Predictions 6-21-18

I had a visual of the world, then a sweeping light crossed Africa from the north to the south.

“Such a surge of prosperity for so many.. Africa will prosper like it has never before.”

I had a visual of another Hurricane forming, it looked huge. I need to gather the details. 

I had a visual of an explosion or bombing unfolding. They are acknowledging one of their old predictions are about to happen. 

I had a visual of the Canadian flag “We need to discuss Canada” Our focus shifts towards Canada in the coming days. 

90 thoughts on “Predictions 6-21-18

    1. I don’t think its one thing but a set of predictions for Canada. They want to focus on the country as a whole. We have done this before for the Philippines and France. France had about 4 predictions all on the same month.

  1. Was wondering about that too. We have a lot going on. New conservative gov takes over our most populated province on June 29, after 15 years of liberal rule. The legal cannabis bill was just signed into law by our Senate. We’re the brunt of insults and possibly a trade war thanks to that pathetic excuse for a human being that’s in the white house. Plus all our own domestic issues that heat up from time to time. Hopefully more specifics will be revealed.

  2. Could this Hurricane finally be the mega Cat 6 to hit Florida, thus completing the trifecta?

  3. Canadians are quite enthusiastic about boycotting American goods. Trump really has no grasp of trade agreements, and is hurting his own people. That ridiculous comment about Canadians smuggling shoes back home. How exactly is that supposed to the hurting the US?

    1. Absolutely. Some Canadian magazines are compiling lists of how we can do 100% Canadian grocery shopping. Which admittedly will get tougher in the winter, but we’re a pretty determined bunch. And don’t take kindly to be slandered as smugglers in scuffed shoes by the someone who clearly has no idea what he’s talking about. Hint…on most goods bought cross border, we don’t pay duties. Just equivalent taxes.

  4. Wonderful news about Africa, your other prediction about Sudan must be tied into this one, I looked up the President of Sudan, he’s been accused of horrible acts against humanity & has been in power a long time, it’d be a blessing to see freedom & justice in Africa, maybe this also ties into your prediction about miracles this year.

    1. I hope things improve in Africa–especially in places like Sudan where they’ve seen dictatorships, and Nigeria, where Boko-Haram jihadists are killing hundreds of people

      The people of Sudan and Nigeria deserve a better life; hopefully their countries are included in this prediction about Africa.

    1. Your right….was doing some searches and put wrong info on thread!
      Thanks for catching it! Blessings..

  5. Accountability, demand for democracy drive leadership changes in Africa

    “Recent leadership changes in Africa signal that accountability and citizens’ demands for democracy are growing stronger there. Leadership transitions are becoming more frequent, and smoother — and, unlike in past decades, most are happening through constitutional means.

    “Despite some rocky episodes, however, the overall trend reflects the people’s interests — that is, a rise of accountability — and is a welcome development”

  6. Eric, I hope Bea continues to improve.

    Question: the Africa prediction sounds like it must be a long term, rather than near term, prediction. Although some countries in Africa are relatively prosperous now, it just seems like a surge in prosperity for all of Africa might take a few years at least. Did you have any sense how far in the future it might be?

  7. Read about the Belt and Braces, silk road way from China, (look by Google) China try to lift the standard for people, that roads goes also into Africa, they can then do business with the world, because of the transport, harbor, trains, roads and more, who China helps to built them, at the moment it all happened, I think Sudan is already exporting tomatoes ?, out of Africa.

    No China does not want a war, China does not talk, China Acts.
    The whole world likes it, accept America and Australia, they are not interested,
    So what you said about the prosper, yes I believe you, it is coming and I am very, very happy for them, they can stay in Africa and don’t have to go to Europe

  8. Eric,
    Which bombing/explosion do you think the spirits were talking about in this prediction? You’ve mentioned Russia, America around July 4th, or Washington. I can’t figure out which ones are going to happen when.

    1. Zimbabwe blast rocks stadium in apparent assassination attempt on President

      Zimbabwe’s government is calling an explosion Saturday an assassination attempt on President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was holding a campaign rally at a stadium.

      Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa at Saturday’s rally.

      The President escaped injuries, but others were injured and hospitalized. A security officer had to have a leg amputated, presidential spokesman George Charamba said. The blast occurred at White City Stadium in Bulawayo.

      Forty-nine people were injured, Charamba said.

      “This incident doesn’t stand in the way of (the) electoral program,” he said. “It doesn’t undermine the security of the country, but we are jolted. We are not used to this kind of violence.”

      1. It’s freaky that both the Zimbabwean and Ethiopian presidents were targeted for assassination around the same time.

  9. Eric,SWC,
    EU claims breakthrough.

    EU migrants plan

    Details are sketchy, but the proposed EU plan involves erecting a virtual wall in northern Africa by placing people who try to leave for Europe in centers in countries like Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Niger and Tunisia. European Union funds would be used to persuade the countries to sign on, though none has signaled interest so far.

  10. Eric, SWC,

    Ref;;I had a visual of an explosion or bombing unfolding. They are acknowledging one of their old predictions are about to happen.

    Afghanistan 🇦🇫
    Deadly blast in Afghan city..
    Targeting sikh’s -Suicide Bomber..
    JALALABAD, Afghanistan (Reuters) – An explosion hit the center of the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad on Sunday, killing at least 20 people, including several members of the small Sikh minority, provincial government officials said.

  11. Eric,
    Ref::I had a visual of an explosion or bombing unfolding. They are acknowledging one of their old predictions are about to happen.

    Ohio,Cleveland……plot foiled..

    Terrorist …arrested..Al Qaeda
    Van ( of July..

    A terror plot targeting downtown Cleveland on July 4 was foiled and an individual allegedly involved in the plot is in custody, officials said Monday.

  12. Eric,

    Ohio..terrorist followup…

    July 2 (UPI) — The FBI on Monday announced the arrest of a “radicalized” Philadelphia man who was plotting to bomb a July Fourth parade in Cleveland.

    The man was identified as Demetrius Pitts, also known as Abdur Raheem Rafeeq, of Maple Heights, Ohio. He will be charged with attempted material support of a foreign terrorist organization, specifically al-Qaida, FBI special agent Steve Anthony said at a news conference Monday.

  13. Eric,
    Japan 🇯🇵
    Explosion in Japan on July 03 2018 05:01 AM (UTC).

    An explosion Monday at a chemical plant in Fukui Prefecture left one person dead and at least a dozen injured, officials said. The blast rocked the Protein Chemical Co. facility in the town of Wakasa at 1:45 p.m., according to fire authorities. “A total of 12 people were sent to hospitals after the explosion, one died and another is seriously injured,” a fire station official said. NHK said the plant manufactures pharmaceuticals and chemical agents, without specifying any further details. An image on NHK’s website showed a hole on the plant’s roof and some broken windows. Residents reported seeing yellow smoke billowing from the plant after the explosion but there was no immediate indication that chemicals were leaking from the facility.

  14. Eric,
    Ref:::I had a visual of the Canadian flag “We need to discuss Canada” Our focus shifts towards Canada in the coming days.

    Heatwave across eastern Canada 🇨🇦
    11 dead in Montreal..15 across Quebec

      1. Eric,
        Followup on “Maria”
        Threatens Japan and China next week,,

        The JTWC forecast Maria to reach a peak intensity of 161 mph, equivalent to a Category 4 or Category 5 hurricane, by this weekend or sooner.

        Its current track would send Typhoon Maria near Japan’s Ryukyu Islands and it could travel as far west as eastern China, possibly including Shanghai, and then curl northeastward toward the Korean Peninsula.

  15. Eric,
    Update #1
    Now Super Typhoon..
    More info on “Maria”

    Super Typhoon Maria rapidly intensified in the western Pacific Ocean northwest of Guam, and, while expected to weaken somewhat beforehand, poses a danger of a strong typhoon strike in Japan’s far southwesternmost islands, including Okinawa, eastern China, and possibly Taiwan next week.

    Maria is now a Category 4 equivalent system, called a super typhoon locally, located roughly 300 miles northwest of Guam.

    According to the U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Maria rapidly intensified from a 70 mph tropical storm to a Category 5 equivalent super typhoon with 160 mph winds in the 24-hour period ending at 8 p.m. EDT Thursday.

  16. Eric,
    Canada 🇨🇦
    Ref::had a visual of the Canadian flag “We need to discuss Canada” Our focus shifts towards Canada in the coming days.

    100,000-200,000 liters spill.
    Jenner province of Alberta

    Environment Pollution in Canada on July 10 2018 04:43 AM (UTC).

    More than 100,000 litres of oil and water have leaked into a marsh east of Jenner in southern Alberta from an oil pipeline that belonged until recently to environment-focused Imaginea Energy Corp. The liquids leaked from a line owned by Calgary-based Cor4 Oil Corp. and flowed down a hill into a marsh, the Alberta Energy Regulator reported on its website. The spill of oil mixed with produced water was detected on Saturday afternoon, resulting in activation of Cor4’s response plan and immediate AER notification, the company said in a statement Monday. “The release has travelled off site, with a portion of the released fluids contacting a low-lying slough/grassy bog area,” it said. “Impact on wildlife is currently being assessed by specialists on site, but appears to have been minimal. Crews have physically contained the spilled fluids from causing further contamination, and have already recovered a significant volume of the released fluid from the surface.” The spill is affecting farmland that is not currently being used for pasture and the landowner has visited the site, it said. The leak was detected by staff monitoring pipeline pressure within a few hours of when it began and appears to have come from a connection where a feeder pipeline leaves an oil-testing facility, said Cor4 CEO Colin Davies. The volume of the spill is estimated by the company to be between 100,000 and 200,000 litres, down from its initial estimate of 250,000 litres. “The line has been isolated and shut in,” said AER spokeswoman Tracie Kenyon in an e-mail. “Cleanup is under way. Vacuum trucks are on site collecting the released product and the company is removing impacted soil.” Cor4 was created in November to take over oil and gas assets owned by Imaginea Energy after its CEO, Suzanne West, parted ways with her financial backer, Lime Rock Partners of Houston.

  17. Eric,SWC,
    Afghanistan 🇦🇫
    Suicide bomber tries to assasinate Afghan -VP Dostum.

    Car bomb attack upon return from airport..

    At least 11 people were killed and 14 people wounded in the blast, said Kabul police spokesman Hashmat Stanekzai told the BBC. Interior ministry spokesman Najib Danish told Al Jazeera said a child and security force members were among the casualties.

    Stanekzai said a bomber on foot set off his explosives outside the gate of the airport, where supporters awaited Dostum as his motorcade passed.

  18. Eric,
    Ref::had a visual of the Canadian flag “We need to discuss Canada” Our focus shifts towards Canada in the coming days.

    Canada 🇨🇦
    4 people shot and killed
    2 police officers 👮 👮 Included…

    Two police officers were among the four people shot and killed Friday morning in the Canadian city of Fredericton, New Brunswick, police said.

  19. Eric,

    Canada 🇨🇦
    A powerful winter storm is affecting parts of eastern Canada, causing a massive power outage in Nova Scotia, high water levels and heavy pounding surf.

    At the peak of the storm, nearly 250 000 Nova Scotia Power customers were left without power, many of them in the Halifax area. It was Nova Scotia’s worst power outage since Hurricane “Juan” in September 2003.

    Those outages have largely been restored, but thousands are still affected from Yarmouth to central and northern Nova Scotia and into Cape Breton, CBC reports.

    According to Nova Scotia Power, very heavy wet snow has dragged down power lines, weighing them down and breaking in some cases.

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