Predictions 4-16-17

I had a visual of several cop cars with sirens  headed down the road.  Behind them where fire trucks. Then afterwards they showed a 0

That implies they are tying this visual with another existing prediction.

I had a visual of a building. Then the entire floor of the building exploded. “In 10”

From the visual the location seemed to be Turkey.

I had a visual of another large bomb going off. Very similar to the first visual of what looked like a nuclear bomb going off.

“Now the state knows.. a direct line of collusion between Trumps people and Russia.”

61 thoughts on “Predictions 4-16-17

  1. Eric, what my friends are telling me in Turkey are the large scale corruption with the voting system for the president to a yes vote. There are numerous videos being posted on social media showing these ‘officials’ stamping the voting slips with evet (yes). Is there anything about this? He also says he is going to repeal the death penalty, I can see a bloodbath with all those currently in prison accused (without evidence) of being involved in the July 2016 coup.

  2. eric did yu think ,this large bomb link whith north korea nuclear test soon or is terror nuclear attack ,or something else ,

  3. Eric are all of these supposed to happen within a week or two or are they still working on the timing?
    So many uncertainties for the whole world right now.
    Prayers for peace.

      1. Thank you! I know when you put out a prediction we seem to bombard you with questions looking for clarity or a hint of something that we could possibly get involved in trying to stop.
        Thank you for all that you continue to do.

        1. That’s the way it needs to be. This entire work is based on the idea that you have a direct line to Spirit, so we can all work together in changing these events. So always.. ask away. I just need to get past this transition, then I believe the sky is the limit.

  4. Oh, Karen, there will be no peace as long as certain leaders are in power. I am praying for justice to be served…

    1. Linda I’m not sure there will ever be peace, it seems all the fighting in the Middle East just continues as well. I can’t recall a time when there wasn’t such horror there. All the leaders around the world seem to be either in a power grab or a look what I can do, it just makes it harder on the every day souls who are trying to live their lives. That said, it still won’t stop me from praying for peace.
      And if Eric’s mission becomes absolute, perhaps we can help spare someone somewhere from facing these horrors. That’s my prayer and my hope.

  5. The first three lines… Today is the Boston marathon… With older predictions considered, is this the 0?

  6. Eric,
    There’s a manhunt going on for a man in Ohio who murdered another man and posted it on facebook. The manhunt’s expanded to four more states, and it seems like the shooter is armed, dangerous, and could kill other people.
    Could that be what the cop cars and sirens refer to?
    Do you have any idea which existing prediction ties in with that visual?

    I’m wondering if the bomb visual could have something to do with North Korea, but that’s just a theory.

      1. I thought it might be linked to your world facebook prediction? As he streamed it live on facebook

    1. Andronikou, Eric. The 25th of April is actually a big North Korean Military holiday being discussed in the news right now. On whether they will use it to launch yet another missile on that date to make up for the prior failed one. Here is a link.
      Also the US is going to test its ability to shoot down North Korean missiles. I think there will be two tests coming up. It’s all very concerning in my opinion. Here’s that link.

      1. Hi Eric

        I have an insual request but I don’t want to interpretated the wrong way .
        I run a hedge fund and I am able to capitalize on dramatic world events, that will take place regardless.
        I am impressed with the predictions you are publishing and would to know if you would accept contributions in exchange for predictions.
        For example if you had a world event prediction that would be very timely , I am in the position to capitalize and be happy to make a generous contribution.
        You can respond by using the email address you have on file.
        Thank you for your attention.

  7. Eric,
    Just out of curiosity, how often do you get visions/predictions? Daily? Weekly?

    Also, if the fire-trucks and police sirens don’t refer to the murderer in Ohio, do you think it’s a warning about a terror attack? There’ve been a lot of previous predictions about those, so that’s another theory.

    1. Its a daily thing. However some days are for the world predictions, some are for case work, then there is my own development, we take time to discuss how things are going. For instance we just had a discussion over this confusing mixed set of predictions that might happen in months while others happen in days.

  8. Maybe the 0 refers to the prediction you made earlier: “Bad news…the spider is in New York”, and the visual of bodies lying on the ground. (April 9th, was when you posted the prediction).

    That could fit with the cop cars and fire trucks–rushing to the scene of a shooting or bombing.

    Also “7 then 15” could mean 15 days from the 9th–which would be April 24th, which is a week from now. Maybe a time frame for the “spider is in New York”?

    1. A while ago I had commented to Eric that Spirit told me that terror was coming “on the 24th” but they didn’t specify WHAT 24th. It’s interesting that you made this connection as my Spirits have been very clear about that specific number.

    2. I do believe they just confirmed your comment. Now they are counting down again and its sometime between the 23rd and 24th. Very nice job Sara thanks for the help.

  9. I hope this whole Trump Russia thing is coming to fruition soon, this feels like it had been dragging on forever for the reveal.

  10. Trump giving the Pentagon essentially full discretion in the Middle East is appearing to be the wrong move — they’re like a bull in a China shop.

    1. Anita do you know if anything has been passed to where they can circumvent congress with their plans?

  11. Tot
    Yes it is ..but Im confident Eric And spirits prediction about Kim un being taken away is sooner than latter ..Praying so ..
    blessing for your thoughts ..

    1. Gosh, this is getting to be a bigger and bigger concern. Now, Australia thinks they could be a target, too?! Also, thoughts and prayers and sending the light for you and yours, Rhona.

      1. Hawaii’s politicians are starting to dust off old contingency plans in case of an attack, too–they’re not saying it’s likely, but the fact they’re reviewing shelters and stuff concerns me.

  12. I just thought of this. In the third week of April, according to astrology, something happens.

  13. Eric and SWC, I just wanted to point out that the Facebook killer was found after fast food workers identified him and called police. They restaurant is located close to where he killed himself…on Buffalo Road.

    Those are 2 significant words (Facebook, Buffalo) listed in Eric’s 4/9/2017 Prediction. Could this be the police cars and fire trucks that were seen in this prediction? Just wondering if this is a precursor to something we can start warning others on like an explosion in Turkey or an earthquake.

    1. Japan has had 4 eq’s in the last 7 hours from 4.6-5.0. I wonder if this is could be part of the 10/30/16 Prediction?

  14. Eric, so many things going on right now…this country (USA) is in a mess…not to mention the north Korea episode…this is too much to bear for most of us…PLEASE contact spirit on what we have to look forward to….

  15. andronikou,
    Thinking of making money for yourself..And than giving an offering…
    How ancient is your thinking,,?
    I shake my head…blessings to you..

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