Yemen Cholera Epidemic

Yemen Cholera outbreak is now the largest ever recorded in any country in one year. The worst part is we know what needs to be done to tackle the problem, we have treatment for those affected, but over 2000 have passed. This is beyond riddled with apathy. Really humanity? The prediction:

Predictions 6-26-17    A massive outbreak in one area all at once

Also: We have a multitude of events unfolding at once. We did have two earthquakes in California around the 28th but it was a 5.0 and 4.7 and was in Northern California, I question if that is the event predicted.  Australians foiled an airplane terror attack, one has to question if that was the airplane attack predicted? Tomorrow we will also be posting how the Trump predictions are just now starting to unfold, specifically: Predictions 5-16-17



Prediction: California Earthquake and Disney Shooting

I asked Spirit to verify the accuracy of the two predictions from yesterdays post. They showed one off and the other on. Then I asked to correct whatever mistake was made in the predictions below and they summed it up by saying “Florida”.

Its possible that the Disney shooting spree might unfold in Orlando Florida.

They also added the earthquake is expected today the 28th. As a buffer I would include the possible beginning of the 29th.

They show in big bold print the number ’50’.

With the Disney attack they showed the number ‘1’ which could mean in one day or on the 1st.

Yesterdays predictions:

I had a visual of Mickey Mouse. I had a visual of an individual shooting at people.

The implication is that a shooting spree unfold in or around Disneyland. I asked where? They said ‘here’ which implies Los Angeles. I asked when and they said ‘by the end of the month.’

This prediction differs slightly from the original, here they imply just a shooting and not a bombing. Either way its a horrible prediction. Previous Prediction: Predictions 6-20-17  I had a visual of multiple cartoon characters, mickey mouse, snoopy, Donald duck. Then everything turned black. I had a visual of what looked like a theme park like Disneyland, a bomb went off in the background, a mother shield her child as shrapnel hit her. on the side. “Around the 27th, 28th”  Then the visual opened up again to show Mickey mouse.

“Earthquake.. two of them back to back.”

I had a visual of multiple pictures showing various structures that were damaged.

Spirit implied the location as Southern California and Central California. Spirit said ‘San Clemente’ which normally does not have earthquakes, it is however a buffer between Los Angeles and San Diego, this implies that one of the two quakes happen in the Orange County area.

We still need to ask if another quake is coming to the Philippines as they mentioned in another prediction.

“Now” I asked for clarity and they implied a timeframe around the 28th. It could start later today or could come as late as the 30th.

We tried to get a magnitude but Spirit implied there was two and perhaps a smaller third earthquake. Their guess was somewhere in the range of 7.4-7.6

Predictions 7-16-17

I had a visual of a large number being drawn ’21’ with Spirit saying ‘Earthquake’.

Previous prediction: Predictions 6-17-17  One massive earthquake 20, 21 We need to focus on location

“Russia.. Moscow.. under attack.. transportation hubs.. bloody explosions.. terror.. terror.. 3 (they might have said 30).. 7”

I had a visual of people walking by then an explosion throwing people across the hall. I had a visual of a sign that showed an airplane symbol, I had a visual of tracks of a subway or train.

“Massive flooding in India.. so many stuck.. and unable to move.. rivers overflow.. but the worst comes after.. as the water is a deadly contamination..”

I had a visual of people sitting on their roofs, while water surrounded their town. Then the visual shifted to go underneath the water to show the water turn black as if it was poison.  Spirit would later describe the area as the location by the holy river, unfortunately I would later look up that applies to multiple locations.

“Oxford.. women violated egregiously.. but many don’t believe her.”

The message is confusing its starts with multiple women but then shifts to one?

In the news today: “Two cousins in Pennsylvania gruesomely kill 4 teenagers in a drug deal.” Such a horrible event, please pray for the victims families. This event does have ties to Predictions on 9-23-15 but either the prediction is flawed, or facts still have not come out. Spirit also talked about 6 victims. I will never forget the horror they showed and the visual of the two killers as half man and half pig.

We need to find out if the earthquake on the 21st is New Zealand. But there are other locations predicted by Spirit in previous locations.

Spirit has shifted their work to reflect a more calculated focal point. Even with this coming earthquake they have told me to wait until the right time to get all the details. They want to really toe the line, start presenting predictions right before they happen for greater impact. In a world of ‘now’ timing is everything. Once we have the location I assure you our focus will shift on making that prediction our center piece. I will say they have not closed the case in regards to the New Zealand Earthquake prediction which in itself says something.


Sinai Egypt Car Bombing

This tragic prediction has happened. Please pray for those soldiers that were attacked in Egypt

Its unclear what 3 could represent, two vehicles attacked the military structure, and the vehicle was not parked.

Predictions 6-29-17   Egypt.. 3”   I had a I visual of a vehicle with a bomb attached to it. The vehicle was parked by what looked like a government building.

From the visual it seemed as if the government building was a police station.

Predictions 6-29-17

“Egypt.. 3”   I had a I visual of a vehicle with a bomb attached to it. The vehicle was parked by what looked like a government building.

From the visual it seemed as if the government building was a police station.

I had a visual of an array of guns that arrived. “A direct frontal assault against the terrorist in the Philippines.. a direct hit.”

“Money going from here to there.. moving again and again.. this is what Trump will get fired for.. a choice must be made impeachment or resignation.

Predictions 6-17-17 : In the end it isn’t the testimonies of individuals that impede Trump but banks, finances, dealings. From one hand to another to another. Shady acts

If you add in all the smaller pieces in previous predictions you get an elaborate picture that explains how this might lead to his downfall. There is also the message that when the axes fall (people are fired) that is when everything starts to go south for the US president. Meanwhile in recent predictions they predict Robert Mueller will be fired.

Previous predictions of these smaller pieces:  Predictions 5-16-17   Predictions 4-1-17    Predictions 4-16-17  Predictions 6-20-17

In previous conversations with Spirit the month of July was marked with major bombshells. July was the month that the US government would sway a different direction. Now they added that all would close in 9.. 4..  which sounds like September. I always assumed that this would happen in the next year or two, but I question that now because they keep adding to the conversation with a sense of urgency.

We are in the process of completing this major event for the world that will become a focal point for all of us to alter. I should post it tomorrow or the following day.  We also have a mind blowing new ‘Truth’ coming out, which is actually some positive news for a change.

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Venezuelan Troops Fire on Protestor

This prediction is starting to grow. I can’t speak to the power outage.

Predictions 6-13-17    I had a visual of cars turned on their side, fires burning in the background. It looked like anarchy.

Venezuela protest turns to riots on the streets, extremely violent.. power turned off and on like rolling black outs.

Mosque Of Mecca Foiled Attack

This prediction has happened. Six individuals were injured, however the good news is the overall attack was foiled. I do hope that is the end of it.

The number 5 could be seen as in 5 months. Tires?

Predictions 1-28-17   “Blood will spill in the holy city.. 5”