Notes on 6-11-13 Tsunami

The Tsunami

Hawaii, Vancouver, British Colombia, Washington State, all will be affected. The tide will flood the shorelines. British Colombia will take the brunt of the destruction.

Vancouver Canada.. tide.. tide.. extensive damage.. 12.. duplicate..

The two previous predictions are connected, One Tsunami from what seems to come from the north affecting the entire region.  The number “12” could be the date. 19th? 28th? They have made no mention of the 28th and made a point to exclude the earthquake that is another prediction about Indonesia.

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  1. julie Avatar

    Eric, Can you clarify this for me? You mention on the last paragraph that the number “12” might be the date, but then you bring up the 19th? Can you clarify what you saw/heard in terms of numbers associated with the tsunami prediction? Thank you!

  2. julie Avatar

    I’m wondering if there are multiple timelines we could go down, and on each timeline, there is a west coast/British Columbia tsunami, then maybe the 28th and 19th are equally relevant. You’ve mentioned those dates in relation to a tsunami equal times for both the 19th and 28th.

    You mentioned the 28th here:
    628 in big letters – Could this be a date? June 28th, again they are stuck on the 28th. Perhaps the Tsunami or earthquake.

    Also, mentions of the 28th here:
    “The Tsunami is coming.. the Tsunami is near. it ended up being a date after all..”
    The last part could be a message of my failed attempt to accurately predict the Tsunami’s date, they presented it on the 8th or 28th. Perhaps it comes down to not having the right month.

    In other news; the map with ’28′ must have a different meaning, perhaps the 28th is a marked date. But why put it on a map? There has to be a symbolic meaning to the map.

    On another note they also presented a cemetery. It was odd because it was presented from afar as if I were looking down on it. It could be related to the road with the number “28″ or it could simply be symbolic to a death or passing. But just in case I wanted to share that. The rest of the notes will go out tomorrow. They are starting new predictions.

    But the 19th is also previously talked about:
    On May 19th it comes… “What?”… I had a vision of large ocean waves coming into the shoreline consuming the ports. Then it switched to a young twenty year old Asian man standing with a face of concern. –

    Spirits words:
    “Major event.. Vancouver Canada.. tide.. tide.. extensive damage.. 12.. duplicate.. “
    In a lot of ways it sounds like a Tsunami or major flood, perhaps related to Hawaii prediction? The straits of Georgia island mass could be that peninsula discussed as well as in some ways it has the shape of Florida. Whether related or not we are still expecting one of the predictions on the 19th of May.

    There are several new messages but the one that has an urgency is a picture of a map with roads and highways just as if you were looking at a google map on the internet. On the map was a line turning (road or highway?) with the number “28″. They showed it twice and kept presenting the number 28 as if to put urgency on it. It might be related or unrelated to what is taking place on the news with the manhunt. It could be a date, or simply as it says a location. Please share any ideas you might have on the subject.

    “A tsunami is coming.. A tsunami hits the west coast.. various parts are affected.. Hawaii flooded.. not horrific but damaging.. April..” We will try to update the timing as we get closer.

    Here it is.. your opportunity to change the outcome of this situation. The timeline is not exact. For now we are projecting a timeframe between the 14th and 19th as this information came in late yesterday the 10th. As we move closer to the timeframe we will project an exact date, but now is the time to start a conversation to change this outcome.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      There is some chatter that 28 could be a month as in August. 12 is apart of the prediction so if there was any number out of all of them with a key figure is 12 and perhaps date. 19 is also a key number to a flood or storm, I assumed at the time we are talking about the Tsunami, but it could also be unrelated. Unfortunately from here we will do a countdown to the timing. But I will ask for a specific date all the same. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Thanks for all the help

      1. Cindy Avatar

        Eric, there is a highway 28 on Vancouver Island thst links Campbell River to Gold River. The highway is rated dangerous because of all the turns and grades etc… Tsunami.. Vancouver… Highway 28??? Just thought I would throw that out there!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Something is clearly happening to Vancouver, they have mentioned it several times.

  3. Sarah W. Avatar

    I’ve been having ‘that shaking’ feeling for the past 2 days. I had to vision what my core was telling me, I saw Ice. Then I saw Alaska as on the Map….
    I then saw Russia’s little know Group of Volcanos off their Eastern Limb. & Hawaii I feel yes, active but not like the above mentioned…
    Love & Light

  4. Sarah W. Avatar

    Oh Yar, on the 19th The Sun is eclipseing Jupiter & by all accounts this is rare? Resonance, for the Earth could be why the 19th was mentioned???? Just a Thought

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      The 19th has been marked but unclear with what. There is a volcano explosion expected from previous predictions but they failed to tell me where. Maybe your picking up the location.

      1. Sarah W. Avatar

        Of Course I pray with all my Heart & Soul that if Jupiter Could indeed have a vibrational resonance indictating North for the Magnetic Field Understanding (I do try these days to join Real Science & Spirituality as This Has to be our future), somehow we could At least Warn Collectively so get people to move out just for the safety & no loss of inoccent People. I never give up on being able to change such events because, if they can be forewarned they can be Purely And with Intent lovingly Holted? Stopped? People feel the vibration so they act on moving or looking more into it? Eric, these are hard moments for Everyone & it’s even harder for those who seem to know! However which way, they just know!!! Okay, I just saw the Sun eclipseing Jupiter and I Got a Huge Solar Flare, as In I saw a huge solar Flare. Thinking on that, why would NASA bother saying about this Rare event if not a Reason to Know? Or, give an excuse to cause temp blackouts???
        Okay, I’m stopping there because, I get so much and this is the best I can describe..
        God Blesses Us All

  5. Avatar

    This is a topic that is close to my heart… Cheers! Exactly where are your contact details

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Contact details? If your looking for more info on the Tsunami just use the search engine ‘tsunami’. As for me personally, I hope that helps.

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