Predictions 4-11-18

I had a visual of 4 different zeros lining up. Four different predictions are about to happen. In the visual they looked like silver metal thin rings racing down a road. They the rings lined up one after another.

I had a visual of a man with a cowboy hat turn a corner and then leave.

“Huge scandal coming.. White house.. tit for tat.. what’s in it for me.. I did you a favor now you owe me a favor.. flush for cash.. this is the scandal that will eventually be his undoing.. impeachment tried twice.. mockery..”

“Eric you are wrong.. your timing is off.. he will not finish his term.”

Spirit implied that the house of cards would fall apart in July for Trump. Spirit showed a picture of Trump and then tore it. Could the message mean something else? They also showed 12 as when all things would come to a head. Its possible I am looking at this wrong. We could be off a year. Perhaps the unraveling starts in December and then carries over to July 2019. Either way they are committed to saying Trump will not finish his term, that has not changed. Here we are again with failing at our timing. I will ask them to clarify the timing of his departure but it is not a priority. 

“Shooting spree.. rampage.. they said no.. now he retaliates.. 21.. Joey done ( is the word done his last name) north eastern.. police call 911.. January.

I believe we need to look at January’s predictions to see a connection to this one. We need a better location than pointing to the north east. 


I had a visual of a marked spot in the middle of the Ocean. You could see central Australia to the left. “This is really bad.. the damage beyond extensive.”

Spirit wrote the words AU

When? “In about 4 weeks”

“Eric we need to focus on what’s coming now.”

Spirit showed a date 23. (Is that the Tsunami or another message?)

This is the Tsunami they keep bringing up. This most likely has ties to this old prediction that never happened:

Prediction: Australia Flood I had a visual of an entire city under a layer of water, trees brought down, houses damaged, raging water pushing away everything in its path.

“Australia.. Brisbane hit hard”

“Brisbane.. 18


The number 18 could be 2018. We have plans to make this Tsunami my biggest focus. This prediction is not happening without a fight. I plan to make every effort to make this event known to the public and I need your help to do that. If your in Australia I am asking for your help. I would like the email addresses of all the local media outlets in the Brisbane area. I would also like to know how to contact more larger media outlets in Australia. I am not concerned over how it might look on my end, this event was too horrific to do nothing at all. I plan to put my full effort into changing the outcome of this horrible event. 

Spirit’s message implies that we have one other event that needs our attention before making this Tsunami our main focus. I would also like to confirm a more specific date for the Tsunami before I make a move. 

Then they shifted their attention to France. That will be my focus in the coming days. 





63 thoughts on “Predictions 4-11-18

  1. Trump’s lawyer was raided yesterday because illegal activity is probable. Stormy Daniels attorney was on the news this morning saying he was told to hold off showing a sketch of who they suspect may have threatened her. Why? Maybe because there is something coming down long before the end of the year? So overdue getting Trump out of our White House. Huge scandal, impeachment, tit for tat. This madness has to end…soon.

  2. Eric/SWC, could this old prediction from 16-12-2016 with cowboy hats and airplanes be related to this person in a cowboy hat? Maybe it’s a pun of its “around the corner” or “we’ve turned the corner”? Here’s that link.

    Also the reference to “AU” was in another prediction a long time ago. I can’t find it though. Could this be a reference to this old prediction…for some clues? Does anyone know where that prediction is?

    And I know all our Aussies out there will have some info for you/us as soon as they all wake up. 😴😵😎🙏🏻

    • I’m thinking that timing may be difficult for spirit to nail at times. Eric would know more about this than I. Someone I was very close to years ago was psychic and predicted an event would take place in my life “soon” during the holidays. So I expected the prediction to occur that year, but it didn’t happen till the holiday season five years later. Despite the frustration most of us feel as we wait out Mueller’s investigation, I hope he has adequate time to bring down as many corrupt people as possible.

  3. Good morning Eric and good morning all.

    1) The New Daily would be my pick for not only Queensland but all of Australia. Once they publish the story, the other media outlets would take it up:
    Want to submit a story for publication on The New Daily?

    2) Since the end of last year I’ve had the sensation of multiple events occurring on or from the 15th to the 18th of April this year. They include major earthquake in the South Pacific where at least one Island nation gets wiped out, another serious gun related incident in the US, major pressure from Trump in relation to the Mueller Enquiry, and a very clever move by China concerning trade with the US.

  4. Maybe 12 doesn’t mean December, but the 12th of a month. Maybe an event on the 12th of, say, May or June, would be the thing that leads to Trump resigning or getting impeached.

    • I thought it might mean after the elections had flipped the House so that he was no longer protected. I am to the point I can’t even watch the news, it’s just too much on so many fronts. And I think we’re just getting started.

  5. Hi Eric this email address is for channel 9 news which is national in Australia.Hope this helps.

      • Eric the 5k is on Saturday. Followed by some races for kids. The marathon aniversay date is 4/15. You had a prediction recently where 4 15 kept coming up. The man in the cowboy hat helped a lot of the victims. The turn a corner we have a lot of sayings like we will turn. And right on Hereford left on Boylston. The expo is Fri thru Sunday. There’s a lot of events going on around the races.

        Eric I’ve had a hinky feeling about this year’s race. I wanted to do a reading with you before but can’t because I’m going through major medical issues that are costing a lot. But could you ask if I should keep my plans this weekend I’m supposed to do the 5k and the Marathon and I am supposed to do a lot of the survivor activities on the 15th. Like in the morning we have a wreath laying ceremony at the sites people got killed at. Then there’s other stuff just for those of us that got hurt. idk this year’s race there haven’t been direct threats against tho it feels like the media is trying TOO hard to push that point to where it ust isn’t believes me. We will have way more drones flying around, as well as snipers and lookout people up ontop of tall buildings which there are pleanty of along the race. I’m just worried I’m gonna get hurt again cuz I’m starting to have that same sick to my stomach feeling that I had the exact day of the race, that year when I got hurt I almost didn’t go but was running with a friend and didn’t want to disappoint her. But I ha a bad feeling about the finish line area and when I was standing there the only thing I could think of was I needed to get out of there. Could you just ask to see if it’s safe for me to keep all the activities I planned?

      • You would have to call me for them to answer the questions about you. Spirit will not answer questions over the internet. Unlike other psychics the Spirits I represent would rather not publicly do personal readings. Please forward your request to Bea at I will say its possible all of this falls in May. I still can’t explain the 3 of 315. However as the prediction mentions there are connections to terror attacks and mid month.

    • Hi Meg,
      I’m no expert on knowing whether gut feelings are true or anxiety-induced….I struggle daily with telling the difference. It’s hard to know what’s an unreasonable fear, and what could be your gut instinct trying to warn you about something important.

      But if you don’t want to go to the marathon, if you feel for any reason that it’s not safe, you don’t have to go. You have a right to stay home. Especially if you feel going would not be healing, just anxiety-provoking.

      You can honor the anniversary of the bombing in a different way–praying at home, writing out your feelings in a journal….you might be under pressure from friends to go to specific events, but sometimes people need some quiet space, private time to cope with trauma.

      Let me give you an example….there was an Iraq war veteran who lost a leg in battle. People kept trying to get him to put a positive spin on it, to celebrate the day he got hurt as his “Alive Day”, his second chance at life. But for him, it didn’t work. As he put it, “how do you celebrate the worst day of your life?” So even though everyone was well-meaning, their suggestion was not helping him heal. He would have to find other ways.

      But the idea of following Eric’s advice and arranging a phone session with Bea also sounds like a good one. Maybe she can give you an idea whether it’s safe.

  6. Updating on my great Pryenee is acting strange. I sensed the earth is still going strong active with quakes and possible tsunami when quakes hit. The weather is beautiful in dallas. It’s the earth he sensed.

    • My dog tried to hide under the side table. He is not being himself lately this past week. May want to watch your animals’ odd behaviors. They are telling you something..just pay attention. It’s related to the earth’s energies from underground. Just pay attention.

  7. Hi all Eric SWC
    below im including a link with icean tectonic map from Papua new Guinea Through to solomons and fiji .
    with the extended activity lately in Papua new Guinea and deep ones around sthvPacific Islands I wouldnt be surprised if it originates and triggers a tsunami coming from these tectonics .
    Prayers live and light to Queenslanders from West Australia
    blessing all be vigilent and prepared

  8. Reply
  9. Four rings are the symbol for Audi moto vehicles.
    Eric can you give a rough latitude and longitude for the spot on the ocean and which way were you viewing it from eg. north south? there is an unusual viewmap of the pacific looking west to OZ showing all the relevant NZ tonga Fiji faults and trenches in color half way down this site

    very large information rich site concerning tsunami for Australians.

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  15. Eric,
    Ref:::Then they shifted their attention to France. That will be my focus in the coming days.

    Iranian diplomat arrested over Paris Bomb plot💥
    Germany and Belgium 🇧🇪 involved in the arrests..
    Belgian authorities said the Iranian diplomat was detained in Germany on Monday as a contact of a Belgian married couple of Iranian heritage. The couple was arrested earlier by Belgian police in Brussels after they were caught with 500 grams of TATP explosive and a detonator hidden in a toiletries bag.

    Belgian prosecutors identified the couple as 38-year-old Amir S. and 33-year-old Nasimeh N. and charged them with attempted terrorist murder and preparing a terrorist act for plotting to bomb a Saturday meeting of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.


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