World Predictions 2-13-21

From the shifting snow to the north a great change is about to take place. Tornadoes once set in specific locations will move wildly against the norm into places that it’s never been before.

In the congressional room, where green was a dominant color. There was massive infighting, chaos, unity began to unravel quickly. Everything was starting to fall.

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  1. Does the snowy north refer to the northern states of the U.S. or Canada?
    Does the infighting relate to the Dems or the Repubs?
    Both of the parties have unstable leadership, lack a long term vision, and are losing interest with voters on both sides.

      1. The Green Room is one of three state parlors on the first floor of the White House.

  2. Sounds like a tilt in the earths axis about to happen or a shifting of the poles.

  3. Eric,
    You mentioned the congressional room being green. Is green symbolic of something to the spirits?

      1. Is this unrest/chaos in Iran or Africa connected to the assassination prediction you made a while back?

    1. UK parliament has green leather benches. No green in the US congress, it’s not a national color.

      Might be an Islamic country, too. Mohammed’s favorite color was green (mine too!) so you see a lot of green on various flags and such.

  4. “The polarity of the planet shifts minutely.. heavy large natural disasters will follow. ”

    I know you don’t take questions so I have held off asking about this but what do spirits have to say about a pole shift?

    Lots of people including people I know have seen 2 suns in the sky.

    I have been following a site since 2006 that discusses this. It looks like it will happen 25/26 and by their accounts will be devastating for the planet. Most of the planet will be flooded, electricity grids and power plants turned to rubble and a 90% population die off within 3 years of the pole shift.

    If you have any wisdom on this matter I would love to hear it.

    1. I think your friends might have seen sun dogs. I’ve seen one as well. Absolutely stunning! I count myself lucky for having seen it. It’s a common phenomenon but not as common as rainbows.

      This is from,hexagonal-shaped%20ice%20crystals%20that%20are%20suspended%20in%20clouds.

      “Have you ever seen a triple sun in the sky? Or a bright circle appearing to gleam around the sun? If yes, then you’ve actually spotted sun dogs before! These brilliant arrays of color form around the sun, often appearing on winter afternoons or an hour before sunset during the hot summer. Whenever you see such a phenomenon, you can be sure of one thing—there is ice up in the sky! This ice can reflect, refract or scatter light in many different ways, which leads to the formation of sun dogs.”

    2. It could also be called the Anthelion phenomenon.

      This is from

      “A post has been going viral throughout the Internet about a phenomenon called ‘Hunter’s Moon’ that causes two suns to appear in the sky at the same time. This post is accompanied by several images showing multiple instances of this. However, the truth is that it is absolutely fake. The whole thing originated in 2015 and goes viral whenever a solar eclipse occurs.”

      “Although the pictures showing the two suns are by no means photoshopped, the rest of the post is certainly false. The illusion of two suns is extremely rare and is seen only in the presence of ice crystals in the atmosphere, which happens below temperatures of -30℃. The ice crystals reflect the sun, giving an illusion of two suns exist in the sky.”

      1. I have been reading the zeta ning for many years. A lot of the science I don’t understand so its always good to look at the matter from different angles. Thanks for the info.

  5. I also remember the prediction about how there will no longer be hurricane seasons in the near future because they will be happening all year around.

  6. I think the snow moves snow displacement. and causes a tilt change in the earth. Small but enough to start changes to occur around the world.

  7. Any good news Eric? I can’t imagine what a toll this all must take on your health to have to be the bearer of bad news. How do you balance this out in your life?

    1. 2020 was definitely rough. However there are distant predictiions that we plan to publish at a later date that is like opening up Christmas presents every time I make them. An end to wars, and end to famine, an end to old age. We really go from ugly nasty caterpillars now that turn into butterflies later, that fly everywhere across our galaxy.

  8. The night before you wrote this, February 12, I had another vivid dream. Mine usually come true in some fashion. A violent storm was raging outside my big windows that overlook the Pacific ocean high on the canyon here in San Diego. I grew up on the opposite coast of North Carolina and saw many tropical storms and hurricanes as well as tornadoes. We never get powerful storms like that in San Diego, not in the nine years I’ve lived here. It’s like an invisible dome protects the city from the harshest weather other places get. In my dream, I was watching this storm. The hand blown glass hummingbird feeders outside my kitchen window were smashing together. Even in 50 mph gusts, those feeders never smash together because they are thick heavy glass but in the dream they were. Then suddenly, just to the right of our house, a tornado was coming right for our home. I dove down hitting the kitchen floor and grabbed the corner of the doorframe. Then I woke. I called my best mate later that day. We think that this may be a sign that San Diego may be hit with a large hurricane (which never happens) possibly this summer.

    1. hey Jon Blue. good to hear from you again. i had a dream that San Diego area, was going to be hit by a huge water wave, at almost the same time, a earthquake was happening as well. I was never good on timing, so i don”t know, what year this was happening. BUT, i do know, that weather will be raging, and it WILL change and effect everyone on the planet, like dominoes. if new land rises, other sink, i keep seeing, the statue of Liberty, standing in water, no land. I pray, that i would have gone home by then, as i couldn’t imagine seeing the bigger picture. instead of everyone living in fear, we can call out to a highier being, to replace our fears with love, this helps me, when i use to stress out seeing some very bad stuff, We all know, that the population, will be reduced by half, in the next 40-50 years, by different means, so i tell everyone, to enjoy the moment, and when life is done, we can join all our love ones, who went home before us, what a reunion that will be!

    2. Jon Blue,
      Thank you for sharing your vision!
      It’s scary to think this coming true because SD housing is not made to withstand a hurricane. I’ve been through several.
      How soon do your dreams come true?
      Please continue to share.

  9. I know green being a dominant color made you think it was more relevant to another country, but I wonder if the angst comes into play due to issues surrounding the green new deal? I could see commotion taking place eventually over cancelling the keystone pipeline, the cost of conversion, and job less.. Seems like it could be relevant to the times.

    1. Thank you star! Also to add, Germany has had a significant struggle this year due to snow blanketing their solar panels and their windmills being frozen similar to the current state in Texas. Evidently they are one of the world leaders initiating green energy but are facing hurdles due to the reliability of their green energy sources in inclement weather. Seems to be something to watch. I wouldn’t mind going all green at all, but hopefully we have a backup plan in place in the future for our unpredictable weather patterns; especially with Eric’s climate predictions in mind.

  10. Eric,SWC,

    Ref::From the shifting snow to the north a great change is about to take place.

    Libya sees first snow in 15 years as cold snap hits parts of northern Africa and Middle East

  11. Eric,

    Ref: From the shifting snow to the north a great change is about to take place.

    New Zealand 🇳🇿
    Historic storm brings up to 5 m (16 feet) of snow to the summit of Mt. Hutt — Canterbury, New Zealand

  12. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:: 2-13-21 From the shifting snow to the north a great change is about to take place. Tornadoes once set in specific locations will move wildly against the norm into places that it’s never been before.

    Is ‘Tornado Alley’ shifting east?

    Where is ‘tornado alley?’ It may be time to update the original definition of the area that gets frequent tornadoes, which was created before the turn of the century.
    By Allison Finch, AccuWeather staff writer
    Published Apr. 25, 2022 9:46 AM PDT | Updated Apr. 27, 2022 11:44 AM PDT

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