Predictions 3-24-16

In minutes, the clock is coming to its countdown, around the 31st, two predictions again, back to back.

The second.. number 2.. a meteor will strike South America, and leave damage in its wake.

And.. The ship (s) destroyed..  such horror.

Previous predictions that might be related:

Predictions on 12-9-15   I again had a visual of a ship burning. But this time it has a fire or explosion by the lower bow.

It looked like a bomb went off.

Predictions on 11-16-15   I had a visual of a military ship on fire. Oddly the fire looked more like the red and yellow burn one sees as a fire is burning out.

I had a visual of the roman number ‘V’ which again goes back to the Meteor. Another message of its arrival soon.

Notes on 5-24-15   I had a visual of a group of asteroids flying through space. Then the visual switched and from a distance I looked down on a town. One part of the town was engulfed in black smoke, followed by a voice saying ‘2’.  Spirit then showed the number 5 in roman numeral, and said “5 months”

Notes on 10-15-15  “In 1-30 the meteor will strike the town.” — Spirits Voice
Finally Spirit warned us that a major prediction is about to happen.
“Right Now”
“Three.. one”
Are they saying the 31st? Or is it a countdown? I will ask for clarity on which prediction is happening ‘right now’. But if it is a countdown and they are talking about the meteor strike in South America we should expect it around the 27th-30th.
Brazil and South America please take precautions for this very destructive event.

Spirit is also predicting:

I had a visual of a bomb go off, then it switched and showed either a border where cars where let into, or some type of security station.

We also asked about ‘Lou’, they clarified that it has not happened yet. They insisted on the word Lou however they did not confirm we are talking about the Louvre yet. We still plan to focus on this one prediction.

The Prediction, the first part is talking about the Belgium attack, the second part has not happened yet: Predictions 12-1-15

I had a visual of a bomb that went off all that was left was rubble.
I had a visual of 3 gray sticks.
I had a visual of coffee grounds on the ground
I had a visual of a cross in the skyline, perhaps a church or school.
In the visual they showed what looked like a Belgium Flag.
“The lou is in danger.. protect it.. and the area around it..
Manipulative.. they will draw your attention elsewhere and then try to destroy (or damage it).. Fire.. 24.. 25” — Spirits Voice

With that said I have to thank some of you. It has come to my attention that individuals have contacted those at the Louvre and the authorities of France to warn them of an attack against the Louvre. I know that must have taken a great deal of courage. My hats off to you. As the Spirits say: “The unstable future is ours to disrupt.. our plan to become an opposing force to everything dark.”

Also Thanks to the people of Newsmax for their article and help:

I leave you with this very awesome message.

“Its time to strike back.” I had a visual of white cars lining up, then white dressed warriors lining up. Then the visual switched and people where posting pictures, sharing their position on a global stage.

Clearly a group is forming who plan to challenge the evil acts of terrorism In the vision their numbers grew and became a clear deterrent. They used visuals to share their positions.  It was really cool to see.


119 thoughts on “Predictions 3-24-16”

  1. Eric, it was great to see the Newsmax article! Of course there are the normal detractors in the comment section…but also a few positive comments. There will always be believers and those who do not believe. And those interested (even those who may have reservations) may now look to your site.
    After all, is not that uncommon for law enforcement personnel to use whatever leads they can get…and there have been instances in the past where law enforcement has actually called sucessfully on psychics for help.
    ( :

  2. Jules104, you also provided a Snopes link on a previous email prediction….this is with regard to the ship(s). Thank you for the link. Here is my reply to that in case you do not see it:
    “I am glad to see that the photo and article caused so much consternation that it was directed to Snopes…..and that the Department of the Navy actually was forced to acknowledge it. Because perhaps NOW they will realize how monumentally STUPID it is to do this…especially in the world we have today.

    However, no matter the excuses, the photo was a genuine photo….and the carriers in the group may no longer be classified as “first line”…because we generally have only two or three in that classification….being NEW….but carriers are continually being “upgraded” and “retrofit”….so even if not considered “new” or “first line”, they actually still are. And, the carriers in the photo are NOT that old either (my son was on the commissioning cruise for one of them) and all carriers in the photo are nuclear powered carriers and all the vessels in the photo are still considered active as part of our naval fleet.

    Incidentally, Snopes also says that the Department of the Navy defended the photo by saying:
    “The December 2012 occurrence wasn’t the first time since World War II that five aircraft carriers (or five nuclear powered aircraft carriers) had all been docked in the same place at the same time. A similar coincidental grouping took place at Norfolk in July 1997, and at the time a Navy spokesman stated that such a move was “not considered a security risk”:

    Well…perhaps in the crazy and dangersous world we have today…the Navy should reconsider such actions as actually being a “security risk”.
    As happened in Pearl Harbor…it only takes one time…..

    1. Thanks Anne I had recieved it. I agree, in the dangerous and crazy world we live in now…this could be a potential disaster just waiting to happen.

  3. I want also to add that “lou” in french has another meaning “Lou” is the masculine singular definite article in the Occitan language.
    So could be translated as “he” 🤔
    I don’t know if it’s relevant but let’s try to see all the aspects.

  4. That is an awesome message to recieve Eric. I bet that visual WAS cool to see! My first thoughts were that this will be people from all different nations, religious beliefs, all different walks of life, a Uniter. Can’t wait. Also, Congratulations on your Newsmax article. It almost seems to me like that could be part of, if not the catalyst for your message above of the white dressed warriors lining up. Blessings and I hope your healing recovery is going well.

  5. SWC,
    arrest of one, in advanced plot of attack in Paris..
    Just now unfolding…check twitter or Breaking To follow.

  6. Hi- How about the “three gray sticks” are pieces of the Eiffel Tower, and the “Lou” is actually “L’eau”?

  7. “In 1-30 the meteor will strike the town.” — Spirits Voice
    Finally Spirit warned us that a major prediction is about to happen.
    “Right Now”
    “Three.. one”
    Are they saying the 31st? Or is it a countdown? I will ask for clarity on which prediction is happening ‘right now’. But if it is a countdown and they are talking about the meteor strike in South America we should expect it around the 27th-30th.

    1= 1 meteor

    30= day 30

    three…one= 3 (march) 1 (1 meteor)

    30-31 march 2016!!

    1. Well I thought Louisianna also. But that’s not France…thought there is the French Creole connection. A lot of stretching it there I think though.

    2. I felt strongly it’s Louvre museum in Paris. Hoping it remains to locked down for a little while till the Spirits give a green light that it’s passed.

      Have a blessed Good Friday!

    1. Anne, Hi….that is a good thought!
      Much better than mine.
      I was also thinking the Booth moment..( running to Maryland-
      Chesapeake Bay). It is hard to understand evil…
      I think NY/NJ. And Norfolk are contenders?

  8. Also…the “military base” prediction….? I would bet that sometimes these types of acts could be offset by law enforcement intervention and not publicized. Would the Spirits then let you know if one or the other prediction was no longer valid because it had been stopped?

    1. Aldo,
      There are a number of people who monitor well as a fireball network .
      Please do not get frustrated..
      please look up sites and keep watch, or become up to date with,
      Comets, asteroids , as well as space debris…
      Please let us know what you discover… We are in this together and need support, it cannot be on one person’s shoulder……..Blessings…

    2. This is what I found on

      SLIGHT CHANCE OF METEORS: A new meteor shower could appear this week. According to theoretical modeling by Mikhail Maslov, Earth will pass through a sparse cloud of meteoroids from Comet 252P/LINEAR on March 28-30. The encounter could cause a minor shower of slow meteors emerging from a radiant near the star μ Leporis, south of the celestial equator. Little is known about meteors from 252P/LINEAR, so estimates of the meteor rate are very uncertain. Maslov’s models suggest no more than 5 to 10 per hour.

    1. Donna,saw that….no Lenin ( Russia)connection, that I could see..
      It’s terrible , it seems they practice over there….the poor people want just one little bit of normalcy in their lives….no –hate seems to want to win… Blessings!

  9. The military base bombing or ship on fire. Ideas of locations :

    Spratly Islands area. China is fired up right now. US announced past week regarding 5 bases in Philippines “reopening “. Antonio Batista base? Any of those bases could essentially fit the profile according to Erics vision. With tempers flared up between Indonesia and China, anything goes.

    1. Or….
      Lumbia air base. Retaliatory towards US for killing second in command of Islamic state yesterday. Radical Islamic groups on Mindanao island, Phillipines.

  10. Hey, great article! That feel.good as I’m one of the team of Eric’s predictions. It’s cool and neat. 😉 I’m happy it’s spreading out his words to help save many lives as possible. Also, I don’t like the idea of ISIS are watching his prediction sites as they may get funny idea. I pray Eric be safe and protected. This made me wondering if this is related to the older post about the man on the horse shooting the bright shining arrows.

    Have a blessed Easter to Eric, Spirits and to everyone!

  11. I’m thinking a lot about the ships prediction. North Korea has been very hostile even for them in their rhetoric lately. It would not surprise me to see a North Korea sub fire upon a South Korea or American Vessel. Also the North Koreans have been using other national flags to bypass the sanctions so another nation could fire upon them in retaliation,

    1. Hi Rob. I was wondering if the ship prediction has to do with North Korea also. Unless it’s specifically related to another terrorist attack.

      1. Do we have any current plane predictions that haven’t happened yet? Hijacked plane just landed in Cyprus was an Egypt internal flight. The hijacker is apparently armed with explosives. Please pray these poor innocent people get off this plane alive 😦

        1. Sam,
          I found a couple references one had trapped..Tuesday ref, number was close with 66,,
          Was not sure which thread…just stuck it on 10-3-15….
          It is still unfolding…
          where is it going?, is there more than one person / bomb on board?
          What is the final plan ? I certainly do not like that he is letting women and children off…
          That does not bode well on “his plan”
          What are your thoughts?

    1. Anthony this is Rhona Star 48 Jules104 and your Swc would live to know how you are travelling any chance you could touch base and let us know you are o.k.

  12. Eric, I just heard that shots were fired in the Capitol Bldg in Washington D.C. within the last half hour.

  13. SWC, Hijacked planeith Bomb on Board? just landed in Cyprus.,letting women and children off the plane…I put article on thread 10-3-15,,, appx 60 people were on board ( corrected from 81 original listed…just unfolding..see twitter or

  14. SWC , Just in….
    more info on hijacking in Cypress…hijacker has let people off…
    56 people are off the plane….

          1. I saw that Star48. Oh my gosh! An idiot, do ya think? I guess it takes all kinds right? I just feel sorry for the ex and the kids though. Ugh. But glad nobody was hurt and maybe they can get him the help he so obviously needs now. Sheesh.

            1. Jules 104, find you read my comment about the 17 middle eastern men in CA?
              It is on US attack thread…I am still shaking my head…
              I guess common sense us no longer common..
              Hijacker decided to send his message his way.,
              17 middle eastern men shooting hundreds of rounds of ammo in area of Apple Valley, CA, way off the beaten path..
              Chanting A.A all night..with a gun with no serial number..( because it was made with parts)
              .are let loose… Sounds like common sense. Right? Is it just me?

              1. Star48, No it’s not just you. I agree. Common sense is no longer common. Hopefully they will be well tracked by higher ups. Maybe they released them for that purpose alone? I sometimes feel like all of the crazy people have come out of the woodwork at the same time. These people live in an altered reality fed by their strange irrational minds which seem to want to just harm others. Seems pretty evil to me.

  15. Hi Eric non of my comments are posting is it my end or yours would appreciate if you could check it out thsnks

    1. All comments have to be approved by me. Normally I am always checking the site to approve and read them, but sometimes I take a break, also this is going to be a more common problem as the comments have sky rocketed.

  16. Hi it seems its just on 3-29-16 thread
    hunan is a province of southern China (shensi) Yuan experienced an 8mag quake in 1556 that killled 185,000 people …the ref to unan propted me to post this info…
    also ref ti rubber band a bit left field ..but Buenos Aires has a reputatiin for making watches and goods from rubberbands long shot i know but could be locatiin pointer
    also the 3-1-16 prediction i commented the people behund the mt is the meaning of town of Bariloche which was affected by Chile earthquake and the Liquine of Qui fault that seperates Chile and Argentina could be the source of confusion for Argentina or Chile (from behind) was mentioned in 3-1-16… Thanks and blessings to you…

    1. Rhona,
      great information., I like the rubber band location idea…
      I will check out 3-1-16. About fault thanks…

  17. thanks Eric just needed to c if it was my phone….i have been with site for 3 years and never happened …been lucky i guess..thanks for your reply

  18. I am praying that the people they arrested in Paris that were in the advanced planning stages of an attack in Paris is related to the prediction and the plan is now foiled. Any thoughts on that Eric?

          1. Jules104, you and I are on the same wavelength..
            In all or musings. I never thought to see what were showcased exhibits.
            When I read this…my jaw dropped.. So not good.
            I hate coincidences…

            Oh by the way Boston Marathon coming up on 19 th..(aTuesday)
            A strange aside..
            And there has been a spate of electrical fires..odd places in the past few days..
            Airport in NJ., IRS bld now. There are more, so many electrical problems have been happening..why I bring this up they are not all ” normal”

            1. Hmm I hope and pray people are being vigilant so as we can stop any planned attacks. I wonder how the electric could be manipulated or if it’s just a manual type thing.
              Always wondered about Boston going by the prediction Eric had a while ago about an attack being in the same place.

  19. star 48 thank you i have no idea why i didnt check volcanic activity in recent days that should have been a given after my post i will keep check now though…

    1. That is exactly what I was wondering also Star48. This article says the overhead wires sustained damage. Could it just be the weather? It seems like more than a coincidence that so many disruptions are happening in one time frame that close together.

      1. Jules104,
        ( my opinion) that we are vulnerable …
        also there have been many incidents of fiber optic cable cut for awhile now..,there are rewards for information.. I think there are nasty plans afoot! ( I sound like 1940 Sherlock .)
        I remember that post ..about (my interpretation ) a man gleeful mastermind behind the scenes manipulating. ( either computers on infrastructure .). It stuck with me.. Have been watchful since the post..

        1. I remember reading something about how they think either the Russians or Chinese are cutting the cables on the sea floor. I believe you are right. Something nasty is afoot. On another note…the gas masks…I googled gas masks on Erics side search and it comes up a few times with Mass or Penn. Think the latest was Penn. It made me think of the (“Boston Marks”), Boston Marathon on Monday April 18th…and Monday night football. What do you think? I feel like a multiple attack is coming soon. That nightmare, war zone they’ve spoken about. Hope these can be foiled.

          1. Jules104,
            if you look on thread –US attack
            I put a comment on April 4 th @11:00 am..reminding about marathon , Monday as well as Ref to John Hancock sponsor ( the Rock?).
            Yeah, I felt unsettled about it.. Remember ref to car, SUV ? So many ref to that area..
            I think the group has gone over …still I felt we needed reminder…things could be lining up…
            You and I must be picking something up if we both thought of it…I wonder what Rhona, thinks?

            1. I remember that Star48. It is always in the back of my mind also. Would hate to see anything happen like that again. Yes we need Rhona and her radio. LOL

  20. Jules104, Rhona, SWC
    serendipity, or (?).
    This is seriously getting the twilight zone theme playing.
    This came out today..
    First known use of SUICIDE DRONE
    “The first known use of a “suicide drone” was reportedly believed to have taken place during the recent skirmishes between Azerbaijan and Armenia. ”


      1. Jules104, your comment, slayed me..
        . That is the issue..,you cannot have a rational conversation with fanatics…(it is if they are deaf, dumb, blind…)

        Off topic, Rhona, is on my mind..
        .sending her lots of positive thoughts, and lots of Blessings…

        1. Yes thinking of the monkey emojis Star48 LOL 🙉🙊🙈. If you are feeling it, then it can never hurt to be sending more prayers and blessings to our wonderful kindred Spirit Rhona. Hoping all her healing is going well.

  21. Jules 104 Star 48 …i just read your comments and concerns for me …i need to mention i often take comfort in knowing you bith keep me in your prayers and when i meditate and open my heart i consciously recieve them into my aura …..iam travelling really well and even played soccer with my gradson on weeken ..just kick to kick …lol…bruising nearly all gone and no side effect from op all is well …the docs say six minths if meds then it should have shrunk…
    now as far as Suv van and disruptions to electricity and computer hacking ..yes i have for some time seen in mt minds eye

    1. Rhona, Glad to hear you are healing, doing well, having fun playing soccer with your grandson. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always.

  22. continued…..from above probs with phone
    in my minds eye seen infiltration into the work place with inside jobs ….i have no doubt the utilities are vulnerable and drone atacks even into power lines are a possibility and water supplies could be attacked by drone or fly over …Helipads and Heliports concern me as well …as you have sited many possible ref to these in predictions …
    Jules i may have to ask specific questiins to my radio guides lol c what responses i get
    thanks again guys hugs to you both..

    1. Yes spiders coming out of the woodwork I think. (Oh funny, I just had to go retrieve a poor innocent spider from my daughter’s bedroom and put it outside. LOL. I just can’t seem to hurt them.). But everyone needs to be vigilant and much more aware of their surroundings probably. If everyone just pays a little more attention I think it will help a lot. Blessings

  23. Jules 104 i wish these spiders were as easy to get rid of im the same reluctant at times to kill but they can be nasty..
    i have researched e more prediction ref and remember you and Lia i believe recounting her dream
    i have 13-27-14
    ” a bomb building is target known for second floor – bellview ..natiin addressed ”
    balcony of skyscraper 1/2 spider 1/2 man landed from sky ontop of building ”
    is there a new building opening with celebrations and sky diver ? i wonder..
    could 1/2 spider 1/2 man be tef to tetrrorist posing as or being a part of community incognito as Star mentioned….
    oranges cut into pieces and put in different cups of water ” marathon comes to mind…
    “Onario Canada France England NY go inside attacks lead to legislation
    “They are not seperate attacks they are orchestrated” sorry “should read ..”go inside guns guns – gun attack leads to legislation …war zone prediction comes to mind…
    this one is intriguing remember Freddie Muercury …” type bombor car far north California for terrorist metropolis NY..NJ..”
    second floor ref ” Funny sound like whisle “…brings o mind Penn train station with penn hotel opposite ..Penn hotel had pink marble everywhere and loiks like bank …”people lined up..sofa and shoes everywhere..” there is also the sky scraper ref in prediction and Vornado tower is to be 68 stories.
    It seems to me these tie in somewhat with the extensive spiders cells spreading and co-ordinated attacks.
    I obtained these and other predictions through a search for Drop from sky.

    1. Rhona I think you are correct. But Im not sure if some have happened yet or been foiled. I remember Eric saying he thought the oranges in a cup might just be meant for the word “arranged”, which makes sense if you say it like orranged though. So not random attacks like they use to tell everyone, but that they have intelligent methods behind them. Which now we’ve all found out they are being arranged beforehand. I feel the ship will happen soon. My daughter said she heard the word “ship Jack” this am and wanted to know what that was? I looked it up and it has to do with the flag on the bow of a ship. Used primarily in warships. And it was having to do with the US/US Navy. I will try and find the link and attach it. I am worried about Boston, NY/NJ, West Coast Bridge, WA DC/Capital area. Just hope we can stop these crazy people.

  24. Hi jules 104 i agree your daughter hearing ship Jack could be a confirmation of your thoughts on the subject ..spirit works like that at times sure you know…i agree with you about some of those i sited being past or foiled .I was prediction storming and probably got carried away seeing if it could trigger a new analysis of events
    I share your concern fir NY NJ and Penn I feel.iam getting caught up in worry about it instead of directing light to the energies of the predictions as the light and energy of the universe knows exactly what to do and illuminate areas requiring exposure as Erics spirits alert him and in turn us …but its hard when all we want to do is save lives and we are working on blind faith and trust and our investigative skills of a sort.. I believe we will win this battle andthe human birth right of freedom to live love and exist unencumbered as intended

    1. I agree Rhona. Sometimes we just need to spend more time sending light and energy to illuminate the darkness. I know eventually the light will overcome the darkness. Though it feels like a struggle sometimes , I have faith that there is more good than evil in the world. (I sure hope Anthony checks in soon.). Blessings

  25. SWC, is this a by product of a group forming to fight back?
    “The European Parliament has approved a joint system for police and justice officials to access airline passenger data on all flights to and from the EU.
    The measure was passed by 461 votes to 179 against.
    Counter-terrorism officials have lobbied for years for the introduction of Passenger Name Records (PNR), arguing that sharing data will help them trace suspicious itineraries.
    EU countries will have two years to turn it into national law.
    The data in question is already collected by airlines but the new legislation sets out detailed rules for national authorities to access it when tackling serious crime.”


  26. Jules104,
    “Asteroid Bennu, a black roundish rock taller than the Empire State Building, is the intended target of a NASA spacecraft set to blast off Thursday night. Not only will the robotic probe named Osiris-Rex fly to this ancient asteroid, it will scout it out for two years before scooping up some gravel and dust”

    1. That’s so neat. I love the name given by the boy…Osiris, and NASA…Osiris-Rex. Oh gosh, just thought of something. That stone dinosaur prediction and the dust, the box shaped space craft. Okay well it is pretty neat. Bringing back all of that space dust/particles/rocks and studying it, even if it does take seven years. I guess you have to just have a lot of patience when you are a NASA Scientist. I hope it will all go well and as planned for them. I think being a part of something like this project would be so rewarding. Thanks for the link Star48. (Sheesh now there are bowls of oranges at the Orange Restaurant on Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. lol). Blessings Always

  27. Nostradamus…

    The sloping park, great calamity,
    Through “the Lands of the West” and Lombardy ( Italy)
    The fire in the ship, plague and captivity;
    Mercury in Sagitarius, Saturn fading

    ive been awaiting the earthquake. but the ship aligns with your prediction…..

  28. Eric,
    Ref:::The second.. number 2.. a meteor will strike South America, and leave damage in its wake.

    Brazil 🇧🇷
    Very bright fireball over the Rio Grande do Norto

    A bright fireball was recorded streaking across the night sky over the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil at 01:35 UTC on July 8, 2018. The object was visible for several seconds before it disintegrated in a bright flash. It is possible some pieces survived the entry. However, even if something did manage to survive, it’s at the bottom of the ocean now.

    The fireball was seen by residents of Mossoró, Areia Branca, Assú, Baraúna, Severiano Melo and even cities in Ceará as Icapui and Russas said they had seen the light, according to EXOSS Citizen Science Project.

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