Notes on 6-28-13

Here are the notes from Spirit on June 28th.

“Great earthquake.. Mexico.. dos.. water.. Baja.. 1,2.. this earthquake will be destructive.. take precautions! ” — My thoughts, Baja could be Baja California but more likely a reference to the earthquakes ground zero being close to the shore.  ‘Two’ a date or a countdown? Perhaps they are saying there is one earthquake followed by a second perhaps larger one.

“Politics.. Oh my yet another scandal.. you may have scandaled before.. It’s phony.. there going to break..”

“Eric.. what you saw and what you thought you saw are not the same” — It’s very possible that some of the predictions I assume are connected to the Tsunami might not be connected and are separate events. Or visa versa that predictions are more connected to each other than noticeable. Bottom line I need to be cautious with making assumptions as I write these posts.
We are expecting a prediction to unfold today, tomorrow at the latest so please keep an eye out. Keep in mind it could be an old prediction.

22 thoughts on “Notes on 6-28-13

  1. Ah, the earthquake…not surprised, and it’s about time it’s surfaced to some recognition….the first thing I received within my mind was July 2nd, and a questioning voice about the San Andreas…but also knowledge of a lesser fault in the pacific that I cannot recall its name.

    I’m just waiting, been waiting on this. Time tells the tale.

    Sorry, just my 2 cents!

      1. Wait! I know one will rip out of mexico…..but nothing on the new Madrid fault line?? The “great water chanell”?? It just occurred to me just now and I had to say something.

      2. No the new Madrid fault line starts from new madrid , missourii. It extends through southern parts of the US. Anyways, whatever you find to be true shall be.

  2. “Politics.. Oh my yet another scandal.. you may have scandaled before.. It’s phony.. there going to break..”
    Not sure what this means. Sorry I’m new. is this just how you received it?

    1. Hi Laura yes I agree, if you new its a bit rough to understand. Think of it as pieces of a puzzle they present at different times. This is one piece, sometimes it happens right away and we are left with a vague prediction or they begin to add information as time passes. I am actually surprised at how many pieces of ‘Notes’ are about the Tsunami.

  3. Okay, your predictions are becoming eerily similar to something I saw last fall.. During a deep meditation I asked to be shown any significant events for the course of the next year.. Most of what I was shown was weather events. I saw the east cost being hit with things one right after the other, they show me the people getting knocked down and then just as they got back up they were knocked down again, with a mix of weather and human events. I wrote it all down and put it in a sealed envelope to check a year later. The most major event however effected the west coast. They took me to different parts of a map and then showed the events. They showed me a storm brewing in the pacific just left of the little piece of land that connects north and South America. The storm clearly had an eye in the center and was turning like a hurricane. Then they showed me underneath the storm and the ocean it was over were three tectonic plates that all met. The exact spot where the eye of the storm was over was where the plates came together. I saw the ocean very rocky and wavy, then a huge black round object fell from the sky, went into the eye of the storm and hit the ocean floor where those plates came together. The rock hitting the water made the waves even bigger, then the rock hitting the plates created an earthquake which made the waves even bigger. Then the water came, driven by the storm and wave, it completely covered Baja California and kept going north and covered the bottom third of California and went inland just over the arizona border. I did some research and it doesn’t seem to me that this scenario would even be possible, but it is matching things you are saying. Both east and west coast had a black and grey area creeping over it as if to mean they are both going downhill, just not good places to be. They told me the only safe to be is the four corner states, the closer to the corners the better. At the end I asked if there anything else and they showed me a red line being drawn across the US/Canada border. I can’t imagine Canada ever closing its borders so I don’t know what this means. Anyway, much of the other events I saw have and/or are happening, so I thought I would share in case it helps. BTW, Florida and the gulf states were fine in what I saw, nothing major other than normal hurricane and storm activity, no super storms or Katrina’s, just their average weather.

    1. Very interesting, you should report back with all of us when you open the envelope. There is no doubt that 2013 is riddled with heavy flooding, but always keep the good news coming too, and it has been a rough year, in our case that’s a coming end to AIDS, and breakthroughs in Autism. We will be rolling out more details on Hurricane season very soon. Japan and Florida are suppose to be hit hard.

      1. When they took me to Florida, I saw the sun shining and people walking around in their bikinis and everyone was happy and having a good time. Perhaps this was especially for me since I was contemplating a vacation there (I went). From what I saw the gulf states (except Texas), get a break from anything super bad his year. Texas did get hit and texas was dry and hot otherwise. The east coast, Mexico, and the other places below the US were hit the hardest.

  4. And just to add, this was so real to me that actually moved from the California coast to Arizona. I hope it does not come to pass and was just my imagination.

      1. When I began I asked to only be shown events that would take place within 1 year from then. I am a novice at this so I could be totally wrong with everything 🙂

        1. The important part is to track the info your getting and compare it to the reality of the event. With that you can see trends in their presentation and improve on it… I hope we are both wrong.

  5. Just a quick note I am already getting heavy feedback on another ‘US’ scandal, but lets keep in mind that Canada is heavy in scandals as well. I do plan to ask for more details on this prediction. However they very much want to start detailing Hurricane Season.

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