Notes on 12-31-13

“Earthquake.. North-west.. in 1 minute (one day).. the clock sits at 2 and half.. 5-7,8”

The Lee Harvey Oswald moment will arrive at 1:0o (January?) I had a visual of a door opening up and a Capitol building was the location. They showed fire. “Very Jaded.. out”

I had a visual of Australia, Australia sent a military helicopter up into the air. Then enemies brought it down. “Revenge.. nasty act.”

Your honor.. will become ill on the 23rd, 24th.

“The polarity of the planet shifts minutely.. heavy large natural disasters will follow. ”

“It came, it came, the games have arrived!.. oh you’re in trouble.. cancelled.. disappointment as the dream is squashed.. terrorist ” I had a visual of red roses being cut down.

Eric’s Comments: An earthquake in one to two days. Are we talking about the north-west coast of the US or are we still talking about India-China, in the north-west? In regards to the assassination, ‘1:00’ could be seen as January or an hour from now which could also be February.  Very Jaded seems like someone who has a major grudge, ‘out’ being a person or group that has not been included as apart of the whole.  It’s also starting to sound like the assassination takes place with a bombing, as they consistently talk about a burning building. The last part sounds like the Olympics aren’t going to go well at all. It could be another big game around the world.

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  1. Eric can you ask them if it is the North West as in the Seattle area? That is what I think of when I hear the phrase “North West”. Though I know it could be some other area, I am from the Seattle area, (Kirkland), and still have a lot of family there and will mention this to them. Though I am sure they are always of the mind set of when not if it will happen.

  2. What do you think was meant when they said: “the polarity of the planet shifts minutely.. Heavy large natural disasters will follow.” Do you think they meant this literally will happen? Can you or have you gotten any more details or clarifications from spirits about this prediction?

    1. You get the impression the magnetic field of the planet will be tugged. Whether its related or not the prediction is more about the timing of this situation that is followed by one or several natural disasters.

  3. The tournament of the roses parade is tomorrow and the these is “Dreams Come True.” There is quite a bit of controversy over it because there is a gay couple getting married. Could this be related to that? I had a bad feeling yesterday as I was reading some comments from people who were angry about this, that they might do something.

  4. ummm the first thing that came to mind with the “your honor” getting sick was you. Could they being calling you “your honor” since it is an honor to be so gifted? Did you get your flu shot? If not buy some ginger ale, motrin, soup, etc…. I will send healing to you to. xxoo

    1. LOL that’s cute! But no, they just call me Eric, some of them call me “Brother” but in no way am I seen as anything more then just part of the this awesome group. Ironically I just got over a sinus issue.

  5. A thought on the ‘Your Honour’ item – as far as I know this is a term of address that is usually reserved for Judges in court. Is it likely that they would remark upon the illness of a Judge or could it be that they are intending to refer to something being ill within the Justice system?

    1. I think this prediction might go back to another prediction where they said a supreme court justice would fall ill, Perhaps they are just adding a date.

  6. Hey Eric, I think the Australian enemy reference could be Indonesia. Since the election Australia has been embroiled in numerous gaffes with Indonesia and China re: spying on leaders and their wives, phone taps for industrial espionage. Revealed thanks to Edward Snowden’s work.

    But the new conservative government under Abbott have just been making it worse. Refusing to apologise etc. even insulting Indonesian leaders.

    I think from your prediction, Indonesia will shoot down an Australian plane. China are angry too but I doubt they’d bother.

    Love your work. I have a little bit of gift, clairsentient. Very handy.

    1. nah, don’t worry about indonesia…
      if there is war between australia and indonesia, it will remain in the intelligent world for the time being…
      indonesian political parties and stake-holders have much at stake should they go to war with any english-speaking country
      “it would ruin the economy,” they say (well, it’s already a crumbling tower actually, sooner or later it’ll break)

      thank you for your attention 🙂

      ps.: despite the impossible, I’d love to see a war on indonesia, actually… the society needs a war, since natural disasters don’t restore what is supposed to be restored

      1. You should write to your government and say ‘let’s kill innocent people for pathetic arguments’. Sorry my friend but, Life is for respecting, Loving, Giving and guess what? Peace is what the MAJORITY want.

        With Love

      2. and it takes 3 month for me to realize that somebody actually replied this post (lol… ^_^”)

        war is always unfortunate, but so does the minority who suffers

        your view of peace is just, and being one close to the spirits, you must have already know that peace is the ultimate goal of humanity…
        but so does my view of war, for I am the one that watches as humanity falls so low that we become a slave to capital (to your countrymen, that is why I am not expecting you to understand) in the place we called ‘home’

        Thank you for your attention.


        ps.: Majority does not understand this, too. That is why I am used to ‘that’ kind of reply 🙂
        ps.1: I was wondering if there are any development in this prophecy, I’ve been re-browsing the website and cannot find any of it

    1. That’s interesting about Olympics, it was an odd part. As for the earthquake perhaps, I will ask them. But part of the prediction reads two and a half on the clock, in some ways that could be them correcting their timing, instead of one minute its 2 and half which puts its today the 3rd, so I am waiting to see if today brings anything.

  7. Eric
    There is a website called UBAlert. In this web page if you subscribe (I did and it’s honest as honesty goes)
    It mentions to many many gas plant explosions, leaks, poisoning etc. it mentions EQ and Volcanic activity, it mentions All of Earths changes that so many are not aware of because, of the news theatre. You will see as I have what Earth is doing and in real time as well.


    1. Haven’t heard anything more on this pole shift yet …I feel like events are being delayed…it’s weird

  8. Eric,
    in Brazil.. Planning attacks before and during Olympics..
    Brazil federal police say 12 arrest warrants issued for group who pledged allegiance to Islamic State; 10 arrested, 2 others being sought – AP

  9. Eric,
    Ref:::It came, it came, the games have arrived!.. oh you’re in trouble.. cancelled.. disappointment as the dream is squashed.. terrorist ” I had a visual of red roses being cut down.

    Australia 🇦🇺 Canada 🇨🇦
    Canada won’t be sending athletes to the 2020 Olympic Games in Toyko unless they are postponed by one year, its Olympic committee announced on Sunday night due to concerns over the coronavirus outbreak.

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