North Carolina Tornado

This tragic prediction is beginning. Prayers please. The northern snow has brought tornadoes with it. However North Carolina isn’t new to Tornadoes.
World Predictions 2-13-21 From the shifting snow to the north a great change is about to take place. Tornadoes once set in specific locations will move wildly against the norm into places that it’s never been before. 

6 thoughts on “North Carolina Tornado

  1. I’m a North Carolinian, and while we aren’t new to tornados, they have become much more frequent and much more dangerous as of late. We used to get an occasional spin up but recently we’ve had some long tracking very strong tornadoes. That was my first thought in regards to your prediction, hope it helps. I had a bad feeling last night about the tornado prediction and now I see why.

    1. They have made it very clear that Poseidon plans to trample the world, that and earthquakes seem to dominate the problems of the year unfortunately, but that’s global. I still hold to Covid on its way out.

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