Predictions 3-25-17

Q 34  7..the government freezes..  he is going to address the nation.. Trump is no more.. the leaves fall.. there is going to be a great swing in government..

Spirit is claiming that Trump will not finish his term.  The year is unknown, but something in July 2017 or 2018 really changes the scope of things.

Q 35  I had a visual I was looking down at basketball court in a full stadium, one of the players was horribly injured. It was not good. Spirit made is seem grave.

Q 36 I had a visual of an old 1900s train with gold in it, (a reference to the gravy train?) several rich and powerful people were in coach,  then out of no where the train was stopped by Native Americans. They took over the train.

A reference to capitalism or greed being halted or held up by Natives of that nation?

Q37 I had a visual of Vice President Pence on a stage, at a town hall. Then the visual shifted to a door in the background. “Threat!”

Again Spirit implies there is a threat to safety for the VP. I need to ask where? However they implied an April / May time frame. This prediction absolutely must be altered.



About Eric Leigh-Pink

Predicting the world events of tomorrow in the hopes to alter any tragic outcome through awareness.
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63 Responses to Predictions 3-25-17

  1. Linda Blair says:

    So much to digest…first, the NCAA tournament….praying that these boys are safe while playing in the national tournament….such hard working boys realizing their dreams… then there is the ongoing TRUMP saga….This cannot happen soon enough for our country. Following that, our native Americans….hope and pray justice will finally be on their side….I see the train as a metaphor of sorts…..finally pence….whatever will be will be….waiting to see how this plays out…thank you, Eric…and thank you spirit…

  2. Rob says:

    Well when it comes to the Native American’s stopping the train that seems to resonate with the Keystone Pipeline which was continued by Trump. As for Trump it seems an investigation with Russian ties will end with his impeachment.

    • Sara says:

      Yeah, I thought of the pipeline, too. Hopefully it’ll get stopped so Native American tribes–and others living there–won’t have to deal with the potential pollution in their water, or violating sacred sites.

      Technically, impeachment doesn’t mean a president is kicked out–remember that Bill Clinton was impeached, but he ignored everyonr stayed where he was. In this case, it might be Congress (or whoever) firing Trump, not just impeaching him.

      • Though the visual shows native americans it might be a reference to just ‘natives’ to the area.

      • Mary P says:

        Bill Clinton was only impeached by the house of representatives. He was not impeached by the senate. That is the reason he did not leave office.

      • Mary b says:

        Clinton did not ignore the impeachment process. Only the House of Representatives impeached Clinton. The senate did not, therefore Clinton stayed on. It takes both the senate and the house to impeach. That’s what I love about facts. Facts don’t lie.

  3. Karben says:

    These people that insist God anointed Trump. I’m with Linda Blair, “Holy Smokes!” As for spirits’ prediction, it can’t happen soon enough. This president, who obviously is a loose cannon, has access to classifed information, as well as, his family who he has brought on board. What a mess. Hoping for some clarity soon. Awesome if Native Americans can stop the Keystone pipeline “train.”

    • Pete Medium says:

      You have triggered a thought Karben. In the event that Trump is impeached, what is to stop him broadcasting, via conservative media, information he has gained that is so far secret? Obviously he would be governed by secrecy acts, but considering his Tweets are mostly hearsay now, wouldn’t he do the same then?

      • Karben says:

        At this point he knows enough to be dangerous. He’s shown the world his personality disorder and needs to be impeached sooner rather than later. Very vindictive man with a “get even” mentality.

    • Bella says:

      I couldn’t believe that comment. So what in her eyes explains people like Hitler, or even Nixon? And Trump is the good one in this equation? Someone who cheats on his wives, grabs women and doesn’t pay his contractors? In this bizarro world?

    • Tot says:

      Do people actually say that God annoited Trump?? God would never want a mad and dangerous man like Trump in charge, who wants to do great harm to the people. Some people need to re-examine their faith and take off their partisan blinkers.

      • I understand what your saying but with the utmost respect, Please do not attack the faiths of others it leads to vitriol.

      • Tot says:

        Thanks Eric. I wasn’t attacking at all, I am sorry it came across that way. i just mean’t that they need to look at the teachings of their Faith to see the true message, if you understand what I mean?

      • Thanks, and I do understand

      • Sara says:

        Please remember, a lot of Americans were desperate this election after economic issues, terrorism, and seeing potential conflicts with various countries. Sometimes, people will so desperately need to believe in something good, they will….even if it’s not always best.

        I didn’t like either candidate, but I kept thinking how much emotionally better I’d have been if I’d been able to really trust in one or the other. But I couldn’t; both candidates have too much baggage. I felt more hopeful about Trump for a bit because of his determined stance against ISIS–and one his speeches back in February was much more professional, I hoped that he’d really change his attitude. Lately though, I’m doubting it more and more.

        I don’t mean to lecture here, and I know your intention was not to offend anyone.
        Really, I’m writing this comment for anyone who reads it.

        This year, both sides went into really cruel taunting, and insulting each other–but really, we were all scared, anxious about the future, and we all wanted to make it better…we just have different ideas how to do it. It didn’t help that–to me at least–the election seemed to be between “the devil you know, or the devil you don’t know” (I’m not calling either candidate devils, just the expression).
        I’ll be glad when people on both sides stop saying things like , “All Trump/Clinton supporters are….whatever insult they come up with”. Most voters are ordinary people, we all just had different opinions and ways of coping. I think it’s safe to say 97% of the country want things to get better. Excluding people like serial killers or criminal organizers or terrorists of any kind).

  4. Joey says:

    Wow quite interesting predictions! I’m not really surprised at the Trump one though, he’s had the lowest approval rating in history and is a disaster.

    Like others are saying the native indian prediction sounds like the pipeline issue. That’ll be awesome if the natives can get their rightful land back!

  5. Tom Wyllie says:

    Trump will not raise the debt limit. He will let the apparatus of government, except the military, halt to a standstill. The old limit expired on St. Paddy’s Day. I think there is a 60 or 90 day time frame to raise it again.

  6. Sara says:

    Any idea what kind of injury the basketball player had? Whether it was a broken bone, or a serious health problem? (Sometimes athletes have sudden heart-attacks).

    Also, since the 27th and 30th are coming up quickly, are those dates still marked, and if so, any ideas what for?

  7. Francine says:

    Shootings not only on the Vegas Strip, but in the Bellagio casino. Happened today, I think.

  8. anita says:

    This made me think about the prediction concerning U.S. support in the Middle East waning — “More than 200 civilians killed in suspected U.S. airstrike in Iraq”

    • anita says:

      U.S. also bombed a Syrian hospital the same day.

    • Sara says:

      That’s sad….I hate that civilians are always caught in the crossfire of any war.
      On one hand, we can’t stop fighting and let ISIS run amuck….but it sucks that civilians get caught when there are mistakes.

      One thing about ISIS that really angers me…when civilians are killed accidentally in airstrikes, like the ones in Mosul, they blame everyone else…yet, if ISIS members hadn’t been keeping those poor people trapped nearby under threat of death, they could have gotten to safety months–even years ago! ISIS never should have taken over those cities in the first place.

      I can’t understand how terrorists can keep innocent people as human shields, see them killed, and still say before god that it was someone else’s fault. I can’t understand how their guilt could NOT be tearing them apart.

      I really wish there was some kind of weapon that would only kill the terrorists, and somehow leave the civilians and children unharmed….until then, war’s going to stay an awful, horrible thing.

  9. It seems inevitable for the Trump presidency to fall apart. Its wildly unstable. Sadly though him stepping aside doesn’t stop what republicans are doing to this country. I think much of that will continue until society has felt the suffering enough that it can no longer thrive.

    • Sara says:

      I agree. But I feel a little more optimistic about the other Republicans—they’ve helped curb Trump’s healthcare bill so far. I don’t think they’ll risk the careers they’ve spent a lifetime building for a man who sort of “popped in suddenly” in politics.

  10. jules104 says:

    There’s also a renewed push for the PNG Jordan Cove facility to be built here in Oregon. This will actually be their third attempt. The pipeline would run underneath the Rogue River and the main facility built in a major tsunami inundation zone. All of this natural gas would be shipped to Asia. The IndianTribes here in Coos County alone are The Confederated Tribes of Coos, The Lower Umpqua and the Siuslaw. I’m sure there are many other tribes involved along the pipelines route.
    Though I’d guess this prediction would be about the Keystone Pipeline., this did come to mind.

  11. twiceblessed says:

    Oll is also known as “black gold” so perhaps that is the gold reference. There are Nebraska land owners who are against the pipeline. There has also been talks of Dakota Access style protests on the horizon.

  12. Paul says:

    Im surprised I never see “spirit” so politics and against a real true president of the people . It make me think this is you not spirit talking, , really make me doubt about you Eric, doubt spirit not see really clear ,so many bad things avoided with Clinton out , she was sick mad and a puppet of the rich not Trump, the worst thing you are doing is presenting this president as the one doing bad things instead of the real bad and with real ties with Russia ( why not talk about the big contract of millions and millions Clinton give) was Clinton , she want war with Russia, what you will say if she was the one who drops the bomb. And start a war? and Obama spying on Trump campaign???
    (btw you never said one word about that), this is like your prediction Clinton will win so biased and far from truth, why you do this? , Im really surprised Sorry.

    • Tot says:

      Spirit is focused on the future, and Trump is currently President, not Clinton or Obama.

    • Sara says:

      I think Eric tries to keep politics off as much as he can–but for some reason, he was getting stronger messages about things this year. Maybe there’s a reason for that, and we just don’t know what it is yet. I don’t think he was being biased. Eric doesn’t usually say his political views, and from what I’ve gathered, he seems to be unaffiliated/Independent.

      In my humble opinion, I didn’t like either candidate at all, so I see where you’re coming from, and the things you pointed out. To be honest, I would have been disappointed no matter which of the two won. So I guess it’s no surprise I voted 3rd party.

      • Not to add to any discord but the prediction 12-12-16 did happen. They predicted there would be one bombshell after another, that it would grow and grow, that 5 individuals would be involved in the scandal, issues with wire taps, ties with Russia,.. all of that is in the news, the prediction happened, so I am confused on the biased part. They predicted it in December and its in the news now. Hilary is not in the news now.

    • Ethan says:

      Obviously another trump supporter who refuses to accept the fact that he voted for a person so unfit to be the president and there are no more excuses to defend him. Blind loyalty comes before common sense and that saddens me.

      • Sara says:

        It’s not blind loyalty–some people supported Trump because they felt the status quo wasn’t working–and they felt like they had to take a chance.

        It can be hard to understand, but given Hillary Clinton’s past issues, some people might very well consider her more dangerous than Trump. She did have questions of honesty, especially about Benghazi and how she may’ve tried to cover up the terrorist angle during the 2012 elections, as well as questions about people her husband raped (and that she didn’t tell the police).

        Personally, I strongly distrusted both candidates and would have felt bad no matter who won. But please don’t call others “blind”–Americans had legitimate reasons to be worried about Clinton, just like they have legitimate reasons to be worried about Trump.

        IMHO this election was bad in so many ways…Americans are all in the same boat, and we all just disagreed on whether it was safer to stick with someone more or less representing the status quo (which wasn’t working), or safer to take a chance on someone so extreme (which also wasn’t going to work). That’s just my opinion on things, and I don’t mean disrespect to you, or anyone who voted for either candidate.

        I just feel that the less we call each other “blindly loyal” or generalizations like that, the better chance we have to talk things out and put moderate leaders that both parties feel comfortable with in power. I think the election would have been much less stressful if each party had rallied behind someone else…but that’s just me.

  13. anthony says:

    Here comes zeus. He would tell him stick around as the system is gutted.

  14. myseventh says:

    I believe that there was a prediction about a shocking event with in the political arena, also I believe that the environment around Eric and possibly his own thinking can causes some of the political predictions to be affected. By reading some of the comments, leads me to believe that the shocking prediction will be around this subject. If only a small portion of what the alternative media is reporting, many of the commenters will have that shocking event.
    Because the subconscious can easily be affected by what one is exposed to, and this will flow into meditation, I will refrain from reading to much into Eric’s political predictions e.g. Who will win the presidential election.

  15. keokihi says:

    Eric, do the Spirits have a prediction on whether the pipelines will be completed?

    How can people who support this, be so unaware of the consequences that will affect so many if there are more oil leaks.

  16. Mari says:

    not related to this post but 9:57
    reference is coming up to me again.
    I have seen it in posts going back to 2013 either
    in form pf 9:57 or 957 or
    0957. If it appears in post dates in different years then a
    countdown would change based on the
    date of each posting. This number seems to remain in same sequence
    of numbers when it appears. so it must refer to a firm
    event… Birthdate, actual clock time, flight number etc

  17. Mari says:

    There is anniversary coming..
    Bin laden death 5-2-7. He was born
    in 1957. would that be of
    any importance?

  18. jules104 says:

    The final four NCAA basketball tournament will be held 4/1(April 1st) at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The final championship game will be played the proceeding Monday, 4/3. I only see the game is TBD and not sure if they play at the same stadium Do you think that this could be in reference to the basketball player?

  19. Mar says:

    Hoping the walls will be much delayed. It’s a waste of trillion dollars taxes on eyes sore walls on border line. Could use that money on health and education.

    Keep . praying it will be foiled on walls.

  20. 3dakota says:

    Eric – did you happen to notice the uniform that the basketball player was wearing?
    Color or team?

  21. Perry says:

    ..the government freezes.. he is going to address the nation.. Trump is no more.. the leaves fall.. there is going to be a great swing in government..
    The part about “the leaves fall..” does that mean it happens in the fall?

  22. jules104 says:

    Eric here is an article about Environmental groups suing the Trump administration over approving the keystone pipeline. I noticed there were indigenous groups included in the lawsuits against them also. Not sure if this it it but perhaps the beginning of stopping that train.

  23. melbrake says:

    Reblogged this on melbrake and commented:
    Eric, last month, my vision was about Trump being compromised by Putin. We do not see Trump as President for very long.

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