Predictions 5-16-17

Spirit implied a massive massacre in Africa. It might be related to the post: Predictions 5-13-17

I had a visual of a vehicle racing off to the side of a road. I had a visual of someone bursting into a house and kidnapping a family. There was multiple implications of horrible acts while being kidnapped. “There was a need for help but they ended up turning into the worst possible monsters.”

They implied a location in the south. Like Tennessee.

“We pay our deepest respects to the great journalist”

Spirit showed an image of Woodward and Bernstein but that might just be an example.

I had a visual of two axes, followed by an image of the white house. An implication that two other white house or government officials might be fired.

“Mutiny” The Trump surrogates and Republicans begin to turn on him. Those who speak out receive a slanderous vicious attack from Trump.. while the bombshells continue to drop.

On another note I asked about the Cyclone or massive storm expected to hit Australia and whether it was still going to happen. They said yes and followed it with ‘wait’ . Even though the season is over.

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  1. Eric,
    In your vision of the massacre, were there any landmarks or types of trees or plants that could narrow down where it happens; also, could you hear any languages being spoken? That might help narrow it down a little, too.

  2. Certainly sounds as if the WHITE HOUSE is becoming more chaotic by the minute. Trump is like a caged animal willing to attack anyone who gets in his way. So sad for the American people to have to watch the horror of the ongoing damage to our country….

    1. Politics has definitely been chaotic–really, I can’t remember when it was calmer.
      I think it’s been building even before this election, sort of an accumulation of presidencies that had serious issues–both Bush and Obama were controversial in different ways to different people, and now Trump is as well.

      No wonder Americans feel so stressed out by politics. We’re dealing with 3 presidents in a row who were controversial in some way or another–but that’s my opinion, I mean no disrespect to people who voted for any of them.

      Personally, I think we need totally new people in each party, fresh faces; a new start that we can’t get with the people there now.

      I wish there was such a thing as Politician-School, so we could just pick out new people, clean slates, but at the same time people who also know the laws in and out.

    2. I agree, Linda. In all my years, I’ve never seen so much chaos going on within the White House. And it’s only four months in? Good grief!

  3. The powers that be are determined to destroy him, no matter what he does. So the American people had such a great choice, a corrupt career politician who violated more laws than can be counted, who sold the State Department and would have done the same in the Oval Office, who if it were us, we’d be in prison for years- or Trump, a non politician, who said he wanted to drain the swamp, and D.C is a swamp! Because of their determination to destroy him, nothing will ever get done for the benefit of the people! I knew this would happen if he won.

    1. I am so sorry, but I think you are demonstrating the power of fake news….. I don’t see a “they” that is destroying Trump, just watch his actions and his words. He can take responsibility for himself and I believe as Eric has said, we will see many more bombshells. That being said -I don’t doubt there are also powers that try to manipulate things behind the scenes. I don’t believe all I see in main stream news either and it’s good to question and be skeptical. But I don’t dismiss the behavior that I see right in front of my own eyes coming from Trump. I don’t dismiss reporting, independent reporting from across the political spectrum, left, & right, that is helping to uncover the depth of the corruption that is taking place in this administration. Peace…

    1. Wouldn’t it be Pence next? I am from overseas so I don’t know your political system very well.

      1. Yes, it would, unless the powers that be that want trump removed say pence must go too—-I was being sarcastic about hilary!

    2. I think she will be somehow something I saw myself at massive “landmark mall lawn)party with her
      Just my thoughts

      Could very well be Pence next which makes sense

  4. This is a bit off topic, but the DHS renewed a terror-bulletin today, reminding Americans to be cautious of home-grown attacks–and warning that terrorists may use methods like ramming trucks (like in France) or take hostages. (Terror groups have been calling for hostage-taking and killing).

    I wonder if the family being kidnapped could be tied to that? Like, maybe taken hostage by a terrorist group? I hope not though.

    There were earlier predictions about terrorism; I’m also wondering if DHS renewed the bulletin and banned laptops on some flights because they got wind of a plot.
    So….everyone, just stay alert.

  5. Shouldn’t there be a blog post on Trump’s recent handing over of info to Russia?

  6. Eric- the zero then five from your earlier predictions related to Trump chaos sure seems to imply 5=May. Didn’t those same predictions have you saying by July he’s out? I keep feeling something major with him in July (sense of some kind of conclusion).

  7. Eric
    Thank you for asking about Australia ..
    is that cyclone for East coast then ?…
    Brisbane was the last indication ..

  8. Goodness…I’m just tired of the man, I hope this story will come to a conclusion soon. Honestly even if Trump is impeached, I’m more concerned about certain supporters that will sure to cause chaos.

    I’ve never seen such hostility.

    I wonder what will happen to FOX NEWS once it’s reached it’s conclusion? There is no way they can keep the charade going like they have been, I imagine so many people turning on that news station for pulling that stunt.

    1. And you are part of the problem…our government is corrupt…Trump is trying to fix that. The deep state is at war with him.Obama is at war with him. HRC is at war with him because she is lost. We were one step away from being taken over by the globalist and lose everything that America stands for. Socialism DOES NOT WORK. Communism DOES NOT WORK. It is the democrats and George Soros that are causing chaos.

      1. Raynbowgirl,
        Please don’t go off on Zethkal like that….I know how frustrating politics are right now, and I know there’s corruption all over the place. All Americans are frustrated right now.
        You have every right to speak your mind, but please remember, calling someone part of the problem isn’t going to help. It’ll just lead to more arguments and less people really listening to each other.

        Maybe we should all just hold off on our political opinions and focus on the predictions. If we’re all debating politics on here, doesn’t that detract from figuring out these predictions and changing them?

      2. Right on! He was far from the perfect candidate, but what was the other choice? Corrupt career politician who sold favors to make her and her cronies rich! Now we will be stuck in a quagmire indefinitely. Who suffers? The American people of course!

  9. Eric africa massacre is terror attack .i fear al shabaab or Isis to carry out this attack .we have lido beach in somalia .also south Africa .ejypt .moroco .Tunisia have tourism Beach’s ..did yu see any date or time Eric .

      1. Did the spirit pinpoint any particular location Eric? Bit worrying as most of Africa going through a turmoil now and leaders having no ideology for betterment of people but just looking at personal power and wealth.

      1. Luna tic
        takung your prayers and well wishes to heart . thank you so much ..
        😆 💖
        Im on the West Coast so will extend all good thoughts to the East coast as well ..
        blessings to you and yours .

  10. Eric, I don’t know if you had heard but former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been appointed special counsel to investigate Trump Russia. He served under both GW Bush and Obama.

  11. It is sad what politicians on both sides are doing to this country and our people. I think they are all corrupt and care little for their constituents, just as long as their money and perks keeps flowing! My last post, I’m just so disgusted with it all. Good luck everyone.

  12. Wow, I didn’t think I would read such comments as these about politics here. We can all agree to disagree about it, but name calling and finger pointing is not what this site is about. There are other places in which you can have political debates. While the discussion can be about the predictions there is no need to be harsh with words for those who don’t agree with your views.
    It would do us all good to remember why we are here, to hopefully change the outcome of some of these horrible things to come, to warn people about them, to save lives.
    Eric I am interested in the TN prediction. Is there anything more you can share about that one?

      1. If you get any information about when/where please let me know and I will be happy to share it with my law enforcement friends in the area. I hope it can be stopped.

  13. I for one think that Trump has achieved what no other US President in recent history has accomplished and I doubt Hillary could have achieved this either…he has brought both parties together in unified agreement. They agree that an independent counsel is needed to oversee the investigation into Russian meddling into the US presidential election and possible campaign ties and payments from Russia to some of those in the administration. It’s certainly ironic but lets just give Trump the credit he deserves for uniting the country. I can’t wait to have a family gathering where my sister and my dad and I see eye to eye for a change (except for our love of the occasional margarita).

    1. I agree. I believe that Hillary was suppose to win but the universe realized the only way to unite everyone was for Trump to get elected. This shift would expose any acts of treason and corruption. I believe that according to some news reports this morning that Pence is way more aware and involved in the coverup. This was reported by the liberal media in March but more sources are starting to confirm this. Also, it just seems like a HUGE karmic lesson for the Trump administration. Mueller seems very credible to handle this.

  14. I noticed these notes from Eric and tomorrow is Thursday the 18th. I included the link because there is more information. Also in regards to the above CNN just had Carl Bernstein on to talk about all the breaking developments and comparisons to Watergate.

    Notes on 9-16-15 Military Base Bombing
    Posted on September 16, 2015
    by Eric Leigh-Pink
    “The military base will be bombed.
    way in the back
    56 people, fire, fire
    Thursday.. 18
    The sadist will gloat about his evil work. (I had a visual of a computer)
    Get out! Get as many people out as you can.
    Please help us! Alert all. Alter this horrific event. Put it on your wall” — Spirits Voice

  15. Gosh I hope this doesn’t happen, we need everyone to focus on a positive outcome for these events and not squabble over politics.

  16. With news about the special prosecutor, I wonder if the “he walks” prediction wasn’t about Comey but instead about Trump? Also — and this is just a crazy “what if?” — but what if the prediction about Pence’s safety has to do with him becoming president and possibly being in danger from a Trump supporter that may view him as being part of the “establishment” that got Trump impeached?

    1. Just terrible. Just read that hè wanted to commit suicide by police shooting. Those poor victims 🙁

    1. I don’t know how the kidnappers/murderers can live with themselves after killing an innocent 6 year old boy. No child should ever go through that….let alone one so young.

      I hope the criminals get life sentences–they shouldn’t be allowed near other people, other children, ever, after what they did.

  17. Tot
    Prayers and heartfelt sadness for beautiful
    Kingston Frazier .. Im genuinely vexed senseless ..No ryme or reason ..

  18. I’m going to say that the “great journalist” in question is Barbara Walters..

  19. Eric while this young lady was on break from her job, I wonder if this somehow fits the description of the TN prediction, mainly because it’s in the south. Not sure of the busting in to a house, but I’m also aware that not much has been give out in the media as of right now.

  20. Eric, SWC—-ref this post?
    “Central African Republic (AP) — Clashes between a militia and a self-defense group in southeastern Central African Republic have left at least 30 civilians dead including six Red Cross volunteers who were attending a crisis meeting at a health facility, officials said Wednesday.”

  21. Eric,
    Ref::Spirit implied a massive massacre in Africa.

    Nigeria 🇳🇬
    Over 200 innocent civilians were mass-murdered by radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen outside the city of Jos, Nigeria in the Plateau state region.

    In a series of attacks taking place June 23-24, the Islamic extremists raided ten predominantly Christian communities where they assaulted and killed men, women, and children, claiming that the attacks were in retaliation for cattle thefts, according to Morning Star News.

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