Kushner Russia Back Channels

This prediction is unfolding.

Predictions 4-16-17   “Now the state knows.. a direct line of collusion between Trumps people and Russia.”

Predictions 12-12-16     “The first bombshell is coming soon.. Trump..  what starts off as a small issue grows and grows.. fraud.. fraud.. fraud.. back channel deals.. Zero then five”  — Spirits Voice

“Wait.. Wait”   There is an epic bombshell coming, other bombshells follow, the US politics continue.. disarray.. topsy turvy   Russia.. back door deals.. tape-taps.. the strain between the US and Russia mounts so bad that a new cold war is inevitable.” – Spirits Voice

Still coming…

Predictions 5-16-17    I had a visual of two axes, followed by an image of the white house. An implication that two other white house or government officials might be fired.    “Mutiny” The Trump surrogates and Republicans begin to turn on him. Those who speak out receive a slanderous vicious attack from Trump.. while the bombshells continue to drop.

Predictions 5-24-17   Trump.. one person after another dropped.. take it as an omen of when things are about to unravel.

Predictions 3-25-17   Q 34  7..the government freezes..  he is going to address the nation.. Trump is no more.. the leaves fall.. there is going to be a great swing in government..

Q37 I had a visual of Vice President Pence on a stage, at a town hall. Then the visual shifted to a door in the background. “Threat!”

94 thoughts on “Kushner Russia Back Channels

  1. There needs to be a great swing in government. Hard to believe what we have witnessed and it’s about to get real. Fasten your seatbelts!

  2. Strapped in and ready for the wild ride. I am still amazed at the folks who are still blinded and don’t see the harm being done to our country. Thank God the truth is being revealed. We have to hold the country in light and love (even those who are bucking against the truth and being hateful). We shall overcome.

    1. Do you really think h Clinton would have been a better choice? Someone who hid a private server for her own nefarious dealings, emails vanished due to bleach bit use, Libya failed state crawling with terrorists now, pay for play in state dept scheme, could go on and on……what choice did the American people really have? I would have liked to give him a chance, but it does not appear that the powers that be will allow it. I pray for our country, things don’t look good. Peace

      1. Yes I do too.
        Almost anyone would have been better. Anyone who advocates outright disrespect and bullying over inclusion and taking care of your fellow man doesn’t deserve to be president or any kind of leader. I’m not just ashamed of the current president but also of the GOP for becoming a party of bullying and name calling instead of a party of ideas. I may not agree with the basic GOP view of things (even though I was one 20 yrs ago), but I used to respect that they believed in something. Now it’s all about absolute power, disrespect, “winning”, tax cuts for the rich and plain old “me, me, me” 24/7/365.

      2. There is no doubt in my mind HRC would have be an amazing POTUS. I don’t understand how anyone could think Trump would be better? You think HRC had nefarious dealings given the constant speculation around her emails?? Where is your proof? You have none. Neither does the FBI. If she’s guilty why hasn’t she been charged with anything? Do you really HRC would make fun of a disabled reporter? Use hateful, bigoted rhetoric which resulted in an endorsement by the KKK for Trump? You think HRC would have cut funding for welfare programs like Meals on Wheels? Do you think she’d cut funding for programs servicing the mentally ill? Trump is guilty of all these things yet you think he’s the better leader? Did Hillary brag about sexually assaulting women? You think HRC would be up at night tweeting about unfairly everyone treats her? Open your eyes. Trump is a sick, sick man.

  3. Not at all shocking…Eric was right on months ago. After this last trip to Europe, it is clear he is not fit to be president. I hope and pray that all those involved in this scheme are prosecuted…Russia is running our country…this entire mess is sickening…

    1. Anyone who could vote for her after all she has done to degrade national security is a fool, imho….sorry …multimillionaire too…where did all that money come from?

      1. Also maybe you should question how Trump made his money. Foolish of you to accuse Hillary of something Trump is just as guilty of. I take it you are not from New York. Trump is notorious for cheating his investors and refusing to pay his subcontractors. You Trumpsters are in denial. You helped put a madman in the White House.

  4. Eric, I have come to dread the political predictions for this country, the level of hate rhetoric has intensified to the point it has become dangerous.

    If people would open their eyes and not believe everything they read, hear or see is true! The alternative news sites, the conspiracy sites that twist the news and feed this craziness, the mainstream press labeled as fake news sites.
    There are Fact Check sites to check the accuracy of all news stories and just because they do not agree with your way of thinking it does not mean they are wrong!

  5. I’m hearing from sources that President Trump intends to STOP THE LEAKS from the White House and fire top White House staffers as soon as he gets back from his long trip overseas.

  6. The only way I can see Republicans — and some Trump surrogates — finally turn against him is if he fires Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor — now that would be a really dumb move, like Nixon dumb. I believe Nixon also fired the special prosecutor investigating his administration. Talk about an omen.

    1. R Mueller very good friend of Mr. Comey…not considered conflict of interest? God help this country, we sure need it!

  7. All the stories I have seen have indicated that Kushner spoke to the Russians as part of the post-election transition. Nothing pre-election. Yet, if ever. He is also not being criminally interrogated at this time.

    In the end, people had plenty of reasons not to vote for Hillary withOUT Wikileaks or the Russians: Her secretiveness of the content of her Goldman Sachs speeches and the paychecks she took for them, while publicly railing against Wall Street, her calling millions of American voters deplorable and irredeemable, her team claiming they deleted emails before they were notified of an FBI investigation, then being contradicted by the FBI, which publicly stated that her people deleted them three weeks AFTER she was notified, people who were still upset over Benghazi and think she skated, and the Bernie Sanders fans who assessed that she and the DNC colluded to make her the nominee from the beginning, who swore not to support her. Among many other things. It would be next to impossible to legitimately tie her loss to the Russians when there was so much out in the open working against her already. Especially when she lost the election in the states she failed to go back to to spend time in. She badly misjudged, or ignored, or outright failed to see, the mood and discontent of a large section of the nation that felt overlooked for years.

    1. I see you have not eased off on the orange koolaid and have yet to jump off the blind Hilary hate train

    2. nah, she just committed the fatal error in a world of old white men of being a woman and having ambition. Sacrilege I say!

    3. Really? can you not let go of Hillary? She is not your president. you americans who voted Trump need to face facts that you voted in a disaster and a bully. did you see that clip of how he shoved the prime minister of Monte Negro to get this photo op?

      1. PN
        i hate getting involved
        even on the fringes of political
        realm but i need to go with u on this.
        there have been people that detested
        the previous regime, many who have
        benefited absolute zero from it; people
        who think there are more serious issues
        at hand than considering things like
        safe spaces on college campus and
        therapy hot lines set up in nyc for
        people who are sad that clinton lost.. also there
        are people who are amazed that campuses like berkley
        that fought so hard for free speech and were the seats of stressing
        acceptance of all beliefs and views equally that have
        now become catalysts for isolating and berating those who
        they do not agree with.
        eric and others have asked endlessly not to use
        this site for political commentary as this is not the
        forum. never has there been shown so much disrespect
        for a leader of our free nation. this time around, the
        pendulym has swung and clinton did not win.
        asking someone to stop drinking the
        loolaide is rude and a display of a one sided-ness
        and is uncalled for especially on this site that
        is designed to help people and
        not to be intolerant of
        others on any level.
        happy holiday!

      2. Maybe so, but with h clintons history, has she not exhibited criminal behavior for years? I personally believe people voted for him as a vote against her and her vile antics! The silent majority spoke out to try and save the US!

    4. Francine, you are exactly correct! Trump is no prize we know, but what choice did we really have?! If anyone with some intelligence could see, she was not abiding by the law with her private server, bleach bit, emails lying etc…she jeopardized national security! I don’t
      hate Hillary, she might have been a very caring, altruistic person at one time, but her record in recent years has been one of failure and bordered on criminal. Had we participated in same or even lesser deeds, we would have been prosecuted and probably jailed for many years.

      1. You rant and rave again Hillary Clinton but your have no proof. Must Trump voters don’t even have a college degree. Not exactly a bunch of Rhodes Scholars. I want to thank you and the rest of Trump’s base for screwing the entire country over.

    5. Get over it Francine. She is not our president, and “we” the American people, will hound Mr. Trump, until he acts like a president and not a little spoiled kid! I pray every day that he will learn to just shut his mouth and start to think & govern like he was elected to do! Our country needs a LEADER!!!

  8. Be aware that if trump is removed, pence will be president. I have heard he is more radical right then trump is!
    And then eventually a more liberal president might be elected. However, the conflict will still go on as trump,s people are still appointed and they will conflict with the new liberal entering people!

    Thus this chaos will continue for years, a wild ride indeed.

    Then add the other stuff like war with North Korea and or what might happen with Yellowstone and earthquakes.
    Just imagine ten million people migrating to Mexico, all at once!

    1. If it’s proven the Republicans did not actually win the election, Pence will not take over when Trump is removed. I’m not sure who will, but it won’t be a Republican, they all need to go if that’s the case.

      1. It’s very possible that both Pence and Ryan will also be forced out of line of succession for being complicit in what was happening.
        On another note – regarding danger to Pence – Is it possible the danger is that he may harm himself if facing prosecution? I do not want to make frivolous, harmful suggestions here, but it is just very interesting, and concerning, that intuitive Danielle Egnew posted a comment out of the blue, about a week ago saying she sincerely hoped someone was checking on him daily as her intuition suggested if anyone in the administration caught up in this would be likely to, it would be him. No disrespect intended in making this comment. It just made me wonder about the post from Eric regarding potential danger to him. Regardless of any political sides, I pray for peace and healing for anyone involved in this mess. Not only a national disgrace, but a personal tragedy in the making for many.

  9. I don’t believe he has any idea who leaks information out of this administration so he will have a hard time getting to the “real” bottom of it. He will come back, fire a bunch of people, blame everyone else, but the leaks will continue. People closest to him know he’s unfit for this position and they will continue to leak information.

    I have a hard time understanding why people draw such a hard line in the sand regarding politics. All for putting one person in prison based on emails, but allowing another to turn over intelligence secrets to the Russians from other countries. It’s as if no one puts their country first, just their political party. This is the saddest thing of all.

    1. Karen, we are on the same page…I am now just sitting back and trying to take this information in. So hard to believe that it is party before people. That seems like the lazy way out rather than researching these mind boggling bombshells. I do think that trump is displaying early onset dementia…in that case, he needs to go…

    2. You are right on, Karen. those who still support him simply cannot accept the reality that they have put someone in the White House that is corrupt, behaviorally inferior and. mentally unfit to lead our country on so many levels. This is not vitriol anymore. It’s patriotism and the love for our country (not to mention common sense) that we are speaking out against the refusal of his supporters to simply admit they have gone with the wrong candidate (cue the Hillary alleged accusations) . Seeing these folks keep digging a hole and dragging the country down with their blinded and ignore belief just frustrates me to no end!

      A side of me does want trump to stay a little longer so that his supporters will get a taste of his budget cuts and disastrous health care bill .. let’s see how much support he will have from them then

    3. With Hillary it wasn’t just emails…. if trump is truly guilty of all they say, then get rid of him! The security of our country and its people should be paramount. It is really sad that the candidates we were left with were so flawed. Personally I felt J kasich was the best of them!

      1. The complicity is the Republicans in downplaying Trump’s actions, riding on his coattails to push through their agenda! When they achieve what they want, they will turn on him.
        I do agree J Kasich was one of the best and he has not ruled out a 2020 run.
        But unless the truth comes out about the Russian interference in the elections and stopped, all future elections will be tainted!

  10. Ummmm…she is not in office…time to focus on the facts rather than what could have been.

    1. I totally agree! Much like we are here to prevent tragedies from happening . The collusion of trump and his folks with the Russian are predicted by the spirits (and every day they are proven true) hence our job is to merely prevent them from dragging our beloved country down – pure and simple! No one should be talking about Hillary this and that because she is not our president .

      1. That does seem lost in the conversation. With the exception of Hilary not winning the elections, one has to acknowledge these predictions do seem to happen, again and again.

  11. Everyone,
    I agree, both candidates each have their own problems and corruption and baggage. That’s why this election was so emotionally draining for everyone; we had to choose between a rock and a hard place.

    I do think Trump is too divisive, though I’m glad he’s taking a strong stance against terrorists.
    Clinton would have been more experienced, but I think a lot of her policies were just continuations of things that weren’t working, just delaying facing real threats.
    So really the choices weren’t ideal. (One reason I voted third party.)

    Still, conservative and liberal Americans need to stop hating each other, stop insulting each other and name calling and saying “have you been drinking kool-aid”.

    No one was happy with how things were going, and we’re all scared about what the future holds. Some people felt it was too risky to stay with the status quo, others felt the status quo was safer than an unknown. That’s what it comes down to—we all want things to get better, we just disagree on which way would work.

    IMHO, it would have been a rough road no matter who won. But it won’t get better until we all admit both parties have serious problems and work together to bridge our differences and support each other in these tough times. We don’t have to agree on everything, but we should at least listen to each other respectfully.

    1. Sara, you are a wonderful diplomat! You make the most sense of all of us. I know I have been so frustrated with it all, but like all of us, we want the best for our country! Blessings to you and to this great country.

      1. Thank you for the compliment Peggy!
        Yes, we all want the best for America, for future generations, and politics aside, I think that’s one thing everyone can agree on no matter which party they’re in. And I think that is the most important thing to remember.

    2. I am not necessarily a die hard conservative or liberal. I am an American with the most basic virtue that every human being should possess which is common sense . When someone has demonstrated such flaws in his personality and demeanor in leading the free world (and interestingly, has backtracked on many things he promised during his campaign) , it’s time for his supporters to recognize the problems and own up to them. The original poster here, who I assume is American, even went all the way to implying that a collusion with the Russian government is a-ok and would not influence the election results much as the other candidate was seriously flawed. This is basically a treason notion so I don’t think suggesting that she continues to drink the orange kool-aid is that far fetched. You are always talking about us needing to come together to bridge our differences (which is so predictable in every post of yours). Don’t you think it is a little hard to do that when Trump himself doesn’t do it and continues to rip the news media (except for Fox) as fake news? Why don’t you give us some ways to “bridge our differences” in these circumstances?

      1. Ways to bridge our differences:
        1) Debate civilly.
        2) If you disagree with someone, state the logical reasons why you believe what you do. Asking someone if they drink the kool-aid just makes everyone more defensive.
        3) Americans should work together on common goals–such as volunteering at homeless shelters or raising money for schools, spend effort on things that help the community, instead of arguing online.
        4) Remember the people are not the politicians—both candidates may have been bad, but that doesn’t make the voters bad.
        5) If you want to be an activist, do so in a way that teaches and educates people–not the kind of ‘activism’ where two groups shout insults at each other, because that does no one any good.
        6) Research what the other side believes, so you have a better idea where they’re coming from.
        7) Encourage people on the other side to research your side as well. It’s easier to find common ground with others if you don’t have to rely solely on politicians or the media–both of whom thrive on drama and scandal.
        8) Show kindness to people, even you disagree with them–help someone if they dropped something, help them carry loads, comfort them if they’re sad. All that sounds corny, but little kindnesses go a long way to easing people’s frustration, and may help them be more open to you.
        9) When you talk to people with different political leanings, admit you disagree but also say “I can respect your point of view”—because no matter what candidate anyone voted for, they have legitimate concerns and reasons for voting. Telling someone you disagree, but can see where they’re coming from can help ease hostility.
        10) Turn conversations to things people can relate on–books, movies, the weather–if both sides need a break from politics.

        I apologize for my predictable response. But common sense also shows that people are less likely to work out solutions through insults and dismissing each other’s fears. And both sides had every reason to be afraid of each candidate.

        Finding common ground, turning energy to charitable works, and disagreeing respectfully with others encourages more open discussion and polite debate. And that might help us get better organized, be better able to recognize and choose good leaders so that later elections won’t come down to ‘pick your poison’.

  12. as a European I have no dog in the fight over who became the American president but I agree voters were between a rock and a hard place.
    Once Mr Trump was elected – like many Europeans and no doubt Americans – I thought “let’s give him a chance, See what and how he does”
    I feel confident Americans will give him a fair chance and then will decide and act, one way or the other, at the right time for the people of the USA.

  13. Gosh this is disappointing to read. I come on here to broaden our connection with spirit in the hope we may prevent tragedies not read political views, there so many other places for that but surely this is not it.

    1. Holaca you are right. I am guilty too … just guess we are all scared of what’s next. I don’t remember things being so divisive ever. I think I need to stop posting!

  14. To Karben.. should have said neither was she! My point is Hillary would not have been any better, probably worse because she had already proven to be a liar!

    1. Peggy9cats – Not worse! More of the same maybe, but not worse. Trump is a narcissist, chronic liar who is not qualified to be president. Hillary graduated from college with top honors and Obama a Harvard grad who taught constitutional law while Trump was busy filing bankruptcy, divorce and demeaning women. There is no comparing Trump to Hillary or President Obama. This is not viseral, this is, unfortunately, facts about Donald Trump. Now his son in law is implicated in possible treason and collusion with the Russians. How bad does it have to get with Republicans? Stop blamimg Hillary and Obama. Trump needs to be removed from office asap.

      1. I agree, he was not my choice… Yes, Hillary has a great CV, on paper she was the perfect candidate. But her actions spoke louder than her great resume, in my and many other Americans opinion. If trump has violated the people’s trust and it is proven to be the case, remove him, I think we are all in agreement of that. However just because someone’s CV is great, does not mean they are above reproach. H Clinton violated national security at the highest level- our people could have and may have died because of it. She should not have been allowed to be the Democratic candidate to begin with. She violated our trust as SOS,a criminal offense, intentional or not.

  15. Support of this disastrous administration will not stop Eric’s predictions from manifesting. He and spirit are giving us a heads up. No need to bash Hillary who is not in power. That dog stopped hunting. It’s best to listen to Eric and prepare for what is to come. Brace yourself regardless of party affiliation. It will impact all of us. Thank you Eric. I for one appreciate your bravery.

    1. I agree, to much of everyones conversation is about whether or not Trump is good or bad, qualified or not, but that does not seem to be altering the predictions.

    2. I agree Elaina. I appreciate Eric’s bravery. I think we are tired of the constant lies from this administration and spirit’s predictions show there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

  16. There will never be anything that will come out, even if there was video and audio proof of this administration colluding with the Russians, that will turn his supporters against him. That alone shows there is no willingness to put our brothers, sisters and love of our country first. The comments alone here are disheartening. These predictions will unfold, it will be up to everyone to accept the truth or continue making excuses for this man.

    1. There were many, many predictions that Hillary would be president. Time will tell, they all could not have been wrong.

      1. Karben, I believe she did win. Too much info is being sidelined because some folks don’t want to hear it. There were huge discrepancies with voter rolls, machines, and ballots not counted. Have to ask, why are the trolls on twitter and facebook and elsewhere continuing to bash her. If she truly “lost”, what are they afraid of? Makes you wonder. When they get loud, we have to get louder and keep on marching towards peace and truth.

      2. Amazing to me how many people just wave away Hilary clintons actions! How can you support her criminal activity?! Perhaps trump is criminal too, we will soon see. If he is I will be disappointed but would certainly support his immediate removal as would most Americans! Too bad we have no one of integrity running for political office now, very sad indeed.

  17. I agree that staunch, dogged supporters of trump will be hurt, angry and in disbelief when he is removed from office. I believe we can use this time from spirits warnings to send light and love into the universe. It can mitigate the fallout. They are still our fellow citizens and we will need to be the light and show love. Darkness will not prevail if we heed the warnings and send light and love. The warning gives us time to prepare.

  18. If Russian investigation leads to tampering with elections/elections results so much so that it affected the results as to who is President this is good news for Americans who voted for Hillary . And unfortunately points out the illigitamcy of Trumps presidency /election.

  19. Wow, despite it all, Eric has listened to spirits (God bless them)…He generously has shared them with us…I would be the last person in this world to argue about the inevitable outcome…thank you, Eric and spirit for being there for those who believe in something greater than ourselves…I must let go of ego to believe these predictions…there is no right or wrong…it is what it is…and I accept that

  20. Eric – question / suggestion: When you post something that is of a political warning, is there a way to turn off the comments? It might help keep the focus on the warning / info and eliminate the vitriol all the way around. I really don’t see the need to debate what spirit says. Our differences of opinions won’t change what spirit knows. Just a thought. Hugs and light.

    1. Yes I can and believe me I have strongly considered it. However I still get useful information from many of you about events that I would have never known so doing that would be a double edged sword.

  21. I don’t think censoring the people is a good thing. Sometimes we trigger each other’s emotions…but I am glad that this feels like a relatively safe site, thanks to Eric. It’s interesting to read everyone’s opinions and perspectives. I almost posted last night but did not feel like it after reading all the negative/arguing posts…it tired me out and in the end I didn’t post what I wanted to say.
    I am not feeling up to par so I am more sensitive now. I feel weak. The negativity feels like a huge drain on my spirit since I am a little depressed anyway. This is a good reason not to get so negative, we don’t want to adversely affect Eric! Much love and light to you Eric!!!
    I wish I could send you a big hug. I could use one now also.

  22. Eric, here is a song spirit sent me this morning and it really was what I needed to hear. Maybe you can listen to it and that will be like a hug from me to you…

  23. Eric, CNN is reporting that the White House’s communications director is stepping down. He’s only been in the job since February, clearly he’s trying to salvage his career before more damage occurs. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s trying to get in front of more scandals, more of the “many” that will “fall.”

    1. Today has been a busy trump day…more and more people will be implicated…I certainly don’t blame this guy for stepping down…so much corruption in the White house…wondering who is willing to stick their neck out for trump and Kushner??? Hopefully there will be an end to this and someone will step in to repair the damage done to our country and to our allies.

  24. So many heads are going to roll…saw TRUMPS lawyer on tv last night. He really is a difficult person…

  25. Everyday brings new relevations to this conspiracy….some people are going to jail following meullers investigation…Eric stated not long ago…BOMBSHELLS !!!! It is happening and next week will bring more bombshells after comey testifies…all we want is the truth so justice may be served…this investigation is much deeper than any of us realize….

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