Nice France Port Explosives

Could this be the message about the yacht? However any tragedy was averted.  I am not familiar with this news site so its facts are unconfirmed.

Predictions 5-22-17   I had a visual of French people crying.

Predictions 5-20-17  Spirit showed famous or well known people getting on a yacht or boat ready to have fun but they would not return. They used the words dancer then singer  ’24’

The implication was European. We are expecting this prediction to unfold very soon.

The facts on 6-9: “Breaking: Reports of explosives loaded onto ship at Nice port. French police have rushed to Nice’s bustling port after they were tipped off that explosives were reportedly spotted being loaded onto a cruise ship. The deadly device was reportedly found on a pallet being placed on the boat named Azamara Quest which is packed with tourist. The luxury liner was sailing from Barcelona and stopped off in Nice. ”

Quoted News:



Prediction: 21st Century Knights Templar

“A wave of noble righteous acts” I had a visual of the Knights Templar symbol

“A counter action begins to unfold across the globe.. a dedicated oath by normal individuals that if attacked by terrorist they will resist by any means necessary, they will strike back even at risk of their own life. They will not allow the terrorist to succeed and will die to accomplish the terrorists failings.”

I had a visual of one, then two people, lining up to stop terrorist from committing their wicked act, then there was a handful more,  then the visual ended with an entire army of people.

A battle between good and evil begins.

It was a beautiful visual.

Prediction: Train Attack

I had a visual of a train or subway mangled, the train cars were flipped over on the side. “So many casualties and injuries, some will not make it.”

I had a visual of what looked like terrorist walking up and down an isle, people were seated on the left and right. (In some ways I question if they are talking about two different events, one train accident and one bomb attack)

Location the UK.  From there it became a bit foggy. First Spirit said ‘Whales’ then they showed a container of tangerines or oranges Then they said South Whales. Then I had a visual of a lady crying as on old German train begin to move down the track.

“There is a bomb” I had a visual of a crude bomb, that looked like a pressure cooker. “They will threaten the passengers.”

Around June 13th

“The United States is next.” (We are already working on the predictions but I want as many details as possible)

This just cannot be allowed to happen. If your a fan in the UK I would implore you to please share this information. Remind everyone of the predictions below. The only question in this prediction is location, but to be fair it is a moving train. We have to get this word out, this just has to be stopped. If only we can convince the authorities to provide a bit more security around the 13th. If you in the US I would also encourage you to really make every effort to share this information. I am about to share 3 more attack, centered around the United States later in the month and we need to prepare for that. Please help us alter this nightmare.

Predictions we have made in the past:  Manchester Arena Bombing

Paris Terror Attack

In other news:

A Tsunami will strike the area of Australia creating excessive flooding. We are waiting for a time frame.

There is a countdown of 1. We he have not reached zero yet. Which prediction I asked? They said the ‘cutting’ one.

Gunman Storm Iran’s Parliament

This prediction has happened. Please pray the safety of all those affected in Iran by this horrible act. The terrorist where dressed as women which explains the odd message of why they dressed with a hijab, however I am unclear as to why the shirt was orange.  Persia is an old reference to Iran. The 7 represents the date, the 7th. There are no ties to the predictions about football.

Predictions 6-3-17   “Charge.. Charger! Someone slammed him on the floor.. 7.”

“The old prediction has come full circle.”

I had a visual of 1 to 3 people loading guns and walking quickly on a street. In the vision they oddly wore black Hijabs with orange shirts.

Is there a woman in the mix? Is the orange a reference to prison?  Is 7 a date or countdown?

Predictions 4-30-17  “A new breed of terrorist rise, in Persia, in the gulf, calculated, cunning and very effective.”

Trump Criticizes London Mayor

This prediction has happened. Could you be anymore inappropriate. Where is the decency?

Predictions 5-13-17    “During the dark hour in the nation when consoling is needed the president delivers the opposite with a message that is self serving.”


Predictions 6-3-17

With a heavy heart I have to report that we are working on predicting three other terror attacks around the same time, two dated around the 27th, and a third unconfirmed for the 28th of June. I am working on the details now and will post it in the coming days.

“Whisper to everyone.. Whisper to everyone.” A message from Spirit to you. Now is the time to share these messages, the predictions that just happened, the predictions I am making now, so that we can do everything in our power to alter the predictions that are coming at the end of the month. Its time we strike back at these nightmares, help us make other aware and just maybe we can hinder one of these nightmares.

“Charge.. Charger! Someone slammed him on the floor.. 7.”

“The old prediction has come full circle.”

I had a visual of 1 to 3 people loading guns and walking quickly on a street. In the vision they oddly wore black Hijabs with orange shirts. (This was given to me this morning so I question whether or not this is London?)

Is there a woman in the mix? Is the orange a reference to prison?

Is 7 a date or countdown?

Now the question is which “charge’ prediction are they referring to? Only one set comes to mind, however I posted that it happened already with the car crashing into pedestrians in New York? I could have been wrong then? The previous predictions:

Predictions 4-9-17  7 then 15   “Bad News.. the spider is in New York.”   (That implies the 15th or a countdown)  I had a visual of bodies laying on the ground. There was what I believe an airport tower in the background. I also heard a popping noise, gunfire? Later they would show a Buffalo.

Predictions 1-5-16   “15.. targeted.. lockdown”   “Charge!”   The implication was that someone might tackle a gunman, or attack the gunman directly. That is probably the football helmet reference.

Predictions for 1-3-16   I had a visual of a very large group of people gathering together for a run or walk. Then it switched to a scene of horror, people where laying on the ground injured and deceased, several people where upset holding each other. Then the visual switched again and I watched a TV being turned on to a commercial that showed two football helmets coming together, with the familiar football song playing in the background. Then the visual switched again and the word “New” was written. (I believe it was meant for a location like New York)

Other predictions coming:

Assassination attempt.. Putin.. loyalties now in question.

I had a visual of Clarence Thomas sitting in a chair and then he was gone.

Conspiracy.. money exchanges hands.. put into business .. from one hand to another.. Russia.. while the white house looks on.

Collaboration confirmed the cat has left the bag

I had a visual of this massive amount of bellowing smoke from a volcano. There was a specific threat to the boats or ships down below.

The implication was Alaska.

“Solution to the nightmare? Compassion is the only way forward.”

Manila Resort Attack

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for all those in the Philippines. It really does look like the multi level, back to back, attacks are starting to unfold.

There are other predictions that might have ties to this horrific act, but without the clear details we will keep them out. Does this have ties to the pool prediction? The castle? As the news comes in we will update you.  — Predictions 5-24-17  Predictions 5-27-17

Predictions 10-18-16  “Hotel.. 160.. each individual brutally murdered.. there (their?) falling apart.. yet another terror attack.” — Spirits voice