active btw medium to strong vibes like a waves of ocean.

  10. This weeks Ed Tamplin’s Astrology is rather intriguing, especially this bit:
    “Rock solid Taurus is the only sign of the earth element cemented into a fixed modality. From May 16 2018, it’s about to be gatecrashed, by the irresistible force of ground-breaking Uranus. This transit works with all the subtlety of dynamite on a cliff face or the big bang theory. Taurus likes to maintain the status quo. Uranus is difference with a ‘difference’. Things change fast! ”

    1. I was just about to post a reference to Ed Tamplin’s column you beat me to it. 🙂 I really recommend people look at this ‘Tauranus’ shift happening this week – the 15th – I was very interested to also read in that column that the British royals are about to be hit by an earthquake of their own across the generations – perhaps a ‘match and dispatch’ occurring around the same time (of course we’ve just had a hatch, so this time is really ringing the changes.) I wonder if that will be the flags at half mast – for the death of a major royal?

      But in terms of earthquakes, I will try and get the lowdown from Dutchsinse. I am a bit pressed (This Tauranus change is directly hitting my chart, so I might have my own earthquake going on) but I will try and report what he says about the coming week.

      In general though, I will say that the coming days / weeks are going to be shocking and change-making, in all kinds of ways, with big news coming at us all at once. Hold onto your hats.

      1. I’m just posting this as I forgot to subscribe to be emailed comments. That’s done now.

      1. Hi Eric, I just posted under Pete’s comment about the predicted shocks coming. I mentioned Uranus on another blog post too, but I believe the half mast flags may be someone in the British royals, perhaps the Queen herself. We’ve got the big wedding this week, and I think it may be eventful for that family in unexpected ways.

      2. I’m also reminded that there was a prediction with a celebratory scene with streets of Union Jacks. I can’t remember off the top of my head what it was about – an attack or loss or something, but the upcoming wedding is going to be one of those events, albeit in Windsor not London. It feels as if lots of things are going to culminate in a short space of time.

  11. These just happened, the mag might go up or down
    Click for more information
    23km ESE of Ocotillo Wells, CA
    2018-05-13 00:48:06 (UTC)
    1.3 km
    22km ESE of Ocotillo Wells, CA
    2018-05-13 00:37:11 (UTC)
    1.8 km
    23km ESE of Ocotillo Wells, CA
    2018-05-13 00:34:57 (UTC)
    9.9 km
    23km ESE of Ocotillo Wells, CA
    2018-05-13 00:28:57 (UTC)
    6.7 km

    1. Thanks CMT. Just saw your comment toward 5.7 magnitude. I believe the bigger one will happen on May 13th. Keep the seat belt tight. Not gonna be pretty ride.

      1. Lossie2020- Sure makes one wonder! Maybe trying not to report and start a panic with so much earth movement?

      1. Hi Eric, Hi everyone,
        I hope and pray everyone spreads the word so people can find safety.
        I would like to say Happy Mothers Day to your mom Eric. I hope she’s doing better. Also Happy Mothers Day to everyone. Take a few minutes away from all the worlds chaos and hug your kids, hug your mom and your grandmother. Treasure the time you have with them. I lost my mom many years ago due to, of all things, a volcanic eruption. Yep, she was there. I talked to her for the last time on Mother’s Day. I miss her still. I talk to her every day. So give your moms a hug for me. We never know when the last hug will be.
        Blessings to all and especially you Eric, you help bring hope and sanity to all the craziness.

      2. Sorry, I forgot to say which eruption. It was Mt St Helens. Her name is one of the names on the plaque.

  12. Hi Lossie, It looks like it has been downgraded, that’s a big difference, will have to wait and see if more are to come. . .

  13. Abc reported it but will probably post an update,
    OCOTILLO WELLS, Calif. (KABC) — A series of earthquakes struck 14.3 miles east-southeast of Ocotillo Wells in San Diego County on Saturday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

    The USGS reported a 5.7-magnitude quake struck 14.3 miles east-southeast of Ocotillo Wells at about 5:48 p.m. PT but later downgraded it to a magnitude 3.3.

    The temblor came after a 3.8-magnitude quake struck around 5:30 p.m. approximately 16.8 miles West of Westmorland and 17.4 miles south of Salton City. Aftershocks of 3.5 and then 3.1 hit minutes later in the same area.
    There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

    1. Cmt, Thanks…I couldn’t find that 5.7. Just saw you said they downgraded. Really? That’s a big downgrade. I think dutchsinse will check the other magnitudes reported on it later. I’ll post if I hear anything.

  14. Envié este mensaje ayer a tu anterior entrada de blog, pero parece que no funcionó. Lo envío por segunda vez ahora en esta entrada de blog.

    Hola Eric. Escribo desde Chile. Puedo expresarme relativamente bien en inglés, pero leí que a una de tus seguidoras le gustaba mucho verte comunicándote en español, así que le daré en el gusto. Que siga soñando en un mundo de amor y unión 😉 .

    Gracias a una amiga mexicana, Luisa, te he puesto atención. Tengo una interpretación para tus dos visiones sobre el o los terremotos en la costa oeste y sobre el golpe del meteorito. Como a ella le ha impresionado mucho mi análisis , pienso que también a ti y tus amistades podría parecerles útil.

    Sobre la primera. Los cuatro aros metálicos que ruedan sobre la carretera serían, como tu dijiste, los cuatro eventos anunciados, uno detrás de otro. La carretera es el tiempo futuro sobre el cual ocurre el destino ya trazado que se te concedió ver. Como los 4 aros que representan a los eventos ruedan sobre la carretera, pienso que tienen un doble o triple significado: las 4 ruedas de un automóvil y los 4 círculos de la famosa marca de la empresa automotriz Audi. Entonces, si nos “subimos” a este Audi y conducimos por la carretera, inevitablemente nos encontraremos con letreros de tránsito. Mi teoría es que todos los mensajes sobre los 3 y el 15 son equivalentes a letreros de tráfico, pero que en vez de decir “Peligro a 3 kilometros” dicen “Peligro a 3 días” (y el último diría “Peligro a 15 horas de aquí” o “Peligro a las 15:00”). De esta manera, cuando nuestro automóvil llega a la “altura” del 21 de Mayo -una fecha muy importante en mi país- nos encontramos con el primer letrero que dice “Peligro a 3 días”, es decir, “Peligro para el 24 de Mayo”. Seguimos avanzando por la carretera y cuando llegamos a la altura del 24 de Mayo vivimos el 1° evento y al mismo tiempo nos encontramos con el segundo letrero que dice “Peligro a 3 días”, es decir , “Peligro para el 27 de Mayo”. Seguimos avanzando y cuando llegamos a esa día vivimos el 2° evento y también encontramos el tercer letrero que dice “Peligro en 3 días”, es decir, “Peligro el 30 de Mayo”. Seguimos avanzando y al llegar a ese día vivimos el 3° evento y nos encontramos con el cuarto letrero que dice “Peligro a 15 horas de aquí” o quiza “Peligro a las 15:00” lo que sitúa al 4° evento en el dia 31 de Mayo. Asi, los días en que ocurren los hechos son el 24, el 27, el 30 y el 31 de Mayo.

    Pienso que los números 7 y 2 representan la magnitud del sismo en escala Richter. En mi opinion esa es una magnitud muy destructiva sólo si se da a escasa profundidad, a menos de 30 kilómetros (¿15 kilómetros de profundidad tal vez?¿Menos aún?).

    Sobre la segunda vision. Estoy de acuerdo contigo en que esa extraña visión es simbólica, pero sólo hasta cierto punto. Creo que eres tú mismo enterándote de un aviso de choque. No del choque mismo, sino del Aviso sobre ese futuro choque. La o las personas que se encuentran en el vehículo podrían ser los anunciadores de ese aviso. ¿Podrías entregar más detalles de esa visión, si puedes ?

    Espero que tu estado de salud mejore lo más posible. Trata de no mortificarte por no poder hacer lo que quieres y acostumbras. Ya haces tu parte de la mejor manera que puedes.

    Un saludo desde los confines del mundo


  15. Doesn’t one of the California EQ predictions have the day Wednesday listed? The16th is a Wednesday.

  16. SWC
    WHAT struck me as odd after the downgrade from 5.7m to 3.8 m
    Is its strange get aftershocks of 3.5 after a 3.8m quake ..
    So how old they downgrade it so much .

    1. Exactly my thoughts rhona2. Even more interesting is everyone who is for the most part a “regular” on this blog has the same vibe!! Something big on the horizon. Of course, Hawaii earth changes is not helping with these thoughts.
      Eric- I agree with a few others. Your tree and flower vision….you are producing blossoms (insight) that spreads across the continents impacting the masses. Your connection to spirit (tree) “bears” fruit. White light is you are surrounded by guides, love, PROTECTION etc.
      SWC- If you haven’t received a reading from Eric. You outta! Things are unfolding as we speak from my own reading a month ago. Pretty cool folks. Because it’s personal I elect not to disclose, wish I could… but reading crazy accurate. When its all said and done I may…
      I keep thinking of that word Bodega in previous eq prediction….Borrego Springs or up north of San Fran? Or both?!! Eeks. Mother Earth is mad, but not on Mother’s Day.. 😉

      1. Good to know you’d be here for another 22 years. Whew

        When I read that interpretation. ..”the trees growing and the white flowers fall with the wind”..not sure what the trees growing meant….and the flowers fall sounds like departure. White could be a symbol of pure or white snow or maybe ashes. Is it a magnolia or crosswood flower? Hopefully someone’s expert will help translate this dream. ♡

        Happy Mother’s Day to Bea. Hopr she gets better each day.

  17. Eric, not sure if this applies to the white vehicle you mentioned. They have said a bike and a car were used in two of the attacks.
    I was thinking that if there were more deaths that have been announced, there could be a state of mourning, which would warrant half masked flags:
    “Suspected IS-inspired suicide bombers attack Indonesian churches, at least nine dead”

    1. Pete,
      I read about that. Actually, news is just coming out that an extremist family did it. And what’s even more shocking is that two of the bombers were little girls–only 12 and 9 years old.

      I can’t even imagine how or why their family brainwashed them to commit murder like that. The people who brainwashed those two children killed them as surely as they did anyone else in that church.

      I’ll never understand how adults can brainwash kids into becoming child-soldiers or suicide-bombers, and be able to live with themselves afterward.

  18. SWC, this is very different that picked up the energy waves all across the nation of USA.

  19. Another respected British Astrologer has earthquakes and volcanoes on her prediction radar:
    “For the first time since 1934 outer planet Uranus – the disruptor – returns to Taurus until 2026.”
    “The Earth (Taurus) will quake (Uranus) both literally and psychologically.”
    “In 2004, with Uranus in Pisces the South East Asian tsunami swept away over 15000 people; in 2011 as Uranus crossed into Aries, the Fukashima tsunami removed an entire coastline and nuclear industry. And now on the 15th May 2018, Uranus crosses into Taurus under a New Moon.” “Earth aka Matter is seismically erupting as Uranus in Taurus aligned with the Galactic Centre is triggered by Mars, God of fire.”

    1. Thanks Pete. We’ll keep.eyes on tomorrow. I will.believe when. I see it. Again thanks. 😉

    2. PETE, Luisa shared the link of possiblr tsunami towards to San Diego, Las Angeles, etc. I’d take this seriously and in time wisely for everyone to evacuate from large cities. Lining up on roads takes hours and days to evacuate like what happened with hurricane Harvey in Houston. It was a huge mess straining on the roads. 😥

    1. Thanks, Luisa Gol Guasch! Now this is VERY worrisome for San Diego, Las Angeles, and other cities that could be wiped out by tsunami.

      Eric, Please ask the Spirits if this is corrected prediction in order to evacuate. Want everyone to be safe from haunted tsunami.

  20. SWC, Eric. Here is dutchsinse latest update from 13 May 2018, 10:00 pm. The forecast begins around minute 40:00, but the rest prior is interesting and informative also. He also mentions around minute 48:00 to 49:00 that we could possibly be looking at a global EQ event with the all of plates adjusting if we don’t get a larger quake soon and Hawaii continues. He mentioned 6s here, but it did remind me of the Spirits saying earthquakes everywhere and the prediction with 9s popping up for 39 different locations. Maybe they were upside down??😳 So I wanted to add just incase. Blessings🙏🏻🌟

  21. Fun Fact: Northern (1906) & Central (1857) part The San Andreas Fault has moved (big quakes) but the Southern end of the fault hasn’t moved (big quake) since 1690.

  22. When will we get this so call earthquake for California? You been saying this for a long time now & it’s yet to happen.

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