Predictions 9-2-18

“It’s finally here!!  Monday.. opening the ground.. one.. hour” (1 o clock?)

“Monday.. total destruction.. so much wiped away.. 5 minutes (days).. coming very soon”

Spirit emphasized a Monday event. Which prediction is it? It could be the heavy destruction of Japan (739) or the major attack on the US which is marked with the 17th (Sept 17th is on a Monday), but the most likely prediction is the California earthquake (3rd):

Predictions 3-22-18  The spirits showed the US flags, and flags at half mast, “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”

“Stadium.. Giants.” That points to San Francisco, however it’s also possible they are pointing to both locations. An earthquake in North California and another in Mexico.

I had a visual of a large crack with sizeable hole in the ground of a sidewalk. It then switched to show me a bay area with a large city in the background. Followed by these coded numbers. They never said earthquake but that would be my guess otherwise it would have to relate to a damaged structure of some type: 3 circled and 7-3 – A countdown from 3 or the 3rd.

A crack in the ground would imply an earthquake, if you recall when they talked about the Mexico earthquake there was a small crack in the wall of a building, clearly this seems larger.
I asked later to clarify the prediction.. when? They showed mini US flags all lined up

Another possibility, In 5 minutes it would be the 7th, then there is the 17th?

“September again.. Washington.. airplane attacked.. papa john moment.. they were told the plane would be used as a bomb, a weapon.. no.. the building..threaten.” — Spirits Voice

Prediction: Hijacked Plane    “7..7..7.. The bombing is coming. The airplane will be hijacked.. British.. air.   The port under attack”

Predictions on 12-12-15  New York will be attacked.. 17


“WAR.. Trump declares war.”

Separately they showed Northern Africa and said “War”

“China.. train.” I had a visual of the number 2. Then they showed a visual of several Asian people worried about their loved ones, as they waited to hear news.

“Australia will burn.. a huge fire that will move across the land.. almost immediately.”

The impression given was southern Australia. 

“Town hall meeting.. the water is contaminated.. up north.”

I had a visual of Tabasco Mexico and surrounding area. “Mid month.. 14.. the monster storm hits southern Mexico in the worst way”

I asked for details on the attack expected at a concert by a shooter: 

“Washington.. untreated mental illness.. his life driven into the ground.. long hours.. gay.”

The impression was a location outside of Seattle. 

I asked for a time frame:  “This is over a month away.. we will regroup as we draw closer.”

“Another Trump scandal.. more hush money.. wayward child.” Then they shifted to say: “4.. year(s).. he has done another pardon.”

“Never before has there been someone so evil.. at some point in time you will cross paths with him.. as of now he is a young adult.. we must prepare ourselves for him.. we will not waver from our need to become his obstacle.”

One of the main criticism of our work is the political predictions, especially Trump. One could argue the need to point out all the follies in the political arena. However Spirit refuses to waver. They insist that making political predictions have one specific goal, to refine our political predictions so that when this truly evil leader arrives in the future we can be an obstacle to his rise. They insist on a need to master these predictions, especially politics, so that we can prevent this evil from gaining its footing. 

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  1. “It’s finally here!! Monday.. opening the ground.. one.. hour”
    Eric, your glossary says “hour” means “month”… If so, 30 days (one month) from September 2 is Monday, October 1. Do you think Monday Oct 1 could be the date of “opening the ground”?

      1. October 1,is the anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting.Maybe they are building a memorial site?

    1. sorry have you seen? first monday 1 hour. Next line: monday 5 minuntes may be they are diferents events

  2. Hi Eric,
    Thank you for posting.

    Just fyi, I’m a little confused about what is old info and what is new. Maybe you could indent the old info or put it in a different color so it’s a bit clearer where the old info stops and starts.

    Re the political predictions, I personally feel a lot of the actions you’re trying to prevent flows directly from politics. Politics affects war, poverty, laws on murder, circumstances that lead people to do insane & horrible things. It even affects nature — how we create problems in nature, how we fail to monitor and warn about stuff in nature. Leaders are about politics. To me, politics is the biggest factor because you can prevent a lot of bad stuff from happening with the right political leaders and you can create a lot of bad stuff with the wrong political leaders. A good example is Puerto Rico still suffering so badly from the last hurricane– a result in part of politics.

    Re the quake, the since Monday is Sept 3 and a holiday when ppl would gather in the US and flags would fly, that seems logical to me.

    Totally confused on the 4 year pardon stuff btw. Could you clarify?

    1. I think had Eric been operating in the 1930s, say on print or on the radio, a lot of people would have been upset at him as well. There was much more antisemitism back then (including prominent people like Henry Ford) as well as general racism. Scapegoating Jews for all the world’s problems was not just a German thing. And a lot of people were in denial about Hitler because they really didn’t want to believe there could be another war. But there are “what-ifs” where things could have been changed. What if the German Left, Center, and traditional conservatives stopped fighting amongst themselves and united against Hitler? And if Hindenberg didn’t appoint Hitler chancellor of Germany? What if the U.S. army had deployed to France in early 1940 instead of joining the war in Dec. 1941? If people just had more concern about Hitler in the back of their minds maybe they could have made different decisions. “That crazy psychic says Hitler is going to start the next world war … hmmm… maybe he does have a point”.

      There were a lot of ways Hitler, the Holocaust, and WWII could have been stopped or made much less severe in retrospect. Maybe next time we won’t need retrospection if we have precognition!

      1. Hi Stephen, I’m actually not talking about any one politician. My point is politics must be talked about bc the decisions in politics are the very things that lead to good or bad outcomes in the world.

        I get the Hitler reference, as many do. But I don’t think it’s possible to disconnect ANY politics from the situations in the world. If you’re going to be accurate, you have to talk about politics and be specific. I think Eric has to talk about politics if he wants to prove his accuracy and stop the evil leader.

        I probably wouldn’t be following Eric if it weren’t for political predictions. I’m here because the world is in turmoil bc of bad leaders everywhere. Although I know many come here for the disaster predictions, I actually come here for the political predictions.

        For example, would Brexit have even been an idea if political leaders in the Middle East hadn’t created a situation requiring people to flee their homes for safety? Most big decisions by countries are tied to govt leaders, which is “politics”. I don’t see how you can avoid it and be accurate.

      2. I spread the words out to my families even thou they may think I’m insane.

        1. In all seriousness though thank you. I always tell people to look at the old predictions I have made, especially “the most accurate predictions” page let them make there own judgement from there, some will be open others won’t. Then from there perhaps they will start reading the new messages. I would encourage everyone to try that. I would hate to put any of you in an uncomfortable situation. I have been there a thousand times over.

      1. Eric, that makes sense. I thought maybe you were saying Trump was going to be around 4 yrs re pardon and I knew you had predicted he’d be gone sooner.

      2. Kudos to Eric for having the courage to speak out re politics. I was a confused about the pardon bc I don’t believe Trump will be in office long, but I’m guessing Manafort may get four years and that may be the pardon.

        Stephen and mhb, I loved both your posts and agree with every word. What a difference a leader makes! I worked for the government for several years and liked my boss’s until our office endured the new boss from hell who loved to divide and conquer. It turned our workplace into an insufferable place to be & I had to quit to maintain my mental heath.

        1. Sorry to hear that. A work place always runs better when it’s harmonious. The pardon might be someone we don’t know, for instance the Arizona sheriff was unexpected. However it is probably manafort

  3. The next Monday is tomorrow, the 3rd, or around that time. But the prediction could also mean 3 days, or the quake could happen on the 3rd of another month.

    Is the part about Trump declaring war symbolic, or is it a literal war? If so, who against?

      1. Eric, if the war is literal, do you know if he will attempt to start a war but that it could be prevented, or that it will definately happen? I’m asking bc there are rumors that many high ranking military officers believe Trump doesn’t have our best interests in mind, and aim to thwart any outrageous acts.

    1. Its more about the link, the prediction talks about the 3rd, the new message talks about Monday, so I am putting two and two together. I do believe ‘3 is key’ is a date.

      1. A museum in Brazil dating back to the 1880s that had so many treasures burned down either last night or today (I can’t seem to find out which). It’s being considered a great loss, not just monetarily but in the amount of history lost. Could this be related to today? (Monday the 3rd)

  4. Also– with regard to this: Predictions 3-22-18 The spirits showed the US flags, and flags at half mast, “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”

    We just had “Americans gathering” for Aretha Franklin’s funeral and John McCain’s funeral, both of which were watched “as they happened” via TV & live streaming. Could this prediction mean a North California earthquake on September 3? Or, does it suggest that a third high-profile funeral will be happening, after which the North California earthquake happens?

    1. I believe that the young man is the antichrist, the ntichrist must be forcibly Jew but the Jews will not recognize him as his Messiah who still awaits for the first time.

  5. Eric,SWC,
    ISIS / Terrorists love anniversaries..
    Sept 10 th…Monday…Jewish Rosh.Hashanah
    Also the day before 911…flags can be representative?
    The 19 th is Yom Kippur…
    The 20 th is The day of Ashura( Islam …)

    1. Wow…very nerves and disbelief! ! Wondering why on earth anyone would do such a thing shooting at the surfers….very, very sad these days. …

  6. Eric/SWC….Just FYI, watching the Motorcade of John McCain to Naval Acadamy Cemetary at Annapolis, MD. Large crowds gathering along the way with small US flags waving at motorcade.

  7. How it reads to me is that there will be a northern Cali/Bay Area quake tomorrow on the 3rd. The “7-3” might indicate magnitude 7.3, which would definitely do some damage. And this statement, “I asked later to clarify the prediction.. when? They showed mini US flags all lined up” -could be indicative of the Labor Day holiday in the U.S. Occurring after “flags at half mast” would be after McCain’s funeral, as others have pointed out.

    1. Watch Dutchsense on youtube… he forecasts earthquakes and says they’re not random and that the bay should be hit as soon as tomorrow or this week

  8. Eric,

    I live 45 minutes away from Seattle,and The Washington State Fair is going on until the 23rd.Lots of concerts going on as well.

  9. there is a Holy Mary message from yesterday that says like this: “Oren, la Costa Oeste de Estados Unidos se estremece, Japón continúa contaminando.” (Pray, the West Coast of the United States shudders, Japan continues to pollute.). This is like Spirits are talking about.
    We all have to pray a lot.

    1. The last message has the Spirits saying that their timing (date) still holds, I believe I personally jumped the gun, I was not expecting them to talk about a prediction that would farther out. So we are still expecting it, I will ask for some clarity, In regards to the epic event coming New Zealand was another possibility in my mind.

      1. Eric, I totally believed that west coast of USA is connected to NZ along thr underground water ocean.

  10. Hi SWC, Eric

    I hope I’m wrong but MAYBE..JUST MAYBE
    Your prediction on Japan…. Earthquake/Tsunami…7 39..after the Queen / King pass (several references at Aretha Franklin’s funeral … referencing her to “the queen”.. could this mean that Japan is hit with a 7 earthquake on the the 3rd of September followed by a Tsunami? Please see Dutchsinse latest earthquake update expecting a 6.5 earthquake to hit Japan within the next 24hrs possibly..if so, Japan must be warned..this could be devastating..

  11. I think aqim al qaida terror group branch in north Africa in Mali will carry out big attack inside USA like September 11 2001 style attacks this month .then trump declared war this group in north Africa

    1. It’s possible, I will say however that even though the post shows them side by side, while talking with the Spirits they were presented at completely different times

  12. Your read on Washington for the mass shooting fits to a “T” with my “pacific northwest” on the “worst mass shooting ever” that I shared on the other thread (picked up the night before the Florida video game event shooting, along with that one). I picked up one other part that night that I don’t think this part of what I picked up that night that fits with the Florida shooting (as far as I’ve seen). Sharing here because I think we’re picking up the same event and maybe this is another piece that someone could make sense of.
    From my journal that night:
    “I think there may have also been something about “780” (or 78 or 80?). I’m not sure at all what that would be. Casualties? A date?”

    1. What other thread?I live an hour outside Seattle…so I’d like to know…
      I believe I saw a big number as well.

      1. The one where Eric initially predicted the shooting he’s talking about here.

      1. I saw the 7, then the 8, then the 0. Then heard “780…78…80” but that part may have been me trying to read the numbers to myself to understand the message.

        I just checked in again to and saw a 78, but then it zoomed in and the emphasis was on the 8, and the 8 was tilted slightly sideways (diagonally to the left, almost like more of an infinity symbol) and it seemed like the emphasis was on the line where the middle intersects. For some reason I kept thinking “like a race track” but illogically I don’t have any idea how this was like a race track?

  13. Eric SWC
    Hi hope all is well and stays well.
    My guide Singer just gave me Gulf of Mexico
    When I rose this morning ..I had not looked at this prediction till after I recieved the flag as I call it ..
    Today is the 3rd in Australia ..but im aware three is for USA..
    If I get more I will post. .
    Blessings love and light all..

  14. Eric SWC
    I almost forgot he also gave a flag my yesturday for Japan also ..
    No flag in last week for NC yet will post if I get one. .

  15. Eric,
    Justin Timberlake has a concert in Tacoma,Wa in November.Its 30 min from Seattle.
    Beyonce and her husband Jayz next month at Centurylink Field in Seattle

  16. Could this war that Trump starts be his “wag the dog” moment that’s meant to take the public’s attention away from his scandals/investigation?

    As bad as it sounds, our leaders in the past have started wars — whether small or large — in order to raise their public approval or to get re-elected as president — that is, if the war is quick and successful in their first term, that way they can use patriotism and love for one’s country to garner votes.

  17. Except if there is a major attack on U.S. soil, and if we know who is behind it, the expectation would be FOR Trump to declare war. It wouldn’t be him starting it.

    There is another psychic blog I read, KNOWITNEXT, and in Liam’s September predictions, the blogger is also predicting a major attack on and within the United States, for this month. In his overall predictions for 2018, he is also predicting that there will be two 9/11-esque atacks, one in New York, one in Chicago. He is saying one of those is the one that he sees likely to happen this month.

    1. francinesmith1 — I only say “Trump starting a war” rather than “declare war” because after 9/11 we knew who was behind it, yet the Bush administration preferred lying and tying Al Qaeda and Osama with Saddam in order to start an illegal war in Iraq. And after being at war for almost 20 years, I would hope that we have learned from our past mistakes and thus not have our first expectation be for Trump to just declare all-out ground war. We need a more common sense rational strategy to all of this.

      Having large scale invasions and occupations of foreign lands only creates more quagmires and more terrorist groups to form. The Bush administration exploited our angers and fears after 9/11 in order to crack down on our civil rights while also starting the highly profitable and highly destabilizing War on Terror.

      1. I don’t believe Trump is the kind of person to use historical events to determine his actions. I don’t mean that as a criticism, he just seems more of a fly by the hip person.

  18. Why do I get such a bad vibe about David Hogg, a young man entering the political arena. Could he be the budding evil one? I don’t know anything about him, but seeing his face on the news gives me the creeps.

    1. I’ve read somewhere on some conspiracy site,David Hogg was a crisis actor and not an actual student at Parkland.He does give me the creeps.I don’t know any 18 year old that talk so strongly like he does.

      1. WOW!!! Trina, your comment along with Tracypaints44 and Barbara really gets me every time I hear ‘crisis actor’ from alt right fantasy news. I had to hear those same words during the mass shooting at my university campus UNC-Chapel Hill in January 1995 by psychopath Wendell Williamson. Hearing Alex Jones include that shooting in his dilusional fantasy that all these shootings are fake is unconscionable! Watch my friend Kevin bleed to death in front of me when I could reach him and the wheel of his bike were still spinning as that sicko Williamson shot at us. I can still smell the copper, the smell blood gives off when spilling. I spent a decade in therapy and then only to live in an age when people believe victims are actors. I was no actor that day in 1995. And Willamson is essentially a free man now because he got off with the insanity plea.
        As for David Hogg and you not knowing anyone who can talk so strongly at the age of 18, you may live in a very sheltered world. At 18, one must have those strong skills to get into college. It’s competitive. His high school was ranked high for Florida. I had already written my first book on organizational management by the age of 17. I graduated cum laude and had beat out a college senior for a prestigious debate award in my home state, money that I used for my education at UNC. Some of us are very strong by the age of 10. By the age of 12, I was running a debate club in junior high. Mainly because we had above average parents like David Hogg does. My father was an engineer for NASA, and a volunteer fireman in our town. My mother was a professor at Wake Forest. We were well off. David grew up in a similar household as I did. Wealthy with lots of access to higher learning. His father was a well respected FBI Agent, now retired because of early onset Parkinsons. His father Kevin Hogg was also a highly respected Navy pilot. But then when an 18 year old gets hundreds of death threats and travels with three body guards, I think you would probably find the words to express your anger and being shot at as well. Here is a great article to read and see the misconceptions these alt-right news stories make up. I am truly saddened by the three comments that you find him creepy and a potential anti-christ. That would make me one too and I can assure you I am no anti-christ but I am anti-violence and anti-criminals shooting at me. Anyway, just thought I would make sure you were aware.

      2. A lot of 18 years or even younger are capable of speaking strongly especially if it is a cause they believe in.
        In any case please check


        The claims that he is a crisis actor and was not at school are so false

        Not an american here and had no need to post this, as really no concern of mine . But it does dishearten me that people take everything they read as true.
        The bad vibes you got maybe because you believed the news you read as the gospel truth.. and yet this was verily distorted news.

        Anyways peace and blessings to America.

      3. Jon Blue,

        I’m sorry to hear about the shooting you went through, and your friend’s death…..please rest assured, most people don’t believe the crisis-actor thing.

        Maybe on some level the people who buy into it would rather believe it’s fake, because the idea of mass shootings is so upsetting. But it’s totally wrong to put up websites calling these kids liars and actors.

        There’s nothing more frustrating than going through something traumatic, and having people trivialize it….in this case, those conspiracy theory websites.

        Again, I’m sorry about your friend. I know nothing can erase that kind of grief, but please know most people in the world would never trivialize what you went through.

      4. I am not saying your doing it, but the article.. for me it’s unnerving that anyone would attack a person of a horrible tragedy let alone a child. Victims of tragedies should have our support, our love. Who ever wrote this conspiracy seems to lack basic decency and character. I would be cautious reading such articles. Just my thoughts, however I am biased, when I am not here I am helping and taking care of foster children, and orphans. Children who have suffered such horrible nightmares, my hope is to bring just an ounce of joy in their lives, so attacking children who suffer under the hands of others, to me, is beyond approach. This world would be so much better if we actually supported our children.. but attacking them??

      5. Thank you so much Sara for your kind reply. I think of Kevin all the time and know how lucky I was. Then later I survived 9/11 as I was just a few blocks away from the WTC. Both of those events shaped my early life. You hit the nail on the head…these stupid conspiracy theories on the websites hurt so bad as those of us that literally were there feel trivialized by those folk who cannot process such violence. Yet that violence is right here in America. I was just speaking to both my good friend who is an elementary school teacher in PA and another friend who is a high school teacher in KY, both stated that there are actually shootings and stabbings that schools do there best not to leak to the media because they were caught before more than one was hurt. My recommendation to those that want to believe in conspiracy should actually talk to current teachers in public schools. I think you will find the stories are not fake. My KY friend even said she had a student pull a gun in her class but it got wrestled out of his hand by two other students. It did not make the news because some local governments and school officials are finding ways to keep them out of media because of the fear of copy cat violence as kids seem to inspire each other. Another 3rd grade teacher mentioned in a podcast how she found a group of third graders burying another third grader in the sandbox headfirst calling him a suicide bomber because the other boys hated him. Kids literally playing war and actually physically hurting each other in the playgrounds. Violence from video games and movies and these kids are re-enacting what they see. Teachers are leaving the profession now because it isn’t safe. I think people in their 50s, 60s and 70s have no comprehension of what schools are like today. Far more violent now and guns are so easy to get here in America. Anyway, whoever this anti-Christ will be, will definitely be someone violent and not someone trying to stop violence with words of let’s all try and not kill each other. This anti-Christ will be someone that will want to squash the idea of love and peace. It will be someone from the far right like the way ISIS treats humans. One that will rally evangelicals under a cause of Christian violence on innocent people that they justify by corrupting Christ’s words just as the Muslim extremist did to corrupt Mohammed’s words to become jehadist ISIS Extremism. America has no idea how lucky it is as most people who live here have never been to places like Venezuela or Nicaragua or Iran or Egypt…and I can go on. So sad someone would called an 18 kid who was shot at and watched his classmates die ‘creepy’. Just saddens my heart. Peace and blessings to you Sara for your awakened beautiful soul. My heart breaks every time I relive my own trauma as more schools are becoming battlegrounds just to survive to make it through high school without dying from being shot.

  19. Cody, except most people don’t buy into the conspiracy theory that the U.S. attacked itself on 9/11.

    If you’re talking about the second war in Iraq, then yes, that was predicated on a lie.

  20. I’m very nervous about the possibility of another attack in NY. I work in the subways 5 days a week. It’s always in the back of my mind that if something happened we could be trapped. I survived a fuel truck bombing in 1996, I don’t want to go through anything like that ever again. I will be keeping a close eye on this one.

  21. Eric,SWC,

    Ref:::September again.. Washington.. airplane attacked.. papa john moment.. they were told the plane would be used as a bomb, a weapon.. no.. the building..threaten.” — Spirits Voice

    New York,France,now Philadelphia..

    American Airlines…….2 diff flights.

    One from Munich ,Germany
    One from Paris,France
    CDC ..investigating ……Flu like symptoms on multiple passengers😷Sick

  22. Eric,SWC,

    Ref::A crack in the ground would imply an earthquake, if you recall when they talked about the Mexico earthquake there was a small crack in the wall of a building, clearly this seems larger.
    I asked later to clarify the prediction.. when? They showed mini US flags all lined up

    Another possibility, In 5 minutes it would be the 7th, then there is the 17th?

    UTC time 2:12:04 …on 9/07/18 ….(Eric..note date..)

    Ecuador 🇪🇨
    17 km SSW of Alausi,Ecuador …93.5 km deep

  23. Eric,SWC,

    Ref::“Washington.. untreated mental illness.. his life driven into the ground.. long hours.. gay.”
    The impression was a location outside of Seattle.

    Washington state..Parkland

    Authorities have arrested a heavily armed suspect who took multiple hostages and barricaded himself inside a business in Parkland, Washington late Thursday evening.

  24. big warning for christchurch new zealand.
    news article.
    where do u park a death star.

    whats about to go down is a quake in christchurch a big one as expected by this site.

    what an odd news article. and look down the page. death star icon right on christchurch.

    what did the death star do in the movie.
    send a laser. make a quake. blow up a planet.

    wait for it.

    the original news item on front page of stuff read where can u park your death star.

    it clearly mentions christchurch and nelson in this news item. something will soon occur.

  25. Eric,
    Ref:::September again.. Washington.. airplane attacked.. papa john moment.. they were told the plane would be used as a bomb, a weapon.. no.. the building..threaten.” — Spirits Voice


    A Florida airport was briefly placed on lockdown Thursday after a man jumped a fence and entered a vacant commercial airliner, an official said.

  26. :Eric,
    :Australia will burn.. a huge fire that will move across the land.. almost immediately.”

    Update…🔥✔️ Now 140 fires…(see previous comment on this thread)
    Wall of fire…🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Nearly 10,000 people have been told to flee immediately as more than 140 fast-moving blazes tear through Queensland amid the state’s bushfire crisis. Thousands of people were evacuated from communities in central Queensland after catastrophic fire conditions on Wednesday. About 140 bushfires were burning across an almost 2,000km stretch from Yungaburra, south of Cairns, to Mount French, west of the Gold Coast. QLD fires were been declared ‘catastrophic’, the highest level on the scale.

  27. Eric,
    Ref::::Australia will burn.. a huge fire that will move across the land.. almost immediately.”

    Fire 🔥 Out of control Bush fire..
    Australia 🇦🇺

    As deadly temperatures so high petrol pumps have seized up and the mercury hitting 49.3 Celsius (120.74 F) in parts of Australia, forty firefighters have come under attack from an out-of-control bushfire that is suspected to have been deliberately lit in central Gippsland.
    Thousands of residents in 14 towns are on high alert as hundreds of firefighters and aircraft continue to battle the blaze, which spread from 600 hectares on Friday to 10,000 hectares overnight as strong winds swept in from the south-west with the evening’s cool change.
    The fire is about six kilometres south from Rosedale in Victoria’s east.
    A watch and act warning remains in place for 14 towns surrounding the blaze, including Fulham, Giffard West, Kilmany, Kilmany South, Longford, Nambrok, Pearsondale, Rosedale, Sale, Stradbroke, Stradbroke West, Willung, Willung South and Wurruk.
    The fire is travelling in a north-easterly direction towards the towns of Kilmany, Fulum and Wurruk after burning out 2500 hectares of a pine plantation.

  28. Eric,SWC,
    Ref:::Predictions 3-22-18 The spirits showed the US flags, and flags at half mast, “Americans gathering” and said “Look as it happens, know that the earthquake in North California is next,.. 3 is key 3”


    Gathering…of Americans…

    The thousands of strangers who responded to an online viral appeal to attend the Texas funeral of a Vietnam War-era Air Force veteran “came together as Americans,” says a biker who helped spread the word about the event.

  29. This is the effect of freeing war criminals. It will just make it less safe for their fellow service members overseas.

    Former President of Afghanistan:

    “I most vehemently condemn US President @realDonaldTrump’s decision pardoning US soldiers convicted of war crimes in Afghanistan. The decision demonstrates complete disregard for the life and dignity of Afghans and negates the values the #US proclaims.”

    1. Yes I read about some of these soldiers in Leavenworth, being from a military family it is upsetting that he does not side with honorable side of the military, instead he is giving pardons to soldiers who lack ethical standing.

  30. The “Trump extradites” prediction could also be linked to the “Trump pardon” prediction if it’s about Assange:


    “Trump never fully answered Mueller’s Q whether he discussed pardoning Assange pre-inauguration. That’s interesting given Stone had a convo abt it in late 2016.”


  31. Potential Trump pardon:

    “Roger Stone should serve 7 to 9 years in prison for lying to Congress, prosecutors say”

    “Stone, a fixture in GOP politics who worked on campaigns stretching back to Richard Nixon, was found guilty in November of lying to Congress and obstructing the Russia investigation to protect Trump and his presidential campaign. He’s scheduled to be sentenced Feb. 20.”

  32. “Trump commutes Rod Blagojevich’s sentence, pardons Edward J. DeBartolo, Bernie Kerik, Michael Milken”

    Pres. Trump’s new pardons are for well-connected insiders convicted of the *same offenses* Trump and several of his advisers are accused of — serious crimes of extortion, bribery, misleading authorities or abuse of office.

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