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Jefferson City Tornado

This prediction has happened, please pray for the safety and recovery of all those in Missouri.

In the prediction they attached the messages together, it was unclear if the 23-29 was for the quake or tornado. Now it looks like it was the tornado even though it’s one day off. The predictions : World Predictions 2-1-19 Predictions 6-13-16

I had a visual of a town completely destroyed by a tornado or large storm.

Damaging Philippines earthquake, so far we have a timeline of the 23rd-29th but we need to narrow it. I had a visual I was walking down a street, the houses were shredded apart, all over the ground was so much debris. Then Spirit said “Missouri”. This sounds like a tornado

Prediction 15: Tornado in Missouri

Around the 2nd, 3rd there will be another set of massive tornado warnings across the United States.  Missouri will be one of the states the tornadoes strike.  A double whammy for them.

Expected Time Frame: Spring of 2012, on the 2nd – 3rd